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How exactly does one connect ones Facebook account to Comic Vine? 
The only thing that I have found on the Comic Vine web site is a Facebook module that allows you to like Comic Vine on Facebook. 
In a forum, it was said that Comic Vine itself is already linked to Facebook. 
As for me, it looks like the option has been removed. Is it still possible to complete the Face Hugger quest or is that quest now obsolete? If we can complete it, does anybody know exactly how? If we can't, then why is it still on the site? 
I know there are some other new users like me who are having trouble with this. Can anybody help us out?

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I have been wondering the same thing...but it doesn't look like anyone has reached out on this post to help.  If someone gives you the low-down, would you be willing to share?  I would. 
Good luck!
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@tbone1225: @sithfrog
ok, here is the thing. I have been asked this once before (though why I was asked, I'm not sure), and I had to in turn ask Red L.A.M.P.
Listen up everyone so we can get the pain over and done with:
Regretfully, I must relay the message that was  Red L.A.M.P's reply:

The Facebook connect stuff has been removed. We're not supporting it anymore.

Sorry about all the confusion on this. I wish you luck in your future CV indevers. Be talking to ya'.
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@The Poet: Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, as long as the quest itself still exists, it will have to be re-clarified time and time again. Maybe it should just be moved to the limited edition quests so people understand that they missed their chance.
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Further frustration: If nobody can get the Facehugger quest, then why is it the easiest quest that I have not accomplished. I tell you, this quest glitch leads to a lot of grief! Facehugger keeps staring at me. Like its namesake, it has clutched onto my head and is infesting my body with its insidious likeness. (That was not meant to be a sexual innuendo, but a reference to the Alien series of films...)

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AARG!  why is this still a quest if it hasn't been supported in MONTHS!  Now I can never capture....Err finish them ALL!