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Any chance of getting some other comic book writers or artists on the podcast? Maybe through Skype or something? I know Jimmy Palmiotti does a podcast through Skype and I'm sure if he had the time, he would show up. I know you guys were fans of his Jonah Hex and now All-Star Western.

And if you could get Frank Tieri on the show, it would be great. I don't think I enjoy anyone saying the "F" word more than he does. He is hilarious when he cusses with his thick Brooklyn accent.

#52 Posted by shrmntnk62 (264 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought of another one, I've always loved Batman but just started reading recently because I didn't know where to star pre-reboot. I'm wondering what would be some good trades to pick up? I have Absolution, Arkham Asylum, Killing Joke and Vampire are some that I already have and Hush and A Death in the Family are on my short list. Just looking for advice on where to go next.

#53 Posted by Bull_iod (51 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi Guys,

Love the site and podcast, both have helped guide me through the world of comics since my return from the wilderness. I spotted today that some new Season 1 graphic novels will be issued by Marvel in 2012, this time they are for The Hulk, Dr Strange and Ant Man. From the first batch I only really understood the point of the Daredevil Graphic novel, as this was an origin that I was not familiar with, the others seemed like a rehash of very familiar territory and added little or nothing to the legends.

The new batch however seem more interesting. I think (in my humble opinion) that Marvel have a chance with these season one books to introduce more the mythos of lesser known characters, adding some depth and texture that has never been covered in previous series. For me, I would love to see a Moon knight Season one, as the origin is rushed off at the start of issue one of his first on going series and the development of his other identities and the choices he makes to become Moon Knight are never really covered.

What characters do you think would actually benefit from a Season one book?

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.

#54 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

Question for James Robinson if he ever comes back:

I know you're busy with He-man and Earth-2, but now that Shade and your DC Universe Presents story is wrapping up in the next couple of months, should we be expecting more writing out of you? If so, is it part of the DCU? (notice how I didn't say DCnU)

#55 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

If you could go back in time and put a Comic vine advert in any comic in history, Which comic would you choose?

If you could vote in the Jason Todd Die/ Not die vote, which option would you choose?

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  1. If you could be the main character of a video game of your own design. What genre of game would it be, what's the setting, and what would be your unique special ability or attack?
  2. I've been finding that my initial excitement for the next SPIDER-MAN movie has been waning the closer we get to the release date. They are just releasing so much of the movie that I feel there's nothing to be surprised about. They even released the game that takes place after the events of the movie. Are any of you also concerned that they are possibly undermining the story by putting out so many clips before anyone has the chance to see it?
#57 Posted by Hieroglyph (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi, I have a question for Tony. I really enjoyed reading your spotlight article on GET JIRO!, I liked that you didn't give it a star rating and included images from the book within the article. Is your approach to reviewing a graphic novel and a monthly comic different at all?

#58 Posted by feargalr (1243 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys. I was thinking about Red Lanterns recently, and that maybe a series focusing on certain lantern corps is fundamentally flawed concept, especially in the case of the Red Lanterns. Each corps, and by extension each character from that corps is so heavily defined by whatever their colour represents, rage, fear, greed, compassion, love etc. Whatever way you look at it, you need to become invested in the characters to enjoy a book and I just can't see how that possible when they are literally defined by a single emotion. Aside from Green and Blue lanterns, the only other corps who I think would have a chance of holding down an ongoing series would maybe be the indigo tribe.

What do you think?

#59 Posted by CrashLanden (123 posts) - - Show Bio

Two questions... No, three.

Is there a podcast today?

And (this one inspired by Hieroglyph above) wouldn't it better to wait until a 'story arc' of any particular series is over before you 'review' it? I know there is an attempt to help promote the book in the month it's released (if it's a positive review, anyway), but isn't it a little (LOT) like reviewing one chapter of a novel or 15 minutes of a movie?

