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Hey gang,

Just a quick question.....why were the people of NYC so happy to accept Spiderman? Would they not assume he was a mutant and be wary? Has there ever been a storyline addressing that?

Also, there has been some talk about which universe, Marvel or DC is more realistic. I always thought it was DC...having things like the speedforce and magic be additional forces of nature, and having heroes get their powers from being alien beings with a different physiology seemed much more realistic than just putting the mutant label on people who can have whatever power they want, or getting a superpower from radiation like the hulk.

My last question is something I'm editing in to address something Corey said in response to a previous question. So about a month ago from when you guys get this, you answered a question I asked about Batman killing on film. Corey was of the opinion that the Nolan Batman at least had not killed on film.

I don't understand why that is. Ra's was on the train, putting his plan into action, not at all suicidal. Batman comes on, deliberately and willfully sabotages the train controls and then leaves, knowing Ra's cannot. Batman was responsible for the situation that led to Ra's death. Here is a link to the relevant clip from Batman Begins, with the sabotage happening around 35 seconds in. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGBuvSRIeuo

There is also a clip of Batman tying joker to a a gargoyle and him falling to his death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdeMD5W51s4&feature=fvwp&NR=1

and in related videos you can see joker vs batwing where he guns down goons.

Thanks guys and have a great weekend!

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Hi guys, keep up the good work. I thought of a good idea for a cyborg series, it could be sort of like the hawkeye book. What Cyborg gets upto when not helping the justice league. He could be just sat at the watchtower messing with people's phones and t.v's, freaking random people out by making them think they have a poltergeist, I think they could make some funny stories by doing something like this.

I have to thank Corey for getting me into invincible, it's great. I have the first compendium and I can't wait for the second one, does anyone know when it's coming out??

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HELP! I need to cut some titles based on budgetary constraints. Here's my pull list:

  • All New X-Men
  • Avengers
  • Batman
  • Batman and ...
  • Dark Knight
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • Detective Comics
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Indestructible Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Justice League
  • New Avengers
  • Nightwing
  • Nova
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws
  • Saga
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Thor
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Uncanny Avengers
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Wolverine and the X-Men

Help me Tony-Wan Kenobi (and crew), you're my only hope...

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Hey, all!!! I have something I'd like to get your opinion on regarding DC's new 52. My favorite comic series of all time is Planetary. Given the 5 maybe 6 years that the current timeline has supposedly existed, do you think the concept of the Planetary team would fit in? My idea is that it could be a great way to re-introduce some characters that have fallen by the wayside by simply explaining that they operated in secret. It wouldn't necessarily interfere with the whole idea of the superheroes coming out of the shadows however many years ago. It could probably go a long way to helping placate some of the naysayers. It might even be a good way to clear up the continuity disputes caused by the soft reboot some of the lines like Batman and Green Lantern were given. Plus, it would be great to see Warren Ellis get to play in the main DC sandbox. I think it could be awesome. How about you guys (and Sara if she's there)?

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HEYO! So I was reading Justice League Generation Lost Vol 1. And twice it makes fun of Ultra Humanite as not being a serious villain. Would you guys agree with this? I only remember him from the animated justice league show and he seemed liked any other random bad guy but i've never seen him as a major baddie in any books. So what say you guys?

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The 5 star review system confounds me and seems to be a source of frustration for yourselves as well. I'd hoped that in the site redesign this method would be given an overhaul, but it would appear not. By only allowing yourself 5 elements to a rating, it limits the expression of your review which is already relegated into the The Good, The Bad and The Verdict. The result is multiple comics getting the same same rating which makes it difficult to discern which ones to invest in. As admitted to by Tony and Sarah in multiple podcasts, this limit is also difficult on the reviewer who's wavering on the exact quality of the book. Then there's the multiple interpretations of a 5-star ratings by the reader. To some, this just means it's a great comic book and to others it would appear the issue is flawless. I know Tony sides with the former interpretation, but think of other aspects of life such as exams where a perfect score means just that. You recently had Joey Esposito on from IGN Comics. There, they have 1-10 scale rating down to a tenth of a point. Great comics are given a 9.-something and a 10 is only reserved for the very rare and exceptional work of sequential art. When a comic is really bad, they don't have to hesitate into dropping into the below 5 territory.

