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Seven of the Outsiders have been greatly influenced. Envy, Lust, Wrath...who were those affected, who is affecting them and what can I rest of the team do to help them? The New-Outsiders are back!

Holly breathed in happily as she stepped out of the shower. There was nothing like a nice cool shower to wash away the smell of blood and sweat and replace with the fragrant smell of lavender. She wrapped a towel around herself and picked up her dirty clothes. She turned the corner and bumped into Iron Ninja.
“Oh!” Holly said looking up at him with surprise.
She blinked before she was fully aware of his presence. Normally she would be able to sense his presence but strangely enough she felt nothing or rather…he felt nothing like he had been emptied out of his own feelings.

“Are you ok?” She asked him peering at his iron encased head worriedly.

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Recently a new member of the New Outsiders, Slight finally felt like he was among friends. Holly Cross welcomed him with open arms, but he wasn't sure about how the other members felt about his membership. "Man, I cant believe I am a part of something now" 
Slight should have felt joy, and on some level he was happy, but in his core he could feel something was wrong. Walking around he saw Holly C. talking to Iron Ninja, "I better not bother them" Slight said to himself. Slight realized that he should not do anything to jepordize his being there. He walked on with a smile on his face nothing else to do but to wander the halls. Then he thought, "Maybe I should go practice, and then maybe one of the members would see how good I am" Slight went outside and found a lake not to far of from the New outsiders base. It was close enough to see if anyone was coming, because Slight wanted to do an all out practice. He began to make waves, something inside of him erupted. Slight felt an overwhelming sensation of anger and rage. In the burst of anger he used his powers of hydrokenesis to make ice spears. He sent them flying into the surrounding area. After the deed was done the shrubery was destroyed, and there was water everywhere. "What the hell just happened" Slight said to himself as he came back to his sences.

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Things had been very quiet and peaceful for the last several months.  So why did Iron Ninja feel so on edge.  There was no evidence of anything out of the ordinary, no open attacks on any of the Outsiders, so Ninja really couldn’t put his finger on exactly what was bothering him.  All he knew was he was more anxious than usual.  For this reason he had put out feelers for the last several weeks.  Looking for any information that might explain why he felt the way he did.  Finally, he had some news, it wasn’t much but it was something.  Ninja took the news and headed off to find his team leader, Holly.

Ninja made his way into Holly’s room as quietly as he could.  It was a game he liked to play with her.  It was almost impossible to sneak up on her, especially with her powers.  Any time he could Ninja would try, if for no other reason it helped him hone his skills. 

Ninja quickly became aware Holly was in the shower.  He could hear the water running, and she was no where else to be seen.  He made his way ever so quietly down the hall towards the bathroom, and then he stopped.  Holly was getting out of the shower, so Ninja would wait for her here.

As she came around the corner she bumped into him.  “Oh” she said and Ninja knew he had been successful in his attempt to catch her off guard, this time. 

He stood there just looking at her.  It was as though he was seeing her for the first time.  There she stood with only a towel wrapped around her.  She looked so beautiful, so attractive.  He did not say anything; somehow he was not able to.   

Then after a few awkward moments of silence Holly looked at him and asked “Are you OK” Her question brought him back to reality.  Ninja managed to get out “Hi, Holly” then silence again.

Then Ninja told Holly about the reason for his visit.  He informed her about how he had been searching around looking for any information that might lead to criminal activity or threats toward them.  Ninja had heard that one of the underworld types, a small time hood named Charlie Smith had been shooting off his mouth saying that before long all the hero teams in the area would be taken care of, one by one.  He had also said that the Outsiders would be the first to go.

Holly listened as she walked into her bedroom. Holly began talking to Ninja, but he was not listening to her.  He was too busy watching her as she walked away in that towel.  He began to feel hot all over, and could not stop thinking about her.  He walked up behind her and as he touched her arms she turned quickly around.

Standing directly in front of her now, Ninja was suddenly overcome with lust for her. The beauty of her eyes seemed to draw him in.  He couldn’t stop himself from wanting her. She was so sexy and desirable he had to have her.  She had a puzzled look on her face as he started to put his arms around her.

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Quickly running back to his room, it had not been a while since Slight had left. Comming back he saw something that was completly unexpected. Holly and Iron Ninja were locked in a passionate kiss. Running even faster now, Slight felt a thud, "She must have knocked him out"

"Oh crap" Slight had hoped that no one seen his display of anger and lack of control. "What is going on." One minute he was calm and collected the next Slight was trying to destroy anything in his path. It was so unlike him. Back at his room he popped in his favorite CD, that usually helped him relax. One of his favorite singers Duffy had a voice that could quell any storm. Laying back, Slight thought about his problem. Was this just part of his growing process or was somthing really up. Slight had learned that the nature of water was naturaley peacful and it was only when something agitated it, water became violent. Somthing had gotten into him, as he had never felt such anger, without cause.

Slight felt he needed to talk to someone. Holly Cross had empathy powers so she was his natural choice. Leaving his room, Slight decided on what to say when he reached her room. Nock Nock .  Slight was at Holly's room. Waiting for her to open the door. Was this a chance he had to take, to jeopordize his membership, by telling the team leader that he had lost control and was overcome with anger that he could not control? He would have to find out.

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Ninja’s heart was racing, he did not know what was happening or why, only that his whole being was consumed with lust for her.  He could not control himself as he reached out for her.  He felt the soft skin of her back as the towel dropped to the floor.  Then as she wrapped her legs around him he held her close by placing his hands under the back of her legs.  His head was swimming as they shared a passionate kiss.

He began to breathe deeply as the sight and feel of her was like a drug to him. It was almost as if he was not in control of himself.  In his mind he wondered why this was happening, but in his heart he didn’t care why.  He only wanted to be with her, nothing else mattered.

He was too deeply immersed with her to notice she had suddenly pulled away from him, and he did not even notice as she ran her hand up his arm to his neck.  Then suddenly a sharp pain and as he lost consciousness he caught one last look at her face, and he looked at her eyes as his closed.

