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Hey everyone

I was wondering if any of you have heard of or watched the new Hub cartoon SheZow. If so what are your opinions? It's about a boy accidentally becoming a girl superhero.

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Hi guys I'm a new listener and have been really enjoying the show,

Question: since I'm a big Transformers fan I was wondering have any of you read or are reading any Transformers comics? Because, two of the more recent series: Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye have been loved by both hardcore and casual fans alike.

Thanks for listening.

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Hey G-Man and friends! I think I have an answer to something that used to come up a bit during the podcast. I'm talking about Superman's hardness. Comic writers obviously say its something like an bioelectric force field or something or just say its a power without any explanation. However, I believe that some amount of invulnerability always comes with super strength, so this does not just apply to Supes. Everyone in comics is obviously physically fit and muscular, but almost everyone with super strength is NOT incredibly massive. What I'm saying is that they basically all look like body builders no matter what which means their muscles stop growing. So how do their muscles become so strong? They become more dense. The increased density makes them basically impenetrable/invulnerable and protects their bones and internal organs. This isn't a perfect theory, but I think it makes the most sense to say that Supes and other super strong heroes and villains have very dense muscles that are like an incredibly firm mattress. Also, on a different note, I picked up the first two volumes of Justice League Dark, I like it a lot, but doesn't Zatanna seem like such a useless character? Her backwards spells are always negated when they really matter. Maybe that changes later in the series and I just haven't seen it yet, but same goes for Deadman unfortunately.

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Simple question , have you tried reading digital comics with guided view's ? I tried that Wolverine Japan's most wanted. I really like the way the panels transitions , I see also that some other digital comics do this ,any thought's bro?

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I have been following this site for years finally made a log in. Love the podcast and think you guys are great. My question is what other comics would you like to see become a show or could benefit from being a show. The success of the walking dead show has sold the comic to a mainstream community and I think that is really awesome. I would love to see Preacher "HBO of course" and American Vampire. Or just a bad ass daredevil show. What do you guys think?? Oh and you guys should come to comic con indy in march. Thanks and keep up the good work guys the podcast makes my weeks better!

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Tony, Corey and (Jen, maybe?)

Love the regular podcast and am listening to both every week. Sorry I missed you guys at SDCC, I was there all four days but there was so much to do for my first time. I learned a lot lol. Anyway, I've just started collecting "the flash" 2nd series where Wally takes over after Barry Allen saves the world. I know writing was very different in the 80's and I do like the run so far, but I'm a little disturbed by how Wally goes around letting everyone know he is the flash. I'm only up to issue 34 now, but I'm very surprised that Vandal Savage is the only one to really take advantage of the fact EVERYONE knows who the flash is. My question is were more of the heroes in the DC books in the 80's going around telling everyone their identities besides batman and superman and why do you think the writers decided to take this approach with the flash? I was only 2 when this series was going on so I apologize for not having the extensive knowledge before the 90's when I started to read comics.

Thanks for the suggestions from my last post of independent books to read for my deployment! It made it a lot easier to get through!!

Go navy!!

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Which do you think would be more beneficial to my career, doing many more Test Comic Pages or Working on another issue of my own comic?

Doing Test Pages (for those who may not know) is using a script from a comic story or from anything I guess and drawing based comic pages based on those scripts without having seen the actual finished product. So you wont be influenced by the real comic, and what you draw from the script is based on your imagination and the panel descriptions.

Doing more test pages would help me get used to drawing from scripts, and would allow me to submit the pages to companies like Marvel and DC. But drawing my another issue of my own comic would also help further my career and help me progress my comic art skills as well, but could help me make money selling the issues.

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Hey guys, this question is for James but could be answered by you guys as well. I just read Batman/Superman #2 and I couldn't help but notice the part about the cryo-prison in Gotham on Earth 2. They showed frozen criminals such as Joker, Creeper, Sinestro, and Aquawoman. My question is, how is Sinestro and Aquawoman involved if Alan Scott is the only Green Lantern of this universe and there is no Aquaman, that I know of, yet?

