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Hey gang,

I remember the first time I was ever exposed to Comic Vine. It was on a Whiskey Media Happy Hour from way back, and your segment involved a live action scene reading from a comic (I can't remember what the comic was though). It was pretty hilarious and brought me to the site which in turn contributed to the resurgence of my comic book reading. So thanks for that. Any chance of reviving the scene reading as video content for the site?

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Hey Guys,

It was awesome meeting you guys at NYCC. Here is my question; Now that you're back from New York, how does NYCC compare to SDCC?

Thanks in advance for answering my question.

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I know it came out earlier in the month, but I've busy for the last six weeks and am just getting caught up with all the books I read and was curious about the Phantom Stranger's appearance in Action Comics #13. Both Issues #0 and 1 of Phantom Stranger stress the point that part of his punishment is that he has to betray everyone he tries to help. I haven't seen much scuttlebutt about potential fallout from him helping Superman, but doesn't it seem probable that something less than pleasant will come from his appearance in the Phantom Zone? And do you guys have any idea where such a betrayal might lead?

Also, I asked a question a few weeks back in the middle of some of that period of time where you guys were playing catch up with questions and never heard an answer. That's really not a problem, since it wasn't time sensitive, but here it is again: I'm still fairly new to reading comics (though I've followed the characters all my life in other media), and I'm working on filling in some gaps in my knowledge. I'm particularly curious in terms of what I should pick up from Geoff Johns's run on Green Lantern before New 52 rolled out, but any other suggestions are welcome, especially in terms of stuff that is more off the beaten path.

Thanks for all the work you guys put into the podcast and the site as a whole.

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CV Podcast Crew,

I have a question about how best to keep comic titles that you love alive, and a question about your thoughts of publishers striking the right balance between getting enough titles of beloved series verses creating enough room for newer and more diverse titles.

So in regards to my first question, what should comic book readers do to keep their favorite titles going. It seems that with every new wave of DC comic titles there are a few good series that are being ended. Okay, I'm not as saddened by the end of the Blue Beetle as I was when Steph Brown's Batgirl & the Red Robin titles were cancelled, but I can't help bit feel that this could happen to just about any of my favorite titles. So I feel almost obligated to buy my favorite non-top sellers in order to make sure it doesn't see an untimely death, while sometimes missing out (due to my budget limitations) on other top titles or newer titles. Also, does buying the individual issues make a bigger impact in preserving a title than buying the later trade backs? What do you suggest for the times I'm buying titles like Scarlet Spider (became I really want this title to succeed), but I'm not excited by its current story arc and I'm really wanting to use that same money to check out Punk Rock Jesus for a couple months instead?

Secondly, what do you think about publishers like DC balancing out fresh and diverse titles verses giving larger franchise titles like Batman enough titles to fullfil the depth desired by the fans. I am a huge bat family fan, and for me I grew into reading comics when Tim Drake as Robin was just interesting as Batman (or even moreso). He was the young Peter Parker of the Bat family for me and I strongly connected to him and Cassie as Batgirls and Steph Brown as Spoiler. Those are my favorite all-time favorite comic book characters. Now two of them may not exist in the new 52, and the one that does only appears as a team member in other titles. I want to keep begging for more of these three, but I feel that diehard Bat family fans get a bad rap due to all the current Batman titles. Liefeld is complaining about it, fans of other removed titles are unhappy about it, but what can be said? Does there need to be this many Bat-titles? Do other titles suffer from a Bat-centric DC? How can a good balance be achieved? I want more of the Bat-Family, because I'm invested in their stories even moreso than I am in Batman, but how can that be achieved?

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Hello Comic Vine,

With Marvels latest big crossover event finished and with the dust has settled after Avengers Vs. X-Men. What do you think is the best big Marvel crossover event in the past years and what is the worst?

The Big Marvel events are:

  • Secret War
  • House of M
  • Civil War
  • World War Hulk
  • Secret Invasion
  • Siege
  • Chaos War
  • Fear Itself
  • Avengers Vs. X-Men

And any other Big Marvel crossover event that you believe is missing

Thanks for the answer.

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Hello all!

Watching The Dark Knight Rises and playing Arkham City made me realize that I really like Catwoman as a character. Unfortunately Selina seems to be one of the new 52 that isn't quite up to par quality-wise. I was wondering if you guys, or specifically Sara since she seems to have love for the character, could recommend some good Catwoman stories to read?

