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Kyoko a New Villian in our area, has been causing chaos in recent months using her seductive powers of attraction. One night while Credit was on night watch, she used her Seductive Powers on him causing him to give her acess to the KAS, HQ aswell as other city Organizations.

She commands Credit to Take Care of the KAs Once and for all While she Plans to Murder the Top city officals and Take the CV for herself.

The Kick Ass Squad!
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"Why the f*ck am i on watch duty and at this time of night" Credit said softly and quietly the obvious signs of anger and frustration mixed with his soft almost soothing relexed one "Oh yeah i know its becuase im the new guy and my older brother big help he was oh go ahead Sha push the kid make him sweat he can handle it, i hate big brothers" Credit was obviously not in a very good mood tonight not only did he have to keep watch from a cold damp watchtower while gale force winds were blowing but he knew in his mind that the others were all sitting comfortably in a snug sofa next to a warm fire eating foods that even the gods felt was to good for them. Credit wa slowly getting bored and his body began to drift to sleep his eyes already two steps ahead of his body as they slowly and heavily began to shut. "What the" all of a sudden Credit heard a crashing noise coming from one of the alley ways, unsheathing his angel katana Credit leap frogged out of the watchtower and made his way down the alley, like a silent predator he moved slowly and cauitosely as not to attract attention to himself.  Credit was in a battosai stance as he approached the alley.

Credit was now in the alley way as he heard a noise a rattling of trash cans, it was very dark and there was no street light around this area which made it even harder to see what was down the alley, his sword then began to create a small orb of light on the end of it as it slowly creaped its way up the blade and created a large source of light, moving further into the alley Credit heard a a large crash as he swung his blade out of instinct only to see a dirty stray brown cat run right past his legs and into an old house, "Sonnova" Credit began to wal back when he looked up at the watchtower he sighed and his eyes felt like closing again, he knew he was bored up there it was cold there was nothing to do and the action was elsewhere. Credit sheathed his blade and began to walk the streets, lamps were flickering as the wind was blowing and ruffling ever so slightly his spiky messy grey coloured hair. Credit was dressed in a dark blue ninja outfit, the fabric latching onto his skin, covering his mouth while a bandana was placed over his forhead slanting to one side covering his right eye where he had lost it the first time he battled his brother and he was taking over by that demonic spirit.

Credit's angel blade was strapped to his back a gift from the heavens itself, he was alao carrying the usual ninja weaponry, kunai's, explosive tags, smoke bombs, daggers and a sickle shaped weapon with a ball and chain on the end, he also carried a set of scrolls most were for summoning but there were a few that contained forbidden and deadly magic spells all considered frowned upon by the gods. "The night i want some action this city decides to screw me over and give me the most boring night of my life" Credit looked up to the heavens "Is this some kind of punishment for me making out with that girl because i swear i did not know she was a nun" Credit just chuckled to himself at the thought of talking to the sky. Moving to a alley Credit ran up one of the walls and began to move along the rooftops as the wind blew in his face making him feel free when something caught his attention in the distance, he stopped and looked down a alley to see a beautiful woman signlling for him to come over, he was instantlly captured by her beauty mezmerized as she walked off swaying her lucious hips from side to side, it was like he wa under a spell but could do nothing about it, jumping from the roof he began to walk down the alley he had been bored all night and longed for action and maybe this was the action he was looking for, Credit got to the alley and saw the woman "Well well well what can i call you" Credit said with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye.

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She looked dead at him, with a smirk on her face, she loved the fact that he was looking for adventure. She had sent out her seductive waves to attract him, and like a vulture to raw meat he came. “"Well well what can I call you" She placed her hand on his chest and began to walk around him. She knew of his bored nature; she also knew that he was a man and when presented with the opposite sex he wouldn’t be thinking with his brain. Kyoko didn’t hesitate to violate his personal space; she got close enough to kiss him. Her eyes turned red and she began to work her magic on him. The surrounding area began to turn pink, little hearts because to float around the area.

She looked at him and then began to flirt just to see if she had him under her control. “I’M SO COLD; I WISH I HAD A NICE JACKET TO KEEP ME WARM”. Little did Credit know this Women’s name was Jessica Dickerson, She had been the Victim of a freak Sugar accident, She was knocked into a Sugar chamber while being exposed to hallucinogenic Gas; It reshaped her molecules and made her into a walking Succubus of seduction. She had been arrested on Crimes of murder in the first degree, but she had been thrown in jail with Ease by Prima, this was about 3 years ago.

She had mastered her Powers now and she was going for the big finish, she had a small intercom in her ear that had fed back to her henchmen. She looked at Credit who was Now fully under her Spell. She then looked at him and sealed her spell with a Kiss. The alley was dark but noise could be heard from each direction, the sound of footsteps filled the area. Jessica’s henchmen had now come to the site and Jessica began to display her plans for the city. She took a knee in the middle of the huddle focusing on Credit. “ This is what we are going to do…Credit you’re going to take a group of men and Infiltrate the KAS HQ  and Kill as many as you can…They want to keep us from being together!” She then turned to her other Henchmen, Credit will give us the Key into the City Senate, so we can kill them too with them gone we will always be together!

She dismissed her henchmen and then turned back towards Credit, COME TO MY HOME WHEN YOU’RE DONE I NEED TO PROPERLY THANK YOU. She wrapped her leg around him and kissed him before she left. Jessica wasn’t the master mind behind the plan she was working for someone above her but she was the direct leader of operations.

: How did it go?

Jessica:  like it always goes

: Good

Jessica: They don’t expect a thing.

: They will pay!

Jessica put her red lip stick on and stared off into the night.

