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At a time when the world is torn by famine, war, and death; one person is lost in their own personal turmoil. Her friends are turning on one another and her family has all but abandoned her. It is at this time that Kiara Sullivan, the fallen Princess of Hell, will face her most challenging moment in her very long life. In a moment lives will cross and alignments changed. But in the end the very life of Kiara will become different.

The Ruler of Hell has struck again. Final Arrow has imprisoned the life of his own son in fear that the boy will over throw him. It will be up to Kiara to choose who she will align with. The man she loves or the son that she bore him. Either way someone will be killed, some lost, and some changed for all eternity. Can Kiara forsake her son in hopes of gaining back her old lover? Or will she turn against all she knows to save the life of her child?

This is a semi-open RPG based more on story then Battle.
Anyone who wishes to join should ask in the OOC.
Anyone who wishes to return the help that Kiara has given them are welcome.

All Standard RPG rules apply.

No God-Modding

No Auto Hits

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Skipping and flinging her hands around behind her Rina strolls through and around the cavern heading to the massive gates of hell. The ominous doors loomed down as she tilted her head and flung her long dark red hair around smiling and chewing on her black nails.

With one big exaggerated step she slides up to the doors and bangs on them hard… singing along with her ipod in her ears she waits rather impatiently for them to answer.. after a time nothing happens and she pounds quite a bit harder.. her frustration growing.. BANG BANG BANG even with her mighty god power behind it the doors don’t even shudder.

 Darn it she muttered to herself and just as she was about to bang again, a white gloved hand grasped onto her wrist and spun her around. His face inches from her he leaned in and grinned at her.

 Can I help you little redhead? he leered at her as his teeth seeming to take over his entire face.

UNCIE ARROW Rina reached up to hug him but he threw her back against the gates causing them to shudder with the force.

Im just looking for Luncin.. geez don’t have to yell at me She gets up and rubs herself down pouting at him Where is he?

Arrow just smirked at her

 He is where he should always be.. Imprisoned in hell, that little bastard will not be bothering anyone anymore

Rina just frowned at him.. but I want to play.. I go get him..

She turns and starts to pull on the doors using all her strength to get them open.
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.. but I want to play.. I go get him.

Arrow had played long enough she was pulling with the strength of a Demi God he reached over and grabbed the top of her shoulder his white glove tightened as he pulled her of the doors her body flew limp over the ground kicking up dust and rock as he walked forward she looked up at him as he got closer “Or I could play with you instead” She vanished from his sight and then appeared above him her arms held high as she came thundering towards him, “Stupid child” side stepping her attack his leg lifted as she hit the ground creating a creator . the point of his foot met her jaw line and sent her flying towards the Gates of Hell her body hit hard of the great olden doors she slid down then and spat up blood “Oh your so much Cough” more blood left her lungs as she looked over at him “Me no heal” Arrow bent down in front of her grabbing her hair he stood dragging her body along the ground she kicked and screamed to break free of his grasp “no you stupid child you no heal “ he threw her body in front of him then kicked her in the gut. She grabbed his foot and tried to bring him down to the ground. But he had been in many fight and had many beating he knew to expect this as she grabbed his foot his fist thundered down towards her head. It punch knocked her head against the ground. Her sight went black for a moment then a knee feel from the free leg once again into the side of her head. The force broke the ground around her as the gravel of hell dug into Little Reds head.

“Now are we done playing “ a small tear fell from her eye as she whimpered “Yes uncle Arrow “ he let her go the blood from her mouth was now a thick red as she stood. her eyes where blood shot pain was something new to this girl being a demi god had given her the power to heal so she was use to short pain but long and drawn out pain was something new to her. She bent over to pick up her IPOD as she did she felt her ribs move in her body and held the scream from her uncle she did not want to seem weak in front of him. The Ipod had survived most of the attack but the head phones where destroyed. Arrow looked at her two small tears hit the ground as she stood and looked towards him, Smiling he waved a hand and a set of new head phones with two red skulls printed on either side of the ear pieces appeared in replace of the old ones. She let of a small smile and looked at the gates of hell.

