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The once clear blue sky had turned blood red, the articulate cities and sprawling plains and forests reduced to piles of rubble and craters from sustained orbital bombardment. In orbit, massive fleets engaged one another, showing no mercy to anything caught in the path of their heavy guns. Every day two massive armies engaged one another, on one side the Symaarian Imperial Guard fighting valiantly to defend one of their many besieged colony worlds, on the other side, the Keresh Imperial Army, a ruthless fighting force bent on galactic domination, the two races have been at war for decades. This world in particular is known as Yortha Minor, once a paradise, years of fighting between the two forces have decimated the landscape. Nuclear fire scorches the soil, poison gas brings a painful death to anything left unprotected, anything left alive after that was fair game for the millions of soldiers stalking the world, hunting their foes in hopes of adding another notch to their belt... 
From out of the darkness it came, the second the sentry lit a cigarette, destroying his night vision they had struck, the lead man plunging a knife into his kidney and throat in quick succession. The Guardsman didn't even have time to react or alert his comrades at the nearby camp before his life was cut short by a Keresh blade. One by one the Commandos of the elite 276th Infiltration Regiment, 3rd Company, The Outlaws as they were known, surrounded the camp, sighting in those soldiers still visible, waiting for the signal to move in. Then there was a faint click across their inter-squad comm link, the opened fire, single, precise shots, eliminating those Symaarians still awake, they were the lucky ones. Ten tents had been erected around the camp, situated in a crater left by orbital bombardment from years before, with no particular pattern to avoid having the whole unit killed off with a single burst of machine gun fire. The armor clad warriors made their way to the tents, setting them and the men asleep inside ablaze with wrist mounted flamethrowers, the quiet and calm of night broken by screams of pain and the popping and sizzling of the piles of burning debris where tents had once stood. 
As quickly as they appeared the Commandos vanished into the darkness, leaving only death and destruction in their wake. Within a few minutes they reached their extraction point where three drop ships waited silently to take them back to friendly lines. They split up, a third of the squad going into each ship, to avoid having the whole unit killed off by some lucky Symaarian anti-aircraft gunner. The craft lifted off and headed out across the wasteland towards friendly territory.
An hour into their flight a Symaarian AA emplacement picked up the ships on his sensors, the guardsmen hurried into action, when the transports came into range the guns opened up, immediately the pilots took evasive action dodging the incoming rounds. They were almost out of range of the Symaarian guns when a high explosive round scored a direct hit on the last drop ships port side engine. 
"BRACE FOR IMPACT!" The crew chief yelled to the men in the back as he strapped himself in, the transport spiraling out of control towards the ground. Moments later it hit the ground, bouncing several times then sliding several hundred yards before stopping. 

Rage of a Shadow Warrior

He faded in an out of consciousness for several minutes, he heard voices, and the distinct shouting of Symaarian Commissars "Frak..." he whispered, trying his best to appear dead. From behind his visor he saw one of the pilots being dragged out by two guardsmen, moments later, lasgun fire was heard and an agonizing scream of pain. 
A lone guardsman remained in the shuttle, his back to the Keresh Soldier, going through the pockets of the man across from him. Silently he undid the harness holding him to his seat, lunging forward, a razor sharp blade extending from his wrist and piercing the poor excuse for armor Symaarian Guardsmen wore. He placed a hand over the soldiers mouth to muffle any noise, he twisted the blade, causing the man to go limp. He silently laid the dead man on the deck of the ship and looked around, their was blood everywhere. He was the only survivor by the looks of it, several men's harnesses had broken and they'd been thrown out the troop bay door in the back. He shook his head. "What a waste" He moved to the opening in the rear, peering around the corner to see the small group of Symaarian Guardsman listening to one of those obnoxiously loud commissars. "Prick" raising his rifle and sighting him in through the scope, waiting till he was at the height of his speech. 
The round flew true, hitting the large man in the forehead, blowing brains and blood out the back of his head. The Guardsmen immediately turned to assess the threat, seeing the still breathing Keresh commando they opened fire. The lone attacker ducked behind the ship, the reinforced hull plating taking the lasgun fire. Attempted the activate his jetpack only to discover it was missing. "Could this day get any better?" climbing on top of the ship, which rested at an angle, he pulled a long bladed knife and heavy pistol from their respective holster and sheath. Leaping over the top he fired two wrist rockets from his gauntlets and opened fire with the pistol, using the dual explosions to close the distance. Slashing and stabbing he went, eliminating more than a dozen of the guardsmen, several ad bunched together in a group so he leveled his flamethrower and lit them ablaze. Turning to the remaining men. 
Four more Guardsmen went down. The lone survivor threw his Lasgun to the ground and ran. Ravek sighted him in and fired, catching him in the leg, he fell face first into the mud. Attempting to crawl away. 
The lone Commando walked over, kicking in the side with an armored boot. Knocking him over onto his back, his eyes were wide with fear that suddenly vanished, replaced by pure hatred. 
"You'll never win! We have numbers on our side. Lord Roxom will stop you all! 
The armored soldier knelt down next to him, 
"You Symaarians just don't get it do you? You saw what just happened, One Keresh Commando whipped out forty of you guardsmen in a matter of minutes." 
The Guardsman laughed, coughing up a little blood, "There are hundreds of trillions of us, you don't have that much ammo" 
"You'd be surprised..." 
"Oh? no more smart remarks? Good" 
He stood and looked at the bodies, at the wreckage of the dropship, and the broken bodies visible within. He went back inside, taking as much ammo as possible, an extra knife and a few extra grenades. Stepping into the cockpit he takes a seat in the empty pilots chair,after a moments he figures out the comms system and relays a message. 
"This is Sergeant Ravek Val'Chan, 276th Infiltration Regiment, 3rd Company. My ship has been shot down behind Symaarian lines, I'm the only survivor, will attempt to make my way back to friendly territory"
Turning and walking out of the ship, looking out over the landscape. "Here goes nothing" chambering a round into his weapon and heading out...
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Kayle woke grunting mildly from the grogy fealing in her head. "Oh look the stuborn feck is up again." The gold eyed Keresh rolled her eyes at the medic in mock annoyance. The well built figure soon taking a seat beside the Guardsmen. "Your mech is off to the shuttles above, its taking repairs. The thing saved your ass a meltabomb nearly killed you." Kayle's brow raised at the remark. "Sorry gorgous but a meltabomb would have killed even you. If not for the TM you would have been fraged your armor provided by the seven hundred though with the cover you needed." With that Kayle looked to see the doc removing a bandage wraped around her arm.