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Holly skipped over his unconcious form and dressed herself in a rush. She could feel the heat of her body leave her as Iron Ninja slept. Thank God she had enough strength to stop the situation before it became even more complicated than it actually was. She reached into her medicine cabinet and took a birth control pill she kept handy for such sudden urges. The pill use to help her before when her powers first emerged but she never thought she'd never have to call upon their asssistance again. When Iron Ninja awoke he's be the only one "wanting" and she's be able to act like a proper team leader.

It was hard draggin his heavy iron form towards the pantry which served as holding cell as well. Back at the Outsiders' headquarters she would have had him securely bound by now. Unfortunately their original headquarters was still recovering from the recent earthquake. She just hoped she could get him into the pantry before he woke up.

She was halfway through the room when a knock on her door sounded. She reached out and sensed one of the new members. She could hear his thoughts but could feel no trace of emotion from him....Oh no she thought

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Waiting anxiously Slight was about to knock again, but then the door opened without warning. "Sorry to bother you, but I think there is something wrong with me" Before Holly could give an answer to his comment, Slight felt the sensation of anger come over him again like a tsunami. This time he tried his best to resist, but the emotion actually caused him mental pain. The sharp feeling stung his mind like a sword piercing through an opponent. Slight began to scream from the pain, and hit the floor in his fit of rage. Realizing that he was right in front of the team leader and that there was a chance of him hitting her Slight gave everything he could to control himself.

Slight fell to his knees. All the while trying to overcome his sudden anger, and fight off the pain. The pain began to weaken and the Slight could finally get back to his feet. Again before Holly Cross could say anything, Slight began to explain "See this is what I mean, I keep getting these sudden outbursts of random anger" He told Holly of the incident in at the lake. How he was practicing and, how he had lost control of his power because of the fit of anger.

Waiting this time for a response, Slight saw that Iron Ninja was laying on the floor, but he was awake. The thud Slight heard earlier was indeed Iron dropping to the ground.

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The pill made her immune to whatever was affecting Iron Ninja's emotions but apparently a new problem was occuring. Slight fell to his knees trying to control himself, he was asking for her help. Normally Holly would have taken charge, sat down and assessed the situation but unfortunately her Empathic powers suddenly became a disadvantage for her. Without warning she raised a hand to back hand Slight.
"Help me Holly! Oh help me! Oh Gawd! Grow a pair!! I'm so sick of hearing your whiny voice! and you!!" She turned suddenly to where Iron Ninja was slowly coming to. "Who the hell do you think you are!?! Coming into my room!! Were you spying you freak of a perv!?! Ugh!! Men disgust me!! Like you don't even repect my position as leader you're all probably always thinking about what I look like under my uniform! You pathetic saps!" she screeched.

Holly was suprised at how angry she was. She rarely lost her temper this way. She was so angry. She grabbed a table lamp from her night stand yanking it so hard the plug popped out of the socket and she raised it high over her head preparing to hit Iron Ninja.

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Iron Ninja rose up on his elbows and looked at Holly, then looked over at another person who had entered the room.  It was another team member of the Outsiders, named Slight. 

Slight seemed to be having some sort of problem, as he had dropped to his knees and was asking Holly for help.  Then in an unexpected response Holly went off on him, telling him she was tired of his whiny voice.  Then Holly turned her attention to Ninja and her anger also boiled over onto him.  Ninja looked at Holly and was puzzled by her sudden change of behavior.

“Ninja thought, one minute we are kissing, and the next you look like you want to tear my head off.”  Ninja was really having a hard time understanding what was going on.

Ninja started to apologize to Holly, trying to explain he did not know why he acted like he did, but Holly was in no mood to listen to anything like that.  It appeared the mere sound of his voice set her off again as she grabbed a table lamp and moved to attack him with it.

Ninja quickly did a back flip and gained his footing.  He held out one hand and said “Now just wait a minute Holly, I’m sorry, I don’t know what is going on but whatever it is we can work it out.”

Holly was really mad, and Ninja knew he had never seen her this way before.  As he watched her he again began to think about how pretty she was, and somehow he had to make everything between them alright.  After all, they had unfinished business to take care of.

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After his fit, Slight managed to gain controll of himself. Taken aback by Holly response- she was so angry all of a sudden it seemed. Telling Slight that she was tired of his whiney voice. What had gotten into Holly? Was it the same surge that Slight had felt just seconds earlier.

It was obvious that Slight had made the wrong decision to come to Holly for help. Actually scared by her uncontrollable rage, Slight began to back up. Only after two steps, Holly grabbed her table lamp, and turned to Iron Ninja. He realized Holly's intent, and did a backflip to avoid the attack. Even in all the commotion, Slight was amazed at his agility and found himself wishing he could do that sort of thing. Iron Ninja was now trying his best to talk Holly down. Seeing that Iron's words were of no solice to Holly's anger, Slight thought of what he could do to stop her. The choices were either use his own power to stop her or try to talk her down. Then again Slight felt the anger rip into him. "What the h*** is wrong with you?" Those words left his lips like a cheetah after its prey. In aw of what he had just said, Slight could not move. Not even the power of the oracle could have saved him from what he though would happen at that moment.

It seemed as if there was no control at all withing him or Holly. Even Iron Ninja had a face that looked as if he had left his own body. Something was not write within the New Outsiders, the only problem now was how to overcome and get rid of these random fits of rage.

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For a moment Holly felt her anger subside but it returned immediately when Slight asked "What the h*** is wrong with you?". Something about Slight getting angry at her made Holly angry again. It was bizarre she had never had any problems with any members of her team before yet Slight was really rubbing her wrong. She whipped her head around to face him her teeth on edge. What disrespect! "Di-Did you just raise your voice at me!?!" She asked her voice coming out strangled with rage. She turned away from Iron Ninja and took a step toward Slight. "Because I get it, boy. You're a superfreak but tell me have you ever had the gall to ever take a life?" Holly raised her silver lighter letting the flame flicker before her "Because I have" she said bitterly before she used a can of hair spray to make an impromptu flame thrower, aiming at Slight.