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Hey GMan, Corey, Jen (if you are there, i love your voice and i love how you laugh when Corey mimics someone (don't be creeped out lol)),

On to my question. So I heard that it was announced in San Diego that Zack Snyder is going to direct a movie where Superman and Batman will team-up. Everybody is so excited about this (myself included). My question, did they announce whether this new movie is going to be the sequel to Man of Steel or a new different franchise? Personally, I really think it should be a new franchise. I mean I want a Batman/Superman movie but if Batman will be in the Man of Steel sequel it should just only be a cameo or just an appearance. Your thoughts? Plus, who do you think amongst the villains would really challenge Bats and Supes?

One more question. Is Jen going to be a regular? Can you make that happen GMan? She's been a really great addition in the podcast!

Keep up the great coverage guys. Have a great weekend.

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For the Comicvine Podcast

Hey G-Man and Comicvine Crew! (You guys should have your own monthly series by now)

Just got back into listening to the podcast and I have a bunch of questions. Feel free to spread them out over the next century.

  1. You guys talked about Scott Snyder's Batman Annual with Mr Freeze recently. I gotta say, I disagree with your positive opinion of it. Love Snyder, definitely THE guy that got me into Batman, thus comics in general. But not this issue. It completely destroyed the character. Mr. Freeze has always been different from the other rogues. He was the only one that I, and on some occasions Batman himself, rooted for. He had such a sympathetic story. Remember Batman and Freeze's relationship during Arkham City? Or even in Freeze's final appearance in B:TAS? Batman wants Freeze to ultimately succeed. Why? Because they have both suffered real loss. The annual Snyder wrote robbed Freeze of that Pathos. I don't know if Snyder just doesn't care about Freeze, or if DC mandated the change, but the story's twist seems really self-serving and included mainly for shock value. It could have been a simple one-off story, like the recent Clayface arc, but instead it irrevocably removed what makes Freeze my favorite villain. Anything I've read of Snyder's, I've adored. But he let me down with this one. Anyway, rant over, here's the question; What's your least favorite work by your favorite comic creator?
  2. Which DC character is most Marvel-like and vice versa?
  3. I know you guys said something about not recommending comicbook ideas because then authors can't really use them, but it's unlikely to happen and I can't resist. There was another question pondering whether or not Snyder would ever do a Batman story that is to The Dark Knight Returns as Zero Year is to Year One. I think that if he were to do that, it should be Batman's last caper, culminating in his retirement. What do you think of this idea? Could it happen? What would you want?
  4. What are your thoughts on Beware the Batman? It's been a few weeks now and the dust has kind of settled? Honestly, it plays more like Artemis Fowl, if Artemis grew up to be Batman. Tough Butler, Juliet like figure in Katana, Dickish master of the house. It hasn't really sat well with me because of certain things. It seems like bizarro world trying to be like BTAS. Alfred is a badass with not much development (yet), They had a catwoman type thing going on in episode 2. Gotta say, Pyg and Toad were a let down. They weren't absurd enough. That being said, I don't want Pyg to take his shirt off.
  5. I've been looking high and low but I can't find Any Trades with Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown While they were dating? Does anyone know the best choice?
  6. When I started on Tim Drake, he was already on the verge of being Batman. What is the best period in his life where he is happier, more Tim than Bruce?
  7. What do you want to see in Arkham Origins? P.S. Wanted to take the opportunity to address something from arkham city. People kind of harped on the fact that Batman carries joker out at the end and not Talia. Well if you remember, Joker exploded the floor before you fall into the lazarus pit chamber. She was probably charbroiled if not vaporized. People can let it go now.
  8. Is there any essential reading for Alfred Pennyworth?
  9. Why are there large gaps in trades sometimes? Trying to get my hands on early, Dixon Tim Drake. His Robin Volume skips about 100 issues. Why does this happen and do you if there are trades of that era?
  10. Tony, you spoke in regards to Man of Steel that a hero always finds a third option. I disagree. I think a hero is defined by what he is prepared to do for others at the cost to himself. The best example I can recall is in The Dark Knight Returns when Batman has a gun on a mutant, the mutant has a gun on a child. The mutant threatens to kill the child and batman shoots him dead. That was very selfless and heroic of him. When the chips are down, a hero puts himself aside to save others. Considering this, do you still think the third option rule is ALWAYS true?
  11. Warning: potentially the oddest question you've received---------- Hi Jen! You seem incredibly nice. I recently got back into the podcast and your voice was new to me. Please forgive me if I'm in left field with this, but are you dating Kyle Higgins or something? IT's seems like you're Nightwing's biggest fan. You guys make jokes on the show and it seems like I missed something. WHY DO YOU LOVE NIGHTWING SO MUCH?
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Hey guys,

So, I have 2 questions this time.