A circular scar ran around her left uper arm an indication of the wound she had suffered. Her arm had been blown off or melted somewhat from the blast the wound would have been fatal if not for her mech taking most of the blast. The end result being just a loss of her arm. A week in a cloning bay and her limb was back attatched to her body the wound all but gone aside from the scar. It would be another week before the mark had faded. Her arm was useable though again and with that she was willing to simply get back to the war at hand. Minor was in constant war and had remaind so for years most of Kayle's career being planet side. Almost none of her earnings had got to be spent as she was almost on constant field duty. Alot of her life was so far writen on this planet. Her skill to survive the situations that seamed imposible had gained her a bit of reputation and more importantly kept her going. Waking up with a rebuilt arm was almost a regular thing to Kayle. "I'm going to go brush up before I get into the field again." The medics tried to protest but Kayle wasn't going to stay put, she was a bit stuborn.

Steping into the local sparing ring the gold eyed Keresh undid her dual ker'vas and looked to three of the others. "Are you crazy Rez you just barely got back on your feet give a moment to breathe." One of the Vanguard remarked laughing, it was no secret that Kayle had a strange obsession and talent for up close combat. She was a regular soldier with a gun give her a blade or mech however and there was a beautiful grace to her style. It also however was no secret that it was better to take some actual time to recover from things. Of course the Guardsmen wouldn't have that she was instantly wanting to get back into the ring. An artful flurish of her blades though made it clear that fighting was how things would go wether the others wanted to join in or not. Geting up from their seats the other three drew their own blades to confront Kayle.

Three strkes one made for her left knee another her right shoulder the last thrusted forward in effort to impale her, atleast impale her if this was a dual to the death. She blocked the first and second leaping so the third caried past her. A split second movement and the second keresh narowly escaped the blade. Kayle quick to seaze the moment and land on his shoulders blades thrusting downwards, It would have severed the head in a real match. Leaping from his shoulders she just barely avoided the blades aimed at her waiste and legs. The blades whistling through the air as the other stepped away. The remaining pair of Keresh swung at her in unison the blades blocked by Kayle's own. A swift movement and her blades countered his own, followed in short by a downwards stab followed by an upercut, electricity momentarily boosting her speed. In a real fight the pair would have had the sartorius cut open spilling their blood in a fatal wound before the next cut removed the arm. Vanguards were nearly the best around with blades just short of the guardsmen whos primary weapons were blades. By no means was the fight even easy every movement was a testiment to impressive training. Kayle had a talent here that managed her to tackle most opponents, of course if not for the training her sparing partners would have also died. The way these fights were done long or short win or lose it was undisputable what skills were possessed. Salluteing respectively Kayle turned to head to the nearest tent.