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Hey guys I'd like to know who you would have like to be the new artist on Acton Comics. My choice would have been CAFU:

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Astonishing X-Men #46

I like how Scott Summers has been portrayed since AvX. In The Consequences comic where he talks with Wolverine it felt like a villain in the making thing. He seems like he has a more sinister feel to him. Do you think he should become another X-Men/Avengers villain? Like a bad guy like Magneto, Mystique type? A bad guy but you understand where he comes from and why he is doing what he is doing? We could all look back at how he was a hero, Xavier's 1st X-Man and sort of like his son. Now he is more of a villain, mutant terrorist. Sort of see his journey from hero to villain. He could have his own gang of mutant followers, like his own version of the Brotherhood. Personally I think I would rather see him become the villain than return to being a hero.

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Hey guys, it's me again. Got some EARTH-SHATTERING questions for ya.

1. Just about two weeks ago superman was announced with Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. I thought that that was some of the coolest comic news that was announced in quite a long time. So, my question is, if there was only one title in the world for you to read, but you could choose the creative team and the character, what would it be? So basically, what would be your dream book?

2. Why do you think that DC is being so messy and disorganized with their continuity across books? They werent exactly like this before the reboot, so why do it now? I doubt the writers even correspond with one another. It just seems downright lazy.

3.If the entire DC Universe came to you and offered you their powers, but you could only accept one persons abilities, who would it be?

Thanks again and have an awesome weekend!

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hey guys, cheers for answering my question last time, i got another one for ya.

I'm quite new to comics but I've been reading loads of the older big stories recently. I've just started reading secret wars and I'm enjoying it but it does feel a bit dated. Do you think it would be a good idea to do remakes of some classic stories, just with a art update and maybe a writing update. It could be a straight to trade sort of thing called something like "classic remakes" so it wouldn't have to have any continuity with the current universe or do you think that would be like trying to modernize the Mona Lisa. Just wondered if you thought it would be a good idea considering all the movie remakes and reboots going on these days.

anyway thanks for your time, keep up the good work

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Will Conrad, Rafa Sandoval, and Paul Pelletier have recently left Marvel to work on Stormwatch, Catwoman, and Aquaman respectively. What other artists from Marvel would you like to come work for DC and which current book would you like them to work on?

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two questions this week comic vine!

ive just witnessed the awesomeness that is the iron man 3 trailer and love the way its looking but the only problem i have with all the marvel universe flicks post avengers is, why wouldnt they just call the avengers whenever a villain comes to mess with them?

also just watched amcs "comic book men" episode 2 and realised that on this show everytime somebody comes in to buy some real pricey comic they seem to be able to bargain with the guys and meet at a fair price! this seems amazing to me since im fairly certain if i was to waltz into my local comic store and try to hackle them down theyd be like "get the f@^& out" in no time. so my question is to corey does he do buisness in this manner or does he just do a once a year clearout sale type thing?

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Hello gang with the events of Batman Incorparated number 4 this week what do you guys of Bruce Wayne as a father to Damian? Have to keep it brief this week as our area is staring down the barrel of Frankenstorm Sandy hopefully we will not be underwater and without power this week so I can listen to the show.


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Hey guys, sorry I missed Tony and Sara at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, I wasn't able to go this year. I did meet you guys at SDCC 2010 and saw you again at SDCC 2011. Also, again, sorry Sara for eating your lasagna when you were in the bathroom. It was Tom who told me and Geo that you didn't want it anymore and I can never resist a lasagna. So blame him. I am truly sorry. Also, I have never met Corey but I would like to at some point. He sounds like an awesome person.

I remembered when you guys were talking about how your voices make you sound in reference to race or height. I noticed that Corey kinda sounds like Max Landis. It especially solidified it when he said "The Death and Sleep of Superman."

Also, Corey, when you were referring to how people tend to mess up the spelling of your name, its just like the spellings of Bryan or Brian. And my name is Jessie but everyone spells it as Jesse or Jessy.

Now for my questions: With the hints given by Dan Slott about the identity of Superior Spider-Man and the fact that he isn't going to be Peter Parker anymore, who are you guesses who it might be?

My guess is that Peter is officially going to figure out he is Ben Reilly and stick to that identity and start having a new attitude towards how he defines himself and his crusade.

