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The easiest quest set I have yet to accomplish is AV Club. I recently worked my butt off in order to be anal enough to view five videos the first day they are posted. After that, for some silly reason, I thought I was in the clear. Then I looked at the next quest, which was titled Secret Quest. According to the wording of the quest ("You're either really fast or really obnoxious. Strive for the former... or else."), it seems like you have to be the first one to watch a video on Comic Vine. 
Apparently, as I have read in the forums, when you complete this quest it turns into a quest titled First! Sure enough. You have to be the first one to watch a video on Comic Vine. This seems tedious and annoying, especially with the amount of people who are gunning for this quest and the relative few videos posted on a week to week basis. Have I basically completed all of the easy quests and started on the nearly impossible quests if this is my easiest quest set? 
I know there's no easy or quick way to complete this quest. Of course, if you're reading this and you've completed the quest and have some hints as to how it can be done quicker and easier, I am all ears. But my point in writing this is to express a little bit of exasperation. I've been able to watch videos before they were even posted to Twitter and I couldn't get this quest. I watched videos before anyone has commented on them. Still no quest. 
What does this all mean? I guess I'm in for the long haul. Any time I'm on my computer I need to check the Comic Vine videos page and hope I'm the first to notice. I must be obnoxious, because that's the only way to beat an obnoxious quest such as this. 
So, if you're in the same frustrating situation, feel free to drop me a comment and we can commiserate regarding this Secret Quest. If you've already accomplished the quest, feel free to come here and share your success story and drop some hints if you know of a way to beat others to the video. If you're not interested in even accomplishing this quest, drop me a line and tell me why it's not worth your time. 
(Keep in mind: I always follow people who comment on my blog, so if you need a follow, the best thing to do is comment. I hope you'll leave a quality comment, but anything will do really. I just want to keep the conversation going. Nobody's dropped me a line in a couple of days.)

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I just clicked on the Gene Colan video the moment it spawned on Twitter and there were already seven comments before I got to the video. Exasperation!

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@tbone1225: Thats a little annoying & nearly impossible! :( sad I was lurking how to complete the quest and that's bad news!
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@ricardorubio1974: You're telling me. Of course, the video was old. They just reposted it because Gene Colan died.
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It's not only for video reviews. You just have to be the first to post in any of the topics that go up on the main page. Try one of the off the minds; there seems to be a new one every weekday.

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@MrUnknown: That's fantastic. Thanks for the hint. That just might make this quest accessible.
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I just got the quest for being the first one to comment on the video of Foghorn Leghorn. Thanks for everything.

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This is really right place at right time, I just got it one morning one time, cant even remember for what.  

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Thanks for posting this. At first I thought, like you, it would be impossible to be the first person to watch a video. There are so many users and what if the person who posted it watches the video to see if it uploaded okay and that counts as a hit? Anyway, I read your comments about posting the first comment, so I did on one of the Thundercats previews and completed the quest. Thanks again. =D

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@deathpixie60: I'm glad it worked out. And you don't need to thank me. Just help the rest of the community. I haven't been on the site as much as I'd like to, so I think they definitely need people like you to spur on others and help them out in their time of need. It's a good day to be deathpixie60, yeah?