To me, it seems like a simple adjustment that will give the reviewer more leeway and will temper, albeit slightly, the arguments against the review by the Comic Vine Community. I refuse to believe the EIC of Comic Vine cannot order his web designer to implement such a change. Just allowing 1/2 stars would double your options. How say you?

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Hello all!

I've been a fan for a while and I've always wanted to ask this question so I hope you can cover it on the podcast. I'm a big fan of batman and anything Scott Snyder related so I picked up the court of owls vol 1 hardcover. The entire story arc is collected between 3 hardcovers; court of owls, night of owls and city of owls. I want to get them all but I would much rather have it all collected in a big volume. When that happens to books, do any of you purchase the bigger volume even though you have the smaller volumes? Example: fables released trade paperbacks first and then later released hardcovers contains multiple paperbacks. Sinestro corps war also was first released in 2 volumes and then later as 1 big volume. I hope this question makes sense. Thank you.

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Hi guys

Marvel's giving new love to Runaways characters( I'm still hoping for a new series) and it was announced on C2E2 that Molly Hayes (Princess Powerful, Yay) is back (sort of).. What do you guys think about that?

Hi, Sara, Corey, Tony and James (if he's there)

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Hi Guys,

I donated a bunch of comics to soldiers serving in Afghanistan recently and also took out a few old runs to read over again. In addition to really enjoying James' run on JLA despite the big events he was forced to include which messed up his pacing, I loved this "b-list" version of the team with Dick, Jade, Jessie Quick, Congorilla, Mikaal, & Donna Troy. I couldn't help but love how he made Donna an angry, cursing bada$$. (Meanwhile, I had forgotten how disappointed I was in Countdown & Final Crisis compared with 52 before it.)

Anyway, James' JLA, along with re-reading Chris Yost's awesome run on Red Robin, made me think to ask you guys who of the New 52 characters would you like to see return closer to their previous selves? I think Tim Drake stands out for me. This new one just isn't even close to interesting... What about you guys?

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Hi Guys,

I have recently started listening to the podcast about two months ago and have to say I really enjoy it. This is the only podcast I listen to. I work midnight to 830 am about six days a week so, I just caught up on about 30 podcasts and have to say even though they are old, I still really enjoy listening to them.

I have two questions. First question is for everybody. If you can have any complete run in all back issues what run would it be? (Even though most of you guys tend to buy tpb) Second is for Corey. I have been interested in opening my own comic shop for a while now, would you have any kind of tips or advice you can give to me?

Keep up all the good work.

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If most comics are not geared towards children then why is that most if not all animated TV series based on comics are?

Back in the 90's it seemed there were a few animated shows that were more close to there source material like Spawn and The Maxx which were geared directly for adults. And a lot if not all of the animated movies about comics being made today seem to be more for an older audience as well.

I am not saying there is a problem with comic book shows being made for children, but maybe a couple directly for adults wouldn't be bad ether, and also as has been stated on comic vine podcast and videos maybe some more comics made specifically for children wouldn't be a bad idea ether.

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Listen to the podcast often, never asked a question though. We met briefly at C2E2 this year and while I was there I had several commissions done. I was wondering if I could summit those for the Weekly Art Picks and if so where can I send the scans?

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Hey again guys! I swear that I recently read some press statement saying that Kurt Busiek is bringing back Astro City. I'm pretty excited about this if it's true. What do you think?

Now I know that I said in another post that Planetary was my all-time favorite series. I'm not back pedaling on that but my favorite characters are Nightwing and Flash. In issue 17 and again in issue 18 Damian asks how Dick can be "the funny one". Not for nothing but Dick has seemed to be a little too down in the dumps recently. I don't expect smiles all the time but doesn't a little more levity in comics in general and a Bat-family book in particular seem like a good thing? I see hints of this in both the Flash and Nightwing books but I wouldn't mind seeing some more. Any thoughts on the topic?