“now we don’t want to argue again do we My little niece.” She shook her head and went to speak about Luncin but stopped her self her wounds had still not healed she placed a hand on a drip of blood and looked once again at Arrow “you will heal in two days after you leave my realm now be good and run along” she was using all her god strength just to stand as he waved her good bye while he slipped back into hell A dark smile came on her face as he went. She plugged in her head phones and let out a laugh as she went to do her own disappearing act “Im soooooooooo telling on you “ she said as the wicked smile grew larger.

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The sun broke through the trees illuminating the ground she walked on. Mist swirled in between the trunks of the trees, casting shadows through out the small sunlit area. A figure could be seen walking towards her through the mists. He was nothing but a shadow to her, nothing was there to distinguish who he was or what he was. But she knew he was male. She could tell by his stance and how he walked. Instantly she was on guard, her hand went automatically to her side to grasp her Katana, but it wasn’t there. Her eyes widened and she stepped back towards the wall of trees at her back, pushing her self as close to them as possible. She shifted slightly and something sharp poked her, so she moved, but no matter where she went the sharp pain was there, incessantly jabbing her.

She pulled herself from the strange dream she was having in hopes the pain would stop, but it became worse as she woke. She could hear someone humming and she peeked through her cloak of lashes to see Desiderina with her sword in her hand jabbing at her leg. She groaned inwardly and spoke, her voice still groggy from sleep, “Rina its early, what are you doing here, with my sword, poking me? Do you really not have anything better to do?”

The girl shifted and gave Kiara a cheeky smile, “Aunty Kiara… Uncle Arrow has been bad again.”

Kiara pulled herself into a sitting position and pulled her knees close to her chest, “And I should do exactly what about that Rina dear?”

The girl kept smiling and twirled Kiara’s Katana in her hand and giggled, “He has Luncin in hell. And he hurt me.” Rina pouted and Kiara raised her brow slightly, “Daddy said he wouldn’t kill him… Will you?”

Kiara studied Rina for a moment, “Did you just say Arrow has Luncin in hell?”

Rina smiled and nodded.


“Don’t Know Aunty Kiara. I went to play with him, but Uncle Arrow wouldn’t let me.”

Rina pouted more and Kiara just ran a hand over her face. She had no idea why Arrow would keep Luncin confined to hell. But she could only guess it wasn’t to be closer to the boy. That wasn’t how Final Arrow worked, everyone knew that.

For a moment she panicked and her mind reeled with what to do. She couldn’t exactly traipse into hell and force Arrow to release their son. And she couldn’t exactly break in without him knowing. She had no control over what happened in hell anymore. She sighed and thought hard ignoring the young girl who was now sitting on her bed looking at her with a puzzled look.

“I don’t know if I will be able to kill him, but I’ll get Luncin back Rina. Mark my words on that. Now go inform your mother that I shall be coming for a visit. I need to get some things before I arrive. I think I have an idea on how to get Luncin back, but it wont be easy.”

The girl pouted and then smiled, “Mother will be pleased Aunty Kiara.”

Without another word Rina was gone and Kiara was left with her thoughts. She had an idea on how to get Luncin out of hell, but she wasn’t sure the people she would go to would help. She had not been good for a very long time, and she knew they wouldn’t welcome her in their realm with open arms. She sighed again and pushed herself from the bed and began the preparations for her to travel. She made the call to the one person who she felt safe with at the moment, and he promised to be there. The rest would be up to her.