And the last one (also inspired by Hieroglyph above), how about an episode of a ComicVine podcast where you review comics other than DC/Marvel/DC/Marvel/DC/Marvel/DC/Marvel/Walking Dead (Image!)/DC/Marvel/DC/Marvel... Or at least bring someone on the podcast that reviews comics from publishers other than the 2 Corporations. Valiant relaunched recently and you barely mentioned them, if at all. I'm not anti-conglomerate driven comics or anything (I read Batman among others), but to kind of use the movie review analogy again, film critics often highlight movies that most audiences would never even have heard of. I wish you guys would do more of that... with comics, I mean. Just one week.... Just one, that's all I ask.

#60 Posted by lorex (999 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey all I just want to say I have enjoyed the podcast for a while now and you guys go a good job.
2 questions
First off I know the Avengers are hot right now but this is a fairly recient development. I think the Avengers comics are relying too much on characters from outside their core group to prop up their sales. By this of course I am 
refering to Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Thing, Daredevil and Storm. I think the Avengers would be better served by better utilizing the characters they already have. I have noticed established Avengers like Haweye, Quicksilver, 
Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman and others often get shunted into the background so Wolverine and Spider-Man can get their "on page time'. I did not mention Beast cause I think he fits in with the Secret Avengers really well and 
frankly his popularity is not going to boost sales on any title very much. What do you think?
Second. As people in the media side of the comic industry do you feel constrained at all about being very critical of some titles that are quite frankly not very good for fear of alienating creative people or even the publishers directly?
Is there a pressure to sanatize what you say to maintain a good relationship with  people in the business. This is not necessarily directly at Comic Vine but I find many of the comic news sites are alot like Entertainment Tomight, 
they are all about the hype of an upcoming event but show little substance reguarding the ongoing title and are rarely critical of bad events. I would love for the Comic Vines of the world to be more critical when bad material is 
released and less gushing about what is yet to be released. What are your thoughts on this?
Sorry for being long winded with my questions and keep up your good work on the site.

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Hey Guys, Good to hear the Podcast. I work a lot during the week and its so nice to get to listen to you guys on Fridays or Saturdays and just relax. Tony, Sara, Corey you guys are so awesome and I hope you all had a great 4th. (Corey I laughed really hard at your extreme Spawn Voice last week). Mr James Robinson if you are on the podcast this week I would like you to know that I think you are a tremendous and talented writer and I'm loving Earth 2, and I loved Starman which was amazing. Keep up the good work sir.

My question is for everyone: I am really looking forward to Marvel's Gambit series coming out in August written by James Asmus and art by Clay Mann. I have always loved Gambit but have never really read his solo series in the past and Im excited to be on the title from the beginning on. I know some people (including me) are not always a huge fan of his stories involving Belladonna and the Thieves Guild type stories but I have high hopes for it this time around. Im just wondering if you guys are looking forward to it and if you like the choice of Asmus and Mann for the title, and if you think it will succeed. Thanks everybody.

-Savage Dragon

CJ Yudelson Walnut Creek CA.

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We're about to do a special Spider-Man movie discussion podcast. No spoilers since we sadly haven't seen it yet. We'll discuss the past and thoughts on the new. Let us know if you have questions!!

Staff Online
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Nevermind. We finished.

Staff Online
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Hey guys,

Love your pod-casts and hearing your opinions over certain characters, writers, artists and comics. I was wondering if you guys could maybe express your opinion over the new 52 Superboy series and whether you guys think it's worth for Superboy fans to read it. Also do you think the current storyline for Deadpool has turned for the worse since the end of the DEAD story line or not? And whether you think Deadpool will ever get his healing factor back? Many thanks


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Hey, thanks for answering my question a few podcasts ago, that was a lot of fun. My questions are mostly for Mr. James Robinson but you Comic Vine folk can feel free to answer too.

My first question is, Do comic artists and writers want people to know their names and what they look like? Or would they prefer anonymity?

question #2, have you ever worked on a comic character that had been taken too far (by another writer or yourself) and you had to dial them back somehow? Like maybe the character started out as semi rude and evolved into a full blown evil person.

And last question, a while back I heard (possibly on Comicvine) that the creator of Shatterstar didn't like him being turned into a gay character because thats wasn't his intentions and looked forward to changing it back, what are Mr. Robinson's thoughts about creators and their characters being changed like that?