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Hello everyone ! I one thing that I have noticed when reading comics, is that my favorite books are not necessarily my favorite hero's but rather those with a really strong supporting cast. For Example Daredevil and Foggy , Hawkeye and Kate, or Wonder Woman and her family , just to name a few.

So My Question is what is your favorite supporting cast or character ?

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Hey guys! So what do you think are the minimum age requirements for your favorite books right now? Mine would be for Captain Marvel with a min age of 11 to 12. Would you guys agree? Also want to say that everyone who post on this typically asks great questions and keep them appropriate (for the most part) and I appreciate that very much.

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Hey guys, this question is for all of you. Do you think that Batman has a problem with law enforcement using guns. Guns are a huge issue in this country, and we all know that Bruce would never use a gun due to his parents being shot, but how would he feel about the Gotham Police Department using them. Frankly, I think they need all the help they can get with all the crazy stuff going through Gotham but for someone who wants to stand up for the law like Batman, wouldn't you think it would bother him if a cop killed a criminal, even in self defense. Better yet, would Batman have a problem with Jim Gordon using his gun to kill someone? They are really close and I would think this would cross his mind from time to time. He disapproves of Jason Todd using guns, but realizes that he is good enough marksmen to shoot to not kill when they team up so he doesn't harp on him to much. So basically, does Batman have a problem with law enforcement, especially the Commish, using guns.

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Hello everyone.

I have gathered questions specifically for Earth 2 and James Robinson from a internet site that would rather stay "anonymous". What follows are those questions: (some have been tweaked by me)

  1. About Red Arrows backstory: "How much Roy and how much Ollie? Plus golden age GA had native american inspiration instead of Robin Hood and Roy was raised as a navajo, does this arrow have Native American themes?
  2. Will the Science vs. Magic teams persist throughout the entire story or will we ever get a proper Justice Society where Green Lantern and Atom can work hand in hand
  3. Will ever see them fight their most hated enemy the Nazis?
  4. Dian Belmont, does she exist?
  5. Is the new Batman the 60's Batmobile come to life?
  6. What would the Shade make of young Jay?
  7. About how old are Wesley and Khalid?
  8. Is there a Mr. Garrick, or is Jay's mom a single mom? Divorce?
  9. Are 'Emperor Lux and his Lone Star Successionists' Texan?
  10. During the Apokolips invasion was their conscription for the World Army?
  11. Also did you talk to Greg Pak about the crossover in issue 2 of Batman/Superman?
  12. Did you write the Earth 2 channel extra (in the back of the issues for 5/15) or do editors?

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. Also thanks to Nicola scott for the sexy art.

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Hey Everyone,

Just watched the video asking why villains don't have their own titles and Tony's explanation nailed it. I don't think there are too many villains readers would want to follow for very long. Sure a mini-series for a few but the only villain that I think could pull off an on-going would be the Kingpin. As for mini-series i'd like to see what Galactus's life is like from his point of view. Does he feel guilty at all or has he become numb to it, has he encountered other planets with beings who were able to stop him from destroying them like the FF has on Earth. Another villain that could be interesting to follow for a little while would be Ras Al Ghul. Give us the story of how he decides on his next plot and then show us how he goes about setting it in motion and end the book with Batman showing up in the last panel.

Keep up the good work and make mine comic vine.


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Hey everyone, I just recently read the second trade of the New 52 Justice League. Its been a while so I guess I can spoil it for people, but I really liked when the League goes into the Valley of Souls and sees the fake ghosts of their loved ones. I thought it was really interesting what Thomas and Martha said to Bruce and it really got me thinking. If Bruce could talk to his parents now what do you think they would say to him and what do you think they're opinion of him being Batman would be? Hopefully James is on, I would really like to hear an author's perspective too.

