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"After years of searching and waiting today our family will once again by unblemished by the names that where once our kin. Cassius has found the base of the Knightfall's and tomorrow our lord gods will, will be done. My fellow brother be aware that this will be your toughest test yet they are as well trained as you or i and they know of our ways just as we do of theirs. The battle will be bloody many of you will mostly go to you death. But know this. You cause is just and your brothers are with you. Go now prepare yourselves seek confession as if it was your last, eat and rest well tomorrow begins the end of the fall from grace the Knightfalls started long ago."

Cassius listened to the words of his father the syllables bouncing of him like water off a ducks back. He needed no motivation and no warning of what was to come he had waited for this day for 15 long years, every bruise cut and broken bone had led him here and it was what he had wanted more than anything else in his entire life. Retribution.

12 hours later

"I will take a 10 man team in through the reception. Upon the signal teams should flood into the buildings proximity from the all sides leaving only the last 10 spotters in their nests. Will converge on the targets from all sides watch for friendly fire, last thing we need is to see any of our righteous brothers slain by their own. As of now your on alert to strike, good luck my brothers." Cassius followed by his small strike team headed towards the front gates of the museum each of the team fitted in extremely fine suits their weapons concealed in brief cases each attached to the owners wrist. Blending into a crowd was basic stuff for the Slays and they where almost invisible beneath the sways of civilians who like themselves now stood in the museum reception. Walking calmly over to the metal detector he palmed a small electronic device to its side as he walked through. "BEEP" looking at the security officer as he approached Cassius smiled pushing the fake glasses back up his nose and greeted the gentlemen guard with a handshake " Hello SIr, it was this pointing at his case and cuffs. Myself and my colleagues here (pointing at the equally well dressed Slay assassins) are here to study some of your artifacts we have an appointment Dr Jones and company from the University of Westchester." The guard looked at Cassius and his allies and then showed them off towards a counter "I will just check an sign you in, bare with me a moment." As the guard turned his back Cassius gestured with his hand and one of the assassins struck, a razor sharp blade buried into the collarbone of the unsuspecting guard.

Dropping down to his knee Cassius and the rest of the assassins opened their brief cases and produced their firearms. Cassius taking a extra second to put on his mask and set the signal for the other teams to strike. Standing on his feet once again Cassius turned to the first CCTV camera he spotted in the room " Hello cousin's, time to die." A Sympathy of smashing glass and SMG fire then began to echo around the museum as the Slays (hundreds of them) advanced on all sides destroying all security and surveillance tech they could see in their paths. Civilians screaming and running through their lines as the pressed on deeper into the museum looking for their pray. " Watch for the Redhead shes the only confimed target, anyone dressed with the flair for the dramatic and shows keen skills in our arts to be considered a further confirmed target."

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: (will this be like the location style posting and interaction?)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (do as you will, i will work with it. Its 100% open and free form i have one objective only the rest is up to you guys. I intend to post quite frequently myself)

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As soon as the maelstrom of automatic gunplay rained down Quintus calmly, though with purpose, marched into the back room of the Carpathian exhibit and then disappeared. Re-emerging in the vaunted Underground, his fingers rapidly danced across the fluorescently lit keypad stationed on Eastern wall. Unlocking an airtight hydro-seal releasing a distinctive hiss as a massive portion of the wall unhinged and automatically slid open revealing the large silhouette of his Black Dawn combat armor.

Moments later sheathed in the oversized suit of protection Quintus took the offensive. With bullets ricocheting off the condensed metal alloy the suit would provide a moderate level of heightened durability but it would not last forever. Whoever was behind the unprovoked attack not only knew the tactical and security protocols of the Knightfalls, but their history as well.

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Youngest Knightfall, Thaddeus, was in the massive library that was inside the museum, reading over any old police reports that might pertain to the buckle faced killer that was running rampant. While mumbling the findings in one of the reports, he reached over to grab his cup of vitamin water and took a sip while still reading. What seemed like an eternity of silence was finally broken by the noise of machine gun fire. With a raised brow, Thaddeus stood up and walked out into the main hall to see what it was all about. But as soon as he looked down the hall, he saw five gunmen charge down the same corridor and notice the boy. "There! Make sure there is no stragglers!" Barked one of them while pointing at Thaddeus. The boy's eyes sparked with curiosity and caution as he quickly dashed back into the library.

"Why does this always happen when I am trying to read?" He grumbled while walking over to the light controls fro the library and pried the panel off the wall, ripping out all of the wires. The entire room went pitch black as Thaddeus lunged into the shadows and awaited his fresh practice. The gunmen kicked the door open and pointed their guns in into the dark, a bit surprised by it. "Lights have been killed, flashlights on.." Instructed what seemed to be the squad leader, the rest flicking the small lights attached to their guns on.