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It was the reaction that he expected. Holly was now facing Slight, and confronting him about is comment. She asked him, *Had he ever had the gall to take a life* Even withing all the chaos, Slight could not comprehend the words that were comming out of Holly's mouth. Surely this was not a topic that come up if there wasn't so much anger resonating within the air. 
Holly took out a lighter, and grabbed a can of hairspray. When Slight was younger he was kind of a firebut, so he knew the two were for. Using the objects to make a makeshift flamethrower, Holly pointed for Slight. This had gone on long enough, Holly was threatening Slights life, and Iron Ninja was still in his transe. With anger came confusion, and Holly was definatley confused at the moment. Not realizing that Slight had power over water, and it would have been all to easy for him to protect himself. Instead of returning the anger, he remembered that water was in its own nature calm and peacfull, gentle. He decided to try to reason with Holly. "Holly please think about what you are doing, your about to use fire one someone who controlls water." And to answer your question, no I have not had the gall to take someone's life. That is because I never had to, now please stop and think." 

Hoping that his words would calm, her Slight felt his own anger quell within him. It seemed that when he realized that anger only caused corruption and that it could be overcome by realizing who you are. The only question now was would Holly see the light?

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Holly dropped the lighter and the can of hairspray. She shook her head to clear her mind. What was going on? "Slight, go to the kitchen and do some breathing excersises until I join this to sort this out, Ok?" she said as gently as possible not wanting to trigger another emotional attak so to speak. She brush past Iron Ninja eyeing him warily as she headed toward her bathroom. She slung open the medicine cabinet and took out as many little bottles as she could find; anti-depressants, sleeping pills, sedatives...who knows what might hit them next. Again she walked past Iron Ninja avoiding his gaze, for now he was calm and so was she.

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Seeing a difference in her face, and hearing a noticably forced calm voice, Holly told Slight to go to the kitchen. He did as he was told. On the way to the kitchen, Slight began to think about what was really going on. One minute everything was calm and the next he and everyone else were acting as if they had no control over their emotions. Even the little time that Slight had known Holly, he knew that she was not one to loose control.

" There has to be somthing else at work here" Were the New-Outsiders under attack by an unknown force? Was it another team? Slight figured that he should tell his thoughts to Holly and Iron, when every body got thier heads clear. 
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Ninja watched as Holly started to atack Slight with the make shift flame thrower.  Ninja was going to grab Holly from behind and stop her, but heistated because he wanted to be sure Slight would not attack Holly while she was being restrained.  Then Holly dropped the hairspray and both of them seemed to calm down.  Ninja just stood there, not really knowing what he should do.

Holly didn't even look at him as she brushed past him going to the bathroom, and the same cold treatment as she walked past him again.  Ninja walked over to a window and looked out onto the street.  His mind was flooded with questions about what was going on, and who could be behind it all.

Ninja kept running the events over in his mind. One moment I was just here to talk to Holly, the next moment we are kissing and holding each other.  Man I have never felt like that before,I was so out of control.  My desire for her was stronger than my reasoning.  What can I do now.  Its obivious she hates me since I tried to seduce her.  I know she doesn't have any respect for me now.  Even now thinking about her Ninja could tell the desire for her was still there.

Ninja walked over and picked up his helmet.  He placed it on his head and wondered if he should just leave.  Maybe the  best  thing Ninja could do would be to leave until he could figure out what was going on.

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Drake had only recently escaped from the infernal cages of hell. Locked up for his eternal fight for good. It had taken years to escape, for his power was no match for Lucifer. Several times his attempts to escape were knocked back for his act of vengeance sent him trying to slay the devil himself. However the last time he decided to let his vengeance go, and get out. He had fought through many ferocious demons before he had fallen out of a portal, and into the Atlantic Ocean. After analyzing a world he had not seen in about ten years he had saw that the only thing that hadn’t changed were the alignments. There was still good, and there was still bad. And as far as he knew there always be good and bad. However he felt an overcome of greed through his soul, due to his despair in hell. It was now time that he had seen his most magnificent family, New-Outsiders. However first he was pulled in another direction. It was as if he was n longer in control of himself, as if he was a puppet being controlled by a puppeteer. And that puppeteer was greed. After several hours of being controlled he found himself witnessing a bank robbery. In other times he would have did these robbers justice, but that wasn’t what was about to happen.

He walked fearlessly in front of the cops who were shooting frantically at the robbers. His seven foot wide and 15 feet tall green towered over all of the people in the area. They looked at him with complete awe, as he stepped in front of the cops letting his body deflect the bullets. He scratched his large gray beard as he turned and looked to the robbers. They looked as if they were children who had a bad nightmare. In an instant they let go of their hostages. Drake walked closer and grabbed the money bags beside the most fashionable robber, who must have been the leader of the squad. He gripped the money bags in his hands as he gave a vicious roar at the robber. “I want more! Get me more!” The robbers were at the utmost surprised but they moved quickly to do his task. The cops had now seen that Drake was obviously not on their side. In the act of panic they shot at him rapidly. He turned and grinned at them. It was a grin so vicious that some cops even fell to their knees, surrendering. He wrapped his fingers around a nearby light pole as he yanked it up and launched it at the oncoming cops.   

It was not long before there was much more than city cops, there were S.W.A.T. vans and tanker surround him. He smiled as a missile was launched at him from each side with a small leap in the air he let the missiles hit the tanks that were across form them as he land he gripped his fingers around one of the tanker and he spun in a 360 motion as he released it into the air. As the spot was open he used this to make an exit. He was soon approached by the robbers who threw several large bags at him, with greed once again returning he spoke to them “When I return I want more.” He walked off ignoring the large machine gun bullets blazing against his back. He leapt into the air, about 500 feet high. When he landed he found that he was standing in front of New-Outsider’s HQ. Still having the bags in his hand he did not knock or call any names he barge through, shattering both large doors. With a loud noise as large as a sonic boom he spoke. “Im home!” After the swift sound of shattering glass he released the bags of hi to both sides as he waited to be approached.
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"Where do you think you're going?" Holly asked Iron Ninja as he made a move to leave. "We need to figure this out. What if you get hit by that emotional mojo? You could end up raping an innocent school girl! No! You're not leaving my sight that's an order!"
Holly poured some tea and set it in front of Sight. "Drink this. It should calm your nerves. If it doesn't take this sedative."