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HI gang,

Some random questions, just 3 but they should be quick

1. I've seen a lot of debate over whether or not Cap America is superhuman or not. My issue is that Marvel officially lists him as peak human, which should essentially make him the physical equivalent of Batman. Batman having trained and worked out obsessively to be the best a human can be in strength, speed etc. There are many people who treat Captain America as superhuman, because of some of the feats he has done. I don't understand how that is not PIS. Stuff like Batman injuring Doomsday or kicking the spectre has to be dismissed as PIS, it doesn't suddenly elevate Batman to being capable of more than he is.

So what are your thoughts...is Cap peak human or super human keeping in mind Marvel lists him everywhere as peak human.

2. If Krypton was such an advanced society, would they not be aware of the effects of a yellow sun? Why did they not try to emulate that, or turn their sun yellow? We know the technology exists even on earth.

3. Why in all the DCU are Kryptonians the only species that are identical to humans in appearance?

Thanks guys and have a great weekend.

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Hey everyone,

Trinity war is approaching soon, and I was wondering if you could give an overview of anything you might need to know about the justice league teams before reading it? I've read all of JL and JLA, but haven't read any JLD issues. What are the key things you think I need to know about JLD before picking up the trinity war issues in your opinion?

Keep up the good work! I hope this is answered before the event starts :p

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Hey guys I'll make part one quick. First off my first Free Comicbook Day was awesome!! I was able to meet the great, the fantastic, James Robinson. big thanks to him for signing the four books I brought. I was thrilled that he was happy when he signed my starman book from way back in 2000. Had to locate that book in a box way in the back of my closet. So thank you James. Second, I'm writing this on May 13th and I just found out two days ago that there is going to be a Doc Savage movie!! I am super pumped about that news. I really love the pulp heroes. My favorites are The Shadow & Rocketteer. I know Rocketteer was written in the 80s but still really feels like it's from the 30s and 40s. Also I really, really loved both of those movies as well. Currently reading Masks, i like it. I've read Azzrillos First Wave, liked that too. I also like twin 45s tooting Batman. Question time, who much do you guys like the pulp heroes? Who is your favorite pulp hero?? Have a great day guys.

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On previous podcasts you've discussed Dc having a catch up page, and Tony has always made valid points against them, such as the sacrifice of either story or ad space. However, considering DC currently waste 2 pages in every book for channel 52, do you not think at least one (or preferably both) of these pages could be use as a recap page? Also, do you have any new ideas for what these two pages could be used for? Thanks!

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So I've started picking up some Valiant comics and I'm really enjoying them but as the number of titles continues to expand and crossovers start to happen I'm starting to get a bit concerned about the longevity of the universe. Even if you just pick up the core books from each publisher it takes a lot of time and money just to stay up to date with Marvel and DC and while I like what Valiant is doing with everyone watching their money these days I'm unsure if the industry can support another universe. Obviously the big two won't disappear so do you guys think any comic book universes outside of Marvel and DC have any major staying power or will they just collapse in on themselves as they get too big?

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Hi guys, Tony, Sara, Cory or whoever is in the room.

I am actually copying and pasting this from earlier in the thread. I asked this about 3, almost 4 months ago and it got skipped over, perhaps because of cons or the new site or whichever. I'm really interest in the opinions of you guys though!

1. My first question is about piracy. Tony, please read this in full if you can because I think it is a serious issue and I'd love to hear responses.

On the podcast of 02-01-13 Sara refers to piracy as stealing and Cory seemed to agree, and this is actually something I have a huge problem with.

Stealing was never synonymous with copyright infringement, the MPAA/RIAA put that into peoples minds with the ridiculous ads (you wouldn't steal a car). The definition of stealing refers to depriving the owner of something...which doesn't happen when you make a copy, at the most you have lost a *potential* sale.

It's important to note that the US Supreme court said the same thing, and I quote from Dowling V. United States "interference with copyright does not easily equate with theft, conversion or fraud."

