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Ivan stared at his room, as empty as how his soul felt. His luggage was beside the doorway. He lit a cigarette while pondering how Amelia would take all of this...Why he was leaving and if he was even coming back... Ivan lifted up his luggage and now placed it beside the counter, taking a seat atop of it and starting at the front door. Amelia would be back any seconds from her nightly grocery run, his hands shook and his sweat turned to ice. He took it upon himself to take care of poor Amelia, sweet Amelia... take care of her from herself and the condition she had. Ivan didn't blink, not once did he blink like the front door was a weeping angel out to get him, in his own opinion, facing one of those would be easier then parting from Amelia. With a puff of smoke coming out of his mouth he continued to wait. The magus was to leave the poor vampire; it was the only way she would grow.

Amelia felt... content. Well, as close to content as she could get for a dead girl. She approached the store, several bags of groceries hanging from each hand. When she walked in, she smiled when she saw Ivan. The smile faded when she saw the luggage. "Wait... you're-" Her speech was caught in her throat. Barely a moment later, the bags dropped to the floor, cans spilling out. Her eyes began to grow wet as the realization dawned upon her.

Ivan frowned and immediately ran up to her and grabbed hold of her. "Hey, hey!" He said while helping her put the bags down quickly and gave her a warm embrace that she deserved. "Sweet Amelia, my favorite Amelia..." He smiled while tearing up himself, stroking her hair.

Amelia shoved him back a little. "Tell me those aren't what I they are." Tears had already sprung to her eyes. She desperately looked for some clue on his face that her suspicions were wrong. But nothing showed up. With each passing second, she grew more and more upset. Eventually, the tears welling up in her eyes began to streak down her face. "No. No, goddamnit, you can't just leave!"

"I’m sorry Amelia I really am! But I can't just let you watch me like this!" Ivan grabbed her by the shoulders firmly and stared her deep in the soul with his icy blue eyes. "I must leave... I have already foretold the monks at the temple of my return for more spiritual healing. This could fix me kid, it really can...” He spoke with sorrow as he pressed his forehead against hers, tears just itching to bleed from his eyes.

She pounded her fists against his chest, cursing him under her breath. Despite her anger, though, she knew that this was necessary. If she made him stay, she could be keeping him from something that could genuinely help him. And, well, she hated being selfish. So, after she finally composed herself, she mumbled something. "You better come back...”

Ivan let out a grim smile as he placed his hands at the sides of her face and kissed her on the forehead. "I promise I will Amelia...One way or the other, good or bad, I will come back into this record shop...” Ivan chuckled as a tear rolled down his cheek as he removed a tear from Amelia's. "Amelia...I know you wanted that "piece of normal" ever since I took you in, and now I am giving it to you, something to take care of, something to make you feel all the more human". Ivan put his arm around her and he moved to stand by her side, raising his hand at the record store, his other hand secretly flicking a switch by the front door that flicked on some Christmas lights. The lights said "Amelia's" in multiple colors. "I don't always need magic to make somebody happy...”.

Just when she thought that her eyes were about to dry up, fresh tears sprung to them. She leaned her head across so that it lay on his shoulder. "Thanks...” A smile crept across her face as she felt an odd... warmth in her still heart. "I needed it."

"Also! I am going to need another favor from you...” Ivan grinned as he quickly threw his old brown trench coat off himself and put it on Amelia very suddenly. "It's for when you’re feeling cold...Or alone...That jacket has been with me since I was sixteen. That is my very essence Amelia, just so you know I won't be too far off...” Ivan smiled as he rubbed her cheek gently, looking out of the corner of his eye at the misfits clock on the wall. He had three minutes left...

"I-" She mumbled something, and then turned to hug him. "I'll keep it safe. You just keep your promise, and come back. Even if... even if it doesn't work, you owe me that much." Her face buried into his side.

