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Oh, my goodness. I've been working so hard that I'm not on Comic Vine as much. That kind of sucks.

Well, I wanted to write this today because, like many of you, I'm trying really hard to get the Blessed From on High quest completed. But unlike the other quests, Blessed From on High is not accomplished by some singular and simple thing I can do, like clicking on the character page for Banshee. It requires that, by chance, a moderator or staff member notices you and decides to follow you.

I followed a couple of people merely because they have gotten the achievement. I've inquired as to what they did to get the achievement. Nobody has gotten back to me yet, but I imagine that they will answer that they do not know. "I edited this and commented on this, but in truth it just seems completely random that I got chosen as opposed to someone else."

I know a bunch of you are thinking that spamming the walls of moderators might be a good way to get this quest. But if you were a moderator, would you want to be spammed? The moderators and staff members here, at least as far as I know, are good people like us. They read comic books. They want to support this community. They volunteer a lot of their time to make our lives easier. When I've actually spoken with moderators they have always been concerned with what I have to say and done everything they could to address my concerns. In other words, don't spam moderators. On one of the forums it suggested that one ought to private message moderators and kindly ask them for a follow. I don't even know what I feel about that. Isn't that a little bit of an invasion of privacy too? (I'm really interested in what you think - Are there people out there who have gotten Blessed From on High by PMing a moderator? Are there any moderators out there who would like to explain the most respectful way that people can make it obvious that they want a follow for the sake of completing this quest?)

I suppose my hope was that this blog post would get me noticed, that a moderator or staff member would follow me as a result, and that I would complete the Blessed From on High quest. But then I realized that it might also function as a way for us to discuss strategies of being noticed, to construct projects that will help the site and make sure that we are noticed, and also if people want to complain to me rather than complaining to the moderators about the fact that they can't get a follow. Let's just talk, and maybe some of us will be "Blessed" in the process.

Finally, I wonder if I'm not deserving because the only blog I've written since July 7 is regarding help with a quest. I hope, within the next week or two, to publish links to a blog series (a simulblog) a couple of friends and I have been doing regarding the new DC reboot. We're reading all the number ones and posting our ideas regarding the construction of the new DC universe. I'll start with that, and then continue doing good work for this site until I've done enough good to get recognized.

Until then, let's have a good conversation here.

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The mods get spammed for this one all the time, I hesitate to suggest spamming them, but most of the veterans here at CV barely know who we follow anymore, so out of the mods you can probably ask nicely and one would follow you.  I got mine the hard way though.  In terms of the reasoning behind this though, it is meant to be something special, like you have contributed enough to the site that you are considered worthy of their attention.  I would suggest doing it that way, there are lots of ways to contribute around here - fan fic, blogs, reviews, rpg, battle boards.  In any one of those there is a mod paying attention to people and someone putting in superior content will get a follow.  

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Sorted! But you still need 100 Wall Posts for your 'breaking & entering' :)

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This is a brilliant post and I respect you for it! Of course I am not a moderator, but honestly if I saw this I would have thought you very much worthy. Even if it was an attempt to be followed, you made awesome points and shared an opinion that I have to agree with. I am brand new and just started doing the quests, because I didn't even know it was a feature. I found this site by looking up an issue of Power girl that branched off into the Justice League and thought it a great site and I am definitely no comic expert but I hope to be some day, possibly even start up my own. I think no one should spam these hard working and good moderators or really bother them at all just to complete something that is supposed to be fun and not stressful. Of course, a private message, (if you are a consistent and loyal citizen of Comicvine that contribute to the community, frequently,) and you still have not been noticed or followed, it might not hurt. I also have to agree with the person above and just keep trying. You have potential and that's how I'll conclude before I excessively ramble away, he he. Love the thread post.

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I always secretly hoped that I'd get a certain mod to follow me based on the fact that they and I have similar interests on comics and characters (and I've done some extensive work on some of those issues). Oddly enough, that didn't get me noticed. What did, however, was doing some bang-up jobs on Wiki-tasks. Long story short, short of spamming, it's a crap shoot.

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What you have to do to get this, is think of the weirdest, kinkiest, most shocking, and outrageous, sexiest, titillating, most disturbing, blunt, sarcastic, raw and convoluted truth you know about life, comics, monkeys and banana's, Vertigo and beards? Tone it down enough so you won't be banned from the site or if your good, arrested? Then quote Aztek the Lost in any thread and share your information/truth with him. 

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I was blessed from on High very early on after creating my account. It didn't feel like much of an achievement at the time :(

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I often forget to follow people since I rarely look at my follow feed. Most of the time I am well aware of a user for a long time until I realize - "I'm not following them? Why not?"

When people ask, I usually make them tell me a joke. Dirty and offensive jokes are welcome, just make sure it's a PM. ;)

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I don't tend to actively think of 'following' people since I never check out the follow feed.  It's nothing personal, it's just not a priority.

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@RazzaTazz: Just so you know, I didn't suggest spamming the mods. In fact, I warned explicitly against it. Just want to be clear. How exactly did you get yours the hard way? (if you don't mind me asking)

@KisserNe: I wish you the best of luck. Your comment was very kind.