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Credit's eyes instantly locked on to hers and the attraction was instant, he had no idea why he all of a sudden chasd after her and why his stomach felt like it was being clenched by an invisible force that wouldnt let him go and it made him feel good. Credit was becoming light headed just at the thought of her his mind had wandered off to a dream land, his eyes filled with nothing but compassion at the very sight of her elegant curves, long flowing jet black hair and ruby lips that was drawing him in like a moth to a flame. Credit felt his stomach flutter, his heart race a million beats per second and his soul leaving his body as she placed her hand on his chest, walking around him Credit's head rotated following her every step watching every sway of those perfect hips, his mind was lost in a void and his body only worked from what his heart was telling him to and that was mostly working of raw animal attraction. Credit took a deep breath as she moved in closer to him as he looked into her eyes that had turned a deep shade of red as all he could see was the area turn pink and little hearts dance around, smiling Credit licked his lips from the lust.

I’M SO COLD; I WISH I HAD A NICE JACKET TO KEEP ME WARM”. Credit sent her a soft smile and a cheeky wink and placed his arms around her body bringing her in closer into his own body as he held her tight, running his hand down the center of her back he looked in her eyes the sparks flew from his eyes to hers and back again, they werent sparks that could be seen but rather felt like a tingling sensation running all over your body touching and carresing every nerve. "I may not have a jacket but i can keep you warm" Credit's tone was soft unprvoked and filled with tenderness yet there also a slight hint of passion, lust and a wildness in his voice. The sun night was still young in a sense and it wouldnt be light for a few more hours, the wind had died down only a soft breeze was blowing at his face now. The two nver released there gaze from one another as she leaned in a kissed him on the lips, his move following hers in perfect harmony, the kiss was fiiled with passion and tender care.

Credit all of a sudden heard the sounds of footsteps approaching the location were the two were sharing there kiss but he couldnt care, it could have been attackers or a group of assassins but he just carried on kissing her when a group of men stopped and surrounded the duo, the men greetd themselves to the woman calling her Lady Kyoko each one bowing to her and all kneeled down as she did and Credit followed suit. Credit looked around at each man but they were only quick glances as his eyes were only focused on her and her alone. “ This is what we are going to do…Credit you’re going to take a group of men and Infiltrate the KAS HQ  and Kill as many as you can…They want to keep us from being together!” She then turned to her other Henchmen, Credit will give us the Key into the City Senate, so we can kill them too with them gone we will always be together! Credit just smiled and nodded at her every word agreeing to do everything, he was being told to kill his team and he didnt care because his heart was gripped and controlled by her and he would do anything to be with her even if it meant doing this. Kyoko sent her men away and mad her way back over to Credit who had rised back to his feet, COME TO MY HOME WHEN YOU’RE DONE I NEED TO PROPERLY THANK YOU her leg wrapped itself around his body and kissed him before leaving.

Credit watche dreamly as she made her leave feeling slightly sad that she was gone but exited at the prospect of getting to see her again but first he had a task to complete. Credit checked to see it was time to get back as his night shift had finished, taking out a scroll Credit placed it on the floor and bit into his thumb casuing blood to be released, dripping it onto the scroll Credit slammed down on the ground focusing on the magical energies and summoned a large hawk, stepping on it the hawk took him back to the KAS HQ, once he got there the hawk dispersed and Credit was about to go inside when he could see a group of men coming to aid him in taking them out, turning around Credit walked over to the men and asked them to come down the alley to formulate a plan "Kyoko is hot right the things i would do to her" the men began to laugh but Credit wasnt he didnt see the humour in talking about a woman like she was meat "So what do we do go in and crack skulls" ametures Credit thought "No you guys die" Credit smiled and walked out of an alley with no dead bodies no trace of blood and no sign of life as in just a split second a series of feint screams could be heard all trapped in a void all coming from Credit as he closed his eye and opened it the screams had gone.

Credit went inside the HQ and went to the main area where everyone was doing there own thing, sitting down Credit grabbed a beer and smiled at them all before sitting on the couch and watching what was on tele, each unaware what he planning on doing to them all. Credit had a few beers that night before heading to bed, yet he didnt fall a sleep he was waitng for the others to fall to sleep so he could do his plan, once each member was drifting in dream land he would cast an illusion over them a dark spell that when they woke up they would be living there greatest dreams but that dream would slowly change into there worse nightmare and Credit would carry doing this making things worse and worse untill he had broken there minds and spirit only then could he destroy there bodies but there was only one he couldnt cast the illusion on and that was NeVann his sharingan would see through his own illusion so Credit would have to deal with him in a different way and that way was he had left a rare typed of posionous spider in Vann's room that would bite him once he fell a sleep and once he was dead the spider would lay its eggs in his mouth, Credit had left no evidence so tracing the attack back to him was near impossible. 

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Sitting on top of the KAS roof in the middle of the night, Vann felt a warm night breeze coming from the west that brushed across his face. His raven mid length hair wavered infront of his face as it seemed odd to him for the air to be so warm this time a year, but shrugging it off he looked up at the big full moon which light illuminated the earths surface as if it was the sun. "Ugh... another sleepless night, well at least this should be the last I'm almost done." He said to himself in refernce to the KAS new security system he was install, run the last system checks and configuration. Continuing to stare into the majestic glow of the moon Vann let out a tirering and regetful sigh, while sliding his hair behind his ears with his left hand. Vann wondered how did he let Sha talk him into agreeing to install the system, "Well at least I'm not the only one that has to stay up all night I kinda feel sorry for the kid." He was speaking of the one of the rockies to the team Credit. Unlike the shinobi that makes his living on knowing about people that surround him, like friends, family, teammates and especially enemies. All he really know is that Credit is an Jounin level ninja like himself and has a demon form also like himself, but that was pretty much it. But with the system not being fully functional Sha apointed him with night watch duties.