The legal aspect was also talked about, but it is important to note that in the US only uploading or "making available" is illegal, not downloading a copy. They get conflated because torrents upload as you download. More importantly other countries such as Canada, Sweden and Germany have made it completely legal for home users to infringe copyright as they found the benefit far, far outweighed the cost. This is different from someone burning 200,00 DVDs and selling them, which is and should be illegal.

There are also several legitimate reasons to pirate, such as not being able to legitimately purchase a copy in a country or because the author/company no longer exists, or more in the case with movies and music and perhaps digital comics, unacceptable DRM restrictions. Many companies such as Amazon ended up removing such restrictions, but not all.

Also of interest, several leading, peer reviewed studies show that pirates tend to be the people who pay the most, and that there is an increase in sales due to word of mouth. i.e. a pirate may not buy, but may get 2 other people to buy would would not have otherwise. If any of you are interested I would be happy to provide references. This is an area I research so I would love to talk about it more.

Finally, I will say that copyright is a very recent invention, established only after the printing press became affordable and mass produced. people used to do fine without it which is something people forget. I think piracy has a net benefit to society when people have more exposure to ideas and information when they otherwise may not be able to, allowing them to contribute more to society. We would never have Star Wars if Lucas had not been exposed to samurai movies for example.

2. My second question is why does Cory dislike the name H'el (from the Superman arc) so much? In comics there are many "dumb" names such as E(dward) Nigma, Victor Fries and the like. H'el actually makes sense given the connection to the House of El."

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Whoops, sorry about my All Star Western question last time. I didn't realize Sara was review almost every issue. I was looking at issues 15-18 and I noticed those were skipped, so I assumed it wasn't getting reviewed. Bad mistake on my part. And yes Tony I did posted before you review #19 and I'm very glad you talked about in your podcast! ;-)

By the way, I was wondering Tony, did you see Marvel's August solicits? It looks like our long time favorite character is coming back and it looks like you were right that he probably never died! :-) It's BEN REILLY!!!!! :-) Here's the solicit details:



"After last issue’s shocking ending, everything has changed for Kaine. His second chance at life is over. At his lowest point, he comes face to face with the one man that’s fueled his obsession, hate and guilt his entire life... BEN REILLY."

http://www.newsarama.com/17830-marvel-comics-august-2013-solicitations.html (link for proof)

I also noticed you didn't report of this DC game coming out called "Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. Watch the trailer below and it includes over 2, 000 characters! :-) I think it's a great game for your daughter to play.

Here's my final say, I noticed the TV show Arrow also did an Ocean Eleven plot line as well. I liked it a lot and they did it very well. It seems like it's a favorite comic book writers' movie or everyone is a fan of it.

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Also, Tony I think you should start reviewing Teen Titans Go! cartoon. Because I'm enjoying it a lot and seems like you are as well and I would like the rest of world to acknowledge that's it not bad as they think it is. It's actually a great show and it's very funny, I hope they keep it on for a long time.

Last question, Did you guys ever saw the last episode of Young Justice? How did you feel about Kid Flash's death? And how you feel about him being gone in both universes now? I noticed people are starting to think DC hates Wally West because he died here as well. But I think it's clearly not the case. I think it was meant to happen from the gecko. Sorry if I talked too much guys. lol

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From the Site

Hey Gang,

Kinda late but how was everyone's FCBD? Mine was great as my crew and I that day went from shop to shop enjoying our 70+ degree weather. It was quite fun as 3 of my friends who tagged along are not average comic book readers. Sure, they've read one or two in their days but have never hauled so much in one evening. In the spirit of the FCBD, one of the three dressed as The Joker for laughs. It paid off as his photo was featured in a news website along with collecting 10+ FCBD comics for cosplayers at the first shop. To top it off, the shop had door raffles and he scored 10 free first issues Marvel NOW comics (crazy score, right)! In total, him and I were proud as he walked away with 20 comics just for showing up. But later that evening I came to a realization. Why don't FCBD organizers appeal to new readers?

