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So with the up and coming GotG....coming(yes I know its gonna be late 2014 but still!). :P I figured RR warrents a Respect Thread, in fact he should have had one long ago...but alas, however time to change this! I will admit, up until recently I never really looked into RR up until something clicked and all of a sudden now RR is one of my fav Marvel Heroes.

I mean....a talking, walking, bad**** space raccoon that is a weapons master and wields BFGs along with having a fun personality? It's unique and certainly interesting! So...lets get this thread started!!


Cap's shield, Rocket approved!

Silly Rocket. XP


Did this.

Mini gun Rocket!

He goes like that! BRAKKA!!

Don't mess with da Raccoon!

If anyone else has anymore RR material to share then...well please do!

Also personally...I really wouldn't be surprised if he stole the show in the upcoming GotG movie. XD

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@wolfrazer: I'm picking up my copy of Tales from Halfworld (which is darn expensive) tomorrow and will get any feats in there to you as soon as I possibly can.

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@tikhunt: Sweet, how expensive we talking? o.o

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@wolfrazer: If I remember correctly it was about $6 but it was a very juicy comic and it had some of his original endeavors in it including his origin story but I can't be 100% sure on any of that. Also if you aren't collecting the current Bendis run on the Guardians of the Galaxy I could try and get you the few feats he has from there.

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@tikhunt: Alright well looking forward to see some stuff. I am in the process of reading the Guardian series(older one from 08) though taking it slow now, though if you have current then by all means share those too, always room for more Rocket Raccoon!

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@wolfrazer: Okay will do as soon as I have an opportunity to scan them.

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Now for more RR goodness!

Unfeasibly large gun!!

Yes...threatening Thanos!

Movie Rocket! Looks good I think.

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@wolfrazer: Well I picked up Tales from Halfworld earlier today and I misspoke earlier it wasn't expensive, it was ball busting. $7.99 geez.

Anyway yeah it is his original 4 part miniseries and while there isn't anything utterly ground-breaking in it feat wise I'm sure I can pick out some bits to post in here.

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@tikhunt: Ah neat, so it's just a more modern revamp of his origin that was shown in the 70s? Well guess that is good to have, better artwork and all that. But anyway looking forward to see what is put!

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@wolfrazer: No the same artwork it's just all collected together in one big book and has some alternative cover art in the back of it as well as a very in depth profile page detailing most of the characters appearances. Now the most prized thing in my possession.

Just think of it as a TPB but better.

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@tikhunt: Ahhh alright nice, well then looking forward to seeing what ya put. Also wouldn't mind seeing some H2H if you got any of RR doing such, cause I have some rather amusing mental images of that. XD Probably cause he is only 4 foot and raccoon like.

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I must say I cannot say I am surprised there is not a fuss made about RR because of the obvious...he's a raccoon. His major powers are his ability to speak and remain upright for extended periods of time (all else extends from these). I am not hating, but when you see the vast majority of characters and their abilities it is kind of understandable. Even with a sparkling personality and being an amazing strategist it is hard to see him being huge in the film. It is hard to sell to a mainstream audience. Fans will disagree but that is because they are fans. I have a feeling that he will play a sidekick role otherwise it will give the film a kids feel...animated animal character...Roger Rabbit. And to anyone who says otherwise...yes I know I might be wrong, but going by previous and planned bastardisations of comic book characters and storylines anything can be changed for the sake of a buck. If you ask a cross-section of the general public who the GG are, you will get a fair few blank looks. We who read comics live in a very small world and the World revolves around about half a dozen comic book entities...Hulk, Wolverine, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Avengers and Thor. The Green Lantern tried with some success, Daredevil and Elektra never made it. It will be interesting to see what RR and the GG can do.

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@teddy_the_god_killer: So heroes have to be human to be popular? Come on now, no need to be closed minded. Just because RR is an animal doesn't mean he can't be popular, and doesn't mean he has to be childish. Though while yes a lot of people will give blank looks as to who the GotG are, was it not the same for a few other movies? Gotta start somewhere ya know.

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@wolfrazer: Of course I wholeheartedly agree with what you say but...as I said...it's all about the money. Coupled with lack of public knowledge and perhaps difficulties in combining universes for the furure (rights issues) it will take a really solid film to give them a fair chance. There is a saturation of comic conversions in the market...to make room will be a challenge. I hope they do it.