On Enemy Lines

Rumor had it that a base was twelve clicks out roughly three meters west of the Enair forest, well what was left of it anyway. After all the fighting orbital bombardments and so on not much was left standing. The forest was mostly a scorched providence of blackend trees and dead shrubs. Surounding it was a sequence of trenches allowing for an impressive amount of ambuses and asorted mines and other traps. Kayle didn't care however she would soon wipe them clean from this world like so many others. Dawning her armor she began waiting for the dead of night before making her move. Guaardsmen were known for being rather independent and as such Kayle was a good fit for the job. She would move fast and unheard as she snuck into the compound on her own with nobody providing radio trafic for the night she would be a ghost. Atleast that was the plan anyway. Nothing ever went acording to plan though, soon enough this small scale rather typical mission would disolve into one massive strugle as the war on Minor reached its close. That however was not on her mind in the moment, and as day faded into night Kayle left camp. The night was cool the black and violet sky hanging over head and a few stars actually visible. Normally there was the orange cloud of flame in the distance or the roaring sound of a Stormhawk and Type thirty eight squadron locked in a dog fight. This night however was calm and relaxed for a change.

Kayleira snuck through burned forest life making nearly no sound, carefully defusing mines as she weant. Though not a demolition expert all Keresh had an understanding of atleast the basic explosives used by the enemy. It was that or be blown into a thousand little pieces. The Keresh was not as fast as other empires. Where the Symarrians could drop a million men onto a planet at best Keresh could usually only spare a few thousand. Her people had to make up the numbers with experienceed, even those not enlisted had been trained by parents and retired vets for much of their life. There was no room for a weak Keresh it was that simple. Kayle was no diffrent she was trained to be great oin the fields and years had made those skills sharper. Without remorse or so much as a hint of regret Kayle silently drove a knife or wrist blade into temples, jugulars and hearts. Softly seting down kill after kill, mines carefully laid out warnings for her of people who woke up. She had carefully set them up so someone waking from sleep in their fox whole or barack would triger one of the explosive. The detonation likely to obliterate anyone in the room. Hours of playing cloack and dagger Kayle made it to the base.

Given the mission she had for a change ventured from her lightweight weapon set up and kept a TR 61 Energy Sniper Rifle with her. She was partial to the other varient but the TR was a bit quieter which she needed for the fight at hand. Carefully the Keresh placed the cross hairs on guards waiting for the opurtunity to squeeze. The soft pop of the energy weapon going unheard before striking a guard in the forhead. Blood splashing along the wall in a sizzling mess. Kayle would give it a minute for someone to respond before jumping to the next guard. The process going untill it seamed not a single soul was going to show there ugly mug for her to pop off. Giving five minutes to wait for anyone else to notice just in case, the cautioous girl gave it time to go wrong that way she could adapt acordingly. As nothing seamed to go south she finally ventured into the large bunker. Carefully aproaching baracks and riging nanogernades or mines she had left over to go off. All carefully ploted as she made her way through the building. Finally peaking around the corner her h.u.d indicated the primary target was behind the door just across the room. Two guards stood armed and attentive at the door. They were smart aside from the hallways there was no cover, and the weapons they caried were heavy autocannons that would sweep the room a dozen times over with perpetual ease.

She needed something quick, sheathing knives she extended her wrist blades. Kayle had goten rid of the cable to make the blades ejectable. A total of five shots per gauntlet her sixth one would stay locked in the scabard. They seamed the best tool to put to use, pearing around the corner she got a feal of their location. This part of the baracks was empty and dank hardly a luxury but great for its purpose. Turning the corner two blades shot out making a low whistle before a thud. Both guards with a silver blade pertruding from their throats. Thick crimson fluid starting to pull on the floor. Cautiously Kayle withdrew her two pistols and ventured forward ready to gun down any incoming guards. Every motion had to be carfull and percise otherwise things exploded and went wrong. Concluding the room clear the small laser pertruded from her gauntlet to pick the lock. Carefully pushing the doorway open and raising her blade the energy blade plunged into the generals chest. A perfect assassination she thought. Untill with his last breath he awoke screaming in pain. And on que the rest of the building began to wake up. Explosions and screams filled the structure as dozens of rooms went up in flames. Hundreds crying out in pain or whailing as they reached their ends. Flames and smoke billowed into the skies and hallways from the various traps. Even more going off around the base. Despite all the damage however it was one explosion for every three or four rooms. This fact couldn't have been more clear as when the door to the room exploded into splinters of metal. A barrage of gunfire trying to pin her in the room.