I also noticed in the October 5th podcast that you guys took a question about comics not being talked about and stuff. One thing I noticed is that the DC titles that do get cancelled, are the ones that DC doesn't do a lot of promotion before they get cancelled to get more people to be into them. Same goes with some that get creator changes. With the new cancellations being announced like Blue Beetle, Frankenstein, Grifter, and Legion Lost, couldn't it have been easier for DC to try to promote what is going on in these titles before cutting them off? Legion Lost is not really all that bad because you could totally make that end naturally because the team can just go back home to the future. And I understand that some titles have to be taken down so they can introduce ones they need to launch like the new Justice League of America and maybe the new Superman title.

Take Deathstroke for example, instead of switching Kyle Higgins to Rob Liefeld, why didn't they try to promote the story he was writing first to boost sales. In my opinion, Higgin's run was way better than Liefeld's. Maybe its not a situation where the fans know what is in the books and deciding not to buy them but instead its a situation where the fans just don't know what's going on inside these book so they don't know if its good enough to read. Hopefully you can shed some light on that.

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Hey, guys!

A few questions here.

1. What missing DC characters do you want to see ReIntroduced? I think most of us know one of Sara's choices...

2. Why do people who watch comic book films like Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers and like them still insist that comics are for babies?

3. Do you think Grifter's cancellation was down to Rob Leifeld? It seems likely that a lot of people would've heard bad things about him and didn't want to buy the book.

4. Have you ever taken part in one of Todd Nauck's Twitter Contest, I took part in his Halloween Twitter name contest and got to request a character for a free sketch! In case you were wondering what I'd won It was the New 52 Kid Flash that Tony posted on the Awesome Art Picks.

5. What artist do you want to replace Brett Booth when he leaves Teen Titans in February and where do you think Brett will go?

6. If you could Cosplay as any comic or cartoon character ever who would you pick?

Thanks, everyone and sorry for the Huge amount of Questions!

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Howdy gang,

With Halloween just a day away (or a few days past in your case), what is the scariest character and story(line) that you have read?



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Hi guys

With Disneys purchase of Lucasfilms,do you think there is a possibility of a Marvel crossover whether it be comics or maybe even films?

If this were to happen who would you like to see crossover and why?

Keep up the great work, these podcasts always make my day!

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hey guys you have been saying that justice league dark is a good read so i went and got ever thing from 9 to last months issue, it is a great read. i was wondering if there is a comic that is a current ongoing that i should read and is hellblazer is a good serises because Constantine is also in that one?

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hey guys, cheers for answering my question last time, i got another one for ya. I'm quite new to comics but I've been reading loads of the older big stories recently. I've just started reading secret wars and I'm enjoying it but it does feel a bit dated. Do you think it would be a good idea to do remakes of some classic stories, just with a art update and maybe a writing update. It could be a straight to trade sort of thing called something like "classic remakes" so it wouldn't have to have any continuity with the current universe or do you think that would be like trying to modernize the Mona Lisa. Just wondered if you thought it would be a good idea considering all the movie remakes and reboots going on these days. anyway thanks for your time, keep up the good work

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Which comic book characters would be awesome to go trick or treating with?

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@G-Man: Did you get The Tick Meets Madman? Its a fun story about the Tick meeting Frank Einstein after something happens to Arthur. And its all about how comic heroes don't die and the different comic plots like that. The only down side is its $6.99 for the comic. And its about 23 pages long.





@ArtisticNeedham said: Should Cyclops actually be a villain now? A villain fans can relate to or at least understand his motives like Magneto?

Astonishing X-Men #46

I like how Scott Summers has been portrayed since AvX. In The Consequences comic where he talks with Wolverine it felt like a villain in the making thing. He seems like he has a more sinister feel to him. Do you think he should become another X-Men/Avengers villain? Like a bad guy like Magneto, Mystique type? A bad guy but you understand where he comes from and why he is doing what he is doing? We could all look back at how he was a hero, Xavier's 1st X-Man and sort of like his son, and watch his progression. Now he is more of a villain, mutant terrorist. Sort of see his journey from hero to villain. He could have his own gang of mutant followers, like his own version of the Brotherhood. Personally I think I would rather see him become the villain than return to being a hero.

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I am a big fan of Doctor Strange, even though I feel like lately he as been underutilized. Do you guys have any Doctor Strange-centric comics you would recommend? Thanks, by the way I don't want Patrick Dempsey playing him (according to all knowing, never wrong Wikipedia)

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Thanks for answering my questions on the other podcast,

If James Robinson is there, I have a BIG question I'd like him (and Comicvine) to talk about. (and if you have to choose this question of my last comment about AvX please choose this one. I have my own comic, Monkey Boy #1 and #2, but when people ask me about it I almost feel like I have to down play it. I think I should probably promote it better with word of mouth. How would I do that? How do I tell people about my comics (two issues) without coming off as bragging or being like one of those guys trying to sell cell phones in the mall? People have actually come up to me and asked lots of questions about my comics and I sort of end up underselling them. How do I sell my comics without coming off as a jerk who is just trying to sell his comic?