Finally, I just finished my recent comic, what are some good (free) sites I can post this so people would buy it and where it wouldn't be considered spam?

As always its great to listen to the podcast while I do my art. Thanks to James Robins and Comic Vine.

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What is the most sexually awkward moment in a comic in your opinion?

#67 Posted by adribones (34 posts) - - Show Bio

Question for Mr Robinson:

From Adrian Rigter:

Hello Mr Robinson & Comic Vine crew, thank you as always for taking these questions from your readership.

I was curious about the decision to include the Green/Grey dynamic in Earth 2, as someone who has been reading Swamp Thing and Animal Man for the past year, i was surprised, and honestly a little disappointed to see the concept used on Earth 2, especially so early in the book's run, I know you've talked about Earth 2 not having copies of new 52 characters and i applaud this, but i feel that the book having concepts and villains that are stand-ins for new 52 villains ala Grundy/Anton Arcane, Steppenwolf/Dardseid hurts the unique feel of the book. was the idea yours or did it come from the editorial side to fuel future crossovers? also have you talked to Scott Snider or Jeff Lemire about it?

all that said, i've enjoyed the first three issues and will keep reading. thanks.

PS: please give Grundy pants:)

#68 Posted by landau_corinthian (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Hellooooooooooooo Comicvine!

Long time listener, first time caller.

Love the podcast. Tony: Your vast comic knowledge amazes me. Corey: You're a pretty funny dude. And Sara: I could listen to you read a phone book. But I'm married. So don't get any ideas!

I have a couple of questions for Monsieur Robinson.

1. I recently re-read The Dark Things (JLA/JSA crossover) and was wondering... How did that story connect to Brightest Day? Other than Jade being brought back to life, I can't figure it out!

2. Have you given any thought on doing an Earth One book? I would like to see an Aquaman or Flash by yourself.

Keep up the great work on Earth 2! 1st 3 issues are amazing. I would give them all 5 stars!

Peace and Love!

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25 asks: Do you think Superman comics would improve if he went back to his signature mullet?

#70 Posted by carnivalofsins00 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey Comic Vine crew, I've got a question for James. In Earth 2 #3, the way "the Green" and "the Grey" are mentioned, and seeing how the Green Lantern gets his powers from the Earth in this series and how Grundy is basically the rot, will any of this have anything to do with Swamp Thing or Animal Man in the future?

Anyway, love the series, and as I was reading the green energy's dialogue, I just couldn't get James Earl Jones' voice out of my head. Think about that when it's time for the movie. Keep up the good work.

#71 Posted by Greggh (19 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello comicvine and potential Mr James Robinson,

I just signed up to comicvine after being a long time visitor because i just wanted to say i love what you guys are doing, and you continuously keep me entertained week in and week out. That being said i also have some questions ive been dying to ask James, as i am a huge fan of the Earth Two series and really appreciate the respect he has shown for some of DC's most iconic characters.

1. James,do you have any advice for people trying to become writers or ways they can submit new ideas? i have recently come up with a unique premise that i would love to write, or have some else write and design.

2. With the introduction of the green and grey, will there be a red as well ?

and finally 3.Do u have any plans to include an completely original characters or changing the power sets of any characters about to be reintroduced?

PS. I heard in your last podcast how you said you were going to make one character Canadian. This brings great joy to me and im sure many others as well, since there are very few Famous Canadian heroes. I look forward to this character's reveal in the coming months!

#72 Posted by cyberchop979 (465 posts) - - Show Bio

My question is for Mr. Robinson.

Do you have any plans on adding the "RED" to the Earth 2 Mythos? If so, is it a character we have already seen in passing, or one that is yet to be discovered?

That's it. Love the podcast! Keep up the great work on the site.

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A question for Mr. James Robinson if he is on this weeks podcast,

If DC had offered you an ongoing Starman series back when the new 52 was first starting, would you have taken it? If so, how would you have incorporated the characters into this new universe, given that your Starman was so seeped in heritage and history, while in the new 52 superheroes have only existed for 5 years? Also your arc with Vandal savage in DC presents is great, between that and the Shade it would seem you've a knack for writing characters who are immortal.

