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"Shut up you stupid b*tich!!!"smack!!"Who the f*ck are you to tell me that I have a problem?!?!" said, a deep, gravely voice slurred by excessive amounts of alcohol.

"Please stop, please!" responded a a quivering, weak, female voice. Tears streamed down her face, fresh bruises apparent all over her petite body inflicted by the booze, abusing boyfriend.

The low hum of a nissan gt-r was heard just outside of the house, followed by the stopping of the engine and opening and closing of the door. "Did you call the cops? Oh you're in trouble now you crazy woman!" Another clenched fist connected with her the right side of her body, causing her to drop to the floor. The house door open and closed with force followed by the drunks voice addressing the man who entered. "What the f*ck are you doing here? You don't live here any more. This is mine and your mom's house now!"

There was no response, the man simply walked up the stairs of the split-entry house and met the drunk at the top of the stairs. The man was significantly bigger both in size and height than that of the drunk. The drunk spoke again, "Do you think you're some sort of macho tough guy now or something? I'm not afraid of you, you're still a pussy youngster."

Once again there was no response, but the man grabbed the drunk by the neck of his stained shirt and tossed him across the hall at the wall, causing some of the wall to crack. The drunk spoke once again, "What do you think you're doing Marshall? I'm going to get the cops here now in a minute!"

The man looked down the hall, his mother sprawled out on the floor; sobbing and whimpering like a scolded dog. This time there was a response from Ajax, "Call the cops? And tell them what you fool? That you're an abusive alcoholic that beats on my mother on a nightly basis? This comes to an end tonight."

The drunk immediately threw a left hook in response, which was easily dodged by Ajax. The drunk stumbled into the opposite wall, and drew a knife from his pocket and spoke, "If I were you I'd get out of here right now you punk."

"You're going to need more than that little knife" Ajax responded. The drunk dove forward in a lunge, aiming the knife for the middle of Ajaxs chest. Ajax however did not move out of the way; the knife struck and upon impact it shattered and broke off at the handle. The drunk looked at it in utter awe and then quickly received a punch to the face, causing him to fly the entire length of the hall. The drunk struck the wall at the other end of the hall and crumpled into a pile; Ajax was on top of him quickly.

"What are you going to do, kill me?" the drunk said. Ajax spoke, "I'm not going to kill you, but you will never step foot inside this house ever again or come so much as a kilometre within my mother."

Ajax picked him up with ease, carried him back up the hall and tossed him from the top of the stairs and out through the door on to the front lawn. He turned towards his mother and went to her aid. "It's okay mom, I'm here. You don't need to be afraid anymore."

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@.Ajax.: real nice work, beat dat drunken fool. looking forward to more

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Thanks man! It means a lot :). I have more planned to come haha!

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@.Ajax.: cool look forward to seeing you bust heads. The shattering knife was a nice touch.

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Thanks again man. I brought his strength level down a lot for the CVnU. Most characters on the vine seem to be street-levellers so the old Ajax wouldn't be much fun to rp against. But total invulnerability still makes him that go-to tough guy for teams and such.

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@.Ajax.: invulnerably is a good one power wise to write alot can be done with it in terms of selling attacks ( even if the effects are slim to none)

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Exactly what I was thinking. It's so simple, and a lot of characters have durability but not total invulnerability. I can hang with street-levellers without easily beating them and I can also hang with the more powerful guys as well.

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@.Ajax.: Hey, that was a good read. I like this new ajax :3

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Thank you very much! I'm glad you like him :)

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Aproves :)

Granted I like blogs/intros a bit longer but thats more a prefferance then a complaint. Good stuff amigo

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This was pretty good man, loved it :)

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@.Ajax.: Short and sweet, I Love it.

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Thanks everybody ! :) Means a lot!