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All for the totally selfish reason of earning acheivements and, of course, the opportunity of having me do the same for you. I'm going after a few of the harder to attain achievements and I need your help. Please visit my profile, follow my blog(if only long enough to get us credit) and leave a note on my wall too so I know to come back and view, follow and message you too! Awesome! Thanks ahead.

I know, I know. I "borrowed" some World of Warcraft peeps website name to use in the title of my first blog entry but I'm a reverse convert from video games back to the original heroic artform of comic books. I couldn't come up with much, I've never really blogged and I wanted the achievements. Ultimately, my first post was a pretty silly and made almost no sense but it served its purpose. Hopefully, this one makes a lot more sense, as it is totally shameless and out in the open with almost no creativity involved at all.

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☯I'm happy to help with your quests. Welcome to Comic Vine. ☮

I appreciate your opinion on Babs, WW article. Will see you around.

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Please excuse me while I do my evil laugh on your wall.

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Good stuff, lets have a blog on something comic related though ... that will make you friends and not just get you quests :)

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Sounds good to me...happy to help out if I can!

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I'll help if you guys will!?