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None of the video quests work for me.. As soon as a video ends it just shows a grey screen with the replay button at the bottom. I'm using Firefox but I'm pretty sure it's the site itself doing that. Does anybody else still get video quests to work?

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yeah im having the same problem and im using safari

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someone really need to fix it

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@Master_Thief: Ditto.

I wonder if it is because they are using a different video player now that they moved over to CBSi. The site may even be running on entirely different servers.

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Nothing for me on Chrome either. I've been trying to view a video for Batmania for a while, but no dice, not even the ending bit.

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Glad it's not just me! (Firefox 13) I was beginning to wonder if I was not doing something I should've...

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Anybody get and solution to this problem yet?

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Could you move this into bug reporting?