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Hey guys, thanks for answering my question, it really made my day especially since G-Man pronounced my name right. Last week I said you guys were like the trinity and you wanted to know who was who. G-Man would be Superman because while Superman has almost every power and helped kick off comics back in the day, G-Man has a ton of collectibles as seen in his Ask G-Man videos, he knows a ton of issue numbers and major comic events, and started Comic Vine. Sara, due to her strong connection with Cassandra Cain would be most similar to Batman through the transitive property. This makes Corey Wonder Woman. WW is a total bad ass who is fierce, strong, independent, and has a strong connection to the gods and I think I heard in an earlier podcast that Corey has a really crazy beard which basically makes him all of those things too.

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Hello Tony, Sara, Corey, and James! I've been listening to the podcast every friday for the last year and a half and it's always awesome. James, Shade is in my honest opinion you're best work(I'm a bit behind but it's just always fantastic and you sure got some good artists to work on the book, also the covers are amazing) I've heard some rumors on Bleeding Cool that the Vigilante Co-Feature may soon be published in ASW is this true? Because that would be great. Now I have a couple questions regarding you're Justice League run(I actually liked most of it, the JLA/JSA crossover was my favorite arc of the run and I liked the idea of Omega). 1) I recall you mentioning that when Jesse left, Wally would rejoin the League can you say anything about that(?) 2) I know Vixen was to be involved but who else was to be a part of the JLAfrica(?) 3) Prior to you're run I heard Starman and Jade were going to date was that an actually thing or just a rumor, because it seemed as Jade was going to date Sebastion Faust 4) Starman and Congorilla were my favorite part of the run(I also liked Jade I found her to be realistic I know I'd be freaked out had I came back from the dead) would you ever consider doing a ongoing/mini/maxi series about the duo perhaps with that shadow gorilla from the Eclipso arc and Shade as the villain? Because I for one would so buy that book(Also I really hope you get to do the Shade/Batman/Ra's and maybe Vandal Savage story). Now I've been working on a book for a year as both writer and artist that I wish to present to Image, I was wondering what way is better to send it by mail or go to a convention to do it? Speaking of Image what are you all thinking of Chew right now(imo it's awesome, it's filled the void that used to be filled by the Secret Six)? Back on the topic of DC though there is something that has been showing up ever since the New 52 began; all of the TT are extremely, extremely angsty(for example "Oh My God Don't Call Me Wonder Girl!" and Tim getting mad because Bart was borrowing his old costume). As a teenager, I can say not I nor any of my friends act like this at all, I'm getting sick of media(thanks to a certain vampire romance novella series) thinking teenagers are all filled with angst and anger. I was okay with Ravager and Bombshell because they were used mostly to contrast Blue Beetle and Kid Devil(but when half of the team is angsty it gets annoying), seriously Lobdell needs to look at the awesomeness that is Miles Morales he is completely awesome and realistic in terms of personality. I'm going to stop there because I could rant all day on the New 52 TT but have any of you noticed this? Sara, you are not alone on missing Cassandra Cain this whole iconic thing is stupid if being iconic mattered Wally would be Flash and Kid Flash, plus a character doesn't suddenly get iconic by sitting in limbo. Also if I asked my friends who Batgirl was they wouldn't say "Barbara Gordon", they don't know who it was under the mask they just know it's Batgirl, plus Cass doesn't even need to be Batgirl, I'm fine with her being Black Bat but now since every character has to be in their twenties or they don't matter it seems the chances of seeing Cass are even slimmer. To end I'd like to ask about Warren Ellis's Planetary, I've read a bit of it and it's fantastic was this creator owned work could Warren do the book at another company if he wanted(Also why is it he doesn't do work at DC anymore)? Sorry for so many questions and a bit of a rant you guys are awesome and these podcasts are always great, keep up the good work.

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Hello Gentlemen and Lady,

2 Questions for Mr. Robinson and 1 general question.

1st Question : Mr. Robinson you've mentioned before that you are a fan of Tom Waits and i was wondering what your favorite Tom Waits album is.