OK, I wasn't going to ask another question this week but... I just started reading Wolverine and the X-Men (after Sara suggested just jumping into the current issue and then buying a few back issues. I love Bradshaw's art.) But I have noticed a big problem the school has is funding and money for repairs or whatever. My question is, why don't they just give up the pricey things like shrink machines, digital blackboards, and all the Avenger looking technology they have? Maybe settle for a regular school for a while until they get things running?

I maybe should clarify about my Cyclops question. I haven't actually been reading AvX so much or Consequences, but I had noticed how Scott had gotten darker and more aggressive. And I thought it would be cool to see a villain progress from a hero we all know and love, a main character, to being a major Magneto level villain. Many times we get the villain introduced as a villain or a short origin in the issue they are introduced in, we haven't really gotten a villain introduced years ago as a hero who over time becomes a villain before our eyes so we could watch his/her evolution. I guess I just like that idea and wlet my imagination run with it with Cyclops. It would have been almost like watching Max Eisenhardt/Magnus go from being a hero who worked with his best friend Xavier turn into the mutant terrorist we all know as Magneto right before our eyes. But also most villains don't see themselves as villains, not Sinestro, Magneto, Ras al Ghul, Lex Luthor, I am not even sure Darksied, Apocalypse, or Thanos see themselves as villains. Has there ever been a villain like that? Who changes from a hero to a villain before our eyes over years? I know they did it in Smallville the TV show, but they hinted at him being a bad guy from the beginning. I mean a guy who seems perfectly good and over time becomes a bad guy.

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Hi, I just started listening to the podcast, but I've been going to the site for news for awhile now.

My question is: I've been reading Marvel comics for awhile, but have always stayed away from X-Men for some reason. Now that AVX is over, I realized that a lot of important stuff happens in the different X-Books. Which X-Men books/stories should I read in order to get caught up or have a basic gist of the important story beats so far?

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Greetings Comicvine podcast,

Questions for James: I noticed that the stars on the American flag were obscured in the president's office in issue 5 of Earth 2. Can you say for certain how many States are left in the union after Terry Sloan's catastrophe? I imagine the number could be much less if one of the fire pits ignited within America's borders.

Would you like to think that assassins and templars could have existed in the Earth 2 timeline?

Question for everyone: Which ninja turtle best represents each of you? Only one turtle per person. From what I've learned from the site I'd say Tony leads, James does machines, Sara is cool but rude, and Cory is a party dude. (If James is wondering why he "does machines" refer him to previous statements he's made about robot sex). Thanks for everything you guys do for the site.

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Hi guys, I'm from England and I'm really interested in getting some commission work, do u think artist will send to the uk and who do you think will be best do a Spider-Man with the stalk (from saga) drawing, either fighting or falling in love, I reken that would be epic... Cheers

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Hi Tony, Sara,corey( hopefully the Illustrious yet illusive James) (Don't read anything in the brackets if James is not there. trying to make your life easy here Tony. Just the text editor does'nt work.) On to buisness, this'll be the third post that I've sent to you all, ever. I've kissed your asses so much on my last post that I feel that your egos don't need appeased now. (James, I enjoy Earth 2 greatly, mainly because your take on the heros has broke the mold of the WW2 takes on the heros and given a fresh approch that to me does not spoil the personality of the characters but still gives them that new modern edge. I do like what has been done with them before, don't get me wrong JSA was a great title and I did like the fact they were WW2 characters, one of many reasons was drawn to the book but I'm glad you were the one to update them. Oh and Don't kill Wesley Dodds, he dies in everything I watch or read with him in it.) Let the fun begin people. First question: Can any of you mimic the Bane voice from TDKR? It's just amazing and I have the hunch that James could do it. Secondly: I took your advice on my comic orders and I hate you Corey(I really don't). You predicted Frankenstein's cancellation and I'm saddend by its loss. Why is it that you guys seem to be biased towards bigger titles? I mentioned that I was looking to get Avengers academy and Thunderbolts. Y'all called me crazy and questioned why I wasn't looking for All New X-men, Cap and the like. What about them Tony, What about them? Small characters need the lime light, like a certain Bat character we know. I can only afford one MAIN title, for me that's Batman until the end of "DOTF". Hope you all have a pleasant weekend and thank you for the time,I did'nt mean to come off as malicious if I did. You're all good people.