A Big bang sounded from down the lobby. "I'm Home!!" Holly flung the door open and peered across the banister...Drake! What was he doing? Could he not see this was a resident building? Holly's neighbors eyed the clearly confused Outsider. Holly pushed her way through the crowd.
"Who is this freak!?! I'm callin the police!"
"Oh, no please Mr. Marble it's just my...uh...cousin. He's deranged. I'll pay for the door" Holly said trying to calm her land lord down before he burst a vein.
Holly grabbed Drake by the arm and dragged him up to her apartment. "Never much for tact as pre-usual are you Drake?" Holly muttered rubbing off the headache Drake always gave her with his presence.

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Before Ninja could leave the apartment Holly stopped him.  He could not argue with her logic as she told him "We need to figure this out. What if you get hit by that emotional mojo? You could end up raping an innocent school girl! No! You're not leaving my sight that's an order!"  Ninja knew she was right. He could not risk what could happen if he was around others. Ninja removed his helmet and put it on a table.  He rubbed his face and eyes with his hands, then walked over to Holly.

Ninja placed his hands on Holly's shoulders and said in a quiet voice to her  "You're right Holly, I will stay by your side but what if this happens again, and I am with you.  What if ....what if  I  ............raped you?  I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you.  I have sworn to protect you, thats the reason I am on this team."  The thought of hurting Holly was something Ninja could not even consider.

Holly could see the emotional stress behind Ninja's eyes.  Even now he struggled with his emotions deep inside. Somehow he would get control of himself, because he knew whatever this was it had to be stopped.  It was even effecting other members of the team.  Ninja had never seen Slight or Holly react with such anger before.  Also Ninja had never seen Holly demonstrate so much passion before.  Whatever it was it was strong enough to effect Holly through her powers as an empath.  Interesting, indeed.

Another thought was this.  Ninja wondered if somehow this power was just tapping into emotions which were already present in the individual.  Maybe this power was just increasing emotions that lay deep inside the person, in their subconcious mind.  Ninja wished he knew Slight better, and wondered if he ever had anger problems in the past.  Ninja asked himself, is the lust which consumed me directed because of Holly, or would it also drive me towards any other attractive female.  In order to overcome this power Ninja knew there were many questions to be answered.
Just then there was a loud noise coming from downstairs.  Were the Outsiders being attacked?  Holly quickly went to see what was happening and she saw the commotion was caused by yet another member of the outsiders.  Drake was downstairs and he had broken through the fron doors to the building.  He was causing quite a disturbance but Holly smoothed it over and brought him upstairs.
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It had been only a while since, Holly directed Slight to go to the kitchen. In she walked, Holly seemed to be calm. She walked over to him and said Drink this. It should calm your nerves. If it doesn't take this sedative. Slight drank the tea, and it actually did help him control, the non stop shaking in is hands.

Slight wanted to know what was going on. Had this ever happened to the New Outsiders before? "Holly, I think that this is an attack, I would never act like this if I were not cohersed to do so. I hope you understand" But just as Slight said the words, there was a loud bang. Was this another attack? Holly ran to the door that had just been knocked down, a guy with bags was standing in the doorway. More questions arose. Who is this guy? Holly told the land lord who was also asking the same question, answered it, saying that the big brute was her cousin. "The family traits don't run deep" Slight said to himself. Finding out that the man's name was Drake, Slight walked over to introduce himself.

"Hello, my name is Slight" Slight hoped that the guy standing in front of him was a people person. Being new to the group, Slight had only had conversations with Holly, and had only met one other team member Iron Ninja.

He was good freinds with another member but was unaware of her membership. Celestrion, was one of Slight's closest freinds, and he got the feeling that he would be seeing her soon.

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Anxiety was filling his mind as he just noticed he had smashed in both doors of Outsider’s home. He looked down at two large black leather bags that were wrapped in his humungous fist. His green skin shined flawlessly as the sun rays beamed in from the shattered entrance door. He was at the utmost confused on how the bags were placed into his hands. He had no memory of the last few hours…However, that was not about to be a problem. For in the next swift second he was beginning to have flashbacks. Flashbacks of what he did at the bank, how he rammed emotionlessly into the door. What was going on with him? Why was he acting this way? He fell to his knees causing large dents to be formed into the bare floor, as it shattered the top solid tiles. He gripped his head in dramatic frustration, as he squeezed his skull as hard as possible. “Who is this freak?!?! I’m calling the police!” Soon he looked up as a familiar face approach him. It was Holly Cross former leader of The New Outsiders. He not only admired her for unique mental powers but also for her unique beauty. Deep down in his heart he had hardcore feelings for Holly. He tried to keep the fact to himself, for he figured that Holly could find someone much more her style.

However, due to Holly’s powerful mental abilities he figured she sensed his love for her. In a matter of seconds, Holly spoke in reply to what the man that had threatened to call the authorities. "Oh, no please Mr. Marble it's just my...uh...cousin. He's deranged. I'll pay for the door" Holly spoke in a smooth voice to convince the man that she had things under control. Even though it was funny to him he was going to get her for calling him deranged. He stood up as he dusted himself off as he stood, still ducking his body just a bit to avoid clashing with the ceiling. He could feel her pulling him into a direction. But he had not yet gained his state of mind, so no matter how much she tugged at him he didn’t budge. Once his mind began to recover he gave her a low laugh as he walked off behind her. She then spoke to him “Never much for tact as pre-usual are you Drake?” He knew that what she was saying was true. He was thinking in his head though, where were the rest of the members? Was Iron Ninja still a member of the team? How about his training partner Celestrion where had she gone? He was next approached by a man who had known was in Outsiders, yet they had not actually met “Hello, my name is Slight”. Drake responded with the utmost friendliness “I’m Drake…as you can see I’m very big and very green. So let’s be cool.”
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Holly read his mind, a trick she really wish would stop sometimes…especially when the boys' fantasies started to play. “The Headquarters was destroyed in Earthquake 2.0 (Haha Ya’ll know what I’m talking about) I haven’t seen the rest of the members. If they’re out there they’ll know to look for me here, in my old apartment.”  “What’s up with you Drake? It seems to me someone really trying to mess with me this time. First the earthquake which mysteriously only hits out place and now this…Slight here is just a new member is one of our new members and he’s being hit with something. I mean I don’t know you very well, Slight but you really don’t seem to be the type to be so hot headed and Iron Ninja he’s…well, let’s not go there” Holly said with a frown. She ruffled her hair a little to let it dry as it was still wet from her shower.