2nd Question : what's the story behind you leaving He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?

And finally there has been some Star Wars talk lately here on Comic Vine last week you guys were talking about the new Darth Maul comic and this week Tony posted a trailer for a new Clone Wars DVD, i was wondering what you might recommend for someone like myself who is a Star Wars fan but has never ventured outside of the movies, should i start with one of the many Dark Horse series? start watching the Clone Wars? or maybe read some of the expanded universe novels. i liked the prequels just fine but not as much as the original trilogy and i would like to learn more about Boba Fett if possible.

thanks for your time!

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Hello gang,

Thanks for reading my question last week, when you mentioned my daughters name I paused the podcast so her and my wife could listen. They were both very excited!

When I was heavy into comics in the 90's there was a lot of emphasis put onto the artists on a book and not as much on the writer. I feel that this led, somewhat, to the implosion of the comics business in the mid to late 90's. It seems to me now that writers are on equal ground, if not somewhat more important than the artist. I find myself looking for runs that a writer did, for example after listening to your podcast over the last few months I've been looking for more James Robinson work. His Earth 2 is a great series and now I want to get on board with Shade then go back further for more Robinson stories. Of course I've also been picking up Justice League because Jim Lee is the artist, I don't think I would be reading it otherwise. Geoff Johns is a great writer, I'm just not super impressed with his run so far.

What do you all think, has writing become more important, or is it just the fact that good writers are able to put out more work in a month than artists can?

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really enjoying this darth maul comic series so far, do you guys know if this is taking place between season 4 and the upcoming season 5?

i think it would be cool of it did fall into place just like the clone wars original animated series fit in between star wars episode 2 and 3. in that series it was even explained why general greivous had the problem with his chest {master windu crushed him using the force}

keep ip the good work guys!

aaron from sydney, australia

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What kind of Batman villains do you think are more deadly? The ones with a lot of money (Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul, Court of Owls, etc.) or the ones with very little wealth (Killer Croc, Scare Crow, The Joker, etc.)?

What made the Court of Owls so imposing to me was the fact that they were the elite of Gotham's aristocracy which begot Batman to begin with. Bruce's use of his resources are what define him as a hero and seeing him tangle with a group with even more money and influence than the Waynes was truly amazing to read. I figure since Snider is going to be doing Joker next I wanted you guys to weigh in on the financially stability of Batman's rogues gallery. Love the podcast and all the stuff you do on the site. If James is there then I want him to know that I love both The Shade and Earth 2. I also can't get enough of his brand of crude humor. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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First off I love the podcast, you guys have the perfect blend of personalities, especially when James comes in. I tried listening to the IGN podcast and just about fell asleep. Anyways, my question is what pre 52 comics should I buy? Lets say your top 5. (I know it might depend on what characters I like but it doesn't really matter to me as long as the writing and art are done well). I already have the Scott Snyder detective run (AMAZING stuff!!!). and Morrison's stuff (also AMAZING!!! (caps for emphasis) but I was wondering what else was worth my time and money. Red Robin, Batman Beyond, Zatanna, Jonah Hex?

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For James Robinson: If you could take over any of the current New 52 books, that isn't from the Batman line, which one would it be and in what direction would you take?

For everyone: If Rags Morales leaves Action Comics after issue 16 who would you like to take over art duties? I think CAFU would be a good replacement. He's been doing the back-ups for the last couple of issues.

I'll leave you with this funny picture:

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Greetings all,

I've been lurking about the site for a few months now, reading the news and listening to the podcasts; so first, thanks for all the hard work and keep it up. My question wound up being wordier than I intended, so if you guys are pressed for time, just jump down to where I've marked the actual question with <TLDR> for a somewhat shorter version.