Thaddeus was prowled up on one of the hundreds of bookshelves and watched the men as the marched about searching for him. "I need to get to the cave, get my suit on.." He thought to himself while relocating. The Knightfall prodigy spotted the secret entrance to the cave, it was disguised as a small aquarium near the back of the room. With no time to waste, Thaddeus dropped down from the shelf and picked out the nearest book from it, brandishing it as a throwing weapon. One of the gunmen turned the corner and shined the light right on him. "H-HEY!" He yelled before he was about to pull the trigger. Thaddeus hurled the book with skilled accuracy as it scored him right on the forehead, making it jerk back and distract him for a moment. The boy ran up in the blink of an eye and sent his fist right against the man's knee, breaking it harshly. Of course the gunner cried out in agony but that was quickly put to an end as Thaddeus forced him to the ground and knocked him out with one solid punch to the jaw. Perhaps the attention the now defeated gunner drew to his comrades could be of some benefit.

The other's rushed over to where they heard the screams and examined the body. "He's alive..I thought Cassius said that they were out to kill...?" Asked one of the men, confused at why the man's life was spared. They were distracted with the body long enough for Thaddeus to rock the bookshelf behind them so that it came toppling down on the four gunners, incapacitating them. With it being so dark, Thaddeus knew the men would not see the Knightfall's identity, only his voice. "Killing is for men who don't have the skill to take down an enemy while sparring his life, so that he can suffer for his crimes.." And with that, the young man walked away towards the aquarium.

Once he was at the antique looking piece, he reached under the bottom of it and pressed his thumb against a scanner, opening up a square part of the floor right beside Thaddeus. Thaddeus smirked as he leaped down into the darkness that was the opening, sealing up right after he was in the clear. Fifty or so seconds of darkness passed before he landed on soft padding, he was now inside the cave.

"Got to warn the others...I swear if I am the first one to notice a crisis..." The child grumbled at his uncanny bad luck with often finding himself discovering some sort of trouble before the adults. Thaddeus walked over to a large silver container impeded in the rock of the cave, using his eye on the scanner, it opened up with a puff of steam. There it was, his green, red and yellow garbs, a much different look in comparison with the rest of the family, Thaddeus chose these colors so that he could show that he could stand out from the shadows of his elders if he really wanted to.

Domino mask, gloves, belt, boots, under armor, hooded vest and the cape. And just like that, he was Venture, prodigy of the Knightfalls. Venture ran over to the supercomputer and typed into the keyboard the commands to contact all Knightfall COMM frequencies. "Calling all Knightfalls, this is Venture. If you don't already know, the museum is under attack, im not sure who by...The surveillance has been damaged severely..Respond ASAP and assist, I will try and keep on top of the crisis until the rest of you arrive. Venture, out".

Venture chuckled after he sent out the message, he couldn't help but love taking initiative , proving that though he is only twelve years old, he could still lead. But now was not the time for boasting, he had work to do. Venture geared up a little bit more then usual considering how this is probably a raid of some kind. Once equipped he took his place on a disk over by many other pathways to secret tunnels. With a tap of his boot, the disk shot upwards like a heavy duty lift, basically launching him into a concrete tunnel located on the ceiling of the cave.

The Slays were causing all kinds of havoc up above, taking hostages and searching every room in sight. However one of the patrolling Slays in the fossil section heard a strange whirring noise from under the floor. "What the..?" He pondered while walking over to the center of the room and looking down at the circle pattern on the tile floor. The whirring only became louder and louder until finally, the tile floor opened up like a photo lens and out flew Venture, sending a fist right at the Slay's jaw and knocking him out cold. The boy hero landed on the man and he groaned loudly, incapacitated. "I bet you didn't expect that now did you.." Venture said as his voice trailed off as he noticed the patterns and overall design of the outfit the Slay was wearing, realizing who exactly he was dealing with. "...The Slays..." Venture said under his breath with a grim surprise in his eyes. "But how..." He cut himself off and gave his head a shake, questions would need to come later.

As soon as he stepped off the man, another assassin spotted Venture and drew his hip holstered pistol. In a flash however, Venture whipped out a small red cylinder that flew right into the barrel of the rather large firearm. As expected, the Slay didn't notice and pulled the trigger anyway, making the gun explode in his hand,causing him to drop it and clutch the slightly damaged limb. Venture took this time to sprint over to him and leap up in the air, planting his green boot right in the Slay's face, only making him stumble back slightly while grunting. "You little brat!" The Slay hissed while the boy landed right in front of him. Venture brought his fists up as his opponent went for the offence, sending a skilled punch for Venture's throat. Venture barely managed to parry the strike, palming his exposed elbow while he was at it to weaken him further. Finally, as he was stumbling back while clasping onto his pain ridden arm, Venture made the final strike right on his nose with a sturdy fist.