The first is in man of steel, I was actually arguing that Clark should have asked Jor-El for advice before the how it should have ended video came out. People were saying Jor-El was destroyed, which never made sense to me. Zod destroyed the copy of Jor-El that was uploaded...shouldn't another copy be in the ship Clark got his costume from? What happened to that ship by the way?

My second question is concerning X-men 3. I don't understand why people say it is as bad as it is. I think people are just jumping on the bandwagon of attacking it because it's cool to hate Ratner. I don't think Singer's films were particular good, or better than Ratner's X-men film. If you guys dislike it more than the previous 2, could you elaborate on why?

Thanks, and have a good weekend!

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Hey Comicvine crew! Hope all is well. I have a couple Flash-themed questions for you -

In light of the recent Flash annual, what other team-up adventures would you like to see?

what do you think about the news of a Flash TV show on the CW? I figure that as long as we [eventually] get a movie, a TV show will only help to increase awareness of the character. Given Barry Allen's career in the Central City Crime Lab and his rogues gallery, it has the potential to be pretty good.

Love the site - keep up the good work!

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Hello Comic Vine, hope you guys are having an awesome day and I have two questions for you.

Number 1:

Who would you guys say is Marvel's World's Greatest Detective?

DC's has been stated to be Batman time and time again but Marvel's isn't so clear cut I think its Madrox but I could be biased when I say that since he's my favourite character and Spider-Man is known for cracking a few cases but I don't think I'd put him on par with Batman so who do you guys think and why?

Number 2:

With the Walking Dead being one of the top tv shows around right now if you had to pick an indie comic title deserving of being the next big thing what series would you pick?

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Evening ladies and gentlemen,

Just a quick Q, What do you guys think about the idea of Superman being a God? It always annoyed me how overpowered he was made when over kryptonians are not at the same level. Given the whole godwave story how it split up the powers of the old gods and cause different races of gods to manifest, how about a story where it was explained that Superman managed to get some of that power somehow? I think it could be an interesting story with Superman coming to terms with being a god....what do you think?

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Hey Comicvine crew how are you doing?

I am not new to the site, been following it for about a year but just recently signed up.

Anyway, got two questions for you about the DC Flashpoint event.

What did you did think about the comic?

And if you have seen the new movie what did you think of that?

I just recently read the comic and i watched the movie today, and I think both were pretty good especially all the batman stuff.Don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t read or seen it, but I found that part pretty cool and original.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Hi Comicvine, just a couple of Doctor Who questions -

1. Who do you think should takeover the Doctor Who comics licence?

2 What do you think of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor?

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Good evening G-man, Corey and Jen (maybe?)

I know everyone is wondering who the next Batman actor will be and I'll admit it's been driving me crazy about who can follow in Christian Bale's footsteps. I'm honestly hoping that WB decides to go with John Hamm, He's a great actor in madmen and acts out the double lifestyle extremely well. His character always seems to have something on his mind or broods about new ideas for advertising but could also relate to detective work and he portrays that very well. He also has a gritty look about him as well. He's a man's man, not a prissy, pretty boy that looks like he couldn't even lift a 20 pound dumbbell. I hope maybe this will help influence the idea of giving him a shot at batman! My question is who do you guys think should be the next batman?

If I hear one more rumor about Ian Sommerhalder from the vampire diaries or Patrick Dempsey playing Batman I will boycott the movie lol. P.S. Tony, I love the music on the podcast and please don't stop with the jam sessions!

Go Navy!!

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Hey guys (and gal), I noticed Tony and Corey talking in earlier podcasts about some months having DC only putting out 50 main titles instead of 52. It has been kinda haywire since the wave that included Katana, Vibe, JLA, Threshold, and Constantine because they didn't all come out on the same month and being the exact next month after the cancelled titles stopped publishing.

