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Oh, these quests that have besieged Comicvine, how they torment me.  The quests are fun(mostly), and some occur naturally, others require a little legwork.  Overall I think these add to the site's appeal. So I ask fellow 'Viners: Are you questing?

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not really. i just click around and for some reason i level up...
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It's funny, by creating this blog post, I finished 4 quests.
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I went all out at first. Then I got a couple of threads locked and snarky comments, so I stopped trying.

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You must all Quest - appease the Comic Vine Quest God or else . . .check this out.

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I kinda want to, but I have so little time to really just browse for fun. it's a darn shame. 
I think it's a really cool concept and it's great when it happens organically.

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Of course I quest, it's all the rage!
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I am obsessed with questing. I loveeee it :D

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It's good fun if you have nothing else to do.

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Yeah, it's fun. The quests that involve editing wiki pages feel more like working for free than having fun. But the Quests idea in general is a great idea. Tons of fun if you have some free time.

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I go out of my way to quest for the 'Guess which characters' style ones but I dont with the blog or wiki ones, I let them occur naturally. Though now I find myself checking for new quests every few days. I can see myself in the corner of a room, slowly rocking soon, yearning for more quests. j

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The Quests are great.. They keep you entertained while you search for articles in the site.. Great bonus!

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If I Ever Stop questing My Imaginary Friend Says He'll Kill Me. :O
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Not really.  It looks like a fun idea, but I only look up specific information, read the news, and listen/watch the videos on this site.  Make some forum comments...every once in a while.  I'm not much of a web surfer. 

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I used to quest, not anymore though. It was a fun gimmick but lost its appeal to me.

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 lookit that level!
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Very nice, sir (and I love your method of pointing it out).
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@Shatterstar: hang up your disco threads in shame as I have surpassed you!
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@aztek the lost said:
" @Shatterstar: hang up your disco threads in shame as I have surpassed you!
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@Shatterstar:glances around to avoid direct eye contact
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@aztek the lost said:
" @Shatterstar:glances around to avoid direct eye contact  IS NOT! "
Well I'm jealous
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I noticed a mistake in the comic in chiefs quest, anybody else got this?

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I do whatever quest I can.
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As a recent returnee to ComicVine, I must say I enjoy the quests immensely.  They have helped re-introduce me to the site and aided in getting acquainted with all the cool features around here.  The points and the leveling are just an added bonus.

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of course; it provides me with something fun to do at work

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Most of them are a blast until I get down to the last two or three items.  Then it's pure torture.

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i really wish i could quest but i have no idea how to do it, were to start half of the time i do not know what i am doind lol
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quest would be good if they can fix there bug because of that i am losing some pts i have 2 quest that have  bugs an because of that i cannot finish them

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I have to say ive been away for a good long time and i come back and theres these quest things.   SO MUCH FUN!! although i can easily see how people who ARENT uptight and anal retentive would be frustrated :)

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I hate that our "level" is based on questing.  A low level may mean less respect from the mainstream readers, so a guy who likes indie books like me has to quest to keep up the level.

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Quests was why I ended up getting so addicted to this site. I've pretty much stopped now since I reached level 20 but I was grinding like crazy before.

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Generally I enjoy it. But sometimes it gets frustrating when answers you know to be correct are rejected by the quest.

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I have definitely gotten kinda hooked by the quests.

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I am an addict lol

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I am doing all the quests I can. However, there are a few that I get stuck on because I'm not familiar with most Marvel charactesr and other publisheser
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I enjoy questing and helping people with quests.
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I never actively quest...yet, I have completed many.