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Hello people of the podcast that are tony, Sara, Korey and possibly James seeing as Earth 2 came out this week.

I have never been a comic fan to whine when things change abruptly (see New 52) or when series I enjoyed were cancelled (see resurection Man and the upcoming Blue Beetle).But I take these things with a grain of salt and try to see the positive side of these circumstance's. But with the news that came out today (Thursday) that DC is cancelling Hellblazer at #300 just so they can release a Constantine series in March is something I absolutely hate and that makes very sad, just like the majority who commented on the article.

Now my questions are was there ever a series you loved that was cancelled just so something else can come of it ?

Do you think it was a good idea to cancel Hellblazer just to have a waterd downed version of John running around ?

And if James is there would you have ever considered writing Hellblazer when and if Peter Milligan would leave the title ?

Thanks for all the entertaining podcasts, videos and articles guys. Talk to ya next time.

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Hey everyone! I started reading Nightwing and Batgirl pretty late and I was wondering if there has been any mention of the two having dated in the New 52 world. They're one of my favorite comic book couples and I'm hoping that they become the new long lasting super couple like Reed and Sue. What is everyone's opinion on Dick and Babs' relationship?

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My first question to the podcast. I'm really excited about Young Avengers. What are the thoughts on the title? Also if James is there, can you ask if Steppenwolf is "Fury's" father. :-X?

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Hey Tony, Sara, Corey, and maybe James(?)!

First off I'd like to say thanks a lot for the all-new extra podcast! I haven't been watching the "Ask and Ye Shall Receive Answers" as of late due to the fact that videos don't work all that well on my iPod and my kindle buffers a lot. I really prefer the podcast format.

Now to some questions/rant some of them are ones that were not answered last time but are still relevant(mostly because there were some James questions at the beginning so the rest of them just got pushed to a further date and they were never answered).

I'll get my rant(don't worry not too long) out of the way....

1) I'm a huge fan of the Teen Titans(as well as the currently M.I.A. Runaways, yes I'm aware Chase and Nico will be in Avengers Arena but that's a whole other rant for a whole other time). The Teen Titans cartoon is one of the main reasons I started reading comics in the first place.

Now the fact that the continuity has been wiped out is not my main problem with the new book. Sure I'd prefer that all of the continuity remained but it hasn't and I'm fine with that. However I'm not fine with how some of the characters are written.

They are all angst machines. Tim's a whiny Mary Sue("He's Perfect, at everything" from the preview of Teen Titans #0), Cassie is all angst-y as well("I'M NOT WONDER-GIRL" okay than let's bring Donna back then), and Connor has as much personality as a brick. Also their dialogue, and character interaction(at least that of Tim, Connor, and Cassie, I don't really have a problem with Bart and the others) is cliche and unrealistic. As a teenager I can tell you my friends and I are not all angst-y and don't constantly fight. Why can't writers be more like Brian K. Vaughn(Runaways), Bryan Q. Miller(Batgirl), or Brian Michael Bendis(Ultimate Spider-man; Peter and Miles are great characters) and stop trying to make characters "cool" by making them angst-y.

I'm gonna stop talking about the TT because I've gone on long enough and could talk more about the many reasons I dislike the Teen Titans in the New 52.

Now to my questions.

2) Did you all here about the changing of a trick or treater, dressed as Stephanie Brown,'s hair from blonde to black in Lil Gotham? I find it pretty useless change(I'm pretty sure no one was jumping up and down because a trick or treater dressed up as Stephanie Brown was blonde) and thought she was going to show up again. Either way Lil' Gotham is the BEST COMIC BOOK EVER! James questions are kept in brackets.

Oh, and Corey you read Chew correct? What did you think of the last issue? I thought it was awesome(one of the best so far, outside of the Poyo one-shot).

Sara, any updates on the letters for Cassandra Cain?

James, I know I'm in the minority, but I actually liked you're run on Justice League of America. It wasn't the best thing ever, but I liked a good majority of it(I was disappointed with Rise of Eclipso, a bit, but that was most likely due to the editorial forcing Doomsday into the story). I really wish you could have gotten to write some of those stories teased in the final issue(I'd prefer those stories over the ones in Justice League right now). Now some questions for you.