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@teddy_the_god_killer: Well here is hoping it all turns out good, good movies weren't made by not taking risks at some point.

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Here is more RR, this time with some movie and animated versions!

Crazy Raccoon Time!(Gonna need to click!)

I still like his look.

Come at me bro!(Gonna need to click!)

Yes, Raccoon driving.

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How can you not love this battle?

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@decoyelite: No. The clown is actually a living stick from Planet X (where Groot is from). There are a bunch of those clown sticks that were created and sent to Halfworld to work in the Insane Asylum that Rocket Raccoon used to work in. They're supposed to be security guards IIRC, They were given a clown appearance to look less threatening to the patients. (He looks pretty creepy to me lol) That one was sent to assassinate Rocket.

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@tparks: I just laughed my ass off.. man. That was great. Thank you, I needed this in my life.

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@tparks: This is both hilarious and showing of great improvisation by Rocket lol. If ya have anymore, feel free to add!

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@tparks: I just laughed my ass off.. man. That was great. Thank you, I needed this in my life.

@tparks: This is both hilarious and showing of great improvisation by Rocket lol. If ya have anymore, feel free to add!

Ya, I absolutely love that batle.

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@wolfrazer: I'm glad they're making him look like a Raccoon and not a Raccoon/Human hybrid. I don't think he should be overly cartoony, or else he won't work for the movie. He will probably be just as hard to do right as Thanos. He has to be able to look cute and funny in one scene, a crazed killer in the next scene, and then the rare moment where he gets dead serious to get a point across he has to look believable too. That's going to be tough to do on a CGI raccoon. I hope Bradley Cooper takes it just as serious because Rocket Raccoon will easily make or break that movie.

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@tparks: Mmmhm as do I...I like his outfit too, it's...simple yet it also looks very good.

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Ok now folks, lets get some videos in for RR!

Loading Video...

His quotes!! Quotes start a 1min in.

Loading Video...

Beating up Spider-Man. XD

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I'm re-reading a lot of old cosmic Marvel and working my way up to Marvel NOW. I'll be reading everything with Rocket Raccoon in the best chronological order I can. Every time I come across a cool feat, I'll add it here.

What the "Guardians of the Galaxy" should have been named.

Rocket's first appearance in Marvel Continuity

Not a feat, but a cool scan to see his initial appearance in Marvel canon.

From Marvel Preview #7 (1976)

Intelligence / Master Strategist / Leader Feats

Starlord recruited Rocket Raccoon to the Guardians of the Galaxy to be the tactical and demolitions expert for the team. Starlord claims that Rocket Raccoon is the best strategist he has met in the entire universe. Rocket acts as either Second or First in command for the Guardians of the Galaxy depending on the roster and situation, but is always involved in strategy.

Rocket being recruited by Starlord. "Best tactical mind"

Rocket gets in a bar fight with a bunch of Badoon. Rocket shoots the Ale barrels to draw a crowd so him and Groot can escape

Rocket plans a strategy to successfully infiltrate the Phalanx infected Babel Spire, and take it out of commission. This was the first blow to the Phalanx that made Ultron vulnerable to defeat from outside reinforcements. Rocket's first of many times saving the universe.

Rocket predicts the break up of the Guardians of the Galaxy before it happens

Rocket leads the Guardians of the Galaxy

Tricks Gladiator into thinking he has a canon designed to kill Strontians. Gladiator loses his confidence from it which leaves him weakened long enough for the team to rescue Lilandra. Rocket single handedly took out Gladiator with nothing but a mop handle.

Rocket comes up with a plan to rescue Moon Dragon from the Universal Church of Truth. They are way too outnumbered by extremely high powered UCT members, so he crashes Knowhere into the center of them which left them faithless so the team can rescue Moon Dragon from distracted weakened UCT members. Rocket was also smart enough to learn how to fly the celestial head and attack with lasers from the head very quickly.

Rocket and Starlord talk strategy on how to save the universe yet again.

Rocket shows his intelligence by preventing the Guardians from killing Thanos. Killing Thanos would have had sever consequences to the Universe and Rocket was the only one intelligent enough to predict these consequences.