Also Tony, Sara, Corey, you guys are all great, the comic vine podcast is a beacon of light in my otherwise dark, dreary and hyperbolic existence. :)

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I really enjoyed James Robinson's take on He-Man. I just recently was looking at the he-man.org home page with the latest news. There was an announcement that Keith Giffen would be taking over writing duties. Here is what was posted on he-man.org: http://he-man.org/news_article.php?id=2709

Do you guys know why this was done? Did James have the whole mini-series outlined and if so will Keith be using it for the rest of the series. I would hate to see this comic start off so well only to fail in the end.

#75 Edited by Irishlad (651 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello Comic Vine! hope you had a great comic con.

Do you have any character/team that you dislike/can't understand that everyone else seems to love and why?

Mine is the fantastic four.

Likewise is there a character you like that everyone else seems to hate?

Mine is Daken

Thank you very much and keep up the great work.

#76 Posted by Verse (13 posts) - - Show Bio

With the release of Captain Marvel this week I was wondering what are you're thoughts on Ms. Captain Marvel. I like the character and feel like she has the potential to be a major player but something is holding her back. Is it a lack of good villains? Titles with female leads selling badly? Or is Marvel just not pushing her at that level? Do you think she could be Marvel's equivalent of Wonder Woman, and what do you think it would take to get her there?

Also, I've been reading Wolverine and the X-Men (which is great), but I'm getting annoyed by this avengers vs x-men storyline. They've mostly done a good job of telling story's around it but I feel like its holding the comic back. Do you like these events cutting into all the different comics, or would you prefer they be their own mini-series (the way flashpoint did it)? I understand why they do it but if I only get 12 issues of a comic a year I don't want events getting in the way of the comic I pay to read.

~ Verse (James)

#77 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3636 posts) - - Show Bio


  1. Why is it that people can so easily believe that being bitten by a radioactive spider can give you super powers, and that Peter is smart enough to craft web fluid at his couch, but people draw the line of suspension of disbelief that that he can sew or buy patterned fabrics? That always seems to be the part that no one believes to be possible.
  2. I'm thinking about crafting a new comic 4koma, and I want to give you the option to pick which one I make. Would you rather see a 4koma about Jean Grey in speed dating, or Spider-man with swine flu?
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Hi comicvine, I just became a member after enjoying the site and podcasts for about a year. Comics were a big part of my childhood and you guys have helped me get back into them. This has led me back to art as well, and I was wondering if you'd consider having an Awesome Art Picks from the CVine community? For example, allowing folks to submit art a couple of days each week, and you guys picking the top 10 or so submitted. I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys making comic art and would love to send some in, and I'm sure there are plenty of talented artists in the community. Apologies if this has been done before and didn't work out or if there is an art page in the forums (again, first time using the forums). Thanks again for all you do, DJ

#79 Posted by Dbennett6684 (204 posts) - - Show Bio

Aaaaaaand now I see the Artist Showoff category. My bad. That said would an awesome art picks from this category be possible to show off the site's local talent?

#80 Posted by Bob_Loblaws_Law_Blog (25 posts) - - Show Bio

Now for the obligatory Dark Knight Rises question.

Do you think it's a bad thing that Nolan's Batman is going to be revered across the world for years to come as the definitive story of Batman while people don't even mention to work of people like Scott Snyder or Geoff Johns? I do, but I think the real shame is that Nolan's Batman is a loose adaptation (which I don't have a problem with) so while he's going to be the most famous, he's barely Batman at all.

#81 Posted by Hieroglyph (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Do you find it difficult to strike a balance between reviewing and covering comics? For example, when you interview a creator, are your reviews of their work in the back of your mind, particularly if the scores were low?

#82 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2608 posts) - - Show Bio

Did you guys get any cool stuff at Comic Con 2012? I bought some cool drawings and got a book signed by artists who worked on it. How about you?