Michael Turner's Aspen looks just like Holly.

She sighed before she spoke to the boys again. "Any ideas on where this is heading too? So far we got anger and *cough* lust *cough* so I’m thinking emotions…you’re not ridiculously happy are you?” Holly asked Drake with an arched eye brow.

OCC: Guys let's pretend we don't know what's going on yet. it ruins the story if someone's like a super smarty and firgures it out too fast.
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Ninja paced around in the room, as he struggled to come to terms with what was happening to him.  He was aware of the other voices in the room, but he did not hear what they were saying.  He was too deeply occupied with his own emotions.  He could feel the anxiety building inside him; his thoughts going back to what had just happened a few moments before with Holly.  He walked over to where Holly was, and somehow being close to her made him just a little calmer.  He then walked away from her and he noticed then that his emotions began to spike, and he was filled with anxiety.  He turned and walked back over to her, standing just behind and to her side.   

Ninja reached out and took Holly by her hand.  She quickly turned her head toward him and gave him a look that told him exactly what she was thinking.  It was something like “What the h**l do you think you are doing?”  But Ninja managed a small smile and put the palm of her hand up against his forehead.  Ninja closed his eyes; he was inviting her to read his mind.  He knew with her powers she would be able to read his thoughts easily.  He wanted her to go into his mind, there were many things he wanted her to know, but there was no time to just tell her.

As she entered his mind Ninja knew his entire mind would now be open to her, but that didn’t matter.  She moved through his mind, feeling his fears, his thoughts, and ideas.  With his thoughts he let her know he was willing to share his thoughts with her only and no one else. She could feel his sorrow for pushing himself on her. But at the same time she now knew he could not help himself.  The sudden and powerful lust he felt for her came on so suddenly he had no chance to resist it.  He still had these feelings but somehow he was controlling them.

Somehow physical contact with Holly helped Ninja control these desires.  When he was not near her, the anxiety and panic would begin to build in him.
 Ninja’s entire being was now centered on Holly.  He only wanted to be with her, around her.  Nothing else mattered to him.  He wanted her to understand, and not hate him for his feelings.  In his mind Ninja had convinced himself his feelings for her were genuine, and not the result of any outside power.   As she continued to read him, she could see the anguish in his face.  Inside his emotions were a mess, and he needed Holly to help him straighten them out.
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Contact with his skin made Holly get sucked into his head unwillingly. She felt his fears, thoughts and ideas...and it caused her pain. Walking into someone's mind was like squeezing through metal bars, you either got pulled through like gelatin or who broke the bars down. If she broke the so called bars that were Iron Ninja she could have made him a vegetable so she was the one who suffered. She gritted her teeth and yanked her hand from his breaking the connection. She withdrew it and slapped him across the face. "Don't ever do that to me again! I don't know what you think you're feeling for me but it isn't love! It's not real Iron Ninja! someone put it there! I don't want to hear any of this "I love you" crap! It doesn't exist! never has..." Holly murmured the last part with past thoughts of Gavin the man who had ripped her heart out.

She shook the memory away. "Get it together! Or so help me there's going to be an open slot in the Outsiders for a new member!"
Holly was furious and this time it was coming from her and not from Slight. Iron Ninja was a trusted colleague and a good friend, he'd ruin everything if he loved her...truly loved her.

She looked towards Slight and Drake who perplexed had no idea what had gone on before them. "Why are you all gaping at me like that?! brainstorm, people! What do we have? Any leads on who might be causing this?"

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Ninja stood still as Holly was in his mind, reading his thoughts.  Then suddenly she jerked away from him and slapped his face.  The slap stung his skin but Ninja did not flinch, just stood there looking at Holly.  Then she snarled at him "Don't ever do that to me again! I don't know what you think you're feeling for me but it isn't love! It's not real Iron Ninja! Someone put it there! I don't want to hear any of this "I love you" crap! It doesn't exist! Never has..." 

He continued to just look at her and he did not need the powers of a mind reader to know exactly how she felt toward him.  If she truly knew there was an outside power controlling him she surely didn’t show him any sympathy or compassion.  She just expected him to get over it, sort of like telling an alcoholic not to be one. 

Ninja and Holly had known each other for a long time and he had always felt they were close friends, but now he questioned in his mind if even that was true. He needed her help. In his mind he asked her for help, but instead what she gave him was a slap in the face. Ninja made no attempt to speak; he just turned his back to her and walked away.

Iron Ninja walked over to the table where his helmet was and picked it up.  He placed it back on his head and walked over to the window.  With his helmet in place now Holly could not read his thoughts even if she wanted to. Ninja kept his back toward Holly, and the rest of the team of Outsiders in the room. 

Ninja had never felt as alone in his life as he did now. He did not understand what was going on, but he would figure it out.  Ninja knew now he would have to figure out what was affecting him by himself.  He began to think again that he needed to leave; after all she had threatened him with kicking him off the team. She didn’t need him, she probably never had. So why should he stay?  If she really was his friend she would have understood and treated him with understanding.  

Ninja then began to use the computer systems in his suit to link with up with other systems.  He was scanning the news and police systems looking to see if there were any reports of others acting in a similar manner.  He also connected to databases and started to download information about human emotions, what caused them and ways to control them.  One thing for sure, Holly would not have to worry or concern herself with Iron Ninja, ever again.
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"What are you doing!?! Sit!" Holly told Iron Ninja. "Sit down right now!!" Holly touched the wetness that ran down her cheek. It was blood. She had held her powers back for too long. Iron Ninja's reckless grab for her hand and inadvertantly activating the mind walk. She turned away from the team to wipe away the blood that ran from her eyes like tears.

She didn't need to read his mind to know that she had hurt him. "Iron Ninja, please sit down" she said more gently this time.
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I have just received the tragic news of a fellow viner's passing. To pay our respects the New-Outsiders will postpone their Forums and RPG's till further notice to allow all the viners who were especially touched by Angelic Reaper's warmth and imagination to grieve properly.

To the New-Outsiders save your ideas for when we resume and please pay heed to this entry...it's very important we do this.