I grew up with comic book superheroes omnipresent in my entertainment: the 1960s Batman (in syndication) is one of the first TV shows I have memory of watching; I grew up with Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman: the Animated Series on TV every Saturday morning; I had a sort of ritual on the Friday nights in my freshman year of college of turning on Justice League/JL Unlimited on Friday nights to relax once my roommate went home for the weekend. In all of that, I never really had the income/knowledge of continuity/understanding that continuity wasn't the giant obstacle I thought it to be to read monthly comics, so I didn't begin regularly reading comics until The New 52. When it comes to current books, I feel like I've got a very solid footing at this point.

This brings me to my question: I've been taking advantage of the sale going on on DC titles on Barnes and Noble's website to stock up on older trades; so far, I've picked up a good deal of Starman and Sandman, but I also feel like this would be a good opportunity to fill in some knowledge gaps in the histories of some of the more mainstream characters as well. <TLDR> I've tried a couple of times over the last few years to decode which of the myriad Green Lantern trades I should pick up to hit the highlights of what Geoff Johns has done with the character in a way that keeps the narrative coherent, but sorting that out--especially as things lead into Blackest Night--always eludes me. I picked up Rebirth and Vol. 1 of the Sinestro Corps War a couple of years ago, but I am unsure of where to go from there (beyond, perhaps obviously, Vol. 2 of Sinestro Corps War). I ask about Green Lantern specifically since a good deal of Johns's work currently seems to continue to build from his pre-Flashpoint books, but if any of you has recommendations in addition to Green Lantern, Starman, and Sandman, I'm all ears (especially in terms of books that are off the beaten path; I know things like All-Star Superman or The Killing Joke are recommended regularly with good reason, but part of the appeal of a situation like this is being able to take a risk on something with less monetary investment).

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What comic book characters do you love with a passion but nearly everyone else despises? Why?

#161 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (687 posts) - - Show Bio

Will this new thunderbolts be the new Uncanny X Force? It just seems that way to me. A Feme Fatal (psylock = electra) a rather someone with a dual personality (archangle = Venom) a leader (Wolverine = Red Hulk) the comedic relief (deadpool =deadpool) and I dont really know what to call this one but maybe you guys can throw one in, but they seem similar to me too. (Fantomex =Punisher) What do you guys think of this?

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Hey comic vine crew! Just want to say, thanks for being so awesome! I have a few questions for ya.

1.Do you thnk a Dan Slott/ Scott Snyder Spiderman/ Batman crossover would work?

2.In your opinion, which villain has the most rediculous power ever?

3.Were there ever any comics that were announced for the new 52 that you were excited about, that have since dissapointed you?

4. Name the 4 titles that you think will be the third wave of cancellations. My personal picks are; Red lanterns, Green arrow, Stormwatch, and Batman: The Dark Knight.(People are going to be screaming at me for that last one!)

Thanks guys, and have a great weekend!

Side note: Hey G-man, could you give a shout out to my local comic shop? Its A-1 Comics in Sacramento, California. They are always dependable, kind, and their stock is HUGE!!! Although I do plan on making a stop at Corey's local shop. Its only about 2 hours away. Thanks guys!

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Greetings from Kirkcaldy(Scotland),Comicvine crew(and James). One of my questions was brought up a couple of weeks ago and I thank you dearly for that Tony. Anyway I need all of your help URGENTLY. Living in Scotland and being a comic fan at the moment is a drag.Mainly because Comic books are very hard to come by, i.e Dundee and Edinburgh are the only main hubs for comic book stores. Now,as of last year I have converted from Marvel to DC, due to story differences, prices and now I order off of the Forbidden Planet website. This is all long winded but I'll cut to the chase. I try my best to stick with DC when I buy monthly solicits (batman,Earth2,swamp Thing,Animal Man,Suicide squad,Frankenstein,Red Hood, JLD and aquaman) although my only exception to this rule is that I collect X-force as well. I enjoy all these titles so much, but I'm going to have to alter the orders for some of the Marvel Now! titles.I could cut out suicde squad, JlD and possibly Aquaman but the whole "throne of Atlantis" affair has me intrigued. Everyone, If possible I'd like your opinions on what I could possibly drop and what you think of these Marvel Now! titles; Avengers Arena, Thunderblots and Future foundation. I hope I have'nt eaten up too much off you time. I respect you all for the work you do ,as the subject of all things comic book is practically spat upon in the town where I live and when I look to what you all are able to achieve working with Comicvine I cannot express how much it leaves me in awe.