#83 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys, first let me say I really really wish I saw you guys at Comic Con. I was only at the con Saturday and I was keeping an eye out for you guys because I would have loved to have seen Tony, Sara, Cory or Matt, or James of coarse. (I had have met Tony before at the Image Expo and that was so cool) I Had a great time regardless but seeing people I respect so highly and listen too every week would have made the Con even more amazing.

Now to my question:

Are you guys excited for Marvel Now? Personally I feel more excited for the Gambit series coming out but I'm interested in the new looks and new directions for certain characters. I mostly only read Image and DC titles but I think it would be a great way to start reading some Marvel again. Ive heard that this is because of the fallout of A V X but it sounds like Marvel has seen how the New 52 has been a success for DC bringing new readers onboard and they want some of that without restarting their Universe. What are your thoughts on the reasoning and are you excited?


On the last podcast Corey mentioned how he doesnt know how the Character and comic Spawn could still be popular. His reasoning was that he was such a product of the 90s and that he was so extreme and from hell and used guns and was so brooding and dark. Well Corey there are two big reasons why he and other characters like him are still popular:

There awesome. Spawn is awesome. Plain and Simple.

The other reason is that sometimes Comics are like comfort food. You just want what you want the way you want it. Sometimes characters dont need to change and go through unparalleled development and twists, and all writers dont need to always push the envelope to challenge the way we see our heros and judge their villains. Sometimes you just want your heros to have a story arc where they get beat up, almost die come back and defeat their villain. In Spawn's case murder them. Sure I love huge concept guys like Grant Morrison and John Hickman, but once a month I like to read the guys I know and love just kicking butt, just because I like it and it makes me happy. Im sure you guys can understand that. Just my oppinion. Take care all.

Regards CJ Yudelson "SavageDragon"

#84 Posted by sohanlon07 (54 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi guys,

Great Podcast. I love the dynamic between you all and the banter as well as the reviews and news. I have a few questions.

Is Constantine/Hellblazer worth reading and if yes were/when is a good place to start with this series?

Also, do you feel that maybe DC or Marvel should slowly retire some characters and develop completely new ones instead of having some sort of crisis every decade or so and resetting everything? For a character like Superman perhaps they could let his friends get old and die and he lives on in his immortal form having to cope with the loss but develop new relationships. For some of the other characters, pass the role on to a new person and retire the old one permanently. I sometimes feel the companies have run out of ideas and reboot things so they can rehash old story lines.

#85 Posted by Sveppi (22 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey Tony and Sara (and hello to the guest/s, if there are any),

Is it disruptive to your Mondays to have the Giant Bomb crew recording their I Love Mondays videos?

Are Marvel taking this Infinity project anywhere? The Nova issue was fantastic, but I'm not reading AVX so I haven't read the other one. Is there any more Infinity stuff in the pipeline?

Do you think we'll ever get a Batman movie where Bruce Wayne isn't Batman? Scott Snyder's Detective Comics run and Morrison's Batman & Robin are some of my all-time favorite comics and I really liked Dick as Batman. Thoughts?

#86 Edited by dcfox (185 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey CV,

What sort of extras (besides the standard commentary, deleted scenes, making of, etc) would you want in the inevitable Nolan Batman collected set? Do you think we'll ever see a set that has the Burton/Schumacher/Nolan movies in a single collection?

Also, does Sara really shop at Gymboree?

Bonus question: Who would win in a fight or ?

#87 Posted by DDangelico (234 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey Tony, Sara, and Corey (and James if he's there)!

I was wondering if you guys had had a chance to check out any of the comics from Monkeybrain on Comixology yet? If so what has been your favorite (mine is 'The October Girl' so far)? What are your thoughts on this new venture from Chris Roberson and do you think it will help digital comics as a whole?

You guys are awesome! Hope you all have a great weekend!