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For three days he'd made his way across the battle scarred wasteland of Yortha Minor. For three days he'd slashed, shot and burned his way through nearly every Symaarian soldier he'd encountered, other times he'd been forced to hide amongst the dead while units to large for him to deal with on his own passed. 
Now the lone Commando sat in a Symaarian bunker, the bodies of it's former occupants lay strewn throughout, blood and bullet holes decorated the walls and bodies alike. 
Suddenly the radio came alive, something about a nearby base under attack, by seemingly hundreds of Keresh from the way the radioman was relaying the message. Suddenly a explosion was heard and the transmission went silent. 
Within moments he was up and moving towards the fighting, hoping to link up with a larger unit and get extracted that way. 
He reached a ridge over looking the base and instinctively dropped to the grounded, his visor scanning the area and marking targets. Hostiles in red, Friendlies in Blue... from what he could see there were no Keresh outside. 
"No way the entire unit went inside..."
sighting in with his rifle, scanning the inside of the still standing buildings with his scope...
There! A lone figure in Keresh armor running through the hallways, engaging every Symaarian soldier she could find, energy blade slashing and slicing through the air. 
"A guardsman..." 
There were hundreds of Symaarians converging on the command building where the fighting was taking place, no way she could win against those numbers... 
Without a second thought he jumped up and slid down the hill, as he picked up speed he leveled his wrist rocket launcher at the wall around the compound, with but a thought they flew free, impacting and blowing a hole in the wall. Hitting the ground at a dead run as he sprints through the hole in the wall, a group of Symaarians rushing towards the building before they even knew he was their he was among them.
The blades in his wrist gauntlets slid from their housings as he take the two closest to him out by severing their spines simultaneously, removing the blades from the men he delivers a spinning kick to the back of the neck of another, bones breaking as the heavy boot strikes. Regaining his footing he sprints ahead of them as they level their lasguns at him, spinning on the tips of his booted foot he crouched, a jet of flame spewing from his wrist, incinerating the hapless soldiers. 
The three 'survivors' still running and rolling about in pain behind him, he made his way into the building. His body moving on instinct, checking every corner as he made his way through the building towards the sounds of the firefight. He quickly climbed a stairwell, running passed a barricade set up by several guardsmen, they prepared to fire at the lone Keresh Commando but were removed from existence when a nano-grenade unleashed it's lethal cloud of micro-machines. 
He didn't look back, he turned the corner and saw... her? Never the less he sighted in the Symaarians at the opposite end of the hallway, but before he could fire she eliminated them with her sidearm, lethal an precise. 
He smirked behind his visor, about to say something as four enemy soldiers ran into the without even thinking he fired, hitting one directly in the back of the head, a second shot hit another in the heart, a third turned and leveled his lasgun at Ravek, in a single fluid motion Ravek slung his rifle, disarmed the soldier and drove a blade through his neck. The last kept his weapon pointed at the guardsman, looking over his shoulder at what was attacking his unit. Ravek brought his foot up and kicked the man square in the fave, crushing his skull against the concrete wall behind him. 
As the last one to fall slowly slid down the wall he turned to the Guardsman. 
"You  always try to pick a fight with every Symaarian in a hundred mile radius?" speak via intra-helmet comm so no one else would hear them. A noise caught his attention the room the four had come from, the commando activated a frag grenade and tossed it in, screams were heard, muffled by an explosion that silence them.  
He turns back to her, holding his weapon at the ready. 
"We should leave."

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Five Symaarians had been releasing a stream of bullets high explosive rounds bursting along the walls. Their was a gap though at one choice moment, the firing pattern making it hard to so much as move. The opening however gave her time to breathe the lethal guardsen then quick to torch the men and women shooting at her. Bodies writhing on the floor trying to put out the flames charing their flesh. Unholstering her pistols she was quick to place around into each skull. She had seen some get up from the worst of wounds, best to make revival imposible. Satisfied Kayle ran through the halls carving apart any who had goten in her way. Another explosion went off, she thought it just another one of the traps untill she rounded the corner. A trio of this bases inhabitants stood guns ready. On the other end she could see a Keresh, a Vanguard it seamed. Without so much as a margin for error she opened fire hastly disposing of the threats.

Kayle partly loved these situations the challenge it presented apealing to her. A new wave of opponents charging in. Like the gifted wariors the Vanguard were known for being the new arival droped the four Symaarians. Behind her visor her gold eyes watched the last slump to the ground. Her visor switching settings briefly double checking their status. Most if not all the wounds looked fatal the Guardsmen however was one for being cautious. "You always try to pick a fight with every Symaarian in a hundred mile radius?" was heard through her helmet restricted to just her hearing and nobody elses. A frag tossed into a room the sound of the explosion making a thud as the sound entered the hall. "We should leave" Kayle roled her eyes at the statment.

"Yeah you know I was thinking I would just hang here in the base where Symaarians are like roaches. Maybe make a bar where we could all peacefully get along." She remarked over the com, her voice laced with sarcasm. "Way I see it are best bet is the tunnels beneath these places. Great for getting around a battle field totally useless once a base is blown apart though." A display map brought up on the visor portaying as much of the layout as Kayle could muster. "Will however require some dirty work you willing to go loud, or are you one of those silent types?" The Vanguard were often silent and spec ops then frontal assaults so it was fun to tease. Of course Kayle had been one she knew he could handle himself in things.