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Hey guys, love the podcast and can't wait to listen in each week. My question is; with enjoying the mind the gap comic could you suggest anything else with that murder mystery feel past or present, I love my heroes but this book makes a refreshing change. Thanks again keep up the great work! Grant

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A quick question for you all. Issues retelling a characters origin seem to get put down as they generally focus on popular characters we are all familiar with and whoes origins we know like the back of our hands. However I enjoy them and like seeing what unique spin a writer can put on such well known tales. What would each of you pick as your favourite comic that retells a characters origin.

My choice is torn between Batman Year One and Superman: Secret Origin as they focus on two of my favourite characters and both capture their essences perfectly in my opinion but if I had to decide at this moment I would probably pick Superman: Secret Origin. However this may be influenced a bit by the new 52. I like the always good natured Superman who didn't have a chip on his shoulder, used to hang around with the legion of superheroes and have a super dog. While not as deep as the likes of it perfectly matches view of Superman and his world which DC seems to be taking strong steps away from at this time.

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Hey Comicviners

iPhone/iPad vs. Android app question.

You guys have a great app for the Apple products but the Android apps are less than stellar. Are there plans to update? Love the site, podcasts, art, reviews, quests and forums. Keep up the great work!

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Hey guys i was wondering if the Ultimatum and New Avengers: Illuminati mini series are worth reading?

#168 Posted by bigaza2151 (15 posts) - - Show Bio

really LOVED this final issue of spidermen but now im wondering with the cliffhanger ending will this title now continue in amazing spiderman? i really hope not because im already heavily invested in the marvel universe and dont like the idea of adding another title on top of my already large enough weekly haul

also have you guys ever considerd doin your podcast on ustream? seems to be all the rage nowdays with podcasters and i figure you guys would get a decent amount of views if not live then at least with the archived vids overall

aaron from sydney australia

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If I'm going to see the new Dredd movie do you think it's worth it to watch to the Stallone movie?

#170 Posted by htb106 (1641 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey, everyone!

A few questions here so thanks in advance for answering them!

Tony, I've heard you're a big fan of Doctor who and I was wondering what you thought of the new series so far and how you feel about the Ponds leaving soon, I , personally, am very sad about this because I've come to like Amy and Rory so much.

also, did you notice that last week's villain looked like a mix of Jonah Hex and Cyborg?

Corey, what's it like running a comic store? Do you ever have any big events? I go to a comic store here in England and it never has any events.

Sara, I've heard you like Barbara Gordon a lot so I wanted to know if you'd have prefered DC to leave her in the wheelchair instead of putting her back on the streets as Batgirl. I thought Babs had a unique-ness as Oracle because there aren't many mainstream characters that are disabled.

James ( If you're there ), I'd love to one day become a writer for mainstream comic books and I was wondering how you managed to get into the industry and if you had any tips for me. Also, any characters from small DC that you think would be good for first plots for me to write.


How do you feel about British Stereotyping in America? Personally, it gets on my nerves!

Everyone, what's the largest amount of books you could take to be signed by a creator at a convention? I'm asking because I might be going to my first Con soon and Mark Waid, Becky Cloonan, Skottie Young and Ian Churchill are attending!

One last thing, Just wanted to say hello to the listener that goes to forbidden planet, glasgow and say you've got good taste in comic shops, that shop is where I bought my first proper comic!

Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the large amount of questions!

#171 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2278 posts) - - Show Bio

Have Vandal Savage and Ras al Ghul ever met in any DC comic? Both have lived over 700 years. I think it would be a fun idea to show their dealings over their many lifetimes. Could be like Marvel's Dracula vs. Apocalypse rivalry comic. The Shade could make a cameo maybe.