Venture dusted off his hands as the man fell straight on his back, completely unconscious. "Im going to need to pick up the pace if I want to make a dent.." He said while sighing with exasperation. Seeing shadows of more Slays coming down the hall, Venture grinned while sprinting full force towards the hallway entrance. Timed perfectly, Venture leaped up and struck the leading Slay of the group in the face, knocking him out cold. The rest opened fire on the Knightfall that was still in the air, a bullet grazed his arm just as he planted his feet on the wall across from the entrance and performed a back flip on it. He landed on the face of the nearest Slay and bounded right off again, stunning the man for a moment. Venutre finally found the floor once more right in front of another Slay that was behind the one he had just bounded odd of and kicked his feet right out from under him. The stunned Slay recovered and pointing his weapon at Venture just in time for the boy to hurl a "winger" (basically a batarang) right at his face to stun him yet again. Venure turned his attention to the grounded Slay one more time to front flip right onto his face and knock him out and instantly moving into a roll forward at the stunned slay to punch him in the gut so that he would kneel down, allowing him to grapple the Slay's neck with his arm and bring his head down hard against the tile floor.

The boy took a deep breath after that little stunt and looked at the incapacitated Slay's. "I can only imagine who is behind this little operation.." Venture said while glaring at the men's outfits once more before grappling up into the rafters, so he could make his way over to the main auditorium.

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Hearing the gun-play, Maximus lowers his head in conflicted contemplation, already in his suit. Help the Knightfalls, Help the Slays. Both had answers he needed.

Turning in the opposite direction, he hops in The Varius, the wings opening from their triangular canopy position to extended just at the rim of the circle it sat on, the engines firing as the wall rises with the falls from the heavy stream beside the museum washing into the Underground.

Pushing the thrusters forward he shoots from the cavern, into the dark sky

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Deep in his secluded quarters of technological brilliance, Andres observed the violent situation unfold through the real-time uplink between the SEER systems and his intricate computer systems. Gathering invaluable information on the situation through a vibrant blue holographic screen, the Catalan Knightfall was quick to establish communication with Quintus, reaching his legendary cousin via the SEER systems. "Quintus, they've disabled a majority of the security surveillance equipment. I can barely study the situation from here. The signal's grown weak", he informed, the infiltrating Slays having destroyed a large portion of the security surveillance.

Directing his attention away from the myriad of prominent holographic computer screens, Andres instructed the personal AI of his self-developed computer systems to ready his Knightfall suit. "Prepare my suit. Arm it with all my default equipment and weapons", he commanded with a calm authoritative tone. Rising from his seat, Andres approached a series of stylistically organized vials of unknown luminescent liquid. Having experimented extensively on the human immune system, the Catalan Knightfall has developed a biologically inhibiting serum capable of stripping the body's ability to create new sells and prevent damage tissue from being repaired, eliminating an individual's ability to heal altogether.

Preparing a series of specialized senbon needles containing the self-developed serum, Andres rapidly equipped it on his utility belt prior to cladding himself in his distinct Knightfall suit. "Quintus, I'm establishing a real-time uplink with your cowl through the SEER systems. I now have a reading on your location and condition as you do mine. I trust that you'll tell me if things become too difficult on your end". Fully equipped, the Morte Knightfall stealthily emerged from his secretive quarters, intent on locating the distinct leader of the Slays from the camera feed, the one clad in the prominent red mask.

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One of the benefits of using the museum as a base was the fact that she had been able to install her systems throughout and insure that everything was coded to her own specifications. As alarms blared around her in the Aerie (Smallville Watchtower equivalent), Ellie gritted her teeth and released an oath. It was clear that they were trained and their numbers were massive. Bursting into action, she grabbed a comm set, one that went out along the Knightfall frequency and was connected to the specified communicators that she had supplied. "Numbers are unsubstantiated, training is advanced, weapons are unknown. Extreme force is suggested."

Striding over to one of the biometrically locked cabinets, she entered all of the information required for identification verification and swung open the door to a room-sized vault. The bright white light that illuminated it shone harshly on her as she walked over to one of her battle suits. Comprised of an innovative kevlar-vibranium alloy of her own devising, it absorbed not only bullets, but the impact of blunt force trauma as well. It had a technical display that hooked her into the SEER system and to a degree, the entire premise. The mask allowed for infrared capabilities in a utilization of darkness and if needed, she was able to deflect all other capabilities and go into a stealth mode.

"Prophet online." All business as she pulled the domino mask and hood over her eyes, Ellie grabbed several weapons and exited the Aerie, setting a lockdown behind her. As soon as all civilians were cleared of the premise, the museum would enter a lockdown, trapping their assailants in on their home turf.

Sliding out from behind one of several strategically placed entrances and exits to the various lairs that the museum was host to, Ellie used the side of a bookcase for cover as she peeked her head around, using her nearly photographic memory to map the positions of any intruders and take in their attire. Her first studied glance said trained mercenaries, her second said it was so much worse than that.

Sliding a miniature flash bang grenade out of her belt she slid it across the polished mahogany floor and turned around, covering her ears. After the count of five, she drew a KA-BAR and a carbon fiber telescoping baton. There were seven men in the vicinity, all on high guard. Stepping up onto the second shelf of the bookcase and using it as a springboard, Ellie came down towards the face of one of the men with the knife, sliding it between the weak point in the body armor at the neck. His hand went up to the severed carotid artery as he fell down to his knees, bleeding out.