Kayle stepped into her portion of the compound to clear out Her taking the Northern half as the Vangaurd would take the Southern half. A quick scan allowed her to know her suroundings more exact to what she needed. A cautious layout of the less potent gernades helped deceive people into thinking that "dozens of Keresh" had remaining exits blocked off. Carefull shots leading the Symaarians to form up deffences where she wanted. And then came the nanite gernades. Her tactics grouping enemies neatly enough to eliminate as many in a single swoop. The horror of her actions easily shooken off. The enemy was just that the details or specifics meant nothing. Part of her wondered what the value of life even was for a Symarrian, they seamed almost blindly willing to die. A flick of her wrist and the last Symaarian fell, his skull dropping to the earth just a foot from the passage the Keresh would soon take.

Thirteen Hundred Hours

They had been traversing the tunnels off and on for roughly thirteen hours. A mix of carved out dirt and aged metal making up the structure. Having agreed to stop the Guardsmen sat on a empty ammo crate that was near by. Removing the magnetic seal and allowing her gold and black hair to fall losely over her shoulders. Her gold eyes checking her gear with loving devotion. "Kayleira Aurorez, sorry for the lack of introductions earlier. Was you know busy, and yes I pick a fight with all of them." The remark obviously reffering to the question near the start of things. "They have us outguned on a ludicrous level. Figure one hundred dead today and maybe tomarow will be lucky and only have to kill eighty." Her slender frae stretching out along the crate Ravek having decided to take first watch. "In all seriousness however its looking for a quicker end. We're a smaller force then most others, training makes up for it. Still if the council was smart they would pick their battles."

Seventy Three Hundred Hours

It had been just over three days that they were under ground. Hours carefully moving through the tunnels. They had found a stragler or two but nothing that really slowed them down. As they neared the exit it sounded like that luck had dried out, the sounds of various machines could just slightly be heard. Dust shakiing itself from the sealing as more vehicles moved forward. By the sound of it the Keresh base ahead that Kayle had come from was looking at a battle in an hour or maybe two if they were lucky. "You know a good Keresh would lend a hand with such things" Kayle remarked with a faint grin. A slight challenge in her eye before she slid her helmet back over her head.

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He crept along the low wall as a squad of Symaarians ran towards the building he'd just exited. "Idiots..."

The two had agreed to meet up at the entrance to a series of underground tunnels, splitting up to draw less attention to themselves.

Ahead of him in a small opening between several building stood several more squads of enemy soldiers. He raised his rifle searching for the man in charge, he stood with a group of what he guessed were the Symaarian equivalent to sergeants, there were to many people standing around for a clear shot, so he decided on a more direct approach. Slinging his rifle and activating his personal cloaking device he headed down towards his target, he pushed his way through the assembled Guardsman. Having never encountered a Vanguard Commando before they weren't sure what was going on, only that some unseen figure was making his way through their ranks. Shoving the last two men aside he looked right at the senior man, who turned to see what the commotion was.

With a single thought the shroud that had concealed the armored commando faded away. For three beats of a heart no one moved, they were frozen in shock.

The senior man was the first to get his wits about him.

"Surrender and I'll give you a painless death Keresh, you can't kill all of us, your out number 70 to one." He glanced over his shoulder at the cannon fodder the Symaarians called infantry, some held their weapons at the ready, others were terrified, knowing what Keresh Commandos were capable of. He looked back to the leader, a smirk hidden behind his visor. "You aren't wrong, I am outnumbered... but don't have to kill all of you... I can just kill you."

A look of panic appeared on the officers face "Kill him! Kill him now!

He heard the guardsman raise their weapons... bad idea... he'd positioned himself between their leadership and the main body of troops.

Slowly he counted down in his head...




Dropping to the ground as the Lasgun rounds fly over him, instead of hitting him the rounds slammed into the majority of the Symaarian commanders. Rolling onto his back, his helmet's system tapping into Keresh surveillance systems in orbit, making targets among the crowd of guardsman to cause the most damage. He raises his wrists toward the sky four micro missiles soared upwards, the guardsman watching haplessly. A few laughing, thinking he'd missed... then they turned around... a panic arose among the soldiers, who tried to escape but were blown to pieces as the lethal projectiles detonated above their heads, the resulting shockwaves and shrapnel killing dozens. When the panic had died down the realized the Commando had slipped away, they leadership left in a bloody heap nearby...

Thirteen Hundred Hours

"The council aren't the ones out here slogging through the mud and the blood now are they?" turning back to the guardsman, he couldn't help but admire her slender figure as she stretched out on the ammo crate "Ravek Val'Chan, 276th Infiltration Regiment, Outlaw Company." scanning the darkness of the tunnel with night vision. "In the Vanguard we pick our battle, and mark the rest of bombardment..." chuckling softly.

After about thirty minutes they continued deeper into the tunnels, ready for anything.

