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what was ur favorite quests
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I love my Batman quests.

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@Caligula said:
" Batmania  I love my Batman quests. "
I have to agree there, not sure if that's my favorite, but I'll go with that for now.
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The one where i had to seek my fathers killer and kill the murderer in a sword fight to the death.. or his apology. En Guard Fool or something... 

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As long as it doesn't involve watching videos, I like it. I did like the Jack Kirby Quest
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Oracle at Gotham

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Flame On!

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the dead X-Men one didn't realize there were so many (learning is fun)

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To me the X-Men one was my favorite cause i have been a life long fan and I still had to search for some of the answers. I like a little challenge

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Image is everything