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By posting this i'm wrapping up a quest so this forum is a good place to post what quests you've finished, when you finished them, what quests you want to finish, what quests you need to finish. what level you want to get to etc! Also you can dicuss general frustrations with quests or the quests system! But you can not discuss how to finish quests, or about spoilers or hints for specific quests. Because there is a place for that.

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Did any one finish the secret quest, if so how many finished it and who?  Do you think this quest and any other limited edition will or should be brought back?
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I think the original secret quest was for moderators only. I've done some of teh secret quests on Mona Lisa. I will never complete Broadcast News because I'm not interested in Fa(r)ce book
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yeah I reopened my face book that I had deactivated two years ago just to complete that quest, then deactivated it again.

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Yeah, I will never finish Broadcast News too.