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It was announced that a brand new anime will run to coincide with Pokémon XY. This anime is called Pokémon: The Origin, features Red & Green, is based directly on the games, and is to run from October 2nd.

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Cannot wait to see this. Haven't been so pumped up for the anime since Black and White 2 animated trailer.

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Has anyone else seen this? It aired on the 2nd. So far I've only seen two out of the four episodes. Gonna watch the other two later on. Found episode two to be very emotional with Team Rocket killing Cubone's mother. Yet, it managed to have a balance of humor with Green screaming his way out of the Pokemon Tower and 'hugging' Red tightly. xD Wish we saw a longer scene of Misty rather than that short snippet but, it's better than nothing.

So far though, I really am enjoying watching this and wish there would be a separate ongoing anime from the main Pokemon anime. This special really has been fantastic so far. Not sure if anyone really checks this section of the forums out but, I might edit my post after done watching the other two episodes to give my full thoughts out. Great journey though.

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@samimista: Are they dubbed or subbed? And where did you watch them? :-)

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