"On your six, Wilson!" It was too late, she'd already crept up behind him and snapped his neck with unadulterated force. Sliding the bloodied knife back into it's sheath, she drew a second baton and grinned at the remaining five left.

"Welcome to Hell, gentleman. You won't make it out." With unparalleled speed accentuated by years of training and conditioning, Ellie burst into action as gunshots fired on the position that she had previously been in. Ducking beneath a raised arm firing, using their still fritzed senses to her advantage, she grabbed the assailant in a chokehold and spun him towards the others as a layer of cover fire before bending the arm at an unnatural angle and leaving him in agony on the floor.

Four to go.

Extending the baton, she smashed in the tempered face plate of the fool who decided it would be a good idea to switch tactics and come at her from a hand to hand angle. As he stood there stunned, she leaned back on a leg and extended her other in a perfect kick that showed her ballet training. The kick connected with the shoulder, dislocating the joint. One more rap to the face with the baton and he was down with a broken nose and possible more severe injuries.

The remaining three took her on in tandem, on an all-angles approach.

Reaching into her belt full of tricks and toys, she pulled out a pellet that held a gas that emitted a thick smoke. Dropping it on the floor, she used one of the discarded guns to shoot out the light illuminating the hallway that they were in and switched her mask to infrared. It took an extended period of three full minutes for her to disarm and disable the three during their tandem maneuvers with well trained execution and coordination.

Walking past the group of slumped men on the floor, she let loose a growl of irritation. "Does anybody have sit-rep reports?"

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@Ellie_Knightfall: Venture waited for a Slay to charge him with a combat knife, easily dodging to his right and using the exposed arm as leverage to flip him right into a glass display case and knock him out. "Prophet, this is Venture. From what im putting together from the men I have been fighting, these are Slays, good ones at that. They have take-HRRN!" Venture groaned as a katana blade slid right through his shoulder. With no time to counter, Venture had to grit his teeth and roll forwards to let the blade slide out and turn around to face his enemy. "They have taken hostages-" He explained while dodging a blade swipe that was meant for his throat. "You die today, young Knightfall.." Said the assassin with a chilling and raspy voice.

The blade of the katane was met with the metal bracer of Venture's wrist as he blocked a downwards slash. "Hostages in the wine cellar, I think I saw ten but there could be-MORE!" He cried out just as the blade grazed his cheek lightly, if he was a half of a second off, the blade would be though his mouth. "If you give me a few more minutes I will meet up..". Venture finally let off the ear COMM device and focused on his enemy. First he parried the blade with his bracer once more and got within a distance where the assassin couldn't swing the blade. Trying to readjust, the Slay raised his weapon up with both hands, just what Venture wanted. The boy leaped up and sent his open palms harshly against his ears, discombobulation. This caused the swordsman to let loose on the blade, which Ventured then snatched from his stunned and trembling hands. "YAAAA!" He yelled while plunging the blade through his shoulder and forced him against the wall with one push, the sword sinking right into the fine wood lining of the wall. It was to far in, the Slay couldn't get the sword out before he could block Venture fom using his two fingered neck poke technique to knock him out cold.

After a moment, Venture fell on his knees while clutching his bleeding shoulder. "Still with me Prophet?" He called her aunt what he always did when the masks were on.

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"Armored Knightfall!, standard rounds no effect. He's gonna tear right through us sir, we cant touch him." Cassius could hear the screams of his brothers as then fell, their screams of anguish cutting into feedback loops as their lifeless bodies hit the ground. Through the spluttering of lose teeth and a mouthful of blood one of the fallen Slays calls to his ally in the nest across the street " Target the armors joints, use the 50.cal....." His sentence ending with the high pitch buzz of feedback as his signal was lost among the others. Then with the sound of thunder the nests came alive firing multiple rounds at the armored Knightfall each round tailored specifically to test the amours durability and the usual weak spot of the joints. Cassius spoke to the remaining Slays in the area " Fall back, draw his attention and use your grenades."

@Venture_Kid: @Ellie_Knightfall:

"We have the woman, shes proving to be quite resilient and our rounds seems to have no effect." Cassius angrily shouted down his headset " Are you not an assassin of the Slay family?. If the bullets don't work use your blades, your fist and anything else at hand. I don't want to here whats not working you should know what to do" suitably scolded the Slays at the women's location re-holster their weapons and move in each brandishing their blades. As one they advance on her looking for the opportunity to strike with their blades each of them looking for the caps between the armor plates in their targets armor knowing that a solid plate would inhibit her movement she would have to have weak points and their combined blades would certainly find them.

