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I was hoping you would have a great guest since there wont be a friday podcast and you didnt disappoint. Thanks G-Man.

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His Daredevil sounds awesome ... Lol

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I've loved all of Josh's creator owned stuff in the past. May checkout the Devilers. Curious to find out what he's got planned at Oni.

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Fun stuff ^_^

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Woohoo! I love Fialkov's work. Glad to see him back.

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I love that picture, it's so funny ;D

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@g_man Love the podcast. I think I'll pick up Joshua's Echoes (sounds like my type of book). However, I felt a bit perplex about your feelings towards people who swap the digital book codes (which I am NOT one of those people since I hate reading comics that aren't printed on paper). Is it really any different from people trading actual physical copies of comics? I believe it's okay if both parties are purchasing the same amount of books. Sharing is caring! But, I totally agree with you, that we have to show are support with our cash. I think it's great if people are splitting comic cost and hopefully picking up more books...and hopefully NOT pirating them. Please continue with more of these podcasts.

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One of the best racist, fascist, cancer loving writers out there

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@doing_wrong_so_nicely: I recommend Echoes to everyone I know. My favorite limited series of 2011. Tumor and Elk's Run are also really good.

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Great guest. Always one of my favorites.

Would love to see Matt Fraction again!

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my god Superman murdered clark kent but how...

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I was looking forward to another great podcast, but had to stop listening due to the unnecessary use of foul language.

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Fialkov = fun show. I will totally buy Blob Eats His Way Across America

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I think having a guest from the community would be too awkward.

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It's always good to have a new writer / artist on the podcast but the returning guests always make the show fun.

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I loved the Jury Duty discussion. I'll be reporting next month, so this felt very topical from the get-go. BTW, if Daredevil turned into a courtroom drama, I'd be all over that.

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enjoyed podcast again Josh is an engaging fellow. Real life discussion with Comicbooks cant ask for more than that.

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He ALWAYS says 'prom' instead of 'problem', so glad someone picked up on that!

No offence tony. Not that there's a 'prom' with it.