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I've been looking almost everywhere, even though I feel like I've looked everywhere, I say almost because I know somehow I am missing where I can sync up my facebook and twitter for the quest credit.  Can anyone help, like with actual instructions?

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@lurkin: To sync with Twitter all you need to so is update your status. It will then show you the option of "do you want to sync this update with Twitter" and then hit yes and follow the instructions. There used to be an icon to sync with Facebook. Not sure what happened to it. Actually, it may appear at the top of this topic when you click on it. A banner reading "do you want to share on Facebook"
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Ok got twitter, but still not seeing facebook

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@lurkin said:
"Ok got twitter, but still not seeing facebook "

I think (it has been a while since i did it) but if you start a thread or blog there should a link to facebook, I can't remember if you need to be logged into your facebook account as well in order for it to work
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@lurkin: Try this. If you go to a characters forum, there should be a "like" option at the top of it. This is a new feature that was added in the past two or so days. Try clicking it. I'm going to assume that it will ask you to sync your Facebook.
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Ok this is weird, it was already linked to my facebook but I didn't get quest credit.  So I went in to facebook and removed comicvine from my apps thinking it would then redo the linking and now when I click the like it posts to my facebook, even though I have removed access via facebook privacy app settings.

So now there's no app listed for comicvine on facebooks end any more but it still posts right to my wall if I click like on the comicvine site or forums.

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Same here.

Synced Twitter easily, but when it came to Facebook, I couldn't find the button.

I liked a page here on Comic Vine, and it showed on my wall, but it didn't sync.

I also went to the Comic Vine app on Facebook to ''allow'' it to post on my wall, but instead of the traditional ''allow this app?'' prompt, I was taken to the homepage of this site...

Anybody knows how I could get that ''Face Hugger'' quest? ^^

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Sucks that I'll never get this quest because I refuse to create a Facebook account.  But I've accepted it.

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sooooooo, does anyone have any idea how this facebook quest works?

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I think it's broken, I have unlike'd and re-liked over and over and no credit.

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Yeah, it's broken. I PMed Red L.A.M.P. about it, not sure what will happen. Hope they give credit to everyone for it, but no longer holding my breath. :)
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yeah, i'm tired of searching for the completion of that quest, let me know when we can finally complete it

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So there still hasn't been a way to get the facebooklink to work?

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Whoops, meant Facebook link.

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yeah, how do I link my account to facebook?

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I'm just wondering, on the log in screen, there is an option to log in with your facebook account anyone tried that?