#88 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3636 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Is there any comic book character costume that you would never dress up in for Halloween, even if you were paid $100,000 and a Kit-Kat bar?
  • Looking at that Marvel NOW! promotional image. I'm rather surprised that they will be drastically changing Nick Fury into his Ultimate Samuel L. incarnation. Doesn't that seem like far too dramatic a change for the main line universe? It's blatantly obvious that they are aiming for the movie audience, but when has the mythical movie goer turned comic reader ever influenced sales?
#89 Posted by Hieroglyph (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Is there any piece of work (video, article, podcast episode, etc.) on Comic Vine that sticks out in your mind as something you're especially proud of or had the most fun working on, that you would recommend to someone who is new to the site?

#90 Posted by lorex (999 posts) - - Show Bio

Just caught the 07.27.2012 podcast, you guys did a good job as usual. I am a GIANT X-Men fan and a bit of a continuity stickler. It irritates me to no end when a new title in the X-Men line launches and Wolverine seems to have to be involved. I like Wolverine but I feel the character is really being spread thin. Wolverine is one of Marvels flagship characters and this means he will appear in more monthly titles. I feel there are too many writers trying to put their own touch on the character, which leads to various titles being of sub par quality and events that may be crucial in one title are never mentioned in another title, this really bugs me. There are good titles but it seems like Marvel is afraid to have an ongoing X-Men team book without him. Case in point the reshuffel of Astonishing X-Men has Wolverine in it and X-Treme X-Men has Howlett an alternite reality version of Wolverine. I have seen several people on comic vine comment that there are some poor quality Batman titles partly due to oversaturation of the character. Do you think the publishers are more willing take a chance on a marginal title with Batman or Wolverine in it dispite the fact there 8-10 titles with those characters in it already rather that a title that may expand on other less popular characters and do you think this is a problem for the mainstream comic industry.

#91 Edited by ArtisticNeedham (2608 posts) - - Show Bio

I recently got T-Shirts made at T-Shirt Mart in Escondido of my comic characters/Needham logo for the Comic Con, after wearing one once and then washing it once the shirt came out all discolored and ruined the shirt. I tried to tell the T-Shirt Mart, where I bought the shirt and had the design put on, that it was some sort of defect in their merchandise (1 out of 6 shirts I got there came out of the wash discolored) and they told me it wasn't their problem and it was my fault. So I will no longer go to T-Shirt Mart in Escondido any more. (And neither should anyone else.)

I know stores might be different in San Fransisco than there are down here in the San Diego area, but can you guys at Comic Vine tell me where I can get lots of quality shirts made using my Needham Comic characters and designs?

Do you guys think the Nolan Batman universe should continue in a comic book form, sort of like Marvel's Ultimate comics. Maybe DC could make Nolan's Batman into a comic and have the story continue after the Dark Knight Rises movie. And maybe even have some flashback stories that take place in the 8 years between Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. The ending of DKR was so cool I just want to see where they go from there.

(and maybe I could draw it...)

In Teen Titans during the 90s Donna Troy and the Titans and the Team Titans battled her son, the Mad God Chaos. In it it was shown that she was a Titan God who was given mortal form to learn how to be a better god and not just suddenly gifted at birth with godlike powers. But my question is this, Since New 52 has rebooted several characters, Should Donna Troy be rebooted as a Hercules/Thor type God sent to Earth type of thing? Should she be a god like Thor among men in the Teen Titans?

Final question, in this post, I didn't read Justice League: Generation Lost. And since the New 52 maybe it doesn't really apply, but in the New 52 did Max Lord succeed in making everyone on Earth forget about him, Ted Kord, and the original JLI from the 80s? I just mean it would explain things without rebooting everything.

#92 Posted by TDK_88 (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi guys.

Awesome Job on the podcast and I would like to say first and foremost Corey I love your humor! You are very witty, quick and quirky and I would like to see the other two play off your humor more instead of leaving you to nervously laugh while they remain silent as I believe it would add more to the podcast; the occasions when Tony and Sara have done so have been brilliant.

On to the question: Can you recommend any great BATMAN animated movies? Aside from the obvious BATMAN: YEAR ONE, as I watched this and enjoyed it and am excited for The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. I wonder if you have any recommendations? Also, whilst I love and will always want Conroy to be the voice of Batman, who else do you think does Bruce/Bats justice?



