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Discuss. Trade. Get the Quest.
For me on this one, I've gone threw all the smartest people in comics I know and I have only gotten two, among them I also have the team affiliated with them. Any help on the rest?

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@KevinSevenNgo: First: please remove the picture from your post .  Don't give away answers like that - there are people behind you who haven't figured it out yet. 
As for the rest of the quest, it's a tough one.  A couple of the answers are hard to get.  There is a thread for clues though, in the Quests forum. (I'd give you a link, but don't know how to make it active).  I had to rely heavily on the clues, because a couple of the characters I had never heard of before - they were from stories I haven't read yet.
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procrastination is the best for quests