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Wall post for Wall Post?
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Sure no problem. Let's crack this sucka!

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This is ridiculous.  I'm not approving these wall comments for random people just so they can get points for a stupid quest.  There's been 5 people now attempting to who I have never spoken to.  This isn't a rant at you two, but the ones who spam for quests in general.

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One more wall post....all i need....one itsy-bitsy wall-post...
random people welcome...
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ok post for post

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I only need 2 more posts on my wall. I'll post stuff on yours.

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I could use a lot of wall posts. ^^ So come spam away at my wall, and I'll spam you right back. ^^

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Random Wall posters welcome.. you never know we might become friends! 
I might be famous!   
You might find your games of '6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon' drastically shortened!  
Or you might just be communicating with just another comic-book geek. ;)

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I welcome random wall posts as well. I just need about 20. 
I will always post back as well of course. :]

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Isn't there already a thread for this?