#172 Posted by CrashofRhinos (15 posts) - - Show Bio

Do any of you guys play the Facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance? I generally avoid Facebook games but this one is actually kinda fun.

I also appreciate it when you guys ease up on spoilers on the podcast. Some of us get our books monthly and I don't want to wait a month to listen to your great podcast.


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Hello CV Podcast, I was wondering if you ever have read a book that everyone praised, yet you yourself did not quite enjoy it. I found that I was in this predicament while reading Batman: The Court of Owls Vol 1. Maybe it's because I had been spoiled about what happens, or because I over hyped it, or maybe it's because I had read the first volumes of Daredevil, Animal Man and Swamp Thing, and read all of Venom: Circle of Four and Batman: The Black Mirror before reading Batman.

Also, what did you find better; Scott Snyder's Court of Owls story arc, or The Black Mirror? I personally found that Black Mirror was better, due to Jock and Francavilla's absolutely amazing art.

#174 Posted by sohanlon07 (51 posts) - - Show Bio

You mentioned today that Catwoman never had a sibling but didn't she have a sister in "Her Sister's Keeper" which follows on and overlaps with Batman:Year One? She was a nun. I read this recently so thats why it was in my head when you mentioned it in the podcast. Though in a later issue perhaps it turned out it wasn't her sister. Anyway, keep up the great podcast. Monday work listening.

#175 Posted by Kervan21 (32 posts) - - Show Bio

Dear CV crew, I really enjoy the podcast, longtime listener, first time caller. I have two questions. 1) Right now I'm reading about 10-12 DC New 52 books a month, mostly Batman books. I've been debating about whether or not to check out some Image titles. Any you recommend? I also heard that there were some new titles announced at comic con that are coming in 2013. What do you all think of those books based on what you've heard? 2) What do you think of Greg Rucka's recent comments on why he doesn't want to write for either DC or Marvel?

#176 Posted by TheCrowbar (4286 posts) - - Show Bio

James! Love your work don't ever retire! I heard recently, from your Twitter that you missed the old Power Girl costume. Any chance we could get it back and the old persona she had?

#177 Posted by SavageDragon (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys and lady. Couple questions. First whats everyone's favorite zombie movie and slasher movie? For example Halloween and 28 days later. (I know its not a classic zombie movie).

Second question what are your opinions on Brian Wood's DMZ series. I thought it was an excellent series.

Thanks guys have a great weekend. Go SF Giants.

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Hey!!!! So in my last question(Which I'm not sure if you've read yet because it had a mix of questions for James on there and got pushed back till he joined the podcast next) I addressed how I missed Cassandra Cain, and how stupid the reasons for her as well as Wally, and Steph not being used were. Well since then, my opinion on the topic has changed. I still believe that the reasons for their absence is stupid, however my opinion on Cassie returning has. I dropped the New 52 TT a while back, and wasn't(unlike others) to mad that Tim never was Robin. It was a small change, and wasn't nearly as bad as what happened to the other Titans. I even briefly considered picking up the #0 issue. However upoun reading the preview, I realized what happened to Tim was much worse than never being Robin. HE'S A GARY STU!!! "He's the best at everything"! Then I learn that he no longer figured out Bruce's identity, and his last name isn't even Drake(Watch, his real name will be Timothy John Blake). He's lost the main thing that made him different from the other Robins, he was the only one who figured out Bruce was Batman. If DC's willing to ruin Tim, I'm sure they'd have no problem whatsoever destroying Cassie. Lastly, Chew is one of(if not) my favorite books on the shelves. After the recent Poyo one-shot am I the only one who want's a Poyo ongoing? Because I think it'd be awesome. Have a nice weekend.

#179 Posted by Batnandez (511 posts) - - Show Bio

Has the topic of Terry and Damian being half brothers ever come up in the comics? Is this a topic you would like to see come up in the comics?