Rocket saves Starlord's life from Thanos. Rocket has the means to kill Thanos, but threatens instead to put Thanos in a coma that will last eternity. Rocket knows Thanos would welcome death. Rocket is one of the few characters of the Marvel U who can claim he made Thanos feel fear. He was able to subdue Thanos and allow the Guardian's powerful telepaths to restraing him.

Rocket tricks the security of the Keyston Quadrant so him and Groot can break in.

Rocket comes up with a plan in an instant to use a Badoon ship he hijacked, to self destruct while crashing into another Badoon ship taking them both out.

Rocket plans and executes a stealth mission with Starlord to save Abigail Brand when S.W.O.R.D. is taken over from Thanos' army.

Accuracy Feats

Here Rocket helps Hulk out by shooting over Hulk's shoulder to take out a robotic clown. This also shows off his rocket skates. The fast moving rocket skates make the shot that much harder. And look! Even the Hulk is impressed. lol.

From Incredible Hulk (v1) #271 (1982)

Rocket fights a large sized swarm of robotic clowns on his own. He shows off his accuracy while moving at high speeds with his rocket skates. The second scan even shows him making kill shots without even needing to look where he is aiming.

From Rocket Raccoon #1 (1985)
From Rocket Raccoon #1 (1985)

Rocket shoots the gun out of his opponents hand.

From Rocket Raccoon #3 (1985)

Rocket makes another kill shot without needing to look where he's aiming, while at the same time using his rocket skate as a ranged weapon to take out his enemy's ship. He does this all while moving at high speeds with his other rocket skate.

From Rocket Raccoon #4 (1985)

Rocket makes several perfectly aimed shots to shoot the ale barrels behind his opponents without accidentally hitting his opponents he was trying to avoid but not kill. This wouldn't normally be extremely impressive, but he does this during a feat of acrobatics to dodge gunfire.

Rocket and Groot are able to shoot down a Space Ship at long range.

If you look at the previous scan before they shot the ship, you can see how fast Rocket and Groot's ship was travelling. The ship they shot was able to catch up with them, so it must be a fast moving ship that they were able to shoot at that long of a range while traveling through space with jet packs. Look at their path from the jet pack too, they were flying in a swirling motion which would also make aiming more difficult.

Rocket blows the head off of a Phalanx creature without damaging Bug and then kills two more while in mid dive Max Payne style

Rocket takes shoots down a fast moving mechanical bird while driving a fast moving speeder bike.

Rocket fires with both guns and arms crossed. Both are head shots and he is not even looking in the direction he is firing.

Rocket shoots the incredibly fast Sam Alexander at a far distance while training the young Nova

Rocket kills the entire force of Badoon soldiers on a Badoon ship. He shoots all kill shots while flying with his rocket pack. Some of the shots he makes he is not even looking in the direction of his target.

Hand to Hand Feats

This isn't what Rocket is known for, but he's not one to shy away from a fight, and there are a few occasions of him fighting without an unfeasibly large gun.

I don't have much to put here yet, but if you look above at one of my previous posts, you can see a pretty good showing of his melee ability against a wooden clown. (Clowns sure do hate Rocket)

Rocket Raccoon uses his rocket skates to amplify a punch on Bucky O'Hare. (Bucky O'Hare is the best bounty hunter of the Keystone Quadrant)

From Incredible Hulk (v1) #271 (1982)

Rocket takes his opponent to the floor and mauls his face.

Rocket does an acrobatic leap from above Groot's head. On his way down he swings a bottle at someone and takes them out during a bar fight.

Rocket does a huge leap and kicks a Spartax soldier in the face while holding a giant Cannon with one hand


Rocket tackles a much larger opponent

Durability / Toughness Feats

Durability is not really something that defines Rocket. There is only going to be a few feats that can be pulled from this, because Rocket is such a smart and agile fighter, he never really gets hit.

Rocket takes a heat vision blast to his helmet. His helmet is tough enough to hold up to the punishment until Hulk comes in for the save.

From Incredible Hulk (v1) #271 (1982)

Side note: I would love a Hulk and Rocket team-up miniseries. Hulk's issue is really what brought Rocket into the Marvel U. Hulk comics are also the reason Groot is at where he is today so it kind of seems fitting for a short series. Rocket and Hulk's banter would be hillarious, and I would love to see a Hulk vs Groot rematch.

Rocket is thrown at high speeds into a hard metal pipe by StarHawk and says nothing but "Mng!" and shows no damage.