Thank you
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Back in his room Slight, began to think. His mind raced with different thought, all of which were to much for him to handle. "How am I supposed to concentrate with all these thoughts?" Slight got on the floor, and crossed his legs in the style of a kindtergardener. Closing his eyes trying to pinpoint something that would help him figure this situation out.

One by one the stray thoughts came together, most of them were irrelevent, so Slight tossed them aside. Slights mother was a very intuative person, and she passed that gift on to him. She would always tell him bible stories, that helped explain the unexplainable. One story always resinated within him.

The story of Pandora's box. Over the years Slight heard many differant renditions of the story, but they all ended with the same thing. Pandora was a woman whom the Gods entrusted with their sacred box. She was a curious woman, so she disobeyed the orders of the gods and opened it. In an instant chaos reigned out in the land. Where there was no hunger before women, men and children died from famine. Where there was not a harsh word toward eachother, people fighting in the streets because of war and envy and greed. Anger ruled with an iron fist over the land, and there was not way Pandora knew how to stop it. Everyone in the village knew that Pandora was the keeper of the box, so they formed a lynch mob to destroy her. In the streets the there was mass histaria. Out of pure lust there were men, grabbing women by the arm, dragging them by the arm. People luted the houses of their neighbor, out of envy and greed.

When the mob reach the house of Pandora they were about to kill her for unleashing evil upon a world that had not know such before. Right before the men and women were about to end her life, something else arose from the box. Hope. Washing over the croud like a wave of light, women and men ran to their wives to protest thier love. People fighting gained peace and dissolved their anger with calm and self controll.

Hope had brought a solution that seemed all but lost. Love returned once again to the world. Some how Slight felt this was the first step in solving the problem that loomed over all the members of the New Outsiders. Realizing that only his anger was always quelled by being calm and remembering his own true nature of peace. Slight ran to tell his findings to anyone who he could find.

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Frantically running to share his finding, Slight ran past a room. The door was open and once again he found Ninja and Holly together. Was this another attack? No they didn't seem to be paying each other any attention. As Slight walked in he heard Ninja say, "Anytime you want me gone, all you have to do is say the word" Seeing Ninja just walk away from Holly like he did made Slight's news all the more important.

"Everyone, I think I might know what's going on" Knowing that he had gotten their attention, Slight proceeded to share his info. Explaining the story, Slight figured that at least one of the members had heard of the story of Pandora's box. "The anger that I had earlier was only subsided when I realized that in my own nature I'm a calm person." " I think the same applies to the rest of you"

Sharing his news gave Slight a sense of power. Not only did he have a possible solution, but he also had not had an anger attack since he left his room. Now the only problem was to figure out why the emotions chose those that it did, and how to combat those emotions.

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    Magick had just returned from a recent time jaunt to the middle ages.  After spending two weeks with out modern tech, she was all to eager to renew her friendship with Toothbrushes, showers, and the internet. She Made her way to the New-Outsiders lair, only to find it demolished. A wave of shock rolled over her. where were the Outsiders? Were they okay? Suddenly a new wave of emotion rolled over her. Who cares? She thought. she slouched to the ground, not wanting to get up. What was the point? If she got up, she would just have to fight some crackpot villein. she could lie here forever. never get up...............

    Then she snapped out of it. What was she thinking!? of coarse she couldn't stay there! Of coarse what happened to the Outsiders mattered! They were her friends! Her family! she got up and took a cab to Holly Cross's apartment. When she opened the door she herd Slight saying "Everyone, I think I might know what's going on" "The anger that i had earlier was only subsided when i realized that in my own nature I'm a calm person. I think the same applies to the rest of you". 
    "what anger?" Magick asked, and Holly Cross, Iron Ninja, and Slight Turned around to see her. "is something wrong with the team?" Magick asked again. "and what happened to the lair?"
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"Oh, thank God" Holly stumbled towards Magick and wrapped her into a hug. "Joy! a rational thinker" Holly moaned into her shoulder. She pulled away to eye her suspiciously. "Quick tell me. Are you absolutely red with rage or strangely horny? because they are" Holly said pointing at Slight then Iron Ninja.

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Just as Slight finished his point, another member of the Outsiders walked into the doorway. Holly ran to her and gave her a hugging embrace. Magick asked Slight what he was talking about.

"Magick, it's good to see you" "To get to the point, some of us have been, well not ourselves lately" Slight explained the situation to her.
Something has happened to me. Earlier today, I kept having anger attacks. It was not regular anger, this actually caused pain within me. I believe that an outside force has done something.

Magick like she had gotten the hang of what he had told her. Meanwhile he would try to help Ninja. "Ninja what is it that you feel, and have you felt it before?" I only ask this to get some background info. Slight waited for a response.

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"Oh, thank God" Holy said as she embraced Magick in hug "Joy! a rational thinker" then she pulled away. "Quick tell me. Are you absolutely red with rage or strangely horny? because they are" Holly said gesturing towards Slight and Iron Ninja.

Then Slight turned to greet her. "Magick, it's good to see you" "To get to the point, some of us have been, well not ourselves lately" "Something has happened to me. Earlier today, I kept having anger attacks. It was not regular anger, this actually caused pain within me. I believe that an outside force has done something. "
As slight turned away to discuses the Problem with Iron Ninja, Holly began filling her in on the last two weeks. After Magick had been fully briefed on the situation, she was pretty sure that it was the same disease affecting the team that had caused her excessive laziness before. "I think that might explain something that happened to me earlier." Magick confessed. "Not you too!" Holly sounded exhausted. "When i was at lair, and it was wrecked, i suddenly stopped caring about every thing." Magick explained. "I didn't want to do anything." "I guess maybe this disease is making me overly lazy?"
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"Lazy....lazy...lazy! Sloth!" Holly said snapping her fingers in revelation.
"Anger!" she said pointing to Slight
"and lu-where did Iron Ninja go?" Holly's eyes went wide. Did he leave the lair!? Was he out raping some innocent girl!? She rushed to her room to suit up and found Iron Ninja passed out on the floor. Her discarded towel under him. She gave a shudder at the memories...seriously it was like going at it with your brother. She grabbed her uniform and went back into the living room with the others. "I'm going to the bathroom across the hall. Slight if you get hit with that thing again just do your breathing excercises and drink some more tea till I get back. Drake if Slight gets to out of control it's your job to restrain him. Magick try to keep away from Iron Ninja as far as I can tell...he's pretty horny and you being too lazy to do anything....like fight back...let's not picture that senario" Holly said before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