"I promise Amelia. And do not I repeat DO NOT! Be afraid to make friends when I’m gone, just because you’re a vampire now does not mean you must be anti-social. I left you enough of that Elixir to last you a very long time and I already made sure you won’t run out. So please try to be more sociable ok?” Ivan was standing in front of her again, looking deep into her eyes. What he was going to do next was out of compassion and respect, not love or attraction...Ivan leaned in and gently planted his lips against hers, like when a lover bids farewell before they go off to war. Ivan took a step back and let his lips let up on hers. With a chuckle and a quirky smile he adjusted his black tie to be the perfect looseness and stood like a super hero. "I will always love you Amelia; you made me have faith in people again...” And with that, he started to glow bright blue, the chanting of monks could be heard filling the corners of the room. The Magus's eyes started to glow pure blue before he finally transformed into a ball of light along with all of his luggage and rocketed out of the front door and into the night sky.

"I'll try. No promises, though." A smile crept across her lips. When he was gone... she almost felt a sense of emptiness. Losing friends had always been a pain in the ass for her. In fact... this particular situation reminded her of when she'd had to leave Eddie. That hollow feeling that lingered while one's gut tried to untangle the knot that had formed in it. It sucked, but oddly enough... it didn't last long this time. She almost felt decent (which was saying something, considering how her life had been thus far). Looking off to the side, she eventually walked over to the front entrance and flipped the 'Closed' sign around so that it displayed 'Open' to the world.

A few hours after the open sign had been open, what sounded like gunshots rang though the night. However they were no gunshots, they were the engine backfires of a 69 Challenger, pulling in front of the record store. After the car stalled before it could be shut off, the driver angrily stepped out of the car. The large black boot that belonged to the driver slammed down on the concrete as the door swung open, and Angelica stepped out. Brushing back her brown hair she sighed and cursed under her breath. She was still too close to Salem, and that made her on edge, made her concerned. The slayer popped the hood and removed her leather biker jacket and hung it on the mirror as he leaned into the hood. "They just don't make them like they used to. Oh yeah, this care is as old as winter!" Angelica yelled while removing a fuel line.

Amelia heard something outside. A car breaking down. Her eyes drifted over to the clock, and she swore under her breath. She still had at least five minutes until sun-down. Turning, she walked off and took the trench coat from her shoulders, hanging it up on a nearby display rack. Standing still, she glared at the clock until the five minutes had passed. The fire-haired girl made her way out of the shop, only to discover a beauty bent over a car, her face leaned into the hood. "Well, heeeellloooo Nurse."

Angelica smirked when she heard the female voice from behind her. She dusted her hands off slowly while getting her head out from the hood. Her lips curled into a smile as she saw a cutie standing in front of a record store. "Well hello there...” She grinned ever so slightly while subtly checking her out. "Sorry about taking up the space in front of your store with this junker...” She muttered while giving the wheel a small kick. Angelica put her coat back on and walked over to the girl and extended her hand. "I’m Angelica; would you happen to know a motel nearby? Cause trust me that car is not so comfortable to sleep in".

"Please. It's hardly a high-end store, and it could be much worse." She slipped her hands into her pockets, not-so-subtly examining the girl's body. She almost felt bad about it, considering that she was trying to maintain feelings for Melissa in spite of the odds. Though... oddly enough, she didn't feel that bad. It almost felt good. "Afraid not. I'm kind of new to the area, haven't gotten time to get a lay of the land."

"Hm, well, that's a shame. Car seat it is!" She sighed while looking back at her ride. "I appreciate the help anyway. Heh, never got your name...” She chuckled softly while pointing at her.

"Well... I've got a room in the basement. I don't sleep all that much, so you can use the bed." She took one hand out of her pocket to point behind her with her thumb. "Amelia. Yours?"

"Eerie record store basement to crash in? Sounds like fun...I’m Angelica. Hmm, I like Amelia, its cute...” Angelica playfully smirked while walking towards the store. "Run all of this by yourself Amelia?”

Despite however much she tried to hide it, a blush flourished across her face at being called... cute. She followed after the other girl, eventually leading her into the store. "For now, yeah. Running it while my friend's off on some whacko spiritual monk journey."