"Well I guess I should head back in the system should be done booting back up." As he went to stand up the gravel from the roof surface embeded itself into his hands, Vann didn't really notice it do to the callouse on his hands and fingers cause by all the fight and sword training he had been doing since he was small child. Pausingfor a moment  and looking down at his hands he saw the gavel that stuck to his plam and rubbing his hands together the tiny rocks fell to the ground. Walking over to the roof enternce Vann was stopped by the sweaking on a huge hawk, concealing himself in the few shadows that could be found on such an illuminated night Vann watched Credit dismount the hawk before it vanished in a large cloud of smoke.

"What is this guy up too why did he leave his post? Oh well I guess he went to check on something out the norm and now he's back well I better hurry and finish to give the kid a break." Just as quickly as he said that he saw  a group of men apporched Credit, then was led away by him. Something didn't feel right to the ninja so Vann decided to follow them keeping himself hidden to a near by ally way, but about time he reached the alley it was to late all that stood there was Credit but Vann knew he had just heard some faint screams and what happen to the group of men that was following him. Puzzled about what was going on Vann decided to the inforation to himself for now but keep a close eye on Credit, Making his way back to the KAS roof Vann made a shadow clone and instucted it to go down stares where everone was and tell Sha that the system is up and then head to bed.  It was of course a decoy as the Shinobi went and loaded to the new security system before moving around the KAS HQ keeping tabs on the rookie, seeing that he designed and install it he knew all the whole in it so if Credit would access it to check on everyone the shinobi wouldn't be picked up. "Now lets see what you are up to kiddo."

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Feral Nova was walking around the KAS HQ for some hours now, a guitar was hung around her neck while she played a few notes and was humming something she was writing herself. A 'fan' of Nova's gave her the guitar after seeing how she liked so music so much, because for every fight Nova got into... she usually always sang a song right before it. The acoustic guitar was held firmly in her hands as her left fingers gently brushed against the strings, a soft sound was heard. Her eyes kept focused on the guitar as she could hear her teammates greet her, only nodding was all that Nova gave them.

"Baloney..." Was what came out of Nova's mouth as she hit a note on her instrument. She began to hum once more until she looked outside. The silver moon caught her eye as she smiled and continued to glance at it. "Beautiful." Was all that came out of Nova's mouth before a giant Hawk was seen flying past it. "The new kid!" Nova yelled out as she ran off to the TV area where the others were. She watched as Credit, the new kid on the team, walked in, he was suppose to be on watch duty for the night while NeVann worked on the security system for the building. Nova offered to do the watch herself, but Sha felt to give the job to him. She seemed to have been getting along with him just fine, Nova usually did alright in making friends with new teammates, the only time she would give them trouble is if they gave her trouble.

"What’s crakalaken Credit?" She asked as she ruffled his hair a bit and walked off to the living area where she started to play her guitar. She then cleared her throat and smiled. "Superheroes need money..." She started as she paused for a moment, shifting her fingers to another note as she ran her fingers across the strings again. "We cant live on bologna sandwiches." She moved her fingers once more. "Superheroes need money...and it comes from... you." she said as she smiled and began to move her fingers a little more quickly and began to bobble her head up and down to the little playful tune she was playing. "Superheroes need money. We can't live on bologna sandwiches. We can try, but we'd really rather not, y'know?" She paused for a moment as she moved her fingers again. "And here's how you can help! Oooohh, buy our action figures! Oooohh, or a t-shirt! Oooohh, a sticker, a poster, whatever, just help us get through the week, YEAH!" She threw her right arm in the air as she then brought it back down and continued to sing. "Cause Superheroes need money, We can't live on bologna sandwiches. Superheroes need money And it comes from you and you and you and you and you... and... you!" She then ran her fingers across the strings really really fast as she then stopped and smiled. She then looked around to see others just staring at her, she gave a nervous smile as she stood up and quickly walked to her room.

"No one appreciates our music Bob." Nova said to her guitar and placed it in her case. Just then the sent of freshly baked cookies filled the air. Like a small child at a birthday party when they are just about to cut the cake, she darted out of her room and ran all the way back to the kitchen were one of the team members just pulled out the cookies. "OH MY GOSH COOKIES!" Nova blurted out as she reached for them, only to have them pulled away from her. "Awwwwww..." Nova sighed as she lowered her head and walked away, she watched as NeVann began to walk over and talk to Sha.

By the look upon his face, she could tell something was bothering him. The look upon his face told her that something was up. But what could it be? She began to walk over to the both of them only to glance over a the TV and see Ninja Warriors on. "OH HELLZ YEAH!" she yelled out as she jumped over the couch and landed on it next to Credit. "ITS TIME... FOR NINJA WARRIORS!" She yelled out as she threw her fist up.

About thirty minutes later a tired Feral Nova yawned as she shuffled her feet up to her room. She stretched out her arms in front of her and walked into her room, glancing down upon her red and golden sheets. With a small smile she began to undress herself, pulling, tugging and throwing her cloths aside as she walked over to her dresser and pulled out a long baggy black t-shirt and some dark blue shorts. She then dumped her body upon her bed, the mattress taking the shape of her body, hugging her curves and sending her into relaxation as her eyes suddenly began to feel heavy. She could hear her heartbeat and her breathing as she shift her body to her stomach, everything slowly became dark as the last thing she saw was the moon outside....



Feral Nova was skipping along the sides of a grassy plane, the sun was shinning brightly as a warm soft breeze danced across the green covered ground, making the grass seem to dance all around her. The smell of roses filled the air as Nova made her way deeper and deeper into the field, until she came upon a small hillside.

Nova's eyes widen from what she saw, it was a tiny village, houses made out of chocolate bars and marshmallow cars. The smell of chocolate chip cookies filled her senses. She could feel her mouth water and her stomach growl, before she could make another movement or thought, a group of cookie people came walking out of their house, and began to drive around in the marshmallow cars. Stephanie's smile grew wider as she yelled out in excitement and ran down the hill, rushing into the small village.

