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When I go to my Quests page it keeps showing me Spidey Sense as the easiest I haven't yet completed.  I am missing 1 from Gentler Web and 1 from Animal Control.

I know I have gone to the pages of 9 characters for Animal control, but not getting credit for some reason.  Same with Gentler web.  I have been to SW, SG (both), MF and I still don't have credit.  It's starting to BUG me = )

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Did you try the 2nd SW (JC)?


As for Animal Control, I'm not sure which one you have tried so maybe you can PM the ones you have and I'll see if I can see any you might have missed.

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Got it, thanks for your help.  I never did see the 2nd SW.  I got the final Animal Control by going to the list of Spider-Man enemies and clicking through them.