"Sounds like a pal to me" She said while examining the store from the entrance. "Gotta admit this place is pretty kickin'. Pretty sexy too...and so is the store...” She let out a laugh while walking along the center and browsing through the records.

"Well that was about as subtle as a dying Rancor." She smirked, making an odd snorting noise. "So, why're you in town, anyways?"

"I’m not a subtle girl...In town? Trying to find a place to lay low for a few months, just take it easy and enjoy some hunting you know?" She looked over to Amelia and stared her in the eyes, smiling with her dark red lips.

"You're a hunter?" She raised an eyebrow. And once again... she couldn't help but stare at the intriguing girl. It was like she was attracted to her... almost like a piece of metal to a magnet, or something. "And, well, you're welcome to lay low here as long as you don't try to burn it down."

"No promises...” She says in a near whisper while glaring at her with insane eyes. After a few seconds she laughed and gently hit her arm. "Relax I was kidding. Odd sense of humor hey?” She smiled and looked back over to the punk rock section of the records. "Yeah I’m a hunter, dad trained me since I was just a girl...Those were fun years. I usually hunt pretty odd animals, not really well known...”

"Let me guess, those 'animals' have sharp teeth, wolf-like features... maybe even the odd black eyes here and there?" She smirked over at her. "I've been hunting since thirteen, myself. My ex dragged me into it."

Angelica grinned when she said ex. "Ugh I wish I started that late! Never got to have tea parties. Just how to whittle a stake in two minutes flat!" She laughed out loud while leaning on the front counter they now stood beside. "Always nice to meet another hunter. Am I the only one that gets really turned on when you just snap a vampires neck!?" Her laughing stopped and she gave an awkward chuckle. "Yeah probably just me on that one...”

"Didn't have much of a childhood to begin with. Dad's a time travelling eccentric and my mom... well; she was busy doing things that she never talked to me about." She plopped herself down on the chair behind the counter. "Nah, not just you. I sometimes get a bit of feeling when I put one of the freaks down."

"Time travel? I’m not even going to ask. Yeah I don’t know what it is but it gets my blood flowing every time! Ah... so, Amelia. Why so kind to let me have a place to stay tonight? For all you know, I’m an escaped mental patient!" Angelica laughs while setting her hands down on the table, accidently having them land on Amelia's.

Amelia twitched, nervously shifting her hands so that her lack of a pulse couldn't be accidentally discovered. "I'unno. Lonely, I guess." She smiled, leaning forwards. "Doesn't hurt that you don't look bad."

The comment triggered Angelica just a bit, a small biting of her lip and she leaned a bit forward as well. "I could say the same about you hun...” She said quietly.

"Me? With my flat chest, almost non-existent ass, and my otherwise boring features?" She raised an eyebrow, and started to wonder why Angelica hadn't picked up on her noticeable lack of a breath rate.

"None of that matter to me, you’re beautiful because you own it. Not to mention..." Angelica leaned in, her mouth against her ear, whispering. "I think a vampire with a soul is kinda hot...” Angelica had known Amelia was one as soon as they reached the counter, the glass surface revealed no reflection on for Amelia, she knew she had a soul due to her third eye perception.

Amelia's blush reddened, somehow the prospect of being found attractive was both confusing and... nice. It felt good to have someone think she wasn't ugly as hell. A lewd grin crept across her face, and for once, she didn't feel any of the longing for being separated from Melissa. "When you say it like that... this whole predicament sounds less s**ty."

"I would say so...” Angelica quickly steps back from Amelia and start walking to the front door. She closed the door and flipped the sign to say "closed" and turned the lock. A few moments later and she was leaning on the counter again, staring into her eyes.

"Well, that's not ominous and serial-killery." Amelia cracked a grin, propping her chin up on her hand. "Though, really, never was one for being asked out in a conventional manner."

"I have never been asked out; I am the one that always instigates...”. She leaned in really close, a devilish grin on her face. "You know I’m about to kiss you...right?”

