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I'm sure we will all get stumped again during future questing, but in the interim, which quest gave you the most fits?

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X-Men Crossovers - I thought I knew every major story line - I was wrong. . .

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Right now for me it would have to be Tactical Nuke/Major Fan because for thethird time now I've tried to massively edit a page (only now got that done, hopefully its approved), and every single time I tried to finish my edits the site locked up and froze or was down. Gawwwwd I hope that I get the TN/MF quests now because I don't know if I have the energy to try that all over again.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus:   Good luck!  I haven't tried those yet (they seem a bit daunting).
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War Heroes...... I don't know everything....yet!
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@Doctor!!!!!:  All in due time. . .
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@RedheadedAtrocitus:  Tactical Nuke/Major Fan is a hard one for me too. 
Also Stalker status. I think I still need like a dozen wall posts.
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The hard one for me is... Oh wait, I'm totally awesome :-P

In reality, I was dumb enough to not complete the last day of Christmas in time (and I knew it would be Superman from the beginning!). So, I don't have them all.

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Have 1000 visits to my profile, Quoteworthy and Review of controversy.
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I have about 9 quests left and a couple of them require others for help