Rocket gets shot in the arm. The next issue (which takes place immediately after this scan) he is still fighting like it never happened.

Rocket takes a shot from Gladiator and is left with no visible damage

Rocket fires a single shot from his 5-barreled cannon at Angela. She deflects the shot back at him, but he is able to tank the pain and fight through it. Later, Drax is hit with it, and even Drax shows that it hurts him. Rocket was more worried about his buddy Groot being ok, so he didn't have time to show pain.

Rocket's Agility / Strength

Rocket uses his rocket skates and dodges bombs from a robot clown and forces the clown to destroy the drakillar.

From Rocket Raccoon #2 (1985)
From Rocket Raccoon #2 (1985)

Rocket is carrying a huge gun but is still able to make high acrobatic jumps while firing. He's fighting the Universal Church of Truth here too, which if you don't know about them, has given a team of the Annihilators and Avengers combined trouble.

Another feat of Rocket making High acrobatic jumps while firing a huge gun.

Rocket jumps to a hanging light at high elevations and swings to avoid gunfire. He is able to take several perfectly aimed shots while landing on his side on the floor. To see the page before and after with the result of his shooting, check the Intel/Strategy/Leader section.

Rocket hi-jacks a space ship.

Rocket is able to travel through space with a jet pack, perfectly time landing on a fast moving ship (see accuracy feats to see why it is fast moving), and keep himself steady enough to not slip off while landing. He was even steady enough to be able to aim his huge rifle at the pilot's head.

Rocket is strong enough to carry the body weight of the much larger Gamora

Rocket acrobatically leaps from Groot, to a Phalanx droid, to Bug's shoulders.

More of Rocket jumping incredibly acrobatic and high all while firing an unfeasibly large gun

Rocket does an acrobatic leap from above Groot's head, on his way down he uses a bottle to take someone out during a bar fight.

Dodges fire from the Cancerverse versions of War Machine and Hawkeye

Rocket uses acrobatic jumps to dodge fire from clowns and moving through the battlefield while hitting head shot after head shot with both guns.

Rocket and Groot break into the Keystone Quadrant. Rocket shows off his acrobatic and fighting skill and kills more clowns.

Rocket dodges Nova force shots

Rocket shows off his strength, agility, acrobatics, and fighting skills by holding a giant cannon with one hand, making a huge jump, and kicking a Spartax Soldier in the face.

Rocket dodges a massive laser blast.

Rockets Equipment

Rocket has some awesome equipment. This will be a constant work in progress

Ever wonder how Rocket and Groot have the resources to get all this great gear? Turns out their LOADED...

Rocket's Ship: The Rack 'n Ruin

From Rocket Raccoon #1 (1985)

Rocket's ship has detection equipment that can bypass security

From Rocket Raccoon #2 (1985)

Rocket Skates

Rocket uses his rocket skates mostly in combat. He is able to move at high speeds. He even uses them to maneuver in fights while he is in space. He is able to change direction quickly and dodge enemy fire.

Rocket uses his rocket skates to head into battle, and uses the energy off of his right foot as a projectile weapon.

From Rocket Raccoon #4 (1985)

Rocket Pack

Rocket substitutes his skates for a jet pack for space flight when he joined the Guardians.

Pretty Impressive that his Rocket Pack can carry both him and the much larger Gamora

Rocket has a new space suit and rocket pack.

Laser Pistols

These are the weapons Rocket carries as sidearms to his heavier artillery.

Modified Laser Pistols

It looks like Rocket modified his pistols at some point before his Marvel Now initial appearance

These have the power to decapitate a Badoon

Unfeasibly Large Laser Pistol

Another Big Laser Pistol

Heavier Guns


Apparently it has a stun setting too

Giant Plasma Rifle

Another Huge Rifle

This one is able to put down a Templar of the Church of Universal Truth. These guys have put up a fight with Powerhouses like Gladiator, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Red Hulk, and Iron Man. Notice how even Starlord's Kree submachine guns won't hurt him, but one shot from Rocket is enough to put him out.

B-OO-M Meson Beam Gun

This gun packs enough punch to take out a space ship and a huge whole in a wall, and completely decapitate a robot. (This ended up being a simulated TV show, but it's revealed later that the vehicles and weapons were real).

Reasonably Sized Plasma Rifle

Even though this one isn't quite as hefty as his other guns, it still looks like it packs a pretty big punch.

