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...Or maybe not

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Funny, but no. Red X was always meant to be the mysterious figure and never named.

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good one

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I still think you're Jason Todd!

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What episode is this? I don't remember this, buttah... I was gonna say... Why haven't they done anything with Red X? (+)
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@Yung ANcient One said:

What episode is this? I don't remember this, buttah... I was gonna say... Why haven't they done anything with Red X? (+)

It'a an episode of the new Teen Titans series, but I don't know which one

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I like it ... good fun

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Notice how he had not one, but TWO disguises from Robin's neighborhood? Definitely Todd.

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Its not jason, Red X is a thief wheras Jason kills criminals as the Red Hood, big difference. They are only teasing the audience.

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Red X can't be jason todd. 1) the only reason jason todd was introduced was to replace the recently grown up dick grayson-nightwing. batman wouldn't need two robins at the same time and since dick is still robin it kinda nixes any jason todd. 2) why does the adopted son of billionaire bruce wayne need to steal anything? once you're in that kind of family you kinda lose the need to be a thief. granted when he came back to life he used drug dealers and lexcorp to get money but he never resorted to catwoman-esqe stealing. 3) back to dick grayson jason and dick are several years apart in age, so a dick of ehh idk lets say 15-16 in the teen titans show would make a jason of....idk 5-7 (damn comic book time). personally i think red x is an android based on robin, like some scientist guy saw robins fighting potential (like when he kicked all the titans asses on top of wayne towers when he was working for slade) and someone was like hmm i couldn't probably blackmail robin with anything so let me do the next best thing, spied on robin during crime fighting and made a super advanced ai like amazo with the fighting moves (and body, that's how he fit in a suit specifically made for robin)

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@wolverine1610: REad this comics Jason started asa Criminal and after his death then resurrection (because of Superboy-Prime's disruption of space time) Jason Todd returned as a murderous vigilantly and thief. Becoming Red Hood, and at one point kid napping Tim Drake, in order to kill Batman. He had been plotting to Kill Batman and Joker, blaming both for his death. He is insane enough to be a criminal, he even trained with Talia and the League when he was first resurrected, and in addition revealed Batmans's secret identity to Hush, and Riddler. He is now considered an Anti-hero, who still fight bad guys but kills them rather than apprehends them, and is angry at Batman for not killing the Joker, thus avenging his murder.