#180 Posted by Ironhawk22 (274 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello again. I was wondering what characters would you like to see in the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D tv show? Also sorry my last question was more a rant than a question.

#181 Edited by postman (25 posts) - - Show Bio

For everyone: If Rags Morales leaves Action Comics when Grant Morrison leaves who would you like to take over as new ongoing artist? I think CAFU would be a good replacement. He's been doing the back-ups for the last couple of issues.

For James Robinson: If you could take over any of the current New 52 books, that isn't from the Batman line, which one would it be and in what direction would you take?

What do you guy's think of this?:

#182 Posted by Gangleri (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Question for James Robinson ... Would you consider having The (New 52) Legion of Super-Heroes based on Earth 2? With the demise of Earth 2's "Trinity" and a public desire to honor the fallen Kal-L, there might be more information on Superman's youthful adventures (Earth 2 Superboy?) ... Maybe enough to inspire the formation of The Legion of SuperHeroes. This could also explain any Legion (or Legion Lost) interaction with the Heroes of Earth 1 in the past. To avoid any time paradox problems (altering Legion History) ... Any (New 52/Earth 2) Legion member Traveling to the past (via Time Bubble) could only visit the parallel (and separate) Earth 1. It might be interesting to see a young Kal-L, Kara Zor-L(SuperGirl), Robin (Helena) make a appearance. or a misplaced Speedforce user (Wally West or one of the Quick family) reintroduced (to the DC universes) via a Earth Two LSH. Really enjoy the weekly podcasts

#183 Posted by Carolina574 (178 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys, huge fan! My question is about the TMNT series. Corey has mentioned this a couple of times as being a great series and I have to agree. Other than Batman and X-Force this is probably my favorite comic. I would love to hear your comments on the series and would really like if maybe you guys could sneak this into your reviews from time to time. This is a great series and I understand that it is not Marvel or DC and that you already have a lot on your plate, but I really think people should know about just how great a series this is. Thanks and keep up the great work.

#184 Edited by crazyflashfan11 (182 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys! (And girl), Im back with some more questions for ya!

1. Which was a better miniseries: Penguin: Pain and Prejeduce, or Huntress?

2. If you could see any slightly obscurem (or not so much), Batman villain get his/ her own miniseries/ origin story, who would it be? I would love to see one on either Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, ( although I don't know if croc could carry his own title...), Scarecrow,Or Hush.

3. Which would you most reccomend of this list: Uncanny X-Force Vol.1, Animal Man Vol.1, or Red Hood and the Owtlaws Vol.1?

4. If you were on a team with four other heroes, (Marvel or DC) who would they be? mine would be X-23, Nightwing, Superboy, and Golden-Age Angel. (Pre-Archangel)

Thanks guys, and have a great weekend!!

#185 Edited by TitanTempest (327 posts) - - Show Bio

Food For Thought:

- G-Man: In your recent post, you said Spiderman could die in issue # 700. What if he did and they placed Alpha as Spiderman's replacement for a little bit, that would definitely bring out the pitchforks, ha. ( Im sure you would love that Sarah lol)

- For Tony and Sarah, Im hoping to save y'all both a quarter, We know Grant Morrison is doing his own thing in Batman Incorporated, what if Batman Incorporated leads into Grant Morrison's Multiversity series next year. So its not really canceled nor continues ( What do you guys think? )

- And lastly, What other known DC heroes do you think should be added to the "Earth 2" book? Or do you think they should create new ones to expand that universe?

#186 Edited by man_struttin (8 posts) - - Show Bio

With all of the addition and cancellations that seem to happen in comics do you think new titles / "waves" should start as mini-series until they establish that they are built to last? Perhaps more people would check out a title knowing that if they end up not being super interested in a title, at least they aren't risking much by investing in one story arc that has a full beginning, middle, and end. I guess this is what DC Universe Presents does, but it may loose readers due to the continuous numbering.

