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I have no life so I've been pushing my way through the questing. I'm a level twelve. Who needs a girlfriend when you're a level twelve?
One or two are takin' a little time but I'll get 'em done.
One particular annoyance has to be "Tactical Nuke" Just missed out on it.
As a great little side effect though, I've now passed the 1000 wiki points mark and my 'vine powers are increasing.
Hope every one else is havin' fun.
Wanna share your joys and frustrations here please feel free :)

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Well, some of the quests are really tough. 
1] Cant figure out " Batty - The Cowl" #2 
2] What about "Turf Wars - Kings" quest? Nothing seems to work with it. 
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the king works now it had bugs
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@spawndon said:
" Well, some of the quests are really tough.  1] Cant figure out " Batty - The Cowl" #2 "
Think of the angle of death in the bible. The one who carries his name in the DCU may help.
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I'm also trying to get Tactical Nuke. I think it takes a 1000 point submission in one go. Just do not do copy paste from another site... that wouldn't be playing by the book.

 Search the forum... this is not the topic to be asking those questions... If I was a mod... I would use my divine powers on this...  

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I can't figure out Next Class Lovesick Chats!!!!