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I love quests.  I love trivia.
But 6 days for 2,000 people to do the trivia quests?  I thought the past community quests were a little "pie in the sky," but this one worries me.  I don't think 2,000 people will write 20 trivia questions.  I also worry that- if they did- the influx of 40,000 questions would actually hurt the very fun and engaging trivia game.  It's one of my favorite things about this site...

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number 32 to finish its the easiest quest

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I agree that it is easy, but if 700 people couldn't watch a few videos last week, I don't see them writing 20 questions.  :(
I suppose I should be grateful for it bringing more people into the trivia section of the site.  But then, a lot of questions are written in ways where they can be contradicted...

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2000 people x 20 questions each = an influx of 40,000 questions to the trivia bank.  Yeah, I don't really see that happening.

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I highly doubt we will even get 500 people to finish in time.