1) One of my favorite parts of you're run was the friendship between Congorilla and Starman. Since both have been confirmed to exist already, do you think you'd ever go and write a mini, maxi, or ongoing series(I mean if Vibe and Katana can get one, Bill and Mikaal certainly could). Perhaps with Rex the Wonder Dog as well.

2) Not much of a question, but I actually liked how Donna Troy was written. I know a lot of people were like "Donna doesn't swear", but she's been through a whole lot of stuff. Plus, she kind of reminded me of Deb from Dexter.

3) Can you talk about the Justice League Africa idea?

Thanks everyone and hope you all have a great weekend.

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Hey guys. If James is in tell him I have been Loving Earth 2! Your a fantastic storyteller James and I would also like to give praise to Nicola Scott. Her art is amazing and fits the book wonderfully.

James, what are some of your all time favorite comic series ever? Anytime period any genre. Who do you like better Aquaman or Namor? Rogue or Domino? Philly Cheese Steaks or SF whole in the wall Korean BBQ?

Ok so my other question (to everyone) is who is a better father Magneto, Batman, Rick Grimes, or Cable?

Thanks guys Have a nice weekend.

#233 Posted by xtremekidx (590 posts) - - Show Bio

why has their not been reviews of some comics lately speciallly action comics and aquaman?...i know you guys are busy but i really look forward to the reviews by comicvine staff each week for my comic reads.

#234 Posted by Jawshco (251 posts) - - Show Bio

The biggest crossover event that occurred when I was young was the X-cutioner Song. I bought two copies of each issue so could read one and keep the other in its pristine packaging. How well do you think that story has held up over the years? Did it have any lasting impact on the X-men related titles?

#235 Posted by pilgrimcobra (9 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi team,

Thank you for all the effort you put in each and every week to help us through the huge world of comics. I'm sure, like most of your listeners, I'd be lost without you!

My question is brief.....I've just caught up on Mark Waid's Daredevil through the trades.....whose run prior to this was stronger? Bendis or Brubaker?

I'm tempted to start at the beginning of Bendis' run and work through it all but thats a lot of reading if it wasn't as strong or stronger than the current material?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again guys!

#236 Posted by x_29 (2375 posts) - - Show Bio

With thanksgiving just a couple of days away, in terms of comics, what are you most thankful for this year? It can be from a series you have been reading, a comic-con you went to, a comic-book movie or anything else related to comics.

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hey guy i was wondering at the end of AvX hope and Wanda bought back the mutant gene, wouldnt that mean hope would change some how with the laws of time traveling.

#238 Posted by astonishing_arome (20 posts) - - Show Bio

What if the Winter Solider killed Peter Parker's parents?

#239 Posted by The Cyan Lantern (276 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey gang, hope everyone has had a fun week! My question is open to everyone (Tony, Sara, Corey and James if they are here).

So it seems like the Ant- Man movie has either not starting casting or no names are sticking. With production estimated to start January 2013, it is odd no actor’s names have been thrown around. To the comic community, this process should be important to us. And every time a movie does come out, you guys usually spend sometime expressing opinion on the actors performance.

Question is: if you were a casting agency, whom would you cast? We know the characters confirmed are Hank Pym and Scott Lang. And lets assume Janet will be involved too. That said, here are the guidelines…

· Tony cast Hank

· Sara cast Janet

· Corey cast Scott (if Corey is not around, then James)

· James, since you are aware of the film industry, analyze their decisions

Here are my choices but don’t read them out loud yet. Don’t want to influence the vote

Hank Pym –Ewan McGregor (Star Wars): He is not stranger to big blockbuster movies, old enough to assume a mentor role, and can pull off the lab geek. Plus, he has the range incase they make Hank the abusive spouse.

Janet – Olivia Munn (G4, The Newsroom): It can be argued since Janet and Hank split, she grew into herself and started having fun. Olivia has the short hair, fun personality, and could be foreseeably romantically attached to Ewan. Plus, she brings diversity to the much-needed Avengers team (if were to join).

Scott Lang – Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four): He is no rookie to action movies. Not only that, he’s yet a big name (just like Chris Hemsworth before Thor). Younger than Ewan and can pull off having a 5 year/less Cassie.

Thanks for putting up for my question, HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

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Hi ComicVine:

Big time fan, first time poster. Anyway, as always, I love the show and I hope I get beginners luck and make the podcast. I will limit my questions to one per person.

Ladies first, Corey.... ok, just kidding....