"Wounded a child who appears to be a ..." Cassius was growing tired of the idiots around him. Bested by a child, a fully fledged Vatican assassin of the Slay family. Advancing on the child's location Cassius and his team where going to start getting the job done themselves. Pulling out his pistol and combat knife the red hooded assassin gestured at his team to advance into the room ahead sweeping in as a unit the team spotted the child down on one knee. His shoulder bleeding. Without a word the team opened fire on the downed Knightfall, Cassius himself charging at the target following up the barrage of bullets. The enraged Slay leader flying at his opponent aiming a fierce kick at his opponents stomach followed by a down ward slash from his combat knife. Thinking to himself how skilled he was at the boys age he was all to wary of a counter especially when the two family's where once brothers schooled in the same deadly arts , their ways not to dissimilar.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Upon hearing Morte confrim the SHEER uplinks Quintus once again refocused his efforts towards restoring the Museum's surveillance systems. Even though the enemy had breached the perimeter a visual priority was still needed. However the attackers had grown more brazen in their attacks unloading heavy ordinates such easy to mount tripod 50cals. With marksmen level proficiency the joints of Quintus' suit were systematically targeted soon to render the suit inoperable.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: @Venture_Kid: @Ellie_Knightfall:

Seizing the possibility of his temporarily tranquil situation, the Morte Knightfall directs his legendary focus towards the brief study of the Slay party's supposed leader. Utilizing the available security footage from Ellie's brilliantly developed SEER systems, Andres meticulously reviews the available information through the intricately-constructed computerized lenses of his menacing cowl. Immediately identifying the most distinct figure, a figure in a prominent red mask or helmet, as the apparent leader of the infiltrating opposition, Morte ceases his current actions, intent on locating who he has simplistically dubbed "Red'. Prior to his commencing search, the Morte Knightfall further establishes a real-time uplink with the rest of his familial companions through the SEER systems, all but the currently absent Kincaid.

First communicating with the technological prodigy, Ellie, Morte embarks on his cautious search for the Red Slay. "Prophet, I'm using the SEER systems to establish real-time uplinks with all of you. We'll need information on each other's conditions and situation so that we can help each other. None of us can stop this infiltration on our own. I'll keep in touch", he concluded. Following his brief verbal message to a treasured cousin, he next attempts to reach the youngest of the Knightfalls, a child prodigy of untold potential. "Venture, hold your position. Don't let anyone past you". Aware of Quintus' unsurprising advantageous situation, Morte was free to concentrate on locating the Red Slay. Upon his relentless search, he encountered an anticipated group of Slay assassins nearby, the various different radiation-based optical options of his self-developed crystal-lenses enabling him to effortlessly detect their presence through peerless visual perception. Resorting to his basic shuriken projectiles, the Morte Knightfall methodically picked his unsuspecting opposition apart through a practiced combination of stealth skill and shurikenjutsu expertise. Targeting physical vital points, intent on inducing instant paralysis, the Morte Knightfall did so through inhumanly fast throws, stealthily disposing of his opponents.

With no available time to examine the paralyzed Slays' equipment and weaponry, Morte, through his real-time uplink with Thaddeus, was made aware of the young prodigy's unfavorable situation. Hoping to prevent any impending injury on the youth's part, the Catalan Knightfall, resorting to his cybernetically-enhanced speed, managed to reach his young cousin's location, instantly shielding him from the storm of high caliber gunshots. While the Trion-based fabric of his Knightfall suit provided relative protection, the relentless barrage of bullets was successful in its eventual piercing of his suit's armor. With sustained gunshot wounds, Morte's blood began to drip. Through highly elevated perception and inhuman reflexes, he managed to effectively parry the Red Slay's kick, but fell victim to a downward slash from his opponent's combat knife, sustaining a prominent bloody slash across his torso. Grunting in reasonable pain, Morte stealthily reached for a poisoned-senbon needle on his utility, quickly aiming to stab the Red Slay's abdominal area, hoping to utilize the needle's exotic biological agents to completely disable his opponent's immune system. In the meantime, Thaddeus was allowed recovery time as Morte's nano-enhanced healing factor would soon heal his severe wounds.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: @Morte_Knightfall: Thaddeus was surprised by how quickly his cousin had arrives at the scene, shielding him from a barrage of led that would have indeed ended his early career in fighting injustice. However with relief grew a bit of anger and arrogant pride, the last thing he wanted was to be patronized as a child. But now wasn't the time to bicker, Morte was wounded badly and Cassius was ripe for an attack. Now that he quickly wrapped his sword wound in medical bandage, he was good to go for another bout. "Tech you damned fool!" he yelled at his relative at his headstrong attitude while leaping past him and straight for the head headed menace. The boy pulled out a winger and attempted to use the edged side to slash at the eyes of the red helmet to create a diversion while he landed and aimed his weapon true, going for a stab at his foot. "Disappear!" Venture barked at Morte as he threw down a gas capsule that engulfed half of the room in smoke.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: " Somebody get me a can opener" the Slay assassin smirked his words laced with cockiness and a sense of impending brutality, clear for all to hear as the advancing armour slowed to an almost immobile pace. A pull of a pin and a slow well judged roll followed, placing a grenade under the cast metal knightfall "Better make that two" said another as the two assasins moved to cover. Their explosives primed to blow.