As soon as she stepped foot into the area all of the cookie people stopped and glanced over at Nova. One cookie came up to her and in a high pitch almost smirf like voice said. "THE COOKIE QUEEN HAS RETURNED!"

With that, in almost an instant, the pj's Nova was wearing turned into a beautiful red flowing dress. Nova twirled around in it as she felt a crown being placed upon her head, a crown made of cookies. Just then, a fellow cookie person handed her a staff made of liquorish and a cookie on the top. The cookie people then formed a circle around her and began to dance around her while singing. "The cookie Queen, her majesty, has finally come! Lalalalalalalala!" They continued to dance around her. "We can all rejoice at her return! Lalalalalalalala!" Nova then picked up a cookie and hugged it tightly as she danced around with it, just then she could hear its little voice call out to her. "Eat me! I taste the best!" The cookie said happily.

Without even thinking twice Nova opened her mouth and popped the cookie in her mouth, the cookie seemed to have melted in her mouth as the sugary goodness filled her mouth. It felt like her taste buds were going into rollercoaster frenzy as she picked up another one and shoved it into her mouth. One by one the cookie people shouted for joy every time Nova ate one.

Just then, giggles were heard from the distant, high pitch valley girl giggles that sent chills down the spine of the fire cookie goddess. With her mouth still filled with the cookies her head slowly turned to see five cheerleaders cart wheeling down the hill that Nova came down herself. They were wearing maroon, navy blue and white uniforms with maroon and navy blue pompoms in their hands. Feral Nova became frozen on the spot, she found it almost near impossible to move even the slightest inch. The blond haired blue eyed girls surrounded Nova, waving their pompoms in the air and kicking up while jumping around, yelling out cheers of horror.

"Give me a K!" The captain yelled out.

"K YOU GOT YOUR K, YOU GOT YOUR K!" The other four sang out in unison.

"Give me a I!"




"Give me another L!"


"AND LIKE, WHAT DOES THAT TOTALLY SPELL?!" The Captain yelled out as she threw her right arm in the air, shaking her pompom.

"KILL!" The other Cheerleaders yelled out as they shook both pompoms and threw them out in front of them, aiming at Nova. Right then, each of the pompom's shot out milk and hit Nova on the face. Nova yelled out in pain as she felt the milk burn her skin, and slowly start to seep through her metallic insides.

Pain throbbed through her body as her eyes suddenly shot open, Nova was breathing heavily as sweat ran down her face, her body was cold and the hairs on her neck were standing on end. Her eyes shift around her room, making sure she was alone. Seeing she was, Nova sighed in relief as she swung her legs over her bed and closed her eyes for a moment, as she re-opened them she heard a faint giggle sound. Steph's head shot up as her eyes darted around once more, standing up from the bed she could feel her knees shake in fear as she slowly walked to the closed door of her room that lead to the hall way. With her hands shaking she slowly opened the door only to be met with five glowing pink glittery eyes.

"HOLY CRAP CHEERLEADRES OF F@CKEN DOOM!" Nova yelled out from the top of her lungs as she ran through a wall of her room that lead into Prima's room. Nova jumped on the bed and shook the body that was laying on the bed. "PRIMA, PRIMA, HOLY CRAP GIRL GET THE HELL UP! WERE BEING ATTACKED BY CHEERLEADERS OF DEATH AND DISTRUCTION!! WE NEED TO SOUND THE ALARM! WE NEED TO RUN, WE NEED TO HIDE!" When Nova noticed the body wasn’t moving Nova pulled the covers back only to see a blond blue-eyed cheerleader laying the bed with a cup filled with milk.

"GGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nova yelled out as she ran out of the room and through the halls, waving her arms around like a mad woman. "THERE EVERYWERE!"


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Kiesha Resided in the training room, She punched the large boxing bag, Each hit she made sent the bag swinging, She then jumped executing a spinning kick while in the air putting a whole in the bag and sending the bag flying letting sand poor out of it.
*sighs* not another bag She thought to herself. Kiesha exited the training room walking into the kitchen opening the frdge and pulling pulling out a Monster energy drink and some Smirnoff green-apple Vodka, she then set the two drinks on the counter. Kiesha reached up into the cuboard pulling out a large glass, she set the glass on the counter and poured both drinks into the glass and then went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

What was on the Television was unclear she had walked into the living room in the middle of the program but she didnt care she just sat drank and watched. Her eyes moved there gaze offf the tv and to the door Nevann walked in her eyes followed him as he waqlked over and talked to sha, there was something wrong with him he gave off no aura almost as if he wasnt real hmmm what could it be? is he a shadow clone? probably...wait then where and what is the real nevann doing? ohwell kiesha's gaze went back to the tv but the someone else walked threw the door it was Credit he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch next to Kiesha, His aura was also off it was inturuppted it wasnt complete he wasnt himself whats wrong with everyone today  credits aura is super off i better keep an eye on him 
Feral nova came popping out singing something about balony and superheroes need money she then walked over to sha and nevann.

Kiesha got up off the couch and went to her room, she opened her closet door and pulled out three candele's some incense an d a jar of purple sand. She used the sand to make a circle she sat in the circle in a meditating position she then placed the three candeles in a triangle around her and lit them and the incense she then chanted the words "let what isnt seen be seen, reveal to me what isnt sopposed to be, show me what has been done so i may undo it" Kiesha continued to sit with her eyes closed repeating the chant over and over suddenly her eyes opened and she got up and walked out of her room and down stairs the spell was activeted it will show her if a spell has been placed on someone. wal;king down the hall way she passed Nevanns room, kiesha opened the door and looked at Nevann a shadowy aura sorounded him 
i knew it that is a shadow clone Kiesha then walked out into the living room and saw Credit he was giving off a red aura and his eyes were in the form of hearts an attraction spell? who casted that? and who wants him to do what? Kiesha knew she had to watch him carefully so she decided to wait till he fell asleep before she could fall asleep.