“I can only hope that Arrow has not harmed Luncin…”

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The covers shift as she rolls over in bed and snuggles closer to Jake, wrapping her arms around his waist he snorts as he pulls her close. Kissing the back of his neck she slips out from under the covers and shivers as the cold air hits her naked body, wrapping up in her robe she slips out of the room gently closing the door behind her. Gwens dreams had woken her and she was troubled. Making her way down the stairs to her cellar room she pets Malkav who calls at her as she strokes his feathers. Making her way to her desk she sits down and calls in her notebook, she had been working on her potions for some time trying to get certain rituals right, it had been a difficult few months for her and she was struggling with her new way of being. Her body ached still from the wounds Arrow had inflicted on her but peace reigned over her as she thought of her new love. Jake was amazing to her and she was in awe that she could actually have allowed herself to feel again, so soon after Switch had broken her heart.

Putting on her glasses she began reading through her latest notes when she suddenly felt a nudge at the edge of her mind..

Gwen, its Kiara.. im sorry to wake you

A wave of fear washed over her as she heard her sisters voice in her head, she could feel Kiaras worry threw the mind message and was instanly alert. Kiara had been down lateley and many things seemed to be plaguing her.

Honey? whats wrong?

Gwen.. i need help, Arrow has trapped Luncin in hell and i need your help with the ritual

Gwen frowned and thought hard, She was owned by Arrow and knew if she went against him she would be hurt again, but her love for her blood sister overrode the fear and she knew she could not say no too the woman who had always been by her side, supporting and loving her no matter what. She had no choice.

Of course, but dont come here, we will need somewhere.. PRIVATE.. meet me in London, we will use my theatre.. its closed for the winter and Jakes house is nearby we can stay there.

Thank you Gwen dear, I will see you there soon.

Gwen sighed and got up from the desk, she would have to wake up Jake and let him know what was going on, she had warned him her life was a strange one.. and now he was bout to get embroiled in it, but it was her sister, there was nothign she could do.
Heading up to their room she looked around her new home and prayed she could handle all this.

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London, She had to get to London. It would have been better if the trip had just been to the DTD's Headquarters, but she understood the hesitance that was imbedded in Gwen. Because it was imbedded in her as well. She had never truly feared Final Arrow until after he owned her soul. After she saw what he had done to Gwendolyn because Kiara had healed her, she had a slight fear of the man. But not enough to override her maternal instincts. Her children were more important to her, and no one would stand in her way.

She stood in the middle of her darkening room, watching the sun rise. The talk with Gwen had comforted her, but she also needed to speak to Esther. If Arrow showed up while they performed the ritual then Gwen would not be able to defend herself. And Only Esther could do enough to protect them both. She sighed and moved toward her dresser and the antique phone that sat there. She debated for a moment on calling her on telling her to meet her in London, but she didn’t. Not right away anyway.

Sadness seemed to crawl inside her and take root. She felt awful for not knowing, for not helping Luncin before hand. But she would do what she had to now. Even if that meant taking his place in hell, she would. But something told her Arrow wouldn’t let that happen. She sighed once more and sat on her bed, she was wasting time she didn’t have but she didn’t want to do what she had to. Not because she didn’t want to Luncin, but because she hated to face Arrow.

She went over all her options once more. But none of them would work. Only one would efficiently save Luncin, whether it brought on her death or not was up to Arrow. And she knew deep down that given the chance he would do it. He would kill her and enjoy it as he did so. Probably would even make Luncin and Reds watch as he did so, and explain to them that this is what happens when you defy him.

The Thoughts put fear into Kiara and brought on a drastic idea. She could astral Project and this means she could contact Arrow without being there. She smiled to herself and then sat herself in the middle of her room and meditated. It took only moments for her to get to the place she needed. She could see the gates of hell before her, could feel the heat and taste the brimstone on the air. She smiled to herself and passed the gates and found herself somewhere else. It was a great cavern and in the middle stood Arrow. She cleared her throat and looked at him full on, “I’m coming for him. And you will not stop me from protecting him Christopher. My sons safety out weighs my own, you can kill me, but I will not let you kill him.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, she pulled herself from that place, Pulled herself from the man who would no doubt try and kill her. For a moment she was disoriented when she landed back inside her own body. But the disorientation lasted only a moment. She picked herself off the ground and grabbed her Thigh holsters and sword and put them in a bag. She hurried to her desk and pulled out a whistle, a leather glove, and parchment. Hurriedly she scribbled a note to Esther and told her where to meet her and why. Then without another look she left the little house she had acquired so many years ago.

On her way to the waiting car she let out a long and low whistle and flashed the glove in her hand. She passed her belongs onto the Man standing beside the car as he looked at her curiously, “No time to explain. I am using Ezra to send a message for me.” And as those last words left her mouth a screeching could be heard in the distance. And soon a large bird could be seen flying towards them. Kiara slipped on the glove and handed the note to the man, “She’s grown since you saw her last” Without another glance at the man Kiara stepped out and away from the car, to meet the bird. IT screeched once more before landing heavily on her arm.

Kiara smiled slightly and stroked the birds plumage and then its taloned feet. This was how she was taught to greet the bird when she first started training under the Falconers many centuries ago. She herself was a master Falconer now and had many birds over the years. But none as beautiful as Ezra. The Golden Eagle cooed slightly and Kiara spoke to it in a soft tone before laying her hand out to the man by her car, ‘The letter, Vergil. And some string please.” The man handed her what she asked and Kiara kept cooing to the bird as she tied the letter to its leg.

The Bird hopped for a moment and then settled as the new feel of the letter become nothing to it. IT ruffled its feathers and picked at Kiara’s hair for a moment and when Kiara was finished she spoke softly to the bird, “To Esther, Ezra. Return to me in London.” Kiara held her arm off and the bird ruffled its feathers once more and then took off. Kiara watched the bird a moment and then turned to the man at her car, “To London, how you get us there is of no concern. Just get us there now.” And without another word she and the man entered the car and disappeared from sight.

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“Hello my boy” Arrow had teleported into the room it had no exit or entrance he it was a hollowed out rock that once was the home to the most famous guardian hell has ever know. Cerberus Luncin just looked at his father his eyes weakened “Oh have you been trying to escape” Arrows eyes fell upon the chains “Magic prove, Unbreakable and best of all binding” Arrow jumped down and walked over to the boy “You tried to kill me im so proud of you but I cant have you running around trying again now can I oh and Des dropped by poor girl has never felt pain before today I drew blood would you like to taste.” Arrow offered his white fingers and the boy snapped at them “If you killed her these chains will not hold me father” Arrows boot met the chest of his son Luncin fell his back hitting of the ground and causing him to spit up blood. “But they will Luncin now until the end of time I know what your true powers are and I just cant have you running around trying to kill me.” The boy laughed “Like you did to your father” Arrows hand was swift as it caught Luncins jaw blood flowed between the curls of his lips.

“Why do you make me do this to you. I love you . You know that but yet you force my hand why cant you be more like your sisters and find someplace to rule all on your own with out annoying me.” Luncin pulled himself up and spat at his fathers feet “You love two things father power and your queen do not think to fool me with your words I know them all to well. The trickster of tricksters even Loki hides in comparison to your wicked ways” Arrows eye lid went up at the name of the God of Chaos “what a strange choice of words have you spoke with Loki Luncin” Luncin stopped knowing he had told his father something he should not have. “Hmmmmm Where is he.” Luncin looked at him keeping his mouth shut “Oh Luncin I will just take it then.”

Arrows hand seemed to turn to shadow as he placed it on his sons head the shadows dug in bring out blood as they dug deeper into his mind with all his might the boy tried to prevent the memories from being taken but his father was to strong. But even when he found what he wanted Arrow dug deeper the boy let out a scream that filled the room “Now now Luncin be a good boy and bleed for me”. Arrow said as he disappeared into the shadows of hell leaving Luncin with five bloody holes in his head.