@Morte_Knightfall:@Venture_Kid: As Cassius lunged at the young Knightfall amazingly another appeared between them with such speed and surprise that Cassius had little else to do but hope his initial attack would do some harm. Feeling his kick being parried safely away from the two Knightfall's his knife did better though a swirl of crimson blood cascading down from his slice sending little pearls of blood plummeting to the ground. Before the Red hooded Slay could continue his assault he felt a short but sharp stab to his abdomen, to small to be a blade of any real danger but as any good killer knows the subtle blades are the ones that kill you fastest. Within seconds his vision began to blur and the once arrogant and deadly slay was almost completely out of it. Feeling a slash at his infamous red skid-lid he put his right hand to his eye the edge of which had be caught by the unseen blade. Stumbling as he tried to right himself a sharp pain suddenly rising from his foot he was completely blinded by a cloud of smoke losing all sense of direction Cassius crashed through a window and fell to the ground outside alive but unconscious.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: The high density metallic alloy of Quintus' Black Dawn suit adequately absorbed the potential devastation of the grenade. Protecting its host from serious injury but in doing so had sacrificed itself. Pieces of metal shrapnel had been spit in all directions leaving only a quarter of the suit intact on its wearers body. Thankfully news of the ring leader's subsequent capture was coming over the SHEER communication relay. Their next order of business would be to unmask the Crimson Commander.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: @Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: @Venture_Kid: @Morte_Knightfall: A girl in a small brown tattered dress ran over to the fallen crimson headed warrior, and stood firmly in front of him, she turned to look up at where he had just fallen from and whistled then said boom, her face was all white, with two painted red cheeks, her face had been cut round the mouth so you could see the muscle below and had been sliced into a large smile, she had large white false teeth in her mouth and a look of sheer madness stung her eyes. She tapped on the helmet, as if knocking on a door “Wake up mista, Mr Arrow wants to see ya. “ her eyes moved from the man in front of her into the shadows as he walked out.

A flamboyant green suit with purple stripes, covered an emerald green shirt, on top his head slightly to the right rested a purple top hat, his face was hanging slightly off on the left as he moved towards his fallen friend, the click of a cane echoed . “Well it seems I have missed all the fun, but one does have to be fashionable late to these things.” He said with a cackle, the young girl nodded and turned to look up at the broken window, a small smile broke on his face “Don’t worry dearest, we won’t leave before saying hello to the other guest, after all where would be the fun in that.” The mayors daughter smiled at him as she turned, “Will I get to play, “ he reached behind his back a threw her a purple dress that matched his suit “My dear girl this is your coming out part after all, you play all you want.” She danced around clapping her hands and pulling the dress over her head.

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@Final Arrow: Stirring under the red hood Cassius twitched as he pulled himself up off the ground looking up to the window he just came from he then looked at the oddly dressed man and child in front of him. Double taked and then slapped the side of helmet " Ok so they are actually here, this is not a concussion hallucination, i think" Bowing in a gentlemanly manner to the guests in front of him Cassius spoke with authority edged with a slight sense of confusion " Welcome to the party,i hope your brought some gifts for our host the Knightfalls?. I brought 200 strong of my brothers. You hear those explosions that would be them. Oh and who's this charming young lady" his head still spinning from the fall and the combination on cuts to the foot and face had certainly taken its toll. Walking with a slight limp Cassius moved back towards the museum no matter what condition he was in his mission wasn't over and he would die here tonight rather than allow the Knightfall's to run and go underground. "Perhaps you two would like to join me?", holding a window ajar he stood waiting for the decision of the purple and green weirdos.

@Quintus_Knightfall: "Grenades have no effect, none at all" throwing a smoke grenade at the feet of the once heavily armoured Knightfall two of the slay assassins rushed at the at their mortal enemy The first throwing a velvet separating rope( from the edge of a huge glass case fun of ornate golden artifacts of some distant land) to the other. As one the two sweep the rope at the targets legs pulling hard as they can desperately trying to trip the Knightfall and collapse the remains of the armour. Their attack hidden under the fog of the smoke.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: (I sold your grenade attack destroying the suit :P but good stuff man. I like this)

@Final Arrow: (if thats the Mayor's daughter you've twisted into mini Rhina....I'm going to cripple you)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (ooc: Cripple away....it turns me on :p)

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I'll have a post up later tonight.

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(just quickly the daughter is no longer an npc....you'll see)

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@Final Arrow: (I'm lost man did Morte bring the mayor out of the Sanitarium yet?)

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@Maximus_Knightfall: (Thats up to Morte and Rina, the daughter was never with them. It's in their posts)

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@Final Arrow: ( thanks)

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@Final Arrow: @Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: As the cleverly executed rope trip brings down the partially metal covered hero crashing to the ground, Quintus acrobatically rolled clear. Somersaulting out of the top just as the oversized suit smashed against the pristine polish of the museum floor. Continuous motion propelling the Living Weapon to his feet in a graceful series of strides resulting in an all out sprint towards the window the crimson commander had previously been ejected from. Swan diving with full arm extension through the antecedent hole contorting his body into a forward flip before landing in a crouched position, head down. With a shocking lack of surprise his low monotone voice delivered his proclamation with authoritative force. "I'm putting you down, hard."