@Renchamp: While it's a crap shoot, you did give some of us hope. It seems like working on Wiki tasks is a good way to get followed by a moderator. Let's all do our best to make these Wikis fantastic.

@SC: Are you suggesting that playing on the vanity of Aztec the Lost is our best chance of getting followed by a Mod? That's kind of funny. I know it would work for me. But still. Kind of funny.

@azza04: I'm sure you earned it.

@aztek_the_lost: I really loved that Balk Talkin Quest forum. It was nice to have an exact way written out as to how to get the quest. Oh, and BTW, follow me?

@jloneblackheart: What do you call a... Oh, you said it has to be in a PM? Maybe later. (Follow me?)

@xerox_kitty: I understand. You're probably spending time improving the site rather than simply clicking follow over and over. Follow me?

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I did want to mention that xeroxkitty thought this was enough to earn a follow. I want to say thank you to xeroxkitty, and let you know that there are some good ways to get this quest. Also, if you get this quest as a result of commenting on this blog, report back. I'd love to be able to tell people that their comments here will make them more likely to be followed by a moderator. Of course, if that's a lie, then I don't want to say it at all.

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Well, OK, I can not speak for the mods here because I am not one, but from my talks with them, there were a number of mod realted quests added on this site at one point, and thereafter they get numerous messages daily for help in one of those quests.  I guess they regard this as spam because they get so much of it, but to the average user sending a nice and courteous PM, this is not really spam.  As a few of them mentioned here they don't even really pay attention to who they follow because being a mod basically means they follow everyone.  As for me, I can't remember, it was probably Xerox Kitty or Mistress Redhead that followed me, but it could have been someone else.  Why?  I guess some people like the content I contribute to this site.  Really these quests are just designed to get you more interested in the community and for the reasons that the staff and mods would like - reviewing, wiki editing, blogging. 
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@RazzaTazz: I agree that the quests are designed to get you more interested in the community, but on the other hand if people feel like they are unjustly denied a quest they will become less interested in the community. I'm not trying to say that the moderators or staff members are high above us and don't care because I don't believe that to be true. I think that we are very much like the moderators and staff members. I agree that reviewing, wiki editing, and blogging are a good thing to do in order to get these quests, but sometimes I think a PM may be needed. Like Xerox Kitty said: we're not all paying attention to our feeds all the time. And if people are doing great work and not getting a follow, it might be completely in line to just say, "Hey. I've been working hard to be part of the community. I've contributed in this and that way. And, well, I was wondering if I could get a follow as a result." That's the vibe I've gotten from the moderators who have added to this discussion.

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I didn't try to make it seem like the mods or staff are any better than us, we are all just here for the same reason, because we are comic fans.  If the mods and staff werent, they wouldn't be here.  I agree that a PM doesn't hurt (it was my original suggestion) but I personally didn't want to bother with that and wanted to earn the recognition on my own.  There are a lot of ways to get a mods attention though, and I say this not necessarily to you, but to anyone else that might be reading.  There are artist competitions, roundtables, wiki tasks, and other group projects.  Or if you are really good you will get recognized as community star or starlet by the staff (of course to do so usually requires some other contributions first.)  Mostly I think the point is that if you like CV and like comics, and like to direct your comic book interest through this site and have fun while doing it, most of the quests come easy anyway. 
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@RazzaTazz: I'm sorry if it sounded like I was antithetical to you and your words. I think you're absolutely right about everything you've said. And honestly, you've probably contributed the most to this blog post. Let it be known that I appreciate you greatly.

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Oh it didnt come across like that to me, I was just writing this as another reader might read it, whereas you are writing as it applies to you.  Different goals in the conversation. 
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@xerox_kitty: @aztek_the_lost: @jloneblackheart: While we're on this whole questing thing, do you think that one of you could give me a quote? I thought I'd get Quoteworthy Content out of the way while I had your attention.

I'll try to say something profound so that I deserve it. Mmm Hmm.

Politicians. There ought to be a law against 'em. Am I right?

Okay, so that wasn't so profound. I'll work on it.

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@tbone1225: Actually in terms of difficulty this is a lot easier.  Just check out a mod's profile page, look at their top wiki edits.  They are likely quite passionate about whatever they are editing the most, so then make a well thought out post dealing with this character or team and the chances of them replying are pretty good.  
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@tbone1225 said:

do you think that one of you could give me a quote?

N'ah, I don't think I'll do that... ;)

@RazzaTazz: I don't think I was your first. It must have been MR to steal your mod-follow virginity ;)

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@xerox_kitty said:

@RazzaTazz: I don't think I was your first. It must have been MR to steal your mod-follow virginity ;)

Follow maybe not, but quote a comment ... it might have been you.  Remember i used to be more interesting back then :P
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@xerox_kitty: I appreciate it.

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@RazzaTazz said:

@xerox_kitty said:

@RazzaTazz: I don't think I was your first. It must have been MR to steal your mod-follow virginity ;)

Follow maybe not, but quote a comment ... it might have been you. Remember i used to be more interesting back then :P

I remember I was more omniscient then... but you're always interesting! And I'm sill blown away by all of your reviews :)

@tbone1225: Anytime :)