So I went back and checked the schedules on DC's website and did the math for all the months of this year since then. Here it is:

January - 49
February - 50
March - 52
April - 49
May - 52
June - 49
July - 51
August - 49
September - 52
October - 47

Do you know why, or could guess why, DC is doing this even though they put that rule on themselves to have 52 titles every month along with mini-series and digital firsts? Perhaps its DC Comics: The New 47-52. lol

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I've recently looked up The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and found out that Rhino and Electro will appear in the film.

My question is, do you have any opinion on which Spider-Man villain should appear in Amazing Spider-Man 3? I would personally like to see Tarantula.

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I am getting more and more into Marvel and I would like some advice coming to my pull. I really like Uncanny X-men, and I like the new all female X-Men but I dont like that Olivier Copiel is leaving, so I might be looking for another Marvel book. It is hard for me to get into Uncanny Avengers but I really want to, so any important issues yal could give me would be nice. Secret Avengers is another, but I think I would have to pick up the first trade. In your opinion, what is the best X-title, Avengers title and Marvel solo series? (I dont mention FF because I am not really a fan of them)

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Hey crew,

Love the podcast and It was really cool to meet Tony and Matt at SDCC!

I wanted to ask you guys what you think of Batwing? You guys don't talk about the book much but you really should! The art is really good and the story has been great since Batwing is now Luke Fox.

Tony thanks for the Nova comic, Comic vine stickers, and cards at SDCC!


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Hello all,

I'm loving Quantum & Woody and was wondering other non DC and Marvel books that follow this tone.

#673 Posted by 4th_wind (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys! Got a relatively easy one for you this time. The new Batwing is younger and brasher than the last one. He's also a lot more local. How do you think he and Nightwing will get along once they eventually meet? I personally think they'd make a decent team-up. Their personalities could gel pretty well. Possibly could get a mini-series out of it. What do you think?

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I work for a midwest/St. Louis Comic retailer. I purchase for 11 locations and listening to the podcast helps me out immensely. It is nearly impossible to read all the books I should be but I find that your guys insight actually reflects many of the sales trends I see with our customers...

For example - The Movement isn't really moving that many units......hmmm the comic-vine guys/gals are kind of "meh" on this one.. a correlation??. - Catwoman is nearly dead in the water...hmmmm comic-vine peeps are out to lunch on this title too....connection?? I say yes!

Of course those comparisons are not always 100%, as many books that are not highly rated sell very well - Kiss (the band) books anyone??

Ultimatly I wanted to let you all know that many "Industry" people tune in to the podcast and find your weekly comic talks informative and enjoyable. I was going to post something about how our stores file comics as that is always an interesting topic. Comic shops and enthusists alike all have their methods but I think that our chain has nailed it - with about a 2 to 3 percent margin of wiggle room of course.. lol.. but I'll save that for another post.. I really wanted to discuss Halloween Comic Fest. so...

I have a question for Corey as a Comic Store retailer and for everybody else as a comic consumer. What are your thoughts on Halloween Comic Fest? Comic Fest is a two day event in Oct. (Saturday and Sunday before Halloween) where people can converge on their local comic and receive free comics and partake in any festivities the comic store decides to conduct. I think it is cool that the Industry is attempting to create another day like Free Comic Book Day but here is my problem with the event. . . .

Problem number 1 - It is two days long!! With Free Comic Book Day it is only one day which means it is easier to staff, advertise and set up for. On Free Comic Book Day our stores will have a huge turn out in the morning and early after noon, and after a few hours most of our free comics and giveaways are done and completed. With Comic Fest it is two whole days long. We will have to spread the free comics out to last the whole two days. I would say,"let's advertise this heavy and get people out for that Saturday, and give away a bunch of free comics!" but the official signage for the event says Oct. 26th - 27th! I'd hate for customers to stumble across the Halloween Comic fest web site, see us as participators, mosey on in on Sunday afternoon only to find that we are out of free comics.... and festivities

Problem number 2 - It also doesn't lend itself to that, "I gotta be there early" mentality that we love seeing on Free Comic book day. We try to generate a buzz about FCBD and on that morning it feels like we are launching a new Xbox or Playstation system. We have a line of people waiting to get in, we provide food, prizes, our employees dress up!! its pretty awesome.

Again, I love that the Industry is being pro active in creating events like these .. these are just a few issues I have..