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@Quintus_Knightfall: my bad will edit that sh#t, thanks though dude

Ps done lazy edit

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the mayors daughter let a little giglie slip past her lips, Arrow looked at the crimson assassin and then at his impressive friend. He threw his cane to the girl and she caught it with un-nerveing speed and grace. "She use to dance in, she was very skillful. She loved to dance to sing." he palced a finger to his lips "It made her smile" his eyes seemed to mock the very words he said, " the mayor was just a distraction you know that now, I wanted the cities hope. Its dreams" he said as he span around

"He does not know" her voice had a painful edge to it "can i tell him." Arrow smiled and shook his head "no my dearest let him find out, let him put me down hard" Arrows long tounge licked his dead skin lips.

(wanted to put in more description but on the tablet)

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@Final Arrow: His fists clinched with such strain the tension began to make them tremble. He had failed, he knew that now. Twisted and mentally broken the master of mercurial had successfully positioned the Knightfalls like pawns on his chessboard surrendering a King and Queen in exchange for an innocent Rook. Meditative serenity was no longer able to with strain the Living Weapon's boiling rage. Dashing towards the never ending smile of the clown prince of pain unleashing a feinting right hand only to, at the last minute, spin 180 degrees in the opposite direction in hopes of landing a reverse elbow to the side of his unstoppable foe.

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Does this place have like public showcases?

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@Black Solace said:

Does this place have like public showcases?

The actual museum thread does (this is just a small interaction rp). The Knightfall Museum thread is where the exhibits and stuff are

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@Quintus_Knightfall: He never had to see the clenched fist or Quintus body tense with anger, It was the eyes they became dark, cold he felt the chill run down his spine. The tender embrace of anger, the release of morals, everything that made the man before him who he was changed, he began to mirror himself. It was wonderful oh so wonderful. Arrow never moved, nor blink as the darkest of knights embraced his inner clown, his eyes just followed the movement. The elbow caught him in the ear, fracturing the inner ear drum, shortly after Arrow lost his balance from the blow, dizziness already over coming him, the warm sting of blood rolled down his cheek. At the same moment the girl let out a scream as she feel to the ground, the same ear bleeding she rolled in agony on the ground through her tears she smiled and Arrow spoke "Does he get it yet..the big joke"

He never stood a chance against Quintus not hand to hand.

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@Final Arrow: (ooooh you magnificent bastard you)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Silently, in the corner, unnoticed by the museum and the heroes, a tiny camera blinked, sending images to a laptop many miles away.

"How very entertaining," mused the shadowy man as he sat his desk watching the silent proceedings "Luckily they haven't damage my prize"

His boney fingers fumbled for a cigarette as he watched, an eerie grin on his thin grey lips.

"Thank you for showing me more holes in their security, you costumed idi.." he exploded into a fit of deep, unhealthy coughing before wiping his mouth "God help you all if you damage THAT case!"

He clicked another angle and watched some more, a silent voyeur...not noticing the blood flecks on the screen.

(Cue spooky music)

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@batkevin74: (GOOD JOB!)

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@batkevin74: @Ziccarra_Liafador: Sneaky Yet another thing to deal with in next post.

@Final Arrow: Sweet stuff man

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@EdwardWindsor: (He's learning so don't get too complex.)

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (just spotted the thread, you happy to have me send alittle action his way so he can consult with you on it?)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: @Ziccarra_Liafador: @EdwardWindsor: @Quintus_Knightfall said:

@Black Solace said:

Does this place have like public showcases?

The actual museum thread does (this is just a small interaction rp). The Knightfall Museum thread is where the exhibits and stuff are

His nicotine stained index fingers danced on the laptop as he zoomed in on a display in the Near East section. He could barely care for the fighting, which while entertaining didn't help in his quest. The camera brought up the display case, the case which held his destiny! He focused in on the card on the item as he read it out loud "'Marble panel with a Griffin 1250–1300BCE. Byzantine; Possibly from Greece or the Balkans'. He he he. The final piece of the Griffin Cube is within my grasp!"

He gazed longingly at it, his cigarette turning into a long column of ash before he remembered he'd lit and took a deep drag, ash spilling across the keyboard and the desk.

"Bah!" He wiped the ash with his sleeve and noticed the blood mixing with the ash to leave an ugly smear on the mahogany desk. He bit his lip. Time was running out. Slowly he rose from his seat, hands on the desk to steady himself as his bones creaked like a set of old doors. A smile crept across his thin grey lips.

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@Final Arrow: The sensation was intoxicating. Violent force delivering his elbow with sweat contacting vibrations as it slammed alongside the arch-villains head. Firing out his left hand looking to grab the front collar of the disjointed Arrow while cocking back with the right readying to unload, Quintus caught the ear piercing scream of the physically altered young girl. Blood flowing from her ear with the same intensity as the twisted tyrant with the never ending grin. "No." he gasped. Shock, dismay, anguish, all visually evident in the gap mouthed expression on Quintus' face. "You...." unable to find the words. Backing away in complete disarray.

