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I don't get it, I've been to every member's page from the original Star Trek and I still can't complete this quest! I've even tried deep space nine and next generation!
Spock gave me 1 of 3, but no matter who's page I go to, I can't continue the quest!

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Weird. Fairly sure those should work. Have you tried the Voyager guys as well?
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Just tried all of Voyager, those don't work either

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@Satriani: as my questing hints have been hidden now that I have gotten them (although it doesn't list the answers for this early one), can you remind me what it says?
I believe I know, but its been a while.
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i have the same problem, spock works but no other spaceshipmember...
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This bugged quest is driving me nuts

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any body have an idea when the quest will be fixed from it being bugged

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hopefully one day
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i'm pretty sure that one answer to "baby you can drive my ship" is bugged too :(

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nope. they work really good. lot of spaceships could be the answer.
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Still seems to be bugged.

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wtf...I need two on Energizing the crew to finish the Final Frontier and no one registers but spock

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Agreed. That's just weird. How difficult can it be to fix?