She knocked on her neighbor Mercy's door making up some story about relatives using her bathroom. Holly just wanted to be away from Iron Ninja whenever she had to be naked. She fitted into her uniform and threw a bathrobe on to disguise it as she left her neighbor's apartment. She stood staring at the door to her apartment reluctant to go in and deal with all the chaos. It wasn't too long ago she was undergoing physical therapy after the earhtquake. She leaned her forehead on the door exhausted.
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Slight didn't know Iron Ninja that well, so when he asked him about his feeling for lust it was a complete surprise at the willingness to give an answer. Ninja told Slight that him and Holly had always been good friends. Slight was enough of an empath to feel the anxed in Ninja's voice. He also noticed that he could not help but to stare and digress when he caught Holl in the corner of his eye.

After their conversation, Ninja left. Soon after, Magick divulged that she had felt overwhelming laziness earlier. It was another attack. Why was it only affecting members of the outsiders? Holly left to go to her neighbors apartment. Again Slight could see the stress in her face. Before she left Holly advised the colossal Drake to restrain Slight if he should have another anger attack.

With Ninja and Holly gone, this give Slight an opportunity to figure the situation out a little more. Holly had gotten the hang, but Ninja was still affected by his sudden lust. "Okay, Ninja is a guy who loves technology, he pretty much lives in a computer, so why did lust choose him. They are total opposites" Right then a thought hit Slight like a ton of bricks. Anger had chose him because he was a naturally calm person, Lust chose Ninja because technology can't feel at all. These emotions were striking people who were the opposite of the feelings themselves.

Now on to Magick. "Hey Magick, you wouldn't happen to be an energetic person would you, because if you are then I think I might be on to something." That question only led to another. Was Drake a greedy person at heart. A guy that size really had no reason to be greedy.

Slight sat down and waited for Magick to answer his question. Quesions sprung from his mind like grass in a field. "Why only the outsiders" Who would be next" What if there was no cure" Realizing that his thinking would not bring about a solution, Slight concentrated on positive emotions. Looking deep within himself he might be able to find a solution.

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Holly opened her eyes to look down on the floor. She blinked in suprise at the lone white envelope lying there innocently. She picked it up to find a message in scriptive writing writtern on the back, "Remember me?". She opened the envelope and peered into it to find a disk. Forgetting her frustration and exhaustion she slung the door open and marched inside. "Clue!" she said waving the the envelope in the air before walking over to her computer. The three outsiders looked to each other momentarily before following suit. Holly popped in the disk and watched it play. 
"Drake!" Holly barked when a massive shadow obscured the images on the monitor. He speaker broke the silence. 
"Hello, Holly! remember me?" Holly frowned, the image was nothing more than a siloutte in the shadows. "Duh! of course not...you've diguised your voice and everything" Holly muttered under her breath.
"I was waiting my turn Holly was I was! He said it was finally my turn! and it is"! I'm so happy...I hope your friends like their presents I made each one especially for them, I did! I'm sorry you didn't get  a gift Holly but he wouldn't let me...He also told me to tell you this...he KNOWS Holly...he knows"  then the image died.

"Lame. Cryptic and unhelpful...I'd give this movie two thumbs down...at least we know one thing...there not after the outsiders...they're after me...you guys are just getting hit in the crossfire" Holly paused to bury her face in her hands.

"If you leave you'll probably be back to your normal selves...It's your choice" Holly whispered into her hands.

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Magick stood pondering what Slight had said to her. She was a very energetic person!  Her friends always thought she was on speed! As she turned to tell this to Slight, Holly walked in waving a CD. she slipped it into her computer and turned it on. "Hello, Holly! remember me?" "I was waiting my turn Holly was I was! He said it was finally my turn! and it is"! I'm so happy...I hope your friends like their presents I made each one especially for them, I did! I'm sorry you didn't get  a gift Holly but he wouldn't let me...He also told me to tell you this...he KNOWS Holly...he knows". Huh. so this had something to do with an old acquaintance of Holly's.  "Lame. Cryptic and unhelpful...I'd give this movie two thumbs down...at least we know one thing...there not after the outsiders...they're after me...you guys are just getting hit in the crossfire" Holly said 

"If you leave you'll probably be back to your normal selves...It's your choice"

Magick was certainly not leaving. At least she was sure of that much. Then Iron Ninja walked into the room. somehow she couldn't imagine him in love with Holly. It was just so not him.                                                                                          “Yea it’s my choice and I chose to stay with you, that is if you can put up with me.” Magick noted the way he looked at Holly when he said this.“I’ll never leave you in danger, you know that".
Wow. He had it bad.
Then he turned to Magick and smiled and winked at her. “What, I’m just playing”. At least he seemed to be feeling better.
Magick turned to Holly.  "I'm staying too". "what's the point of a team if we don't look out for each other?"  
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The sign of a good leader is when they are willing to take all the punishment for thier partners. The sign of a good partner is to take part in whatever troubles their leader might have. "Holly, you know I would never even think to do such a thing, besides things are just getting interesting!" Slight was never the type to abandon someone in need. Whoever sent this cryptic message wanted the Outsiders to suffer for something Holly did. That person would have to know the New Outsiders inside out, and would have to be an enemy of Holly's.

Which begged the question "Holly, you know who this is don't you" "I mean, come on you know who this is, and please spare me the droll banter" "Something you did to this person has come back to haunt not just you but all of us, and now that I think of it you didn't even get hit with an emotion"

Slight could feel another anger attack coming on. This time any defenses Slight had went out the window. His eyes felt like they were bursting, his body felt like it was on fire. Again Slight dropped to his knees, screaming from the writhing pain. "God#### it Holly, what have you brought on to us?" "You better figure something out quick"

Even though Slight knew what he was saying he couldn't believe that he was saying them. Here he was and he just telling Holly that he would never abandon her and now he was saying things in total contrast. Slght hoped that she knew that this was another attack, and that he didn't mean anything he was saying.

