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Awesome listening to it now :)

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@g_man Tony, I really not getting why are you saying that Superman is suppose to "better than us"? You're defeating the purpose of him trying to be human. Saying that "he's better than us" is saying that he is trying to not be human. I believe Superman is "us". That's what Superman always struggles to be everyday. He tries to be just like what we are and that is being human. I don't think you're getting the concept with Superman in my opinion. I just hope you're not thinking he's a God or putting him a pedestal. Because that's not what Superman was meant to be.

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@g_man Awesome podcast! That picture is great! I was hoping my email question for Brian about The Flash Annual #2 would have made it in to the podcast, but it might not have been sent in to Comic Vine in time before this was recorded. Oh well, I'm sure he will return again at some point down the road.

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Edit: Speaking of these pulp/noir-style comics, I've never really got into one before. Kind of been really curious about it. It'd be a nice change. Thinking about starting with Black Bat or maybe The Spider. Anyone got any suggestions? :o

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I do not have to worry about the villians month since my favorite DC books are not participating. Another reason, why they are my favorite. Batwoman & Animal Man.

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@citizenjp: I enjoy reading a the Pulp titles from Dynamite. My favorites include: The Black Bat, The Spider, The Green Hornet (Waid), and The Shadow. Miss Fury is also enjoyable, but personally not my cup of tea. Both The Spider and The Black Bat have a different take on the pulp characters since they are set in the modern era but still maintain that pulp-noir feel. The Green Hornet (Waid) and The Shadow on the other hand are set during the traditional pulp era. The Shadow is Dynamite's flagship pulp character having not only an ongoing, but also several miniseries (kind of like how Batman has many titles at DC) which might be a little intimidating for readers trying to get a feel for the pulp comics out there. The Shadow does have some great stories though. The Green Hornet, Black Bat, and Miss Fury aren't too far along in their ongoing titles so it would be easier to catch up and sort of sample what's out there with these titles. Of those 3 The Black Bat is my favorite new pulp comic. It's extremely well done and really hooks your interest each issue. The Spider is a great title and has been putting out some good quality stories. This is actually the title I chose to start with when looking into the pulp comics. Unfortunately, there is a chance that this series will be cancelled at issue #18, but don't let that stop you from checking out what the title has to offer it is really good in my opinion. The fans were able to extend the lifetime of this ongoing title back when it was on the chopping block around issue #12 so you never know it might stick around, it just needs more fan love! If you are interested in just getting to know the different pulp characters then you could also check out the miniseries Masks (featuring all of the characters I discussed so far and more!) or the current Dark Nights miniseries (featuring The Shadow and Green Hornet). There is also the upcoming Codename: Action and Kings Watch miniseries which will feature some other characters. If you got any other questions let me know!

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YEESSSS!!!!! Brian is the best

Tony, this is the best picture so far, lol, that's hilarious!

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Always looking forward to more Brian. Its how I know Comicvine has fun!

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@g_man Regarding the ordering of the Villains month titles for the LCS. My store advised me that if the name of the book was one of my regular pull items, I would be getting all of the Villains titles related to it. For example: Since I get Earth 2, I will be getting both of the Earth 2 Villain month books. For Bat Fans and Super Fans, this was gonna be expensive. So during pre-order all box holders were given a check list that allowed them to opt in to specific issues, opt-out of some or all of them, and explained what would be happening if you had a title like Justice League that had more than one tie-in issue.

It did help with some of the pre-order chaos, but it means that it resulted in a lot of changes for one month on regular pulls.

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@swagner017: Heck yeah man thanks for the info! You got me excited lol. I'm actually about to head to the local comic shop here so I'm gonna go scope out some Black Bat and see if I can catch up on The Spider as well. A shame that series is kind of on the brink of cancellation, wish I got into it sooner. Gonna do what I can I guess! If they have The Shadow in trade than I might look into that too although I am leaning a little more towards Green Hornet so I can get a set trio of pulp-goodness to start reading! :)

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Brian should write "Hal y Barry" lol Get it? xD

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Brian should write "Hal y Barry" lol Get it? xD

lol I see what ya did there! :P

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Hasn't Batman killed aliens? I'm pretty sure he has.

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What do you mean "getting tired of hearing from you"? Never. Your a top special guest. And congrats on some awesome Flash issues. That 22 and Flash Annual have been highly praised on this site and rightfully so.

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Batman has never purposely murdered anyone in the Nolan universe. It's an argument that is never ending, but he never purposely killed anyone. He didn't save Ra's Al Ghul who then died in the crash. Then when he tackled Dent he didn't know the ledge was there and inadvertently caused his death. Then finally his shots at the wheels of the truck Talia is in driving richochet and kill the driver, then leading to the truck falling off the road and killing her as well. I've watched the scene from Rises many times and payed attention, he never is directly shooting at Talia or the driver, just the wheels.

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I love this guy. Buccellato is awesome.

Lol "all day everyday"

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@citizenjp: Awesome! Hope you enjoy the pulpy goodness.

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Always is great to listen in on the Booch and his infinite wisdom!

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Hurray for another episode of the mighty Booch. I saw Brian in the special features of the Flahpoint blu ray and I remember thinking "Haha! Look at that knucklehead." I think he did a good job as he always has interesting opinions on comics. I still need to get around to reading Black Bat since it sounds like something I'd be into. I'm not reading The Flash but I can tell from a distance that it's good. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.