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Shiiiishhh. The water coursed on as Victor finished his shower. He had jeans on and no shirt, drying himself with a towel as he rubbed his hair around. Slapping on a light green T-shirt, he walked to his sink mirror, using the electronic shaver he’d just bought and began to shave. Pzzzttt! The shaver came to life as he raised it to his cheek.

Dom. Zip! Sounds came from outside the bathroom. Nok. Was it just the TV, which he’d left on? The Discovery Channel was on, but this didn’t sound like the TV. Victor opened the bathroom door, glimpsing out, it appeared someone was trying to break in to the apartment.

Slowly withdrawing to his closet, Victor prepared to retract his gun. Crash! The door came down as five gunmen came in, Dark skinned, short hair and 50 Caliber guns, stained with blood. Retracting his gun by instinct, Victor siderolled as bullets raced past him. They were assassins sent to kill him.

Hiding behind the couch, Victor cocked his gun, he had four bullets only. Bullets raced around the room as he raised his gun, aiming for the lights of the room, he took his shot, sacrificing a bullet for darkness.

The room went dark as Victor side rolled one more behind his TV, the chatter of the TV right to his ear.. The men were assuming a back-to-back stance, he couldn’t sneak up on them. He needed to break them up. His closet containing all of his tools was across the room, he couldn’t dash for it. Doing a quick assessment of the men’s faces with his sharp vision, he was able to discern many details about them.

Slowly he pushed his table towards the couch, without a sound. All of them bunched up together gave him the advantage of taking out to birds with one stone. Aiming his shot from the dark, he sent a bullet piercing ones hip and tearing through to hit his teammates stomach. Both dropped to the ground as the remaining three assassins turned to Victor. Bouncing around in a flurry of agile jumps and acrobatics, the bullets ending up hitting the roof as he burst through his bedroom door, shutting it closed behind him.

Buying himself a few seconds, he leapt over the bed, taking a behind cover position and training his gun at the door. He could hear the charges being planted as the door exploded open, splinters and shrapnel flying around the room and a few small pieces pierced Victor’s hands.

“Aah!” he gave away his position as the assassins jumped in, retracting knives for close combat. The first came with a knife stab to Victor’s eye. Rasing his hand, he grabbed the man’s wrist, the knife only inches away from his eye as he twisted the man’s wrist, disarming him and throwing him out the balcony as he yelled.

The remaining two came about Victor simultaneously, knives held as they aimed for his neck. Rolling out of the way, the knives instead hit the wall behind him, he resumed his position, delivering a vertical strike downwards at their wrist, almost breaking their arm as they yelled out. He used the disarmed knife to slash at their ears, as the body uses ears to balance, they shouldn’t be able to get up.

They lay in a pool of blood. He lived this day, but answers still remained, he grabbed the man on the ground, raising him at face level and giving him a menacing look

“How many bones do I have to break to get you to speak?” he intimidated him. The man was afraid, still unable to hear properly “Speak”

“I- I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me! I’ll tell you everything” the assassin took deep breaths.

“Of course you will” Victor pinned the assassin to a wall as he began the story.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The next morning, Victor began to prepare and research. His next journey wouldn’t be easy. He leaves tonight. On his laptop screen, he sat in the dark with the Wikipedia page of the Detroit Lion open. "Urbs . . .?"

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"Beary, they're all dead. And, uh, Victor doesn't seem to be here" Titan said, "Well thats not good is it? What took you so long to get there?" Titan coughed, "Well... our car broke down." Beary sighed, "How the f*ck did your car break down." "Hey, don't blame me boss, the d*ck head who was supposed to fill it up forgot, so not only did we have to walk here, we're gonna have to walk all the way back." Again, Beary sighed, "So there's no way for you to track him down and kill him before he gets here?" "Nope." "Thanks Titan, at least i'm prepared. I'll send someone to go retrieve you." He could almost see Titan's beaming face, "Thanks boss!" "No problem Titan." Beary said in a weary voice, it was beginning to be a real sh*tty week. He hung up the phone and put his hands in his head.

It all started out with the death of Park, then Victor decided to quit, and now he was probably gonna have a fight with a God. He had sent a few men to try and subdue him, even sent some backup that was lead by Titan, a mutant with the size and strength of five men. Five very ugly men at that. And yet things just seemed to keep on becoming worse. You're better than i thought Victor. Victor, the name made Urbs seethe with rage. He said he wouldn't disclose any information, he said that they were still friends, but if Beary knew one thing from being a crime lord. It's that you always tie up loose ends.