Anger pierced every phiber of Slight's body. It felt like it was seeping out of his pores like sweat. Gathering enough strength, Slight got up and ran to the bathroom. He turned the water on as cold as he could but it was no use, the seemingly all powerful anger numbed him to the cold water. Looking in the mirror Slight saw that his eyes had turned black. "Get a hold of yourself, calm down" Slight strained his body, and got down on the floor, got in the meditative position, and took a deep breath. Breath after breath, after deep breath, he began to calm down. The hold the anger had loosened until it was finally gone. Slight could think clearly now, "Crap, I can't show my face out there,... What am I talking about... man up" Walking to the door, Slight prepared for, well... he didn't know what.

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Magick had barley told Holly about her intention to stay when Iron Ninja started talking into a communicator.   As he hung up, he began to star at her. then he walked over and smiled. "Magick….  It’s really nice to meet you finally." he said and held out his hand. Magick took it reproachfully, wondering if he was just introducing himself to her, or if he was having another attack.  "nice to meet you t---" she was cut of by the sound of Slight yelling at Holly. "God#### it Holly, what have you brought on to us?" "You better figure something out quick" He screamed and walked out of the room. apparently  Iron Ninja was not the one they needed to worry about. However Slight seemed to back to normal when he returned.

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Comming back to the room, Slight had shame writen all over his face. He could not handle his own remarks, let alone Holly's. She had obviously absorbed his anger again, and was livid. In the bathroom, it took almost everything Slight had to get his mind back on track. His breathing exercises worked but, this time it took alot longer.

"He.. hey guys, I'm sorry about my outburst earlier, it was only another anger attack. And Holly I didn't mean anything that I said... I hope you can forgive me" "I was able to come back too, but this time it took a lot more energy than I expected" The feeling of shame seemed to subside as Slight explained his actions.

However, Slight's remarks seemed to bring out old memories. Memories that were full of pain. "I know what your thinking, and it's not true, like I said before I will not leave, but what I said seemed to bring out something that is helpful." It was ironic that anger and wrath brought out a possible solution to the problem at hand. Holly was muttering something when she said a name "Carl Gunther" She said that he was also a empath. "Carl Gunther, is that an old foe of yours.... You know we have our own ways of finding people and leaving them messages"

To solve the problem the team needed to be solution oriented. Holly gave some critical information, and Slight had gave a possible reason for who and why the emotions struck the people they did. One thing was for sure was that the guy in the message was as crazy as Holly said. There was definatley no way he could have drempt up a plan this intricate.

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So now they knew who was doing this. Magick looked over at Holly. the expression on her face said that she was clearly not okay, despite the "I am perfectly fine" act she was doing. Magick wanted to Talk to talk to Holly about this, but before she could get up, the laziness hit. She staggered, then fell. A tiny voice in her head told her it was another attack, and that she needed to fight it. But most of her just didn't care. She sat on the floor, unable to think. the tiny voice that had appeared earlier was telling her that her teammates where near her, wondering what was happing. shut up she told it. Then that little voice that had been all that was left of her regained control of Magicks body. "Gah- sorry." Magick muttered, and walked over to the fridge to get a coke. If there was any thing she needed right now it was caffeine.

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Iron Ninja stood close to Magick as he extended his hand to her.  He wanted to talk with her but he really did not know her.  He was a little surprised at  himself in what he would have considered boldness by just walking up to her and beginning a conversation.  He was usually shy and it took awhile of being around someone as beautiful as her before he would have the courage to start up a conversation.  But for some reason his desire to talk to her was stronger than his shyness.  She started to talk with him but was cut short by Slight's screaming at Holly.  Then as Slight stormed away Holly returned in kind by screaming back at Slight.  It seemed as soon as it started it was over and the two of them seemed to calm down.

Then Magick started to move over to Holly but she staggered and fell.  Ninja's natural reaction was to quickly help her up.  But he hesitated because he did not trust himself to touch her.  Ninja was trying his best to keep control of the lust that burned within him.  Instead of putting his hands on her to help her up, he knelt beside her and asked her if she was ok.

Maqick did not respond to Ninja's question, so he just stayed beside her thinking he would help her if she needed him to.    Then suddenly she seemed to regain her composure and she stood and went to the fridge for something to drink.  Seeing she was OK, Ninja just stood to his feet and took a few steps toward the kitchen.  He was still admiring Maqick's figure as she walked away from him.

Ninja knew he needed to keep his mind occupied on something besides Magick so he turned his mind toward the name Holly had given them earlier.  Ninja used the techonology within his suit to gather as much information about this Carl Gunther as he could.  Quickly the information began to come back. Now if this Crawler was just an empath then the suit should have been able to prevent simple mind control.  Somehow Gunther had found a way past Ninja's defensives so Ninja began to address this problem first.  The suit should be able to shield Ninja's mind from mental attacks so the first priority was to correct this problem.

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When Magick got up from the couch, she collapsed on the floor. It was very obvious that it was the laziness that had taken affect before. Still trying to help Holly gather information, Slight posed this question "Holly, are there any other people that you know of that has this much of a grudge against you?" He knew that he was treading on thin ice, but it was important to collect as much info as possible.

Slight saw Iron Ninja tinkering with his suit. Everyone was focused on something else. Magick was at the fridge, Holly was starring into the computer, and Ninja was messing with his suit. There was a sense of calm in the room, which was unusual at a time like this. What was going on?

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Hey, guys sorry a freaky storm in my part of the world disrupted all internet connections...

Holly eyed Slight really hoping he would stop asking so much questions. She looked out to where the sun dipped low in the sky taking with it the light. "I'm hungry...you guys want take out?" Holly asked the team going for the telephone. She saw Slight give her a look that said "What the heck?" but busied herself by flipping through the Chinese take out menu. She ordered fried noodles, spring rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, beef and brocolli and some Chinese sweets making the list as long as possible to satisfy the team's food needs as well as avoid answering Slight's question.

When she put down the phone she turned to face SLight who waited patiently for an answer. She opened her mouth to answer but instead said "I'll go down to the storage to brin gup some futons for anyone who wants to spend the night..."