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The newly discovered planet Baile has just been opened for colonization! Penal colonies that is.

for one reason or another the glorious imperium has dubbed you a criminal and sentenced you to life on this jungle world.

On wonderful Baile you will find a wide assortment of monsters that even the Imperium hasnt seen yet and only the darkest imaginations can conjour.

though some people are as coonfused as you as to why they are here there are several million that are ment to be here. hardened criminals, murderers, rapists, psycho and sociopaths, all so kind.

There is only one town on this world, Cellblock. cellblock is where you and many other prisoners will dwell. some have left to the jungles, some fight for control, most have given up escape, most would rather not. You're journey begins here and unless you're careful it will end here too.

The leader of this fair little town is Lord Inquisitor Jaedan Paul Murphy however the strange being is not seen very often and the town is on the verge of a civil war.

wheather you pick a side, leave, or start your own faction is up to you. your time on Baile is yours, try not to get lost.


no warping out of building a ship from rocks otherwise....... go nuts PK for all the Imperium cares