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Lady Nightmare was using the KAS data base to research on past, present and potential enemies of the KAS. Images of enemies popped up the screen. She pictured how she was going to take them out if the situation occurred. Lady was not used to working with other people or even having a family. She has always been on her own struggling and surviving to maintain stability.

However, the KAS welcome made it easy to adjust .Everyone welcomed her with open arms;this was something that she was going to have to learn to get used to.She was determined not to let happiness slip through her fingers. Lady liked it here and was not going to let anyone ruin it,again.

Her mind traveled back to the tainted memories of her past, Lady visualized the murdering of her family. This mental picture sent a shocking pain through her chest. She discarded the picture. Lady Nightmare dealt with the pains of her yesterday long ago, but every now and then they would come from the ruins of her mind and taunt her. Her eyes focused on to the state of the art computer. After she was finish her research, Lady decided to walk around headquarters to check up on things.

She passed the training room. Lady eyes glanced at Kiesha. The slayer performed a spin kick that sent the heavy bag flying .It hit the wall and sand poured onto the carpet. Her eyes look at the sand filled carpet.

“I wonder whose going to get that up” Lady Nightmare thought to herself.

She passed the room and continued to survey the safety of the head quarters. Lady was al ways preparing her self for a potential fight. She hated being vulnerable and took every moment preparing not to be. Credit was on duty that night. Lady Nightmare wondered weather she should tell him to take the night off and let her be on night watch. The fact that her safety was in the hands of someone else made her uneasy, though she trusted her fellow members to a certain extent she was never going to get used to depending on someone else.

After deciding not to free Credit of night duty, she turned around and headed to her room. Lady’s room was pretty far away from were Credit was. She decided to be lazy tonight. The mental picture of her room appeared in her head.She  teleported to her room. All that was left of her was shadow of her figure in black smoke. Her feet hit the soft carpet of her domain.

Lady Nightmare's room wall was filled with the faces and files of criminals. Lady Nightmare walked to her bed and sat down on the confider. She folded her long legs Indian style. Her eyelids closed. She placed her palms on her knees and started to meditate.

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Sha was sitting around in the “play” room just watching TV and eating ice cream. She had gave the nights duty to the newest member credit, and to Nevann her closest friend next to Nova, Sha Thought the Hq was a bit tense, but being the lazy leader that she was, she didn’t look into it.  Nevann came to tell her that the system had been correctly installed; Sha smiled at him and continued to watch TV. She was in such a lazy mood that she didn’t even realize that, that version of Nevann was a shadow. She looked up to see, the two newest members roaming the house, first there was Keisha who seemed to be some type of avid slayer, and then there was lady nightmare she had a haunted past, Sha really didn’t think she trusted any of the members but she made a good transition into the house and seemed to enjoy her stay so Sha didn’t bother her unless she had a question. After the George Lopez Show went off Sha went up to her Bedroom and laid down on her bed texting her sister Maria. Exhaustion Hit Sha like a bullet and she slowly began falling to sleep.

The allusion of a Dream began to set in on Sha; she was flying through the South eastern Part of the city and people where cheering her own as she flew by waving. There were banners set up all around the city that were thanking Sha for her Work throughout the years. She had landed on a Podium and people were giving her flowers and other various gifts. “As the Mayor of Solace City I would like to present you Shayla Lopez with the Key to the city” Sha looked at the crowed as she accepted and then waved. The people’s smiles turned to grimaces; they overran the Podium and Knocked Sha into the Crowed and carried her off like a wave towards the city docks. They cemented her Legs and tied her hands behind her back, placing a gag in her mouth, Right before they threw her into the “Sha river” she caught a glimpse of the most notorious villains, Kiara Sullivan, Pix, Gambler and Final Arrow. Sha plunged into the freezing bay, with her body incapacitated, She disappeared from view, lost forever.

(in reality) It was hard for Sha to wake up, she tossed and turned in her bed, but her eyes wouldn’t open, she could feel the sweat pour down her head which made her feel like she was in a river. She let out a loud series of Screams, because she was the victim of her own imagination.

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Credit had cast his spell over the members of the Kick Ass Squad, laying on the top of his soft bed his mind was inked to each one that was experiencing there greatest dreams and then there greatest fears. It was like Credit was in the minds of each individual, as they went through there own unique dreams. The first one to fall under his spell was the fire godess Feral Nova, her dream like most would have guessed was a bit strange, she was dreaming about being in a land of cookies and other sugary goodness, there she was declared queen of the cookies but all of a sudden her dream shifted like the day shifts to night, now she was in her own worst nightmare.

Any other time when Credit was not under a spell of his own would have laughed at what was going on his Nova's mind, now though it was more of a sick joy to watch what she was going through as the cheerleaders began to cheer, they were shouting KILL. They chased and attacked Nova with milk, when she felt she had woke up her nightmare just continued. Credit got up from his bed, walking around his room....pacing back and fourth. Credit then shifted his mind to where Sha was going through her own nightmare which involved her being plunged into freezing cold water by an angry mob.

Credit's plan was working as planned, two of the members were going through a personal hell yet the others were not, they had yet to fall a sleep and some like the vampire slayer may take a while before she drifted off.  Leaving his room Credit walked down the hallway, looking at various pictures of each member and there acts of heroics, NeVann using a chidori to take out some robot, Nova accidently setting fire to a mans top becasue it said cheerleaders rule, underneath read a caption saying oops. The final one down the long hallway was of Sha kneeling some guy in the balls becasue he had made a sexist joke.