Sara - My wife is learning to live with the fact that she is married to a 30 year old nerdy guy who still reads comics. The thing is, every nerdy thing I like, and get her to try, she falls in love with. For example, if I watch the Walking Dead without her, I will become a dead man walking. I have tried my hardest to get her to read comics, but my attempts never work. I started out by trying to get her to read Maus, she seemed to like it, read it for about 20 minutes and put it down never to pick it up again. My second attempt is Saga. Ok, timeout, how good is Saga, I mean seriously. Anyway, when I was reading Saga, all I could think is this is perfect for her, and then I came across the robot porno scene (was that a bad choice of words?). Shortly after that scene, i got to the the part where The Will went to Sextillion and now I am not sure if the comic book version of Romeo and Juliet will impress her like I hope. Anyway, I agreed to go to the new Twilight movie with her and I will not complain at all as long as she reads and has a 15 minute conversation about Saga with me. See, there are two things that you need to understand about marriage, first, marriage is all about compromise. Second, marriage is all about doing what your wife tells you. Sara, my questions is, what would you recommend for me to have my wife read so she will fall in love with comics. My thought besides Saga is Spider Man Blue, but I am not a lady, nor do I understand ladies. I need your help Sara. I should note, she understands that all the Twilight movies are terrible and Kristen Stewart can't act at all. Please Sara, help me convert my wife into a comic book fan.

James - Are you here for this episode?

Tony and Corey - I am getting carpal tunnel from typing so much so you two get the same question. Let's pretend that the agency in the failed tv show Heroes is real. The rules are one of you (Non powered) and one of them (super heroes). You two are both working for the agency and are the non powered, any comic book hero is your partner. Who do you choose? Part two... who is the villain you want to pursue in your first story arc and why. If you were to ask me, I would take Jonah Hex because I think he proved in All Star that even if I became addicted to Opiates, I would still be able to feel safe and not worry about dying. Also, I think I would go after the Blob because if we saw him and he tried to run, I am pretty sure I could catch him. Also, does anyone else think blob should make an appearance next time discovery channel has Shark Week, am I right? Sara has to agree with me.

Anyway, love you guys, love the show and I hope I make the cut. If I do, I promise I will keep the questions to one per person. You will hear from me again.


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Hello Comicvine crew (and James). Same rules as last week don't read the parenthesis's if James isn't there.

Anyway, we should have paragraphs today so let the fun begin.

(James, I have been enjoying Earth 2 since issue 1, the revamp of the characters is great, although the WW2/golden age designs and characterisations are gone, you have kept the mentality of the characters in check , Alan scott is exactly how I think he should be portrated . Loving the amalgamations as well, with Atom. I have only one thing to ask of you, or indeed plead to you : PLEASE DON'T KILL WESLEY DODDS. I'm very protective of this character but in most of the stories I've read that feature him, he dies. Horribly. And my girlfriendly thought Grundy was cool, we both look forward to your next onslought of villains, hoping for Klarion the witch boy at some point. )

For the last month or two I have been constantly waiting and editing my pull list and I'm going to do the unthinkable. I'm going to cancel Batman after "Death of the Family", I don't deny that Scott Snyder's Work in nothing less than epic but I feel that the ride has been too long and I'm just too tired. From black mirrior til now , it's been great but I want to know have any of you though about this? That you just want a break from this relentless journey?

What can I replace Batman with? I was thinking of Uncanny Avengers because of Sunfire or JLA.

Anyway Thank you for the time and If any of you have the time, please PM or message me on the site because its kinda lonely here.

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you already answered this posts question.

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So two things i wanted to say.

My first question is Batman #14. Since Joker is targeting the Bat Family what are your predictions. I know its jumping to conclusions to assume they would kill off someone because we still have a lot of story left, but everyone has their own titles and its hard to imagine they would take a break from those titles. Catwoman, Tim Drake in Teen Titans, Damian in Batman and Robin, Nightwing, Alfred in the Adventures of Batman and his Butler...o wait. Do you think rather than kill off a major Bat family character Joker is more likely to: A. Disfigure a Bat Family character changing his appearance forever or B. Kill a surprise member to the story ie like the Huntress.

Secondly I just want to let you guys know that in a few weeks Im going to be starting a youtube channel and uploading videos where I review comics that I pick up along with hopefully a couple other people. Its something I have thought about doing mostly inspired because of some great people I see on youtube like comic uno and Mike spider slayer that really give great reviews and of coarse all the great reviews on CV. Just letting yous know and hopefully once a couple videos are up i can send you guys a link and maybe hear some feedback, for better or worse

Thanks guys take care and have a great weekend.