And in a way, that's all Victor was, a loose end. But he was more than that, he was the loosest end. Victor just had his powers taken away, a piece of information that Beary had to dig for, and because of that, his enemies would be on him like flies drawn to newly rotted flesh. And if these enemies were smart, they would pull information out of him, via any means necessary. Not only that, but Victor was now one of the weakest links in the world of vigilante's and heroes. He didn't have the resources of Cain, the skills of Longshot, the pull of Gambler, and almost no experience as a human being.

Still, that's what should have made this kill easy, instead he may have to fight the man head to head. Sighing Beary picked up the phone and called the cops, "Beary?" asked a gruffy voice, the voice belonging to the chief of police. "Chief, i want you to be on the look out for someone." As Beary spilled the deatils to the police chief, inside Urbs was smiling brightly. For if he ever had to challenge Victor head on, he knew that he would have all the info needed to easily crush the weakened god.

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Dom. The door closed behind Victor, brandished in his new armor. It was time for him to prepare, he was going to Detroit. It seemed Urbs was mad about something, and more people might come his way. Emptying the building of any valuable possessions, he rigged it up to be a big firework should he choose to detonate his apartment.

Staying in Cash Inc for over three months or so, he never let on Urbs on the extent of his abilities or intellect, Urbs wouldn’t know what him. Making his way to the arsenal of weapons that was Park’s armory, he began to take weapons. A few guns, enough ammunition for a battle, a few grenades of each effect and a firework of explosives.

Picking up an Old Radio Patch, he’d begun to listen into Detroit’s communications for an hour, he’d need to know the city and the people. To them Urbs was a hero, and it’s no surprise when a vigilante comes every now and then to challenge their precious hero.

But Park was from Detroit, and so he had several old readings on the area. Digging in, he created a model of the map of Detroit and uploaded it to his helmet, now knowing the battlefield.

The armor would allow him complete agility, but Urbs had a love for guns, and Victor intended to negate that. Adding on attachments to his armor, he would be bulletproof in all the locations but his articulation areas. He was now a walking tank.

What Urbs didn’t know is that Victor is a hand-to-hand extraordinaire. Victor had millennia’s of experience in Hand-to-hand combat by his brother Ares, long he’d had to rely on just being a hulk, but he still remembered them, and if he could apply them effectively, then Victory would be his.

It was time to leave now, choosing the most effective form of transportation, a car. He left at night, keeping the headlights dimmed and driving away to Detroit with his inexperienced driving skills.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Resting at day and driving at night, he was only three miles from the border of Detroit, this is where he’d have to walk. The suit was filled with technological aspects, X-ray vision, analyzing weak points, grapnels and one parachute. All of this would work in his favor. Patching the car with one last software, it was time to meet Urbs now.

_ _ _ _ _ _

At night Victor stuck to the shadows, advancing onto the two sentry guards. Cupping the firsts mouth, he kicked his L3 lower spinal area to lower him to his legs, once the oxygen had come to pass from his body, he blacked out but was left alive.

The second war grabbed by the mouth and had an arm around his neck, lowering his body back to restrict any action due to imbalance, the man suffocated and blacked out as well.

He was in Detroit, witch hour. He’d had the time to rest up fully, but he’d hoped the Detroit Lion of the Legends would be tired. There was a lot of police patrol tonight though, headlights almost everywhere. Hiding as a police car drove past, he stuck to the shadows as he began to climb buildings smoothly, making his way to the highest in Detroit.

He raised a binocular and began to survey the area, perhaps Urbs was awake.

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A few days ago

As Urbs sat thinking about his way of destroying Victor, he got another call, once again, from Titan. "B-boss." His voice was dry, very unusual for the smooth talking giant, "One of..." Titan coughed, "One of the guys were checking around for clues, ya know, a rookie. And then..." he coughed again, Beary could hear the blood drooling from his mouth, "The Dumb @ss tripped something... Boss, no one else is alive. I don't know how long i'll last, the smoke is literally flowing into my lungs." "Shut up." Beary commanded, interrupting the soft giant."You talk too much, instead of talking, move away from the smoke and hope that the escort arrives time." "But..." "No buts" Beary commanded sternly. "Shut up and wait, good bye." Urbs said hanging up the phone on his friend.