#93 Posted by cyberchop979 (465 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey Guys,

I know you are probably sick of hearing this question, but I was just wondering, how did the name "Comic Vine" come about?

You guys rock!

#94 Posted by ImFatBatman (72 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys, so I was reading the Phoenix Saga one day and noticed I just couldn't get into it. I tried coming back to it a little while later and still was just bored with it. I know it's an important story line but its just a no go for me.I thought maybe it was just because it was a older story but I have no problem reading older Spider-man and Batman stuff. I was wondering if you guys have ever had that problem when you find something you should read because it tells a important story but just cant get into it? Thanks guys and keep being awesome

#95 Edited by FrostChild (23 posts) - - Show Bio

These questions involve something that has recently happened so I will spoiler tag it. But please try to get them into the podcast

-How do you feel about the recent divorce of Storm and Black Panther?
-Do you feel that Storm was portrayed right or wrong in her "acceptance" of BP just annulling her marriage?

-Also do you feel that BP was right for keeping the knowledge of Namor (an X-man) coming to destroy Wakanda from Storm and THEN making her look like the bad guy?

Much love. And keep up the awesome work!

#96 Posted by Dbennett6684 (204 posts) - - Show Bio

I have a question/comment for James if he's on this week.

First, I just want to say thanks for killing it on Earth 2. I grew up primarily a Marvel (and Batman) fan and my knowledge of DC history, Earth 2, or anything JSA related was basically nil until picking up Earth 2 after listening to you on the podcast. I'm more interested in the Earth 2 universe now than I am with the DC universe proper. I now have an interest in going back and reading older stories featuring these characters. Thanks for telling great stories in your books and on the podcast.

On to my question-

There are varying opinions on the DC/Marvel crossover in the 90s and the "Amalgam Universe" comics that came out of it, but I really enjoyed it for what it was. If you could pick up one Amalgam character and write a miniseries or even a one shot, who would you pick and what would be the plot points? Who would provide art? If a character doesn't spring to mind, feel free to come up with your own mash-up character. I'd love to know if the CV podcasters have any ideas as well.



#97 Posted by reichsmark (1 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man: This is for James Robinson and Earth 2. Capt. Comet is actually the last Golden Age hero created by DC. Well, him and Rex the Wonderdog and maybe Tom Sparks. But anyway I was wondering first off if Robinson is going to use CC or Rex? If he can't use Rex how about Alan Scott's dog Streak? My main question is simply how obscure is Robinson going to get? Is he only going to use the costumed heros or will he use some of the early non-costumed concepts of DC? Concepts like the Magic Crystal, Cosmo, Young Doc Davis, Don Drake, Bulldog Martin, Pep Morgan or some of the adventurers who eventually ended up in the Underground world of Mikishawm. A lot of these characters haven't been seen since the thirties. Robinson can pull it off if anyone can.

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Do you find it hard to read old comics? Personally, having recently read A Death In The Family and Knightfall, I found it extremely difficult to get through it because of the amount of thought balloons and on the nose dialog. I think that writing has just gotten so much better recently. Thoughts?

Sara, you seem to have excellent taste in music. What's your favourite Sleigh Belks song?

Also, should I feel bad about going all digital for comics? It just so convenient.

Anyhoo, thanks for the excellent podcast and content. Have a good weekend!

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@Sveppi said:

Do you find it hard to read old comics? Personally, having recently read A Death In The Family and Knightfall, I found it extremely difficult to get through it because of the amount of thought balloons and on the nose dialog. I think that writing has just gotten so much better recently. Thoughts? Sara, you seem to have excellent taste in music. What's your favourite Sleigh Belks song? Also, should I feel bad about going all digital for comics? It just so convenient. Anyhoo, thanks for the excellent podcast and content. Have a good weekend!

Sleigh Bells is terrible.

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For James:

What do I have to do to get you to claim Power Girl back for Earth 2? Also what's the best way to show a publisher, I really hate a book, is there an email address I can send an angry letter to?