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Date:May 27,2015

the air is dry, and the land is parched. Its been 5 years since the war that of the vine. There was once a time when there were no reds or greys or blues. It was when everyone was just here to have fun, then when the ones that had once been red decided they were tired of no battles they turned on everybody and started a deadly war. Many people were nearly killed but after almost 2 years of fighting the blues and some greys hide underground. The reds had gotten a few greys had ruled the land. The war ended up causing all the land to dry up and now after five years the blues and greys fighting with them decided they wanted to rule the surface and were convinced they could make it green and wet again.

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I love the smell of evil in the world. sam comes out of nowhere.Brother i sense a disturbence i think the magots we ran underground are going to fight back. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they wanted to fight now is the time for us to ban together and fight them.

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War had turned the Earth to a waste land. The blues like mice under ground, the reds are kings of what's almost nothing, and grays scattered among them all. It’s a shame that they could do this to themselves. Once a world of righteous battles, splendid places, and excitement, is currently dust, dirt, and sand. The balance keeper doesn’t have much work to do here since the planet is equal between the two sides for there isn’t much to fight over.

The Man of Forever is almost like a double agent now. Walking on the surface among the reds and helping them rule, but also going underground and making sure the blues survive. As he walks the dirt is kicked up from his boots, he noticed a familiar blue stick his head out the ground then retreat, and then another did the same. They were almost like meerkats popping out looking for danger, except it was the first time in a long time they did. MOF knew something was up. His MOF-cycle appears and he gets on and rides straight and fast. Every few miles there would be a blue on the look out. "They are going to rise up..." MOF says with a smile. "...Finally some action."
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