My kids are waking up I gotta run.. bamf!

Edit: 10/19/133 - SO it turns out that customers are pretty pumped about HCF. We are promoting the event for that Saturday mostly. We are having a bunch of sales and fun-tivities. We will still be giving away what ever "free" comics we have to customers on Sunday but it will be a "while supplies last" kind of thing.

You guys are great! Thank you thank you thank you..

oh and G-man.. So far, Infinity is the greatest arc since Civil War. Believe it!

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Hey thanks for the awesome podcast! I've been listening for about 3 months now and I just have to say how awesome all of you are. The mix of witty banter between all of you, tonys youtubes music (which I love!), the random directions the podcasts go, and Jens cute voice (yeah I went there) makes it the highlight of my week thanks again! I have a couple questions hopefully you have time to answer :).

1. For Corey....I love the current HeMan and the Masters series from DC but I heard that it isn't doing so well at a few comic shops I go too and it might be on the chopping block. Are sales at your store the same for this title and do you see it getting the chopping block? I argue that this crossover with dc universe coming this month that its a bump up. Others are saying the bump is to push the book cause of lack of sales...thoughts?

2. For everyone.... If Hickman went from marvel to dc what titles would you like to see him write? I would love to see his take on the Green Lantern titles.

3. For everyone I'm really into what Higgins is doing with Nightwing and I think he would kill it ifhe took over teen titans do you think its a good fit.

4. This is for Jen but I collect the funko pop vinyl figures do you collect them which ones do you have and which ones that have not been made would you like to see?

Thanks again for the great podcasts!

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If Animal Man and Aquaman were both trying to influence a whale to attack the other, who would succeed?

#677 Posted by Ruroken (21 posts) - - Show Bio

I was on Comic list yesterday (Aug 19) and saw a banner advertising a new Marvel mini-series titled "The Arms of the Octopus" which said that Doc Ock had come back to life and Superior Spider-Man, Hulk, and the All New X-Men team up to combat him. Mike Costa is writing it....so did I just miss the announcement or did it slip under the radar?

#679 Posted by Manute117 (72 posts) - - Show Bio

Got off JL need order for Trinity War,thanks

#680 Posted by fartvader (48 posts) - - Show Bio

Greetings, G-Man and the crew,

I am relatively new to reading comics and two of the titles I am really enjoying are Uncanny X-men and Cable and the Force. I found out that Colossus and Magik are actually brothers and sisters. So my questions are:

Do they have a good brother-sister relationship considering Colossus as a very kind man and Magik is a little obnoxious?

I am really enjoying these two characters. Are there any story arcs in the past that are Colossus-and-Magik-centric?

Thanks for answering guys!

#681 Posted by deadpooluk (10 posts) - - Show Bio


your podcast is great. i like listening to it on the bus as i go to work. i live in the uk and bin reading death sentence in the clint magazine and found it really good. are any of you reading the series or planning to read this series.

#682 Posted by wessaari (731 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys, with the new Nightwing annual coming up focusing on Dick and Babs for once, it got me thinking about their relationship as a whole. In the pre-52 we saw them almost get married and it seemed like they would always have something for each other. The New 52 sort of took that away but kept their feelings for each other somewhat intact without any history of dating. This leads me to my question, is Dick Grayson meant to settle down or will he always be a ladies man? I know this is a tough question to answer as continuity changes and things will never truly stay the same but if this continuity did have an ending, would yo like to see Dick and Babs finally come together?

BONUS: Are there any other DC couples you would like to see come together again that hasnt been seen yet? And, are there any couples that you wish didn't exist in the New 52?

#683 Posted by Manute117 (72 posts) - - Show Bio
#684 Posted by 7drunkenmonkey (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello there folks recent listener to the podcast and enjoying it immensely I was wondering what your take on the new 52's version of Stormwatch I loved it up until the latest ark in the alternative time line at least i think that's whats going on.