"Who says I wasn't going to?" She grinned wide, then grabbed the other woman by her cheeks and pulled her close, placing their lips up against one another.

"Mmf" She laughed while kissing her back, hopping over the counter and placing her hands on her waist, kissing her deeper. She quickly removed her lips and stared into her eyes lustfully. "How about we see if this bed you were talking about is in good condition...” She said with a grin and a bite of her lip...

A few hours later...

Amelia groaned softly, her eyes blinking as she woke up next to Angelica. A warm smile spread across her lips as she leaned over to wrap her arms around the other hunter. "That was fun... really fun."

Angelica sipped on a beer while sitting upright. She smiled back as she looked down at Amelia and stroked her cheek. "Why I do agree Amelia".

"Because I'm amazing in bed, that's why." She giggled, closing her eyes and snuggling up close. As she did, she got a familiar feeling when she curled up close to the other female. She recognized it because it was the one she felt when she was around Melissa. Except it was stronger... and she barely even knew this woman.

It felt good. Maybe even good enough to give her the strength to take back her life.

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So does this mean if I stop by the record shop now, PuzzleQue won't be there?

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@Zauberin: Nope. Amelia's running it, now.

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Well now I'm afraid I'll walk in and she'll try to kill me.

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Amelia doesn't subscribe to the viewpoint that all supernatural creatures are evil. If you don't actually intend on butchering humans by the dozens, she won't try to kill you.

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@Sam_Heller said:

Amelia doesn't subscribe to the viewpoint that all supernatural creatures are evil. If you don't actually intend on butchering humans by the dozens, she won't try to kill you.

I might need a little convincing, lol!

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What if it's just one here and there, and a little over there, maybe there? I kinda need to live.
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@Zauberin: It depends entirely on the circumstances for her. If it's innocent people.. she might hold it against you.

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@Zauberin said:

@Sam_Heller: What if it's just one here and there, and a little over there, maybe there? I kinda need to live.

*Brandishes war axe*

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@Sam_Heller: O_O No thanks! Never mind! Forget I said anything! 

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@Zauberin: How many? -_-

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. . .Is that rhetorical?
@TheRumor said:

@Zauberin said:

@Sam_Heller: What if it's just one here and there, and a little over there, maybe there? I kinda need to live.

*Brandishes war axe*

And she's got a psycho friend? So let me put this together.
Sadomasochistic super strong supernatual hunter who loves to cause pain. . .Hedonistic Succubitical child who absolutely hats pain. . .Definitely on my "Stay the f*ck away" list.
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@Zauberin: No. It isn't.

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@Zauberin said:

. . .Is that rhetorical?

@TheRumor said:

@Zauberin said:

@Sam_Heller: What if it's just one here and there, and a little over there, maybe there? I kinda need to live.

*Brandishes war axe*

And she's got a psycho friend? So let me put this together. Sadomasochistic super strong supernatual hunter who loves to cause pain. . .Hedonistic Succubitical child who absolutely hats pain. . .Definitely on my "Stay the f*ck away" list.

You DID NOT Just call me psycho!

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@TheRumor: Uuuuhhh. . .Yeah there's no way I could reword that to make it sound like I said something good. Can I rely on. . .>_< Why are you even a blue bar anyway!?
Those are some really pretty eyes there. Just beautiful.
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@Zauberin: How. Many?

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@Zauberin: Cause I SLAY evil things, just because your one of the ok ones. There are thousands of evil ones to outweigh the good.

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Well, if you really think I'm okay, 
>_<You are making me feel like I walked into a wolves' den! T_T
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@Zauberin: Gimme a number, woman.

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@Amelia_: First off, let me remind you, 17!
. . .I don't really remember them all.
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@Zauberin said:

@Amelia_: First off, let me remind you, 17! . . .I don't really remember them all.

*points axe at her*

Ok your getting on my nerves now..

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@Zauberin: Well, unless you suddenly decide to only kill off scumbags.. yes, we have a problem.

