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Breaking and Entering 73/100 (73.0%)

That number, 73/100, has been staring me in the eyes today. That percentage, 73.0%, has been making me crazy. I only need twenty-seven more wall posts until I complete the Breaking and Entering quest.

Before I even dedicated myself to getting this quest, there were those who would look at my profile, see that I still needed the quest, and post on my wall only for the sake of the quest. It was pretty kind. I don't remember if I did them a kindness previously. I don't know if I did any kindness at all. But they returned me a kindness nonetheless.

The place where I found the most help for this quest was the forums. There is always at least one thread dedicated to people dropping one another messages in order that they might help one another complete this quest. I added my name to the thread and proceeded to contact everyone else on the thread. Of course, the thread itself was from six months ago and most of them had already gotten the quest. I suppose I could have checked this detail on their profile before posting. But the fact of the matter was that many of the people who had completed the quest still wanted to help me out. I really have to thank the people from the forum for their help as well.

And finally, I want to thank the people who will propel me past 100 wall posts, and those people are you and a couple other people. I know that there are quite a few people who read my blog posts, and I feel really fantastic at how many of you there are. Including a couple of my own responses, there were 22 comments on my last post regarding Blessed From on High.

So, let's discuss the Breaking and Entering quest here. Tell us of your trials and tribulations, and of course, of your successes. Let's discuss strategies. And let's discuss results. Have you made a really cool friend on Comic Vine as a result of Breaking and Entering? Have you felt like you are on the edge of being spammed as a result of the quest? Leave some thoughts. But also, leave some wall posts for me. Also, feel free to tell me if you need the quest, and I can drop you a couple of posts myself.

You people are great.

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thanks for the kind words stranger! what quests do you need now?