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Hey everyone. 
I recently read a forum post criticizing how people are only writing blog posts for the sake of getting achievements, that people are really not even trying to put anything into their blog writing and it is cheapening the experience for other users. I couldn't agree completely. I recognize that it is a bi-product of having something like Comic Vine open to a variety of different people who are going to have a variety of different levels of commitment and seriousness. 
That said, you could categorize this particular blog post as a similarly shallow blog post if you please. 
I think it's important to point out that there are some really good people writing really good articles and blogs on this web site. I think that a proper response, if you've read a remotely decent blog post or forum post, is to follow such a person. Comic Vine is not Facebook. You're not likely to have met your Comic Vine friends in person. When you follow someone, you show that you're investing in that person, that you believe they should stick around here and keep doing what they're doing. 
If you have read any of my blog posts, whether you agree or disagree, if you think that what I am doing shows what people should be doing on this site, then follow me. This is not simply a selfish rant so I can complete a quest. I certainly want to achieve on this site, but I want to do it the right way. What I mean to say is that this is not just what I expect or want from you. This is the kind of respect I think that I should pay to serious and interesting people on Comic Vine. This is the kind of thing that we should all be doing to support one another. 
So, follow me or don't follow me. Either way, find some way to pay it forward and express your respect for the others in this community. There are a lot of people giving a whole lot to Comic Vine and something as simple as a follow or a comment (even one that is incredibly critical) can encourage people enough that they continue doing good things.

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follow back pls :)

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With the help of my readers I now have sixteen followers. Come join with me in this victory of attaining twenty five followers! Remember: I always follow my followers, so if you need a follow, give a follow.

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Anyone else up for a bit of following? I could do with a few more so I can complete the quest.
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@lokiofmidgaard: Already following you, buddy! :)
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@tbone1225: I know, and thanks. I just need some more to hit the target number.
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Y'all should follow lokiofmidgaard. Especially if you need a follow yourself. Lokiofmidgaard is good at paying back follows with follows.