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It was a dry day in Endinburgh the whole city was in silance not for a hero but in fear of all the villains that had decended on the streets of the beautiful city, Last Arrow prehaps the greatest master mind to walk the earth had been killed details of his death where sketchy some most blame his brother Final Arrow . But that has been put aside as a day of truce was called, Last Arrow had not always been a villain, He had trained many of the heroes of the new age, Nighthunter and Paragon being his two best.

Old enemies came to pay their last respects and the Hell Fire club was showing its pressance as the old warrior is laid to rest.

Normal rules applie lets put him in the ground.

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Last Arrow..dead.

Another one that had lived by the sword and fell to it, just like the rest. It felt like there was nothing he could ever do to stop the meaningless bloodshed sometimes, but alas, at the time of his death the realization hadn't dawned on him yet that he too, had had a conscience.

He did not know the man personally, he never felt "worthy" enough to just talk to the guy, he was far to much of an esteemed man for him to have. He hadn't seen him around, but maybe a few times. It was painful for him to see another dead man, just too much. Since the funeral was in Endinburgh, he figured he might as well have gone to it, so he did, but not for the service. His new body was...too  much for him to just openly walk into public anymore, so he just stood from a distance on top of a building.

He could see the man lowered in the ground...it made him sad on the inside to know that yet again he had failed to save someone...

"What an idiot I am..."

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Gambler slowly ran his finger tips across the luxurious coffin draped ceremoniously in the HFC flag. Etched in both sides of the coffin where old symbols from a language long forgotten. Two horses pulled the carriage which held the infamous villains body to its final resting place. Today marked the end of an era, the end of a legacy.  Gambler and Arrow had always been intertwined. From the beginning they had formed a friendship/rivalry in the NAO. Two of the original heroes to oppose the Vine Villains they stood back to back for many years, many wars.

Even after Arrow had been seduced by the VV the two shared a bond that transcended affiliations. The Cajun even stood by Arrow's side during the first Vine Villains Civil War, and together disposed of Magneto and his right hand man Photon. Before turning on eachother in the second of their many battles.

The sadistic villain had cheated death on more then one occasion, but this time its was different. There was a real sense that this was it. No more trademark bow an arrow, no more last stands. A great hero, a great villain, a greater friend, was gone.

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A friend is family, you can't choose family.

The words reverberated through out her mind, replaying over and over again as she marched along behind the horse drawn carriage that carried the coffin of her friend. Tears glistened brightly on her lashes, reflecting the rays of the sun that seemed to peak from behind the clouds in the sky. Kiara had never been one to show emotion. But in this case it was inevitable. The passing of her friend,  brother, and  mentor hit her hard. She had always looked up to Michael Lockhart, even when they were on opposite sides she admired him. He had given her so much and she regretted not telling him how much she appreciated it.

She moved on, following the procession, keeping her eyes on the coffin in front of her. Her heart was weeping, her mind almost broken. She had lost many over the years, but none had ever been as close to her as Michael. Her mind forced her to remember. To remember the times when Michael had protected her from his brother, the laughter they had shared, and the wisdom he had bestowed on her. If there was one thing she knew, it was that Michael Lockhart might be dead physically, but in spirit he lived on. In the words he shared, in the memories that they all had of him, and in the hearts of those he had touched. And she was glad to be one of those people to have met such a great man as him.

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Aztek, already having passed on to the afterlife, separated from those he once knew sat alone in the darkness...damnation, that is what he received for everything he had done in his life. But today, something even more astounding than the death of the Everlasting Aztek happened, the death of another immortal Aztek had once known in life.

Today, Lockhart no longer walked amongst the world of the living, the mighty one that Aztek once served had somehow met his fate...but then Aztek felt it, something he did not expect. He could still sense Lockhart, he was alive...but then...who had died? The mystery stayed with Aztek for the rest of eternity, was there another Lockhart? One even better at staying out of sight than Christopher was? Aztek and Christopher had both called themselves the Master of Shadows but were either of them anywhere near the level of this man?

Aztek could only sense the souls of the mightiest beings to ever walk the earth, whoever this man was Aztek knew he was someone great and for that he gave his respects...Aztek's almost peaceful thoughts were suddenly disturbed and he remained in shock. This  Lockhart must have been very great indeed, for even the Star of Morning had left his throne, none of the souls in this domain had received such an honor...

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The news had shocked Andy when he had heard of Last Arrow's death. It saddened him to know that this once great hero had died as a villain. His mind drifted back to his arrival here, and how it was his invitation that brought him into his first team on the Vine. A group of hero's known as the LeV. There Andy made his first group of friends and he owed Arrow a lot for that.

When the recent events had played out and it was made clear that Last Arrow had been pulling the strings behind Final Arrow all these years Andy could not believe it. He knew it had to be yet another trick by that sinister son of a b1tch, and he wanted to prove that it was yet another trick by Final Arrow. But now he would never get the chance, someone he looked at as a friend and a mentor had died suddenly, and all signs pointed to his brother.

He kept his head bowed down low and held his moment of silence for one of the greatest heroes of the Vine. For that is how he would remember him. He would remember him for the good things, the heroic acts he had done in the past. He would remember standing side by side with him against the evils that plagued the land. Last Arrow was a hero that proved you did not have to have superhuman traits and powers to make a difference. He proved that integrity, courage, and excellence was all you needed to make a difference in this dark and dreary world.

Fighting back the tears in his eyes he lifted his head and walked towards the grave and knelt down beside it, taking a fist full of dirt in his hand and lifting it up, to let it fall back down to the ground. "Rest in peace old friend, you will always be remembered and honored"

"The world still needs Heroes"

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Darkchild stared at the coffin that hold within it an old friend. They were many things to each other enemies, allies and even at times brothers. But as with everything born into this world they so shall leave it. He watches as the others who knew Last Arrow came to mourn his loss.

Darkchild was beginning to change who he once was maybe for the better, but the memory of his humilation at Last Arrows hands still burns in his mind. His former self would love nothing better than to rip the coffin open and piss on his body. But he held his emotions at bay looking around he knew his team would be arriving shortly and he needed to prove that he wasnt that man anymore

Dont fool yourself they will find out soon enough that you are not alone in your mind. That once again you will not be in total control and at any moment you can snap and turn into what you once were.

Shut up I dont need this right now. This man deserves our respects and he will get that."

Darkchild stands wondering when his time will come again, and if when he does finally leave this world will he be brought back.