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Let's get this Quest Set without a ton of sweat, fellow reviewers! Posting to this thread makes you part of this rebel alliance, and a traitor - ah, part of this Quest Alliance! I will put your name link here for convenience, so people know who to review:

Cervantes, Unwritten Duck
Rate the reviews of your fellow Allies until they complete the set -- I will pull their names off the above list then. OH, AND THE MOD WHO HELPS US WITH THIS TASK WILL RECEIVE ULTIMATE ENLIGHTENMENT AND VANQUISH INTO SILENCE THE OBNOXIOUS CRITIC OF THEIR CHOICE IN ANY OF THESE PICTURES!! 
1) Rate 25 user reviews.  
2) Get three positive reactions to a single review.
3) Get three thumbs UP on a review and three thumbs DOWN on the same review. 
4) Get 20 positive reactions to your reviews. 
5) Only a mod can help you with this one. Write a review so well, no one can miss it. 
Here is a link to the xerox_kitty thread for this quest -- she doesn't get notified if you post, though, so be patient... 
Under Review