Peaking behind the wall; Credit noticed that Kiesha was in the main living area, he had to pass her without detection as well as get past the new security system. Just then the door was knocked down and a group of men entered the KAS. The men where those who had disapeared while in the alley with Credit, they seemed to be in a trance as they began to destroy the KAS HQ and attack its members. using this distraction Credit cast a spell over himself, this made him invisble and unable to detect. Credit made his into Sha's room.

Credit looked on invisble to the naked eye as Sha was sweating and screaming from her nightmare, her screams were muffled out by the noise outside her room. Credit knew she would have to be taking out first, so then the others would go down easier. Credit walked and stood over Sha where he began to use telikinesis to attempt to throw he repeatedly against the wall.

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Sitting tight in her room on the top level of KAS headquarters she could hear the music coming from Ferals guitar and smiled to herself as she cleaned out the last of her massive gun collection. Running a smooth cloth over the last of the weapons she tucked the lesser used ones away in the case under her bed and tucked her two favourites back into the holster around her chest. Getting up and stretching she pulled on a pair of leather pants and wacked on her favourite well worn boots, spitting on the toe she wiped a thumb across it and rubbed away a patch of invisible dirt. A warm breath of air wafted through her open window as she reached for her jacket, smiling as the wind hit her she reached down  and picked up the remnants of the cup of coffee beside her bed, draining the bitter drink she winced and spat the cold coffee back into the cup.
"damn time goes fast when your having fun" she thougt to herself. Pulling the door open she headed down to the kitchen too make a fresh pot. She was a bad insomniac, never sleeping much at night Coffee was her best friend and worst enemy. Sha worried for the girl, she had mentioned several times she should get help for her nightmares, but Izzy knew her past just liked to visit in her dreams, reliving that night... Shaking out her blonde hair she gently walked down the steps of her team house and headed for the kitchen.  Credit was on duty tonight so she had faith they were well looked after, he was a good kid and she knew Nevann would keep an eye on him. "funny ninja" she smiled to herslef as she thought of just how protecitve he was of their team and his love Nova. She liked those two, but she had trouble getting close to anyone in her team, she was amazed she was even able to trust anyone again after what the brotherhood did to her, but here she was.
Heading into the large kitchen she grabbed the coffe pot and sniffed it, tipping the old stuff down the sink she poured water popped it back, flicking on the switch she leant against the counter and rubbed her eyes with her roughened hands. Sighing to herself she turned and looked out the window, the moon lit up the yard and she frowned as she noted Credit was not at his post, figuring he would be walkign the grounds she shook off the urge too go out and see for herself. Suddenly she heard a scream, whipping out her guns she fled up the stairs and slammed into Nova. Both girls fell to the ground but Nova kept on screaming and clawing at her face "there everywhere" she screamed at the top of her lungs, flying to the girls side Izzy shook her hard "NOVA GIRL WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON ARE YOU OK"

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Kiesha Sat on the couch at the K.A.S. headquarters watching television and finishing off the vodka, Everyone had sopposedly fallen asleep but she didnt belive it she knew Credit was up to something, suddely she heard the faintest noise behind her it sounded like foot step's but before she could turn around the the door to the K.A.S. Was kicked down. 5 men burst in destroying K.A.S. headquarters one man ran at Kiesha the other's continued to destroy K.A.S. property, Kiesha leaped up off the couch into  her fighting stance. The first Man Ran at her with a crow bar in his hand the man attempted to swing the crowbar down at Kiesha, Kiesha's right hand swung up and smacked into The mans hand sending the crow bar flying she then did a right spin kick smashing into the man's face making the man fall to the floor and breaking his jaw, but it still didnt stop him he got back up! "What in the world is going on!?" Kiesha turned and ran back down the hallway she heard the screams of her team members as she passed there room's, Kiesha knew that she had to get her leader Sha because she'd know just what to do. Kiesha continued to run down the hallway toward the Upstair's stair well. she stopped running as she saw Izabella holding a screaming Feral Nova. "Izabella wake up Nova and take out the intruder's!" Kiesha then ran to the end of the hallway and ran upstair's to the door of the screaming Sha's room, Kiesha kicked the door down only to reveal Sha's Screaming body repeadedly slamming against the wall "What the? Sha!?" Kiesha focused She could sense another person in the room Kiesha kicked into what seemed air but was really an invisible person.

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Sha shook violently back and forth, in her bed getting tangled in her sheets as she tried to shake of the allusion of the Dream, but it was just too strong. She thrashed around her Bed and began to shoot her light powers everywhere. In her dream she began to float to the top of the river but this was because whoever was lifting her in real life, her body was thrown full force into a wall, and this was down repeatedly.  After a while a stiff jolt awakened Sha from her nightmare. She used her Gravity Control powers to place herself back on the ground. Her vision was blurry, but once it returned Sha looked around to see that Keisha was standing in her room. Sha Thought Keisha was the Source of the attack but her Retna Scan triggered by her keen sense, picked up supernatural Reading in her room, Sha then looked back at the whole her back had put in the wall, she hunched over and looked dead Keisha and then said to her, “There is something iffy going on here” Sha could see That Keisha had been Involved in a Scuffle with someone. Sha took the time to hit a button on her watch that activated the Red Scan sensor lights, which came with the new system, it cast limited Motion on all unregistered persons. Sha made it easier for her team to fight the henchmen but she still had to deal with the immediate intruder. Sha turned herself into a Shadow, a being that exist between the two worlds therefore she could Now combat her attacker.

Sha looked up only to see that her attacker was one of her own friends, it was Credit! Sha couldn’t believe her eyes. Soon she took a fighting stance and Charged him, it never occurred to her of what he was capable of. She lunged at him in her night clothes flying through the air with her hands cocked back she attempted to Punch at him. Did she realize it was he even in the room? She ran into the living quarters, to see the men moving slowly. She jumped in the air and kicked the man in the face and then landed and mule kicked in the balls to one man, she then froze, she felt someone breathing down her back. It sent a huge chill up her back, Sha turned around and the force seemingly stood in her face. NeVANN? Sha said walking  around unsuspectingly.