As Urbs hung up the phone, his rage started to boil, I was going to spare you, but now, you'll pay.

Currently (Urbs HQ)

As night continued to flow on, Urbs wondered if his prey would actually show up. He thought the guy would be here by now. He sighed, Maybe i was wrong about you Victor, maybe you're both a coward and a fool. But as Beary sat at his desk and looked out the window to sight see, Urbs thought he saw something moving in the shadows. Then as the shadows shifted more and more, Urbs grandfather providing superior sight, Urbs realized it was a person. He smiled, he couldn't tell exactly who the man was, but he was taking a guess on the shadow being. Then as the shadow reached the top of a giant skyscraper, Urbs smiled and pointed his finger towards the top. Then with a frown, Urbs said one word, "Bang."

Urbs quickly got up and dashed out of the door, turning the light off on his way out. Finding a hallway phone, Urbs started to dial the Chief's number, "Beary." His voice was attentive, powerful, the sign that the once record breaking police chief was on duty. "I want you to make an announcement to all troops. Tell them to look to the shadows and to the sky." As Urbs was commanding the police chief Urbs had to admit one thing, You're no coward Victor, that's for sure.

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On top of a 50 story high skyscraper, Victor gazed at the city below through his binoculars, patiently waiting like a predator catching his prey. Beep. a silent voice went up from his Radio Patch, an outgoing communication from a building just below transmitting to the police station.

"Beary" the officer announced, Victor had long taken note of Urb's real name at the club as he jumped off the skyscraper, listening to the conversation as he began to free-fall. Using a grapnel hook, he began to swing around the city as he took note of the next bit of the conversation.

"I want you to make an announcement to all troops. Tell them to look to the shadows and to the sky." Beary knew Victor was here, but confident he'd just lost him, he landed right on top of the transmitting building, he began to rig up a 5 second charge, powerful enough to bring the roof down. He only had one of those, and he chose to use it now to gain the advantage in battle. Using his Grapnel hook to swing out of range, he waited for the building to come down on top of Beary as he blended into the shadows of a higher building. 3, 2, 1. BOOMM! The explosion went off, question is, did it work?

I didn't want to do this. But I have no choice now, I won't kill you Urbs, I wouldn't cross that line.

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A slight thud, nothing much, nothing too scary. But Beary was a cautious man, and he decided that he wouldn't let over-confidence get the better of him. As Beary looked at the roof, his right hand got a solid grip of his left magnum, his left hand still holding on to the phone. "Beary, you were about to say someth--" The chief's voice cutting off as a rumble even greater than Urbs roar was let loose. Right on top of his head. As the roof started to cave in, Urbs quickly drew his magnum and sliced through chunks of the falling concrete, his body only pelt by small rocks by the time he was through with the defensive attack. Urbs smiled, If only you were still on my side.

But instead of plain admiration of his enemy, instead Urbs called out to the man, hanging up the phone as he did so. "Victor!" the giant yelled, "Come face me like a god, or are you telling me that you are below even mortal man as you would sneak around a fight, instead of facing it head on!" Urbs smiled maliciously. It was simple bait, but ooohhh so alluring. Would the being that could have been praised as a God disappoint Urbs, or would the prey fall into the Lion's trap.

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After the rubble had subsided, Urbs stood where he was, unharmed. Careful not to make a sound, Victor resorted to his own thoughts. Seems i've underestimated you Urbs, indeed I have. The fallen god began to sneak around buildings, his boots padded to make no sound.

"Victor! Come face me like a god, or are you telling me that you are below even mortal man as you would sneak around a fight, instead of facing it head on!" Urbs called out, relying on Man Pride. But Victor was more smarter than that, he knew better than to take a more experienced man head on. He was behind Urb's back by now, raising a shuriken coated with powdered Resin and an acidic mixture, he threw three with complete silence and great speed.

The purpose of the attack was so that the substance would cause great pain to Urbs with every movement, and negated superhuman healing. Every small movement he took would hurt him like hell. Aiming one at each knee and the third at his lower back, he hid in the darkness, playing the Detroit Lion through his own game as the Shurikens sped towards Beary silent as the night.