Seventy Three Hundred Hours

The two lay in a crater just outside the tunnel entrance, watching the various Symaarian weapons of war pass. The two looked to each other, Kayle commenting on how good Keresh would lend a hand, he shook his head. "Oh no we're just going to leave them to fight that assault off while we prance on back to safer territory." the sarcasm evident in his voice, "You really think I'd miss a fight like that?" grinning as he put his helmet back on. "Now lets go kill us a few Symaarians why don't we?" tapping his helmet against hers before heading towards the Keresh base to offer aid and hopeful find a ride back to his unit...

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"Well Vanguard do prefer stealth over open conflict so yeah. That and you look like the frolic to safety type." Her smile hidden by her healm. "Wait hold up, a few? Safe? Planets a fecking warzone I would bet money that the only safe zone is somewhere at the botom of the ocean in a fortified bunker, at its lowest level...on Tuesday." Her combating sarcasm at such extremes it seamed like it just might be a weapon. The gold eyed Keresh pushing back with her helmet with a little more force. With that she darted for the under assault bunker. Her feet carrying her swiftly to the location.

The place was ugly like most bunkers it was designed on practicality not creativity. A large structure with concrete and steel walls making it hard to penestrate. This one holding a good number of Keresh after they had taken the structure from the Symaarians casualties minimal. The problem though was always numbers Keresh held single billions. The Symaarians had nearly into a trillion, they were an overwhelming force. Of course who expects a flanking pattern during the middle of a siege. All tanks and soldiers were pointed at the compound oblivious to what was drawing near. That was the advantage the Keresh held today. Ravek sent a hand signal directing which side to take and then came the raging open conflict. It was that simple something about the pair just clicked no need question or hesitate. The confidence was just there for reasons unknown to Kayle. He simply fealt like a leader she had known for years, a natural something she sertainly could respect about Ravek.

Her jet pack kept her aloft as she soared over the crowd quietly her arms crossing as her wrist rockets got lock on large tanks. A hiss sliced through the gun barking air and then came the thunderous roar as her six rockets tore tanks asunder metal and shrapnel shredding those near by. Dropping into the crowd left over the soldier scooped up a combat knife and hurled it at the closest comander turning her direction. Her aim wasn't something jaw droping her ability though with blades was astounding throwing arm remarkable. With a wet snick sound it was imbeded in the liutenants skull. Kayle took a moment to observe the situation, alot of dead most alive critical conditioned, three still capable of fighting. Her pistol was drawn placing a shot in the domes of the three in combat condition. The rest could bleed out she didn't care so long as weapons were not able to be raised. Satisfied the Guardsman ran for the next trench she just cleared the first the second on her list though was going to take a bit more effort.

Priority first was the tank releasing salvo upon salvo of rockets at the structure. The guards on her side thankfully were minimal. Las rounds scythed through the air failing to strike her some though with fearsome proximity. Trigering a gernade she dropped into a roll just barely avoiding a round. The gernade rolling towards the Symaarians feet, bodies traveled upwards slightly as legs were viciously removed. The lightweight killer quickly climbing the tank and droping another gernade into the hatch before diving into the trench. A chasis was loose on the armored craft, the wheel knocked loose now from her explosion sent it crashing into the face of one of the soldiers. Alone not fatal it had the misfortune of smashing marow of the nose. Shards raming into the brain and droping the man rivers of crimson pooring from the shattered center. War could be fun, it could be soothing even to the right mind. Only the demented found it pretty though. Flesh was easily torn bones easily broken and moments like this ongoing war only made that more aparent.

A las round seared her shoulder thankfully armour endeered most of it the wound ignorable. The corners were tight gunfire was messy this was her element. Her hands going to the energy blades on her hips. The blue beams of light snaping into the air in stark contrast to the sand and smoke. The earth never slowed these blades down nor did armour or flesh. Bodies fell in mass, twitching spasmicly as one tried to piece together chared and spilled entestines. Blood was minimal as the wounds were often cauterized before they could bleed. Severed segments though did come with some gore as was only natural. Some rounds glanced off her metal plating for the most part though she was an expert at guaging where the cross hairs were and how best to aviod them in tight corners.

78 Hours

For five hours Ravek and Kayle helped hold the line, ammo a welcome surplus in the base helping greatly. It was time for a retreat however the base was gone mostly blown apart walls and scorch marks. Ravek had volunteered to stay behind and Kayle of course was instantly on board. They would hold off the tide another hour, the xenos enemy figuring it best to make one final siege breaking assault. Aurorez was rather stoaked one of the pilots had died leaving her with a TM to play with.

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They'd been held the line, just as they'd been trained they cycled their weapons, stacking the Symaarians like firewood in front of the Keresh trenches. Their armor original color schemes caked in dried mud and blood. The Symaarians would close in and blades would be put to work. Ravek hacking and slicing his way through their ranks while Kayle seemed to be almost dancing as she gracefully cleaved through the lowly enemy soldiers, outmatched in close combat against the two, the odds even more stacked against them with the inclusion of the Keresh troopers who remained with them in the trenches.

