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" One team, 4 geniuses, and a buggy cyborg Norseman. Your tax dollars at work."
So far I got Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Ragnarok...
Any suggestions???

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well iron man think he is the boss off(NOT ANYMORE)????????

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@howlettgrowl: Well one is an alien pretending to be a man who can be really tall or very small 
                               Another is an old nazi scientist working for camp hammond
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1:  This team name is the same as something you use to protect yourself. 
3:  This Skrull was chosen to replace Yellow Jacket 
4:  A german scientist, Baron von, what was the war strategy used by the Nazi's in World War II?
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could u give me a hint on the alien
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@deadpool#1fanjon It's the Skrull who replaced Hank Pym.
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I'll give u a hint. Hope it works. "Pick the tiny Hank Pym from the clutches of Ragnarok." If you couldn't get it, check Ragnarok's profile and you'll see Hank Pym.
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Check Ragnarok's profile and you'll see Hank Pym's name on it. Although it's not actually Hank Pym. He's a skrull.
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@The Impersonator: i got it a long time age...but thanks should help others though...
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thanks for letting me know Ragnarok was on it.

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I want to finish this quest, "Review of Controversy" Please !! I just need one more bad review in the vikings x-factor review. Please someone help!!!