Groot Mounted Cannon

Large Pistols

Blows the head off of a Phalanx creature

Giant Plasma Rifle 2

Giant Plasma Rifle 3

Strong enough to take out forces of the Negative Zone with ease

Unfeasibly Large Cannon

Cosmic Shotgun

This thing packs enough punch to take out the Cancerverse Son of Satan from the Defenders


Reasonably Sized Plasma Rifle 2

5 Barreled Cannon

This thing puts a huge hole in the side of a Badoon ship

Blasts a hole clean through a chest to save Gamora

Wrist Mounted Blaster


Rocket's able to take out an extra-dimensional creature that the combined powers of Adam Warlock and Quasar (Phyla-Vel) were unable to contain on their own.

Tech Ability

Rocket hijacks a ship, reverses the polarity of the tracking system so the ship is blind to even the Phalanx's systems, and uses the blowback of the ship's sub-space drive to kill off a bunch of Phalanx droids.

Rocket is able to learn how to fly the head of the celestial now known as Knowhere and attack with it.

Rocket constantly makes even Tony Stark seem less capable with technology.

Rocket repairs the Iron Man armor

Rocket takes over a Badoon ship and is able to instantly decipher the tech and set it to self destruct.

Rocket shows off his tech to Tony Stark. Rocket's tech is repeatedly better then Stark Tech

Rocket hacks into a Spartex ship so Starlord can deliver a message to all Spartoi Forces

Rocket again amazes Tony with his tech, by repairing his broken armor

Rocket demonstrates that his ship is more advanced then both Iron Man's armor and a Quin Jet by being able to monitor Earth from across the Galaxy and being able to travel that distance in seconds. He then shows that his computer system takes files from every Authoritative Database in the Galaxy, so he has files on pretty much every individual and species in the Galaxy.

Enhanced Senses

Rocket being a Raccoon and all, has a few senses that would be considered super human.

Rocket uses his enhanced sense of smell to detect the presence of a robotic clown and a drakillar.

From Rocket Raccoon #2 (1985)
From Rocket Raccoon #2 (1985)
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@tparks: Very, very nice! Now I shall post some hilariousness with Rocket and Tony that I found round the net. XD

Oh Rocket how I am amused with you at taking shots at Tony. Hehe.

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Alright now for some more of Rocket's awesomeness!

He has such over the top and crazy weapons doesn't he?

Venom Rocket...awesome.

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@wolfrazer: That Venom picture is awesome! That needs to happen!

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@tparks: Right? It's very awesome!

Anyway time for more RR goodness!

I love the look on Rocket's face lol, all like :O...also I can't help but feel as a stand alone pic that Rocket is gonna get laid.

Awesome pickup line Rocket.

Aww who could really hurt him?

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This thread is looking awesome I have some scans from his original miniseries to add to this in a few days, keep up the good work.

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@tikhunt: Sweet! Alright now for more!

Green Lantern Rocket.

Lots of team names to choose from!

He has his own mug!

More ridiculous weapons/gadgets for Rocket! Not that it isn't awesome!

Don't move any important parts!

This one made me smile.

Egg McMuffin.

Rocket sure does like to criticize Earth tech lol.

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Here's a link to Rocket Raccoon's best buddy's respect thread I just started. I am Groot's Respect Thread. Feel free to stop by and contribute!

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@tikhunt said:

This thread is looking awesome I have some scans from his original miniseries to add to this in a few days, keep up the good work.

I put quite a few scans of his original comics in my earlier post. I've been editing it regularly while I put together a bunch of his best feats. You should check it out, he had some impressive feats even in his younger days. I'm looking forward to see what you dig up too.

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@tparks: I love the banter between Rocket and Tony...it's just so amusing.

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Loading Video...

Rocket Raccoon quotes from UMVC3! Lol my fav quote has to be with Chris

"You've fought zombies, mutants, tyrants but nothing's prepared you for a RACCOON!"

Rocket's quotes are just all great though lol.

Look at his expression! Lol I love it.

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LOL I LOVE Rocket's Marvel NOW costume

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Rocket is da man

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Hei guys, I figured to liven up this thread a little with a new scan.
Rocket blowing green men's heads off never gets old... No matter if its Skrull, Badoon or anything else that rimes with G & Green.