Las rounds flew past their heads seemingly unnoticed as he a Symaarian officer met his demise via a wrist blade to the throat. Another soldier getting a booted foot the face, ramming the bone his nose up into his brain, knocking him unconscious to await a slow death. It dragged on for hours. Until only a handful of the defenders remained, low on ammo and high on casualties, their trenches and the surrounding area filled with enemy corpses. Realizing he was the highest ranking man left alive he ordered the positions be booby trapped and the remaining auto turrets to be brought back on line. The troopers moving to fulfill their assigned tasks. He estimated they had an hour until the Symaarians tried again and told them to move quickly and meet up at the landing pad.

He walked the battle scared compound, Kayliera right behind him. His rifle held offhanded by his side. His helmet discarded due to a large crack in the visor that would cause problems in a fight. His standard issue neural implants would allow him to operate his armors weapon systems so the helmet was unnecessary.

He finally found what he was looking for, the bases comm station, it was damaged but still operable. Unlike the bases four dropships, reduced to burning piles of slag by artillery fire.

Stepping over some rubble and a body covered by a sheet he quickly typed out a message to a cruiser high above firing down on another Symaarian force.


The transmission was heavily encrypted, so there was no need to send it in code. Removing a small charge from his belt he placed it next to the device, ensuring it wouldn't be captured once they abandoned the facility.

0030 Minutes Later

The cruiser's captain had come through, send three transport to evac the remaining personnel. Filled to the brim with wounded troops and survivors and supplies a crew chief called for them to toss the supplies to make room for Ravek and Kayle. With a wave of his hand he denied the order.

"The Symaarians will be here any minute..."

Just as the words left his mouth the auto turrets guarding the perimeter opened fire, the enemy as always being right on time.

"Go! We can handle ourselves." Turning and nodding to his guardsman companion who returned it without hesitation.

The crew chief nodded reluctantly, kicking a crate of ammo out the back as the troop bay door started to close. A series of explosions resonated through the compound, signaling that the enemy was closing fast, a few stray las rounds chasing the departing dropships.

"They won't be expecting us, let's surprise our guests..."

A wicked smile a stark contrast to Kayliera's natural beauty as she placed her helmet back on and the two hurried off towards the enemy...

Two Days Later

They'd caught them off guard, they been watching the ground for traps, not for Keresh soldiers rushing them. They'd killed a few dozen before the alert was shouted and another bloodbath followed, the Symaarians dying in droves, but for every one they killed ten more seemed to take his place. Eventually they'd been forced to retreat and after two days they'd managed to loose their pursuers.

Now they sat in an abandoned home well off the beaten path, the windows blacked out to hide the light from the small fire they'd built. Two mattresses pulled into the central room, along with bedding to make semi comfortable beds for the two.

He sat next to her leaning his back against the wall. The petite pilot leaning against him slightly.

He turns to her, smiling as he passes her a canteen they'd salvaged from a crashed dropship along the way to the secluded home.

"So how the hell did we end up like this? A fire not caused by someone trying to kill us, beds to sleep in, a room over our heads... seems like a vacation instead of a warzone..."

She accepted and took a drink of the refreshing liquid. "No clue Ravy..." A sort of pet name she started referring to him as, to his dismay. Her comment followed by a sly wink.

"You're lucky we're friends Kayle..." waving his disassembled sidearm at her in a mock threat.

They'd been on their own for what seemed like an eternity. They could read the others movements like a book, those Guardsmen unlucky enough to cross paths with the deadly duo never stood a chance.

"Your mercy is much appreciated Mr. Big Bad Commando." grinning as she looked over her disassembled energy blade, in order to ensure it would function properly.

The two sat their in silence, meticulously looking over their weapons before eventually reassembling them and sitting them aside.

"You know, you really should shave..." poking his cheek with her index finger. "Brass sees that and they'll freak..." teasing his about the beard he'd grow during their journey.

The corner of his mouth raised in a grin he looks over at her. "Then I don't even want to think about what they'd do if they saw this..." picking up her helmet and disconnecting the helmet camera and microphone before sitting it down on a nearby crate.

"See what?" His companion questioned, unsure what he was referring to.

With that he placed his hand on her cheek, leaning over and kissing her deeply, his hand finding it's way to the small of her back as she kissed him back, her arms wrapping around his neck. Their lips never parting as he laid her down on the closest mattress. The act of passion that followed displayed by their shadows on the opposite wall...

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78 Hours

By the time the mech. was out of ammunition and armor vehicles cluttered the plains thick smoke flooding into the skies. Bodies were stacked giving those in the trenches added cover and a discouraging sight to the naive Symaarians that rushed like fools. Kayle hated it the Space Marines had finesse the 'guardsman' were just cannon fodder. Some even lacked descent armor it was pitiful waste of life and resources. It worked having numbers eventually it started to have an effect, the method was still reckless to the gold and onyx haired Guardsmen of the Keresh. When the cross fire wasn't enough to hold them off things went to blades as the xenos pored into the trenches.