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Soon after he had called out, Urbs felt 3 extremely painful sparks hit his body. And for a moment, nothing happened, but then, throughout the city, a roar could be heard. The roar of a very wounded animal. You've changed Victor. A lot. Urbs thought angrily, his blood boiling by the fact that Victor really had become a coward. Urbs smirked, This just means i'll have to perform another analyses. Then, as Urbs turned around, pushing the shurikens out with pure muscle, he decided to frown and glare into the darkness.

"You truly have become weak Victor." He called out into the night, his body still aching where the shurikens had hit him. "Perhaps this is a trait you've picked up from Park. After all, your friend was one of the weakest people i have ever met." If this didn't pull Victor out into the light, then at least Urbs would be able to make an accurate second analyses on the man he used to call powerful.

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"You truly have become weak Victor. Perhaps this is a trait you've picked up from Park. After all, your friend was one of the weakest people i have ever met." Urbs spoke out to the night, from far away, Victor could hear the sound of approaching Police Copters, Urbs had called them in earlier. Best to get this done with quickly.

Rage overtook him, how dare he speak of Park like this? Even though he knew it was a trap, he was compelled to teach the Detroit Legend a lesson. Jumping out into the night from Urb's behind, he unsheathed a katana, aiming low at Urb's L4 section of the spine, the section most responsible for Backaches and arm movements. As he approached, falling down from the night, he held his katana into place, and took a deep plunge into the Detroit Lion's lower spine, he aimed to weaken him very much to give him an advantage over the man's body weight and build. The shurikens, the spinal damage, soon Urbs won't even be able to move in battle.

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The verbal assault had gotten the reaction he had been hoping for. It didn't prepare Urbs for the attack from behind though, but the large man had expected another form of a sneak attack. He just didn't expect him to cut at his spine, Urbs reaction to pull away before the attack had actually plunged deep enough into his back to cause any serious harm. Turning around, Urbs realized something and started forming a plan. A long plan, one that may not work, one that was half-baked as he still didn't have a complete analyses of the new Victor.

That didn't stop him from grinning widely. Listening to the cop sirens and looking at Victor, he knew he needed a way to... spark the flame of the plan. "You're pretty good as a human Victor. You're still weak though, but how bout this. If you win this conflict, then i'll give you Detroit..." He said to Victor, pulling out his magnums as he talked to the new man. "But if you lose, you work for me again." Urbs raised his eyebrow in an inquiring fashion, while firing off three rounds, one aimed for his torse, one aimed at his knee cap, and one aimed at his head. What will you're response be Victor.

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Victor's attack was on point, but not as deep as he'd hoped. But any damage would accumulate, soon, even if Victor loses, the Detroit Lion goes down with him. The acidic resin was already taking it's toll on him, he could see it in his posture even if the Detroit Lion didn't let it on. "You're pretty good as a human Victor. You're still weak though, but how bout this. If you win this conflict, then i'll give you Detroit...But if you lose, you work for me again." Urbs raised his magnum as he spoke in between his offer. His first mistake was letting his enemy know what to expect, Victor positioned himself to avoid the gun shots, observing body movement to time it correctly.

Victor wasn't interested in ruling Detroit, and he certainly wouldn't succumb to this man. He didn't let his guard down however, he already knew his answer "Try something else Urbs, i'm not interested in ruling anything" he side rolled as two bullets raced by above him, the lower aimed however had nicked his body, sending him hurtling backwards in pain as he regained his posture. The only reason he could still stand was because it hid the edge of his body, and his armour had blunted most of the attack. But considerable damage was done to his upper right chest, not penetrating his Rib Cage.

The gun must've been .600 Nitro Express, very rare, very heavy and very expensive. He knows the inner mechanics of a gun, he used to craft them for a living. This was his advantage now. The gun had only two bullets left in the magazine, if he found a window, he wouldn't hesitate to take it. Raising his own Pistol, Victor had aimed it at Urbs, wanting the Detroit Lion to think he was aiming for him, but his aim quickly swerved to the car behind him, right at the petrol cap he sent a few bullets and watched the car blow up into fireworks, hopefully taking Urbs with it. He had used the environment to his advantage, but now the Police know where to come. In the confusion of the explosion, Victor took cover from the range of fire, but was still visible through his helmet, looking out to keep his eyes on Urbs, he would never lose him in the confusion.