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I love X-factor to death, but when Leonard Kirk gave Polaris a new costume in issue 245, my instinctual reaction was "Nooooo!" - basically the same reaction I had to Ms. Marvel's costume switch. I've always preferred costumes that are simple, like Polaris, Scarlet Witch, the Fantastic Four, the original X-men, etc. I've mostly come around on Captain Marvel so I'm willing to be convinced on Polaris. What do you think of Lorna's new costume, and why does a superhero change outfits? Is it the artist's call?

(PS - Pip called Havok "Tron," and Alex knew he was right, so he goes back to his even worse old costume? Whuh?)

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So I was talking with my brother and my friend about getting a tablet and how the only reason I would want one would be to read digital comics. Personally, I love having the hard copy, holding the actual book, and I appreciate the sentimental value of some of the books, but cost is also important. Going digital wouldn't save me any money so do you think $3.99 (or any other price) print comic should cost less in digital form? It makes sense because of printing, shipping, and packaging costs are basically nonexistent and it would be a motivator for people to switch to digital comics.

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Hello! A few questions... 1) I was wondering is the current Nightwing arc with Lady Shiva worth buying? Just wondering because I like Lady Shiva but it seems a lot of people don't like the current story. 2) You know how DC said they're going to start putting digital comics on kindle fire, when is that going to happen? Because comixology still has no DC stuff on there. 3) What do you think of the return of [SOME SPOILERS FOR ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN] Venom in USM? I'm really excited as I loved the original Ultimate Venom story. 4) Corey what do you think of the current story going on it Chew? Who is you're favorite character? For me it's tie between John Colby and Poyo(although I really like Toni, Tony's sister, she's really growing on me) 5) Sara, if Cassandra Cain returns what name do you think she should use? I'm honestly not too happy with the name "Black Bat" and Batgirl is already taken. I think she should go the Donna Troy route and not really use a super-hero name. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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hey hey! Your podcasts title keeps reminding me of a favorite comic of mine, Invincible! Have you been keeping up with it? What do you think the spoilers "Death of Everyone" means for the big issue #100? Everyone should be catching up with this great series from Kirkman and Ottley.

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys use the pull list option for comixology since it gives a portion of the comic sale to your local comic shop?

The new Reverse-Flash isn't going to be yellow according to Francis and Brian, what color do you think his or her new costume color will be? "The opposite of red is not yellow."

Bring back WALLY, DONNA and CASS if your listening DC

Have a nice weekend

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I just started reading X-Factor by Peter David, including back issue #200. It lists in a character bio that Longshot wanted to name is and Dazzler's son Shatterstar, and that Shatterstar might be a clone or the son of Longshot and is from the same Mojoverse. So have they revealed that Longshot is the father or that Shatterstar is a clone of him? Because that would be cool. I would love to see Longshot, who seems the same age as Shatterstar, acting like a loving proud and protective father to Shatterstar.


About last times Musicals based on comic characters: they could make a Wolverine musical, starring Hugh Jackman. He could sing and dance and be buffed up and use his claws to kill. He could sing about "Being the Best there is at What he does, but what he does isn't Very nice."


hey, if you guys want I could draw some new logo for Comic Vine (mentioned in a previous podcast). Just kidding, or not, depending on how you guys respond.

Did Wasp actually come back? I remember seeing a preview where she was supposedly back, and thought "nah they wouldn't just slip that in without making a bigger deal," and then I see she is going to be on the Uncanny Avengers. Did I miss something? What do I have to buy as a trade and read?

If you, Tony, Sara, Corey, didn't have to worry about the prices, what comic artist would you commission to do a something for you? And what would you ask for? I understand that it might be hard to choose out of all the artists and what they could draw, so I guess just off the top of you head would be fine. For me, I'd like to ask an artist like Kevin Maguire or Mike Allred to draw my own character. Mike Allred charges a lot but you get 4 characters. So I could get him to draw Madman, the Tick, Myself, and my own character hanging out. In the past I have gotten a portrait of me by Tim Sale. So who would be your dream artist doing what dream commission?

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Hey crew,

In Batwoman #0 (pre-NEW 52), Bruce Wayne had returned to the cowl from his "death" and finally had time to evaluate this Batwoman. Through his detective work, Bruce concluded Batwoman was really his cousin, Kate Kane. However, Kate is no dummy as she investigates who Batman is (her run in Detective Comics). My question is... does Kate know Batman is her cousin?

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