That was the moment when the blade loving soldier stacked a body count like no other. A series of blocks and two kills, another series of dodging and three would drop. Mixing blocks and dodging and she scored four fatal counters and five kills after. It literally climbed with a pace impossible to seem real bodies dropped at haste, cleave one in half. Parry and a blade was in a mans jaw moving out of the way the blade aimed at her impaled a Symaarian. This dance of death carried on and on and aside from minor scrapes that meant nothing Kayle was unphased. The lower her ammo the more comfortable she honestly was. Parrying a blade to the side her left hand came up wrist blade spearing through elbow. The chainsword quickly snagged from the air and ran through the man. Stabbing through sternum and pulled upwards to leave him fallen in two. The archaic heavy weapon tossed into the ribs of a surviving Symaarian bleeding out.

For the moment things were clear and so the Guardsman followed behind her friend and current commander to the communication device. She didn't hold her rifle, she stuck with the traditional energy blade in her hand. A brief thought coming to her mind that she should make the weapon more versatile. Comms were still operational couldn't be said for the dropships the poor babies, they were scrap.

He finally found what he was looking for, the bases comm station, it was damaged but still operable. Unlike the bases four dropships, reduced to burning piles of slag by artillery fire. Still while waiting sucked so she tried to scavenge the ship for any provisions. Kayle was dead set on letting the others take the dropships back, she would huff it. Let her feet carry her there save drop ships for when wounded were far less apparent. Ravek got her goals and waved them off when the chief tried to make room. "They won't be expecting us, lets surprise our guests.."

Kayle shrugged "it wouldn't matter just get them back in the trenches they fall like paper."

Roughly 126 Hours

Her armor was black and red, thanks to muddy warfare and blood. They got the enemy by surprise several bodies dropped before another reckless advance. Her blades had actually had to of been swapped out for kervas, the plasma focus on the blades had gotten clogged by internal organs from far to much gore in hours of fighting. It was a technical error still being worked on at the time. For now though they were in a home long sense abandoned, the war of this forsaken rock having claimed their lives. The nicest set up Kayleira at least had been in for the past week. Kayle cleaning her blades at the time as she leaned ever so slightly against him.

A sip from a salvaged ship passing past her lips. "So how the hell did we end up like this? A fire not caused by someone trying to kill us, beds to sleep in, a room over our heads... seems like a vacation instead of a warzone..." Kayle rolled her eyes before responding to Ravek with her typical playful banter. "No clue Ravy..."

"You're lucky we're friends Kayle..." The phrase accompanied by a attempted threat with a disassembled gun. If that didn't make it a wasted threat the fact pointing a pistol at her face was just moronic. Back of the head fair game, facing her though normally just meant that gun would be facing them soon and emptied into them along with some stab wounds. "Your mercy is much appreciated Mr. Big Bad Commando." She responded while reassembling the energy blade. Despite the insults and teasing they'd forged a bound making them work flawlessly together.

"You know, you really should shave..." she remarked with a poke. "Brass sees that and they'll freak." Smiling Ravek responded "then I don't even want to think about what they'd do if they saw this." The remark accompanied by turning the camera off her helmet. Honestly she knew that line her last lover on this bloody rock had used it. "See what?" A raised brow clearly more joking about the question. Soon enough though the antics were dropped and things became a bit more real. A sliver of herself fixed thanks to what they'd done. Something good from this planet that had just been death and carnage, her entire military career had practically been on Yortha Minor and not many days were anything redeemable in the long run. She loathed the council for setting up engagements on places that should have just been evacuated and set as a trap. Tonight though for a moment that fact was not the thing that hovered over her head. The stupid games in trenches for this pointless rock if nothing else had allowed her to meet Val'chan. Undisputedly the best Keresh she knew.

141 Hours

Kayle stirred from her rest as dust fell onto her brow, the house shaking. Again dust fell and the walls shook weak from not taken care of and constant warfare that had befallen the world. By the third tremor there was things in the abandoned home and the sound of what seamed like thunder. Ravek waking up about the time Kayle had peeked out the window. Quick as the Guardsmen could her armor was dawned. Weapons put back in place, twirling one of her plasmas she checked if it was in working order. The cobalt blue blade slicing through the helmet cleaving it in half.

"Nobody would approve of what I'm about to do. That there is a pack of titans. Two small and a city buster, trust me it lives to the nickname. Let that go and this wasted fight for this planet will be a even greater waste of fine Keresh. Grab your gear we're taking them out, or I am at least. You can stay in the fort falling apart if you want. Me I'm adding that gargantuan to my kill count." The guardsmen taking off for the mission of hers regardless if followed or not. It was a suicide mission plain and simple, that was Kayle though rushing off to the impossible and so far always surviving.