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Feral Nova bust out of Prima's room with such force that the door flew open, yelling at the top of her lungs as her heart raced in her chest. The sound of her feet pounding upon the ground echoed all over the building, with her yelling out 'THERE EVERYWERE!'

As soon as she turned the corner of the hallway, her body rammed into another, she let out another frightful scream. She was ready to take a swing at the being who's arms suddenly began to shake her. She stopped screaming as she looked at her teammate and friend Izabella. Stephanie's eyes were full of fear, panic and paranoia as she quickly clung onto her teammate. "There everywhere... Izzy, there freaken everywhere!" Tears began to stream down her face as her eyes darted around, trying to see if she could find anymore. "I think they got Prima... I cant find her... her bed... the cheerleader... the milk!" She said as quietly as she could.

She then heard another voice. "Izabella wake up Nova and take out the intruder's!" It was none other than Kiesha, one of the newer members of K.A.S. Nova looked at her in almost confusion, she was awake, what was she talking about, she then watched her run off in the direction of Sha's room.

"WATCH OUT THEY MIGHT BE IN THERE TOO!" Nova blurted out, still breathing heavily she watched as someone else came into the hallway. It was none other than Lady Nightmare but because Feral Nova was still stuck with the illusions, she saw before Britney, Captain of the Varsity High School Cheer team.

"HOLY SH!T ITS BRITNEY!" She jumped up as she began to back away. "Izzy, run, hurry, before they turn you into one of them!" She yelled out as she took off running down the hall. She made a sharp turn around the corner as she ran down the stairs that lead to the kitchen. "Cheerleaders, cheerleaders, cheerleaders!" She said over and over and over again until she turned the corner again to the living area, only to see three cheerleaders standing in front of her. However, to those who were not stuck in the trance, there was really nothing in front of Feral Nova. "GAHHHH!" She yelled out again as she slowly backed up. "STAY AWAY! I SWEAR, I'LL KILL YOU!" Nova said as she suddenly burst into flames, yelling at the 'cheerleaders'. Her yellow and red flames danced around her body wildly as she crouched down slightly, fear still in her eyes as she powered up and yelled out as she shot her arms forward, a massive blast of fire roared over to were the two cheerleaders would have been at. Lucky for the team, her boyfriend NeVann made sure that everything in the house was fire proof, so if Nova ever did have to use her fire power for some reason, it wouldnt burn the building.

When the fire cleared, the cheerleaders were gone, Nova sighed in relief only to hear the sound of valley girl talk behind her.

"Like Oh my gosh Nova, did you like, totally think that was sssoooooo going to work?" One of them said to Nova as they flung their long blond hair back..

"Well, like, think again, because were ssssssooooooo going to kick your butt, like... totally." The other said as she began to wave her pompoms in the air.

Nova let out another scream as she turned around and picked up the couch and threw it at the three girls, as soon as the couch left her hands she took off again but this time to the bathroom, she quickly put out her fire and tucked herself in the bathtub of the room, pulling the curtains over as she got into a small ball and hugged her legs closely to her. Her eyes shot around, trying to convince herself she was safe as she heard her heart pounding in her ears. "I'm safe... I'm safe... I'm safe..." she said over and over again to herself

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Sha's body was repeatedly thrown against the solid concrete wall, more and more her body jerked around the room with each hit. The more Sha was sent violently into the walls around the room the more the walls themselves began to crumble, from the force she was being thrown by the unforgiving Credit, the more the walls cracked. The force that she was being thrown about with was quite impressive, these walls were designed to keep out almost any being so for them to crack showed that Credit was not holding back, something he would never have done should he have been in the right state of mind. The love trance that Credit was in meant that he no longer cared about the saftey of his friends, only her love mattered, the softest touch of her lips, the subtle look was all that he acred about now. Credit would kill Sha, his teammate for the sake of being with a girl that was only using him, manipulating him for what seemed to be her own needs.

Showing no signs of stopping his relentless attack, Credit smiled he more he broke Sha's body but the real joy was cracking her mind. Ingnoring the sudden intrusion of Kiesha, Credit just cotinued his attack, he had full confidence that the vampire slayer could not see him, and would mistake the attack by a force unkown. That did not seem to be the case when she looked directly at him, although to most it would look like she was looking at a blank canvas, her shift in the way she looked with her eyes told Credit she was looking at a part of the picture. After a while Sha's body jerked back to life, free from her nightmare, letting her go Sha dropped back to the ground. Just as quickly as Sha was dropped, Kiesha sent a kick for Credit, this is where his phyiscal aspects would come into play. Credit was a born and raised assassin and prized himself on his fighting skills and unique agility. Showing his skills, the master assassin arched his body and ducked away from the kick, then before he could react, Credit was sent flying back, blood splattered all over the floor and cabinets, his body striking the wall as it jerked from the violent impact.

Leaning his body against the wall, all Credit could see was a red mist as he wiped away the blood and grabbed his nose, broken he knew it as soon as he was hit, the touch was just a confirmation for what he already knew. Grabbing his nose, feeling the way it was mishapen and how he needed to fix it, with a quick jolt and a snap of his arms, Credit repositioned his nose, biting down hard, the faintest of screams left his lips followed by a trickle of blood from where he had bit into his tounge from the pain. Wiping his face on a shirt already covered in blood, Credit slowly got to his feet. The pain on his spine was incredible as he returned to visibilty. Credit was in a state of confusion from the attack by Sha who had just left the room, his nose and back suddenly healed as his memories slowly came back to him. As he looked around the room at the destruction he had caused, smashed cabinetes, floor riddled with brick and wood. Realizing that he had one this and who he had done it to, Credit grabbed his head and began pacing around the room, trying to make sense of why he had done this horrendus act.  