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You are so hurtful! Now I know why you get along so well!
@Amelia_: I'm pretty sure there are some scumbags in there. So, are we cool then?
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@Amelia_: If I see her go all demon, im cutting her head off.

@Zauberin: You don't know hurtful until you try sh!t in the record store!

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@Zauberin: Depends, gonna keep killing innocents?

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@TheRumor: I'm not going to your damned record store unless I'm accompanied by at least seven Keresh bodyguards. . .And Salem. I know she'd protect me from the likes of you. She'd do it even if I wasn't in danger.
You're not seriously asking me to keep track of who's who.
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@Zauberin: "Don't listen to them, child; there are no innocents. Kill to your dark little heart's content."

#27 Posted by _Harper_ (2094 posts) - - Show Bio

@Zauberin: I love when people hide behind meat to cut down. Smart move bringing friends.

#28 Posted by Amelia_ (2067 posts) - - Show Bio

@Zauberin: I'm asking you to kill people that actually deserve it, not the ones who don't.

@Inner_Demon: Shut it, rot-for-brains.

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@TheRumor: I always was pretty bright. 'specially Salem. She'll tear you to pieces, or blow you up, or. . .well, she's got ways, and damn creative!
I mean, and I'm not saying I'm with super evil dude, but everybody's done something to make them uninnocent in their life, right?
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@Amelia_: "The predatory look suits you, my dear. Now if you would just do something with your hair..."

#31 Posted by Amelia_ (2067 posts) - - Show Bio

@Zauberin: No, they haven't.

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@Zauberin: Mmm careful your turning me on a bit with all of this violence talk. And I love when people talk big, makes me laugh a bit.

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@Amelia_: You're making life really difficult right now. And to think, I told Creed you were hot.
You're a freak! Actually, I think Hexxy's got a sadistic streak too. I'll just send her over and watch the sparks fly, from a distance. Don't wanna be around when the fan gets all. . .and the. . .gets all over the place.
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@Zauberin:What did I just tell you about that talk? Looks like I am just need to punish the child now.

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@Zauberin: I'd prefer to not have to try and kill you. I like you.

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@Zauberin: "They mean you harm. They will come after you. You need to be proactive, here."

#37 Posted by Amelia_ (2067 posts) - - Show Bio

@Inner_Demon: *Eyeroll*

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@Amelia_: It's fine if you just don't know about it, though. That's why God invented lying!
That's. . .that face was actually kinda cute. But no! I'm gonna. . .I'm gonna give you gifts and clothes and stuff!
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@Zauberin: I'm naturally distrustful until proven wrong.

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@Zauberin: Aww now my present looks just plain lame! I mean your clothes and stuff, or my pretty box with a bow with the head of somebody you care about in it..Hmmm, yeah may need another one in their to match up.

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@Inner_Demon: I am being proactive! Stay away from all record shops unless accompanied by said Salem Hexona.
Well I'm naturally distrustful and have a thing for lying.
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@Zauberin: Then we still have a problem, don't we?

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@TheRumor: I don't care about many people. And the ones I do care about, they can handle themselves pretty damn fine. So ha!
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@Zauberin: All the more shocking for you cutie pie ~_^

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@Zauberin: "Did Ravek teach you to leave enemies alive? They threatened you."

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I'm not gonna be the one in shock! It's you! Right before you die!
@Inner_Demon: He didn't. But. . .well, I'm actually having a hard time coming up with a counter for that.
Amy, I really don't want us to be this way. Just. . .forget it happened?
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@Zauberin: You're threatening my girlfriend now. Kind of hard to.

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@Zauberin: "You need my wisdom, child. I shall be your friend, now"

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@Zauberin: May wanna work on the one liners there girly, before you think about jumping me.

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@Amelia_: You're gonna pretend she didn't say all she just said? That's favoritism. That's just not right.
It's not about the one-liners out there. When we see you, we seein' you. And then it's about you learning a lesson.