Thanks crew,


#187 Posted by TheCerealKillz (10234 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask: What book(s) are you most excited for from Marvel Now and what books are you gonna drop due to Marvel Now.

#188 Posted by Bigwalt (61 posts) - - Show Bio

Greetings everyone, So with Space Punisher about to wrap up are there any other characters that you would like to see get Space treatment? Personally I would love to see a Space Wolverine or Space Black Panther. The imagery alone would be absolutely ridiculous. Hope everyone has a great weekend and travel safe to New York

#189 Posted by notorious_g3 (25 posts) - - Show Bio

Borag Thungg, Earthlets!

Based on the numerous "so good" recommendations for Uncanny X-Force, I purchased the first eighteen ($1.99) issues on Comixology. I am really enjoying the series and am surprised by how interested I am in a character like Deathlok, who I have always avoided in the past. Do any of you have a recommendation for a good Deathlok story that I could track down?

Splundig Vur Thrigg!

#190 Posted by 4thhorseman (72 posts) - - Show Bio


Is there a comic series (not storyline) that you don't particularly like although it has received quite a bit of praise (i.e. Watchmen, Preacher, Sandman, etc). If you can't think of any, is there any critically acclaimed series you haven't read yet that you still want to jump into?

And for James (who, man, I hope is back because his accent is awesome):

As someone who lives in Kansas City, traveling to each coast for the bigger comic-cons are not viable due to finances and time. So I have to make due to Planet Comiccon here in KC every year which is 1000x smaller, but still has creators such as Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Freddie Williams III, etc. almost every year. As a creator, what factors go into deciding whether or not you can attend a con? I would love to meet you one day, but doubt I'll ever make it to SDCC or NYCC...

Thanks and keep up the good work!


#191 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (687 posts) - - Show Bio

So I finally read the first part of Rotworld and now I'm curious if this is still the same reality we were in at the beginning. Are we going to see the Rot take power of the next year here in DC? I mean the titans apparently die? I haven't seen anything online to say thisis the case and apparently there is no going back to stop the rise of the rotworld even though Alec and Buddy traveled for about a minute into the world of the rot and now all this is happening. I'm so confused and it made me sort of not like what's happening. What are your guy's thoughts?

#192 Posted by SavageDragon (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey everybody!

Corey what is the name of your comic shop? I would like to visit it.

Ok I picked up Minimum Carnage this week and thought it was just ok, what really interested me was Scarlet Spider. I have been thinking about getting the back issues for a while now and would like to know your opinions on the book Is it scheduled to end soon? or will it keep on going.

Who would be a better fit for JL villains in the New 52 or for the new Justice Society in Earth 2. Despero, Braniac, or Amazo.

If James is there: Rann-Thanagar war...any intention of that kinda stuff down the line for Earth 2 characters?

Lastly, I have been reading these huge Hardcover library editions of Hellboy in my schools library and they are awesome. The Chained coffin, Conqueror worm, Right hand of Doom and the Wolves of Saint August are all really good.

Take care guys have a good weekend.

#193 Edited by ArtisticNeedham (2278 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey Tony, Sara, and Corey, and James maybe.

If in a few years DC has decided that the New 52 is old or not working for them anymore (just a hypothetical question, not saying it is working or not or its good or bad), but where should they go from there? Should they undo the New 52 and go back to before the New 52? Should they do another Reboot or something similar to Marvel Now? How would you want them to handle it?

What Marvel character would you want to reboot from completely like DC has done to some characters? Like take Spider-Man back to high school? Have Captain America restart, or get unfrozen right now?

A few years back Marvel did "The End" stories for some of their characters. How would you want your favorite character's last story to end? For example Madman or Spider-Man?

I have something I wanted to send you guy, what would be the mailing address for Comicvine?

and if James Robinson is there, I read in the back of a Starman book where you mentioned that you preferred to make up cities rather than use real locations. Said something like you didn't really want to look up and imagine Spider-Man could be there. But then on Comicvine you have said that in Earth 2 you got rid of all the made up places so everything happens in real locations. I was just wondering what the reasons were. Did you change your mind or want to try something different?

