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Imagine this, Rick Grimes never woke up from the coma and he's in deep sleep.He's imagining all this,he dreamt of the zombies and none of it really happen.He only dreamed of zombies because he loved reading stories about them.

In the last issue of walking dead, everybody if Rick's team dies from the zombies and they're trying to get him next. He screams really loud and than we have a scene with Lori in the hospital talking with the doctor.Lori asks,"Is he ever gonna wake up from the coma."

"Probably not, he may stay like this for the rest of his life.For some reason,he keeps on whispers walkers under he breathe, what could he mean?How's your son Ms.Grimes?"

"He's doing fine.He recently graduated High School.He's in college now."

"Maybe it's time to pull the plug Ms.Grimes?"

"sigh...Let's give him more time."


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I like this.

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good idea but that would piss WD fans off real bad.

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for the love of all good PLEASE dont let this happen. I would be sooo JACKED if so!

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This would be so hilarious and such bullsh*t at the same time.

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Coolest coma ever