I also want to know your views on weather marvel or dc would ever bring out titles from companies that they have absorbed over the years the ones id really like to see revamped would be wildcats, planetery, Kev Hawkins,the authority, the ultraforce and gen 13

also which crossover events where your favorites? I liked spawn meets wildcats and gen12 Vs Generation X

so until Bob Dole dresses up as darth Vader and has a pie throwing fight with general Gaddafi dressed as lobo make mine a comicvine

#685 Posted by chaddum96 (46 posts) - - Show Bio

Howdie Comic Vine Podcast! I have a few random questions:

1. This might have been asked already and im not caught up on Superior Spider-Man, but if Doc Ock in Spider-Man's body was to run into a Mind reader like Professor X for example, would they be able to see that it is not Peter inside of that body?

2. This question is for Corey: Do you collect your own comics, or do you just read a issue when you get it then put it on the shelf at your store?

3. Sadly when the time comes in the future(and hopefully the very very far future) when Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are done with their run on Batman, who would you like to take over as writer and artist?

#686 Posted by chaddum96 (46 posts) - - Show Bio

I forgot my other question:

1. If Berry Allen was wearing his flash ring and he was wearing the Green Lantern ring( Not if he is worthy to wear it, just what if he was wearing it) and he pressed the activated the rings at the same time, what do you think would happen?

#688 Posted by TheClairvoyant (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello Comic Vine Staff!

I was just wondering if any of you have or had the album The Dark Saga by Iced Earth since it is a concept album about Spawn.

It was released in 1996, Todd McFarlane did the cover art and was even available in comic book stores!

#689 Edited by Roidrage11 (5 posts) - - Show Bio

hey tony and gang

i was wondering why no one is making a fuss about marvel cancellations, like journey into mystery and venom, but have hissy fits when when DC announces cancellations?

#690 Edited by snarkybits (399 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi-yo, chaps.

If you had the powers of the Silver Surfer, but could choose what your transportation would be, instead of a surfboard, what would it be? Also, what color would you be?

I, myself, would choose a monster truck...or the Trouble Bubble from G.I. Joe. As for color, I would go with bluish-green.

#691 Posted by BrianLaborada (19 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys,

I've only recently gotten into comics because of the New52 and I wanted to catch up on past story lines that I can get in a single collection/trade. I have a pretty long list for DC (Batman: Dark Knight Returns, Long Halloween, Killing Joke, etc. Superman: Birthright, Red Son, Secret Identity, etc.) but not so much for Marvel. What past Marvel story lines do you guys think are on par with those I've listed for DC?

To help narrow it down, I'm into the following characters (but feel free to recommend anything you can think of outside this list):

  1. Thor
  2. Avengers
  3. X-Men/X-Force/X-anything
  4. Inhumans
  5. Daredevil
#692 Posted by DavidCratofil (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I have a theory I'd like an opinion on: the reason we haven't seen Wally West is because he's dead, but as the reverse flash his father is going to go back in time to save him possibly even causing wally to get powers. Thoughts?

#693 Posted by Manute117 (72 posts) - - Show Bio

Liked cast, missed other guys but very solid.

#694 Posted by kantrip (302 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey G-Man and crew,

I have a question and a small rant, and its one I've been struggling with.

Before I got back into comics back in 2009, I wasn't a big DC fan. A friend suggested I cosplay Ragdoll from Secret Six (since we were doing a DC only cosplay group) and while researching the character I got hooked on the book and Gail Simone's writing. By proxy I started digging more into DC's characters and stories and feeling invested but lost. So when the new 52 came around I thought it was my chance to give DC a real chance to impress me. Especially with Batwoman finally getting her own book.

2 years into the new 52 I'm now wondering why I'm even reading the publisher at all. All of the knock out books I came into DC to enjoy have not matured or even left a lasting (iconic) impression on me as a "must read", with the exception of Animal Man and Batwoman. The controversy involving creators dropping off and coming on to books, the "events" that break the stories apart and ignore the outlier titles (Animal Man, Batwoman, Movement, Green Team, etc), and the fact that DC has metaphorically killed Hope in one of their titles (trying not to spoil). When making decisions about what books to read or drop I try to step back and determine if I am actually enjoying the book or if I'm reacting to how the rest of the internet is reacting. I started feeling this way around the time of Gail Simone's firing/rehiring, and about a year later I'm still feeling the same way, and keep dropping off dc book after dc book from my pull list. So sadly I think after Batwoman 24 I'm dropping all of my remaining New 52 books with the exception of Animal Man, and if it doesn't look like DC starts allowing that book to grow beyond "threats to the red" for story arcs, then its gonna get dropped too. Sad but honestly I see Marvel, Dark Horse,Vertigo, Image, Valiant and even Aspen (don't read them though) evolving and doing great things with their titles. But DC seems determined to meld all of their IP into this one dark and very hopeless and loveless world. I read books about "capes" for inspiration when I'm feeling down and beaten. I can't say a single DC book has been able to have that effect on me.