A woman in red came into the mind of Credit, he felt a sudden attraction to her, like he had been in love with this woman yet he did not know why, for some reason he felt like he was here for her, that he had attacked Sha for her, his mind only had a few pieces of the puzzle, the rest was for now a mystery. Weaving in and out of the debris, walking right past Kiesha. Credit walked out of the room and down the hallway, the place was in ruins, furniture left broken, as men that seemed familiar were destroying the building. The men were no longer in a trance, Sha was aking care of two of them, slowly they got up and on seeing Credit they ran in fear, four of the men got away but Credit sing his TK threw the final man against the wall and brought the man to him. The man was struggling in midair, Credit knew that this man had the answers he was looking for. Still not in the right state of mind, Credit began to throw the man around the room, "Who sent you" the man's first response he saw coming, "Im not speaking" bringing him to him Credit slowly twisted the mans bones. "Please stop. i'll talk" setting the man down, "Kyoko" going back to work "Where is she" the sound of breaking bones could be heard followed by loud screams.

Credit set the man down, knowing he would speak. "The man took out a pen and a paper and wrote down an adress". Credit set the man down and headed to the window, as he was about to jump out, Credit turned to Sha "Get the other's, this woman..........Kyoko sent me to do this and im going to find out why" tossing her the piece of paper "I'll be at this adress" with that said Credit jumped out of the window and took to the skies flying off to the adress giving.

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 She reentered the Room with Credit, Sha looked through the infrared lights that had been cast through the HQ looking around she could hear the Fain Screams of Feral Nova Coming from her room. She was flipping out all Sha could hear was something about cheerleaders.

  She tried moving towards that direction but her body was hurt immensely from the nightmare she had, and it wasn’t allowing her to do anything, her bones cracked every time she moved, she was like a rusty tool. She fell to her knees coughing up her life-force, her face ridden with Blood, and sweat.

Sha crawled around on the floor looking for somewhere to get a base, so she can become parallel again.  She looked up with curvy Blurred vision and saw Keisha engaged in battle with Credit, she got to her feet finally getting Parallel Vision she saw a Bloody Credit, She took her fighting Stance, with a swaying fatigue swagger to it.

 Sha looked at the Damaged HQ and then turned her Ninjan Anger on Credit who seemed to be just snapping out of some type of trance. Sha was closing in with her knuckles cracking, that is until credit apprehended one of the Criminal   henchmen and demanded some Answers, sha stopped in her tracks. "Please stop. i'll talk" setting the man down, "Kyoko" going back to work "Where is she" the sound of breaking bones could be heard followed by loud screams.

Sha’s gritted her teeth as he began crush the guy’s bones.

Sha took the paper from Credit and then watched him leave. She began to walk back towards her room, but her injuries were to severe she fell out in the middle of the floor, she looked up to Keisha and told her to Tell Nova to lead the Team to the location on the paper, she fainted right in her spot.

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“I’m safe, I’m safe, I’m safe, I’m safe.” Nova kept repeating to herself over and over again as she sat in a upright fetal position. Hugging her knees closely to her chest as bullets of sweat ran down her face, her eyes widen in fear as they shift back and forth. She could feel herself trembling as the curtains shook from her own vibrations she was crating.

“Oh my gosh, like where did she go?” She could hear one of the cheerleaders slowly open the door of the bathroom. Steph held her breath as she watched the silhouette of the two cheer girls walk around the bathroom.

“You think, she like, totally chickened out on us?” The other one said standing right in front of the curtains.

“Like, how am I suppose to know?” She said as she then immediately pulled back the curtains, “JUST KIDDING!” she said as she threw some milk towards Nova face.

Steph quickly ducked under as the milk began to eat away at the wall behind her, with fear running through her veins she crashed through the right wall of the bathroom that lead to the training room. Just then a massive telepathic wave smashed into her mind. Nova fell to her knees as she grabbed her head with both hands, gritting her teeth in pain as she shut her eyes tightly.

“Do not be scared Nova. That was only an illusion. Credit put it over you. You have to snap out of it! The KAS is being under attacked.” She heard the voice, it sounded like Lady Nightmare.

Nova continued to hold her head as  slowly opened her eyes, she looked up to see the two cheerleaders standing before her. “Illusions?” She said to herself as she stood up, her blood slowly starting to boil, who ever did this, was about to feel a world of hurt.

Ooohhh like, look who grew a backbone!” One of the cheerleaders said as they threw her pompoms at Nova.

Without even flinching the pompoms flew right through Nova, as if they weren’t real, just like what Lady said. “You guys… LEAVE NOW!” She yelled out in pure anger, bursting into flames of furry as she stood their the fake cheerleaders disappeared on sight as she heard movements behind her, she turned to see three ninjas standing behind her. “YOU!” She hissed out. “YOU MISSED WITH THE WRONG CYBORNETIC PYRO!” She yelled out as she threw her hands up into the air, right then from the feet up the men burst into flames, yelling in pain as they ran around trying to put out the fire that Nova controlled at will. “Burn in hell!” She said as she put out her flames and walked passed by them, not showing a hint of regret in her face. She then walked back up the stairs and saw Lady Nightmare and Izzy, she then remembered something. “WHERE’S SHA?!” Her eyes darted around looking for her as she took off to her room, only to find Sha laying on the floor, bloody and bursed, beaten until unconscious. “S-sha!” Nova blurted out as she knelt down next to her, not wanting to do more damage than good Nova made a fists as flickers of flames began to spark around her. “Who… WHO DID THIS?!” She yelled out as she stood up and looked around.

“Does anyone know?! Who attacked us?! Where did they come from?” She waited for someone to answer her. “WHO?!”