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I'm familiar with the origin of Psylocke, but sadly I haven't been following any of her modern day issues, such as X-Force.
Is there any stories you guys strongly recommend I read? I love good art, so horrible artworks are a no go, hah!

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Uncanny X-Force is the best X-book out there right now, both story and artwork are incredible. I would start with that.

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Just read her 4-part mini series which came out in 2009/2010 and Uncanny X-Force. They're both very good and well written! Although if you want to jump on from when she returned to 616, pick up the 'Sisterhood' arc of Uncanny X-Men, it's alright and simple to follow!

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I suggest the Captain Britain trade written by Alan Moore, drawn by Alan Davis for her early days.

X-Men: Old Soldiers is a good one following her path to joining the X-Men (written by Claremont, also drawn by Davis)

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Jim Lee's run on the X-Men is great for Psylocke moments, plus a good jumping on point for her life as a ninja