@batkevin74: (damn man, you seem to already have this down pat. Good stuff)

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: @Venture_Kid:

Having successfully prevented the prodigious Thaddeus from experiencing an antagonizing tragedy, the Morte Knightfall was quick to dismiss his teenage cousin's ego, circumstantially, there was no time for such prideful banter. Panting as his cybernetically accelerated healing factor confronted his sustained injuries, he verbally voiced his disinterest in catering the Knightfall prodigy's pride, "I don't have time for your pride Venture", he paused, cautious not to utter the boy's actual name, "This isn't the time for it", he concluded prior to his mysterious departure. Intentions of locating the Red Slay were quick to recirculate in his intricate mind. Now alone and wandering the halls of the illustrious Knightfall Museum, the Morte Knightfall relies on the technological properties of his cowl to relocate the Red Slay. Using the complex relationship between the SEER systems and his cowl's personalized nano-computers to detect the location of the deadly senbon he had attacked the Red Slay with, he soon confronts crimson-clad opposition. "Its time to end this", Morte declared with fearless resolve, quickly unleashing a lethal shuriken barrage towards his crimson-concealed enemy, each bladed projectile targeting physical vital points in his opponent's body. With the intent of inducing steady paralysis to facilitate capture, Morte waits in studious observation for his opponent's reaction.

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Arrow lay flat on his back, placing his hands in the air the sounds from his ear where distant almost empty, the pain kept him aware of his surroundings ” HE HE” he giggled “hope is such a fragile thing,” his smile was even larger than before. “ We are two sides of the same coin, two peas in a pod” he rolled his head to look at the Kinghtfall backing away. “Just for a moment I saw you, the real you…oh and the things you would be capable of.” His eyes where wide with excitement “The things I will introduce you too, can’t you see it my friend, this was just the introductions, the tip of the iceberg.” The girl began to sob and laugh at the same time, “she is wonderful don’t you think, a present to you, from me. Your dearest friend” his hands where still held out in front of him.

“Oh almost forgot, I have it here somewhere” he moved one arm down and produced a black biro pen, in in a flash he rammed it through the palm of his hand that was still erect in the air, the girl arched her back from the pain, her teeth clenching down holding back the scream. The pain surged down his body, but he had no reaction, just kept looking at his friend “I wish to write down my confession, “ he lifted his hands to the where extended again, blood poured out of the wound on his right hand, the black biro still sticking out. “One is ready to be tried and convicted for his crimes.” His laugh filled the space between them, it was cold and insane, a sign of things to come.

@EdwardWindsor: (thanks)

@batkevin74: (good work)

@Quintus_Knightfall: (thought you'd like that one, setting him up as one of your rouges.

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@Final Arrow: (if you hadnt made the girl a non-npc.....I would shoot her in the head and release her from your grip. Becoming a tragic tale of a hero who fell from grace lol)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: @Final Arrow: @EdwardWindsor:

He looked at the screen, his brow furrowed wishing that he hadn't been so cheap. But he sacrificed sound for excellent camoflage and a self destruct sequence. He smiled as a man jammed a pen through his hand, but without sound the context of the mutilation was lost. He had seen enough. His micro-cameras had given him more information on the Knightfall Museum, about its flaws, weaknesses and how to access his prize.

Slowly he closed the laptop and tucked it snuggly under his arm. After a laboured deep breath he shuffled from the desk across the room, a distance of merely fifty feet to the door but he knew it would take at least fifteen minutes. He muttered and cursed his decrepid body, but soon that would all be a memory. The Griffin Cube would fix all this, and more!

He slowly exhaled and began the shuffle across the ebony carpet, his bones creaking and cracking.

"Soon" he uttered in a mantra "Soon"

(This is just a subplot idea, a bad guy who will soon arrive upon the scene. Hope its working for you)

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@batkevin74 said:

@Quintus_Knightfall: @Final Arrow: @EdwardWindsor:

He looked at the screen, his brow furrowed wishing that he hadn't been so cheap. But he sacrificed sound for excellent camoflage and a self destruct sequence. He smiled as a man jammed a pen through his hand, but without sound the context of the mutilation was lost. He had seen enough. His micro-cameras had given him more information on the Knightfall Museum, about its flaws, weaknesses and how to access his prize.

Slowly he closed the laptop and tucked it snuggly under his arm. After a laboured deep breath he shuffled from the desk across the room, a distance of merely fifty feet to the door but he knew it would take at least fifteen minutes. He muttered and cursed his decrepid body, but soon that would all be a memory. The Griffin Cube would fix all this, and more!

He slowly exhaled and began the shuffle across the ebony carpet, his bones creaking and cracking.

"Soon" he uttered in a mantra "Soon"

(This is just a subplot idea, a bad guy who will soon arrive upon the scene. Hope its working for you)

I enjoy reading your posts. It flows and your descriptive vocabulary seems effortless.Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve