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Black Cell site 118 was obviously just one of the numerous instillations organized by the company. Like all facilities of theirs it was fronted as a generic place of business. Most people would have no clue as to the fact that it belonged to the company. However in the efforts to further the reach of the forming Vine Villains Noir had done her best to contact the people. When she finally was successful it was clear the humanitarian ways were problematic. Not only that but to identify a target any further then this one building was impossible. The encryptions left Noir with only one target to take down, but that was fine for at least she had a prey.

Within the bowels of the facility was the true potency of Black Cell a variety of mechanized units high-powered weapons and other devices. The very nature of the organization of the agency was centered around the containment of the superior population. The facility had only a few dozen staff members of course, leave only what is needed was a common policy of the Cell. Never the less a rational mind might say that to engage such a target alone was bordering on suicidal. A super powered being probably shouldn’t run into dozens of targets who lived to put exceptional people down. However Noir didn’t think on terms like a human, danger didn’t register and so actions lacked a notion of risk or fear. Put simply Noir thought herself untouchable and so she ventured to high tech facility with an eager haste.

With an ability to manipulate electrostatic force of her body the slender Spinixe crawled along the walls of the structure. A Spinixe was a fairy or sprite stemming from spiders, and through a magic process Noir had ended them. This is what allowed her to be more to the size of a human and is what led her to be even more enthralled by her own ego. The arachnid villainess had to be better, had to be superior. Driven by obsession until her dying breath Noir would hunger for victory to be the greater predator. She knew subliminally some threats were beyond her abilities to handle, regardless however she would confront them. And so it was regardless of facing superior numbers and quite potentially greater firepower Noir ventured into the confines of the black cell. Her movements were as silent as the spider; as she crept along the ceiling getting in position over the soon to be victims. Then the spider fell from the ceiling landing softly in the middle of a small group of scientists. From the fem fatale’s back a series of slender but sharp pointed legs burst from the predators back. Five scientists found a blade through their chest in an instant as a result of Noir’s actions. Instantaneously the facility was bursting with life as panic and discipline set in.

Five minutes passed of frantic conflict before a window smashed apart. Noir slammed into a car under the force buckling in the automobiles frame. She had fallen a good four feet but still she stood her durability pushing past the damage. A series of guards exited into the street in response. Each of those men was armed with gear that made them beyond the peek of human value. Their uniforms were firm fitting and intricate and while not laced with armor plating showed promise of great durability. Even still however Noir did nothing but smile. Her arms began to stretch and distort until two had become four. Claws were picked from the feminine monsters waist making her hands shine in the moon light. The claw like extensions reflected the surroundings as they were raised, Noir’s eight back legs rising in defiance as well.

It was then that her eyes caught something out of place in the blades reflection. Something fluttered like a moth or a butterfly but glowed with a strange light. She had no knowledge of the fact that the entire Black Cell facility had been mobilized to assess the threat level of the very same red glow. When the meteor crashed the Cell knew it came baring some form of organism. As such the Cell had made themselves be armed and ready should the arrival be something of danger or potential use for the mutant populence. Nobody could predict that this alien would become something to further strengthen the team being amassed by the dark child known as Deamon. No-one would have predicted that the coming fight might awaken a more fierce and combative approach by select members of the Black Cell.

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Night had fallen over the California coast but a park in some undisclosed location was lit up like it was mid day. This site was the location of a meteor landing and had been cordoned off by a mysterious agency. In the warmer months the monarch butterfly migrates north to suckle the nectar of the various flowers that grow in the southern united states, now one circled overhead surveying the scene below. However it emitted a strange iridescence, earlier in the day it had been just like any other monarch but no longer the meteor harbored a parasitic species, symbiotic in nature requiring a living host to sustain it. Being the closest living organism this mere insect became the host to the first of a biologically engineered species meant to physically and mentally enhance an alien race far millions of years ahead of the human race.

In order to understand the new planet it had come crash landed onto the symbiote observed, these lesser beings scurried about the meteor and the very thing they searched for gazed down on them from above. This 'human' race were killing their planet, from what the creature had witness in it's hosts memories. Earth would die from their pollution before it even reached a fraction of Cha'vak's age. In order to preserve this world the humans would need to be eradicated.

As it watched a strange female descended upon the agents at the perimeter of the site. It amused the symbiote very much to watch a woman half their size throw these hulk like men around like they were nothing. With razor sharp claws she proceeded to rip them apart, her body changing as she willed it increase the number of arms she had so that she was able to take on more and more of these men. She was not unscathed in this conflict however, being lifted high over one agents head and thrown upon the front of some mechanical device, which seemed to shuttle these humans from one place to another. A mere convenience that cost this planets environment dearly, the pollution these machines had released into the atmosphere caused the death of various plant, animal and insect life, as well as thousands of humans. The fact that these humans were very much aware of these angered the symbiote immensely and while the woman was holding her own at the moment, the rest of the agents present on the site had surely been alerted and were on their way to silence this intrusion.

It's current form would suffice, it remembered the woman changing her form as she desired. The monarch butterfly flew into the chest of one of the men, he was taken aback unsure what to make of this. Before he was able to figure it out the symbiote struck rapping itself around the man, however it was not taking him as a host, the monarch would remain, it was merely using his genetic materials as the mass it needed to perform the transformation it desired. The man screamed out in pain as his skin, muscles, bones and organs were devoured. The symbiotes shape changed look somewhat human in appearance but larger than any of the humans here, its biceps larger then the chests of the men who the woman had killed. It retained the orange and black colors of the monarch butterfly, hoping to show some type of uniformity the creature dawned the arachnid symbol the woman wore upon her chest. Five dagger like claws adorned each hand, along with two rows of pointed teeth, its jaw extended far enough back so that an human being could fit between its teeth.

The woman and the men she had been combating had stopped to assess their situation, all eyes were on the symbiote. One of the transportation machines came towards the woman at her back, the creature did not think she saw it as it raced ever closer. More agents entered the area from the crash site. The symbiote lept landing on the hood of the automobile just before it impacted the woman, the creatures weight caused the vehicle to flip through the air landing on the group of agents that had just arrived on the scene of the intrusion. Turning toward the woman the symbiote spoke in the language he had heard the agents speaking "Kill them all!" he declared, the sex of its host dictating its own.

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One of the agents rushed at the fem fatal resulting in sheer brutality. As it neared her a clawed hand buried itself into the individuals throat resulting in a strong splash of blood and guts along her arm. Noir was prepping to continue her moment of violence but then noticed that everyone’s attention was taken as a new individual came into the location. A flickering light, the winged obscure insect flew into one of the people who other wise would be a victim. Perhaps that was a pore way to look at things, from the sounds of things the man was still a victim. It looked like a human if it were skinned alive, the obscure look of its ‘flesh’ was far from normal. Yet in a way to Noir it was far more beautiful then any of these fleshy beings roaming around claiming to be such. The creature also adopted the symbol that the arachnid war. This suggested allegiance between the two was in existence or at least possible. Instantly this instilled an idea in Noir’s malevolent mind that a allegiance was possible.

A car was approaching from behind, a tingling sensation arriving in the back of the spiders mind. She was about to turn around when the fiend landed on the vehicle causing it to flip out of its trajectory and crush a small group of further insurgents. The symbiote then spoke to her. It would seem an alien, but there was no mistaking he could speak fluid English. “And to think I thought my first contact with something like you would involve peace and diplomacy.” The lethal spider making jest at the remark. A part of her was curious if the creature understood humor and sarcasm. If it didn’t she might of just made an ass for herself, she did her best not to laugh at the very thought of such a thing.

A soldier raised a gun towards her back, a sense of danger driving the lady to turn on the oppressor. A stream of acidic webbing coiling around the mans neck. With but a simple tug the mans head fell from his shoulders. Noir’s ferocity carrying on from one foe to the next in acts of dismemberment. None of the antics featured much specialty or finesse. Simply put it was violence for the sake of violence, just using simple moves to end who and what she could. The more ichor to stain her attire the happier she felt. Noir lived to be a superior being to all she could. In an acrobatic leap the spider oriented beauty brought down a soldier trying to get a drop on the symbiote. The guts of the man spilling on the asphalt. “So what does one call you? And is there by any chance a desire from you to make a living ending inferior beings like this?”

So far everything was going well it seemed. The enemy despite the skill they possessed had been caught unaware. As such these opponents were falling with ease. However one does not assault a facility ran by people like this without someone knowing. A blond picked up on the traffic and began to make her way to the assaulted instillation. Very soon Lioness would appear to put an end to the fierce beings assaulting the location.

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And to think I thought my first contact with something like you would involve peace and diplomacy.” said the Arachnoid woman, there was a hint of banter in the way she uttered the words. This sort of thing was unheard of on Cha'vak their evolution being advanced to the point where speech was only used to convey a pointed message. However the symbiote had witnessed such things amongst the agents and thought nothing of it.

Standing back he watched as the woman in black mercilessly took down an assailant who had approached form her backside. Blood and guts covered her and she reveled in it, it was as though she felt naked without such a dressing. He must admit it was quite a beautiful sight to behold, the thought of her naked body covered in blood and death in the midst of a chaotic battle jumped to the front of his mind. The symbiote shook the thought away, the soldier he had used to construct his new body must be the culprit of such thoughts, beings driven by nothing but the need to spread their seed and with no intention to procreate. They were mere savages but the thoughts filled his new form with a ravenous thrill, turning he stabbed his claws into a woman's chest and ripped her heart from her body tossing it aside, while her limp corpse fell to the ground and he proceed to the next group of targets.

The street was dead besides himself and the arachnoid woman as he was heading into the compound to dispatch the rest of the cell the woman asked “So what does one call you? And is there by any chance a desire from you to make a living ending inferior beings like this?” He turned to look at her as he answered "The doctor called me Cha'ri, in your tounge it means The First One. You may address me as such or call me Monarch in favor of my current host. You may consider me your enforcer in bringing an end to the beings who are killing this planet. And how might I address you?" Monarch asked as he made for the entrance to the hastily built mobile instillation, all who had sought the life force that came to Earth on the meteor would die, no one aside from his female companion would know of his existence.

Five men pointed assault rifles at the door to the facility as he ripped it open, they opened fire. Bang bang bang, with each sound of a round living the chamber a bullet shot through the alien parasite. A black ichor leaked from the wounds as Monarch base materials were slowly destroyed. The feeling of being peirce over and over was unpleasant to say the least, after the sixth round cut through his left shoulder the enforcer launched himself at the soldiers grabbing one by the neck and ripping a piece of his spine out. He then proceeded to throw the spine like a spear at the next assailant. The bone cut through him as a javelin would piercing the ground. Turning his head to the right Cha'ri spat in the mans face, they poisons which had been present in his host, the Monarch Butterfly but were enhanced by the symbiote ate through the man like acid, singeing the flesh and muscle right off his muscular face. The last of the men ran from the room terrified, yelling for assistance a trained soldier but no amount of training could have prepared him for this. Before he reached the end of the hall he was brought to an abrupt halt, a fist shot through him killing the man instantly. A woman stood over his body.

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Monarch was a good name but it felt rather impersonal for a more this team nature. Of course she also could call him Enforcer like Monarch it fit well but it didn’t seem right either. As the queen of the Hill and perhaps arguably of the associated team she wanted things not to be so impersonal. “Re-enforcement is always a good thing not much of a name though for a more personal relationship. I think I will just call you Reen for short.” The arachnid vixen would then proceed to leap onto the rafters above. Something told her Reen could proceed to handle things on the ground. Thus it seemed only fitting the widow ruin the lives of those up high.

Blood would fall in a way that almost seemed like it was rain as it flowed over the ledges. Time after time back legs and claws would pierce any living organism she came across brutally. Age gender none of it mattered to her simply a ending to all she stumbled upon. Leaps and bounds would be done to further issue out the fall of the unprepared scientists. However soon the destruction of the facility would come to a head. With a powerful bound the spider lunged over the edge and using acidic webbing pulled herself towards the entrance. Landing and making a sharp turn her clawed hands would thrust through the chest of an escaping victim. His still pulsing heart would be beating in her hands as the body fell.

“Reen here” A small easily portable device in her hand being tossed to the symbiote. “Should allow you to find yourself the way back home from anywhere.” The small device could find the Hill from nearly anywhere on the globe. Of course the passing of the device was an inevitable bad omen. Noir turning in that door began to end all of those who jumped into the way. The various individuals to make an attempt on halting the assault were met with small orbs of webbing. Speed and acidic compounds dealing strong damage to the masses. However she failed to stop one individual person, dressed in a high tech armor the leading soldier of Black Cell collided into the spider queen.

Noir was thrown into a nearby wall with thunderous force her back legs snapping and mangled from the impact. A charred and burnt opening leaked from her stomach brought on by a solar charged sphere launched into the petite arachnids chest. The speed of the assault accompanied by the bomb like projectile left a major hole where the attack was made. Lioness stood in the damaged once doorframe. The heavy cannon centered on her arm raised at the newest addition of the Vine Villains. The last thing Noir seeing was the cannon being fired off in the direction of Reen. Each sphere likely to explode with super heated detonation.

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Standing in the doorway covered in blood, a beating heart in the palm of her hand as a fresh corpse fell to the ground the slender beauty called out "Reen here." She tossed a tiny device, explaining that it would show the Monarch the way to her, no their base of operations. Reen's tongue launched out of his month catching the device and snapping back into his mouth. As he swallowed the alien technology his body examined it, learning little the advancement of these humans had come. With the global positioning device safely tucked away inside himself the parasite prepared for the oncoming onslaught.

Noir had taken out a number of men and woman who had tried to take advantage of her while she was distracted. A mass of black armor bulled through Noir, the arachnid woman was thrown into a wall, her legs snapping, a gaping hole was left in her chest. With the Noir seemingly out of the picture, the Lioness focused her assault on the symbiote. Firing three orbs in succession, releasing a thunderous roar the parasite charged the armor clad woman not even bothering to defend against her attack. The first orb struck his left should rocking him back and leaving a jagged whole, the parasites regeneration kicked in nigh instantaneously sealing the the wound. The second hit the right side of his abdomen, the third he caught in his mouth spitting it back at his attacker, along with the creatures acidic saliva. Following up the attack by sending his clawed hand in a sweeping motion across the woman's armored chest.

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The trinity of projectiles charged with solar energies shot towards the alien anomaly. The first round blew a hole in the shoulder, second doing similar burning and explosive damage as it connected with the targets abdomen. The third sphere was caught and spat back at her thankfully her reflexes allowed Lioness to evade the attack. Rule one of weapon designing after all was, don’t get hit by your own weapon. However the acidic saliva of this xenos creature followed behind the projectile. The bile splashed along her and shields instantly began to flicker. The kinetic abilities the woman had added to her gear allowed her to displace a lot of damage. Corrosion was not one of those though; it would simply eat away at her shields for the next moments. To further the damage done a sharp claw connected with the barrier with impressive strength. Twenty five percent of her shielding was gone in that single moment.

Gaining a moment of breathing room her Heads Up Display would bring up the systems of the facility. Nanites would be triggered to attempt to get a hold of DNA samples of the targets. The spider had painted the wall with blood. New fabrics could be discovered by the woman’s abilities and that was just the peak of the iceberg. Advanced machines would even begin attempting to work where these bio signatures had appeared in the world. What was the bigger focus though was the symbiote. If the wounds done led to skin and blood along the tile and so forth samples could be collected. Samples that could be an earth shaking catalyst in technological advancement. Her head would become a storm of ideas if she dwelled on the possibilities. For now however she just dispatched the nanites. Her focus had to be on the current battle.

With speeds able to swat bullets from harms way the Lioness would make an attempt to grab the symbiote's arm. Upon connection she would emit powerful kinetic fields into the very matter of the limb. The goal to make his arm explode violently. Following this attack rocket propulsion would kick into play. Mach 1 speeds would be brought up as her knees sought to pulverize the symbiote's head. The action would bring her airborne where Victoria would rotated herself to open fire. A second volley of solar bomb like projectiles being shot in the alien’s direction. Lastly she would land with the perfect grace of a cat. Ready without a doubt for further conflict if needed.