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Hey Tony, Sara, and Corey,

Huge fan of the podcast! It makes my long drive into work much more bearable so thank you! I've never submitted a question to the podcast before so hopefully I don't strike out on my first try. I'm a big fan of the Flash and with rumours floating around of a possible Flash movie I can't help but wonder what it would be like. My question to you is who do you think would make a great villain for the first movie? Flash has such a large Rogues gallery that it could be tough to choose. Some of the Rogues can also easily come across as too “cheesy”. I was thinking maybe a character like Murmur could be interesting. Being a serial killer, we could see Barry Allen's CSI side as he figures out his powers. Plus it would make for a dark and gritty telling of Flash's origin (I fear seeing something like the Green Lantern movie and don't want a "fluffy" version of Flash's story told - but what do I know I'm not a writer!). Mirror Master could also make a great villain and provide an opportunity for some cool visual effects. What are your thoughts?

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Hey, everyone,

I was just wondering what your opinions on Brett Booth's art are, I personally love it but in know there are many users on the site who have multiple accounts just to hate on him, not naming any names.

Thanks, guys!

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now that avx is over [kind of] which tie ins would you say actually really mattered? last weeks uncanny x men took place at the same time as the final avx and was kind of relevant but aside from that what tie ins stood out too you

p.s if james is there i dont really read DC stuff but if i did his stuff would be the first stuff id check out

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Hey guys, you lot are awesome, I've been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now and love it, I listen to it while I'm doing the housework when the kids are at school. Anyway question: what comic would you guys like to see Scott Snyder take over if given the chance?? Not that I would ever want him to leave bats or swampy. Keep up the good work

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Greetings Comic Vine podcast,

Do you guys think Poison Ivy should eventually return to being a Batman villain or should she remain a Swamp Thing character after the events of Rotworld conclude? Personally I never thought she fit very well with Batman and I wouldn't mind seeing her developed as Alec Holland's future ally, villain, or possible love interest. I still greatly enjoy every podcast and am finding the site super useful. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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Have Poison Ivy and Ras Al Ghul ever met or teamed up in the Batman comics? They both have similar goals, to rid the world of humans to give the Earth a chance to live.

@ArtisticNeedham said:

Hey Tony, Sara, and Corey, and James maybe.

If in a few years DC has decided that the New 52 is old or not working for them anymore (just a hypothetical question, not saying it is working or not or its good or bad), but where should they go from there? Should they undo the New 52 and go back to before the New 52? Should they do another Reboot or something similar to Marvel Now? How would you want them to handle it?

What Marvel character would you want to reboot from completely like DC has done to some characters? Like take Spider-Man back to high school? Have Captain America restart, or get unfrozen right now?

A few years back Marvel did "The End" stories for some of their characters. How would you want your favorite character's last story to end? For example Madman or Spider-Man?

I have something I wanted to send you guy, what would be the mailing address for Comicvine?

and if James Robinson is there, I read in the back of a Starman book where you mentioned that you preferred to make up cities rather than use real locations. Said something like you didn't really want to look up and imagine Spider-Man could be there. But then on Comicvine you have said that in Earth 2 you got rid of all the made up places so everything happens in real locations. I was just wondering what the reasons were. Did you change your mind or want to try something different?

Don't think you guys asked my questions last podcast. Didn't know if I should ask again. Makes me wonder,

What should a person do who asked you guys a question for the podcast but didn't get their question asked? Should they post it again? Should they just assume that you have it on file and forget about it? Should they remind you about the question the next week? Same question for the James Robinson questions, should we repost our questions for the next time? Like if he doesn't do another podcast for three weeks should we repost our question for him from three weeks ago? Would this be easier on you or harder?

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Best comic book sound effect in comics?

Possibly my fav: The Nightcrawler "Bampf" teleport sound.