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I was wondering how big of a submission needs to be in order to get this quest?  Does it need to be in one single submission?  I've added what I thought was a lot, but apparently not enough to appease the vine gods. 

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@CasimirAngel: 1000+ points at once. 
I've done 920 on a page (eye twitches).
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@CasimirAngel:  You got to do over a 1000 wiki on one single page. I got it :P
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @CasimirAngel: 1000+ points at once.   I've done 920 on a page (eye twitches). "
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1,000 points in a single submission, no copying and pasting from other pages to achieve this goal please. I recommend a lot of offline writing about a character with a lot of missing info, and I do mean A LOT what I wrote about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles history in Archie comics was not enough. Check out that page and see the volume of text for an idea of how much is needed... I fell about 50 points shy

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Correction 1,000 points for Major Fan, 500 points for tactical nuke.... Though if your going for TN you may as well try to put in the extra writing effort for MF

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thanks everyone! 
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@eganthevile1: Question then.  I'm halfway done with the South Boston Quest set and all I need to do is Tactical Nuke, Major Fan and Wiki'd Addiction.  Is it possible to kill three birds with one stone by creating a new article with enough text, entries, pictures, etc. to get all three quests done in one swipe? It seems entirely possible to me as well as likely.  I'm just not sure how to go about doing it.
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@RedheadedAtrocitus:  I do not think that is possible as a new article, page lacks room for the main bulk of an article, it must be made and then have the info added after. Unless I misunderstood what you meant? You would, or could complete all three in rapid succession though, especially if you are past the stage of waiting for changes. 
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@RedheadedAtrocitus:  I definitely got Tactical Nuke and Major Fan with the same entry. I don't think you can do it with Wiki'd Addiction for exactly why @SC said. BTW, when I got it in December, I was the 67th person to complete it, so you'd be in a small group if you get it :)