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Ok I have all but one and I have literally tried every team connected to the X-men. I have tried the------  etc and all of the little side teams (like the Corsairs) as well. Anyone who can help me? It is not-

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Sorry, but you're as cryptic as the Quest clues.  Which Quest is this & what's the clue that goes with it?  Without the spoiler tag & random bold letter, please.
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I thought SpidermanWins was being clever. LOL 

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@xerox-kitty: he's referring to the quest Variations On A Theme. It's a really simple one where one has to guess 4 X-Teams that spun off of the X-Men (hint: it's 4 of the oldest/classic).
I just did this quest and got all 4, but your " clue " doesn't make sense. I get what your writing there, but none of the teams your listing are answers to the quest.
You say you got three of them, maybe you could indicate which three so we can help with the fourth?
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@CATPANEXE: Those are ones that Ive tried and got wrong but I've got it now. My computer was having difficulties and when I went to one of them on recognizing it was an answer. One of the hidden words is an answer. I already beat the quest so never mind.