Long winded there and I apologize but I was wondering if you or the rest of the staff have found yourselves having to make the hard call of walking away from a publisher's entire line due to business decisions and editorial choices. If so what labels and why? I was also wondering if you all think my decision is too harsh? I feel weird about ditching the line because Batwoman was the last straw, but I'm also looking at 2 years of 40.00 a month of my money and no desire to go back and read a single issue after my first read.


p.s.: I know that Vertigo is DC but since they are "creator-owned" titles and not subject to the same continuity and editorial decisions, Vertigo will still get my money.

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Hey everyone I love the show and finally have thought of some questions I think would be interesting to hear from you guys on. I recently got the absolute long Halloween and I know Tim sale is colorblind but do you know if there are any superheroes who are colorblind? Also re-reading this story I've noticed two-face is probably my favorite batman villain, so I was wondering who yours is and why?

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Hi comicvine crew
I unfortunately had to give up buying comics due to a loss of income, but I love my local comic shop and the staff was always really good to me. I was wondering if Corey or anyone else knew of a good way I could continue to support my favorite store until my wallet recovers enough to start buying regularly again.


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Dear Comicvine Crew

(1.What Else Worlds or What if universe/story's would you like to read a sequel about, stuff like Dark Knight Returns(Dark Knight Strikes Again never happened), Red Sun, "What if Scarlet Spider killed Spider-Man," and “What If Elektra Had Lived?" Mine would be Superman: Speeding Bullets, were it tells the story of What would have happened if the infant Superman had been found by the Waynes of Gotham City instead of the Kents of Kansas.

(2.What are some of your guy's favorite comic book origins of all time and in recent years, what are your opinions on how comics origins are told now as to how they were told in the old days and do you think there better or worse. In my opinion I think comic book origins have gotten too blotted and prolonged. Ultimate Spider-Man is one of my favorite comic book runs of all time but I couldn't stand that it took Bendis six months to tell an origins story that Stan and Steve told in 15 pages which I think is a far better story. In 15 pages they gave Spidey's entire back story, explained all his power, introduced most of his supporting cast, and gave his mission statement.

(3.I heard you guys talk about Xorn last week, I just wondered if you could explain that character to me. What or who Xorn is has perplexed my mind for almost a decade now and after reading several wikis about Xorn(including the Amazing Comicvine wiki)and interviews with Grant Morrison I am still no closer to understanding who or what he is please help.

Love the Podcast, can't wait to hear my email read 6 to 8 weeks from now if I'm lucky and sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did this on my Iphone, keep up the great work!

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Hey Tony!

Salt Lake just had it's first ever Comic Con last week end and it was awesome! In total 80,000 people showed up! And it was sold out, so it would have been even bigger! It broke a couple records! It was the biggest first convention of any kind! It's apparently the third largest comic convention in the nation now... Fight for Comics podcast (salt lake podcast) <--- See the link to listen to the local podcast where I heard that. We were also very fortunate to have Stan Lee there! I'm not bragging, just excited.

Now the question part! Would it be probable that you guys might come to the Salt Lake Comic Con next year or sometime in the future? Also, assuming that the answer is no, I would love to do videos and coverage like you guys do for the other cons. Would that ever be possible to join the awesome staff of Comic Vine for this one event each year?

Thank you guys! As always, love the podcasts, videos, and updates! Comic Vine Rocks!

Stettsen Olsen

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I stand Corrected. 4th largest. Next year they'll have a bigger convention place too, so they don't sell out so fast.

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In an episode of Big Bang Theory last year, Sheldon/Howard's parking spot was at the corner of the lot that served the Loeb Building and Bendis Building.

If you had a chance to plant comic-related easter eggs in a movie or TV show, how would you do it? I'd like to have character walking through a downtown arts district and pass the A. Masters Gallery with a sign indicating that Byrne Design was upstairs.