In all honesty, FCBD attracts about a crowd of 90% who are already frequent readers. They're the people who either come in weekly, monthly, or quarterly. And sadly, those people hardly purchasing something that day and take advantage of the comics. Sure, it's not required you have to buy something that day but shop owners have to purchase those comics and it would courteous if you helped them out by buying something you could enjoy. Besides that, FCBD should really be meant to bring the fresh faces in.

For instance, DC often goes to USA Today or The New Yorker to push a certain title (Batman Inc 9 was a perfect example of that) in which more faces saw it and more buyers came out. If the organizers of FCBD took this method probably more fresh faces will come out too. Not to say they don't already have outlets to advertise this day, but those sites are basically the 90% of regular readers already subscribe to. And to add to that, they should push regular readers to bring a plus one who is not. The more the merrier!

Maybe I'm too optimistic but in a perfect world, the other 10% will come out and grow yearly as more incentives will drive them in and too can acquire a haul of 20 comics in one day; and happily free. Then he/ she can slowly become quarterly readers or even possibly monthly readers simply because they saw a large ad in the New York Times paper. Oh and yes, The Joker friend is not happy as there is a few issue 2's he wants to buy thanks to my grew bringing him out.

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Hey Tony and Crew,

I just finished reading a great book titled Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero by Larry Tye (if you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you get it) and it got me to thinking. Superman's creators, Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster, were of Jewish ancestry, so were the owners of National Publishing. When I thought about it, most of the founding fathers of comics were Jewish: Siegal and Shuster, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, etc. Why do you think Jews were drawn to comic books (pun intended) and why do you think they were able to create storys and characters that still resonate today?

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Hey Tony and the crew

What supervillain do you think would make a better superhero and vice versa.

#584 Posted by rogue730 (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey podpeople! Just a quick question for you. I was a fan of nova back in the day, but i haven't kept up with the history, or any recent events, can you guys just recap a brief history of nova for me? Last I remember it was Richard Rider, don't know what happened to him, or who Sam Alexander or who his dad is. Thanks, love the podcast, you guys make my week complete!

#585 Edited by rogue730 (3 posts) - - Show Bio

A few more questions on the DC side of things. I've read flashpoint, and just about all of the new 52 titles for the past year, but I'm still unsure about the continuity part of it. Though Continuity isn't a huge deal to me, and I just read the stories for what they are, I'm just curious, is the new 52 universe just a completely new universe compared to the old DCU? And did the old DCU just turn into the new 52, or is it just the new main point of view and the old DCU still in existence? Just a thought I've had for a while, and I don't really care either way, because I love the new 52. And to conclude this long post, I've kept up with all of the new 52 series' since they started for the most part, but the ones I've just kind of stopped really caring about are Catwoman, Green Lantern titles {since wrath of first lantern, they're all kind of the same since it's started}, Action Comics, I dropped Wonder Woman for a bit, but picked it up again and LOVE IT! Not too interested in Aquaman, and just a few random titles that aren't involved with characters I know and love. But I will be listening to the podcast for when the titles I dropped start picking up again, and you guys are great!

#586 Posted by Wes_Master_General (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey guys.

I'm 15 and I'm interested in some sort of a career in art when I'm older. Over the last year or so I've really started becoming good at comic book art and was wondering if you could recomend any artists that would provide good inspiration. Some of my favorites include Mark Bagely (Ultimate Spider-man & Batman reborn),Joe Madureira (Ultimates 3 & Uncanny X-Men), Chris Bachalo (Ultimate war), Brett Booth (Nightwing) and Jim lee (Superman for tomorrow). I understand these are probably not the easiest to imitate but I'm starting to develop my own style.

What are your thoughts?

#587 Posted by Drummer007 (113 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello people,

Why do you guys do all your reviews in one day? I typically don't read the reviews until I get a chance to read the comic for myself first and that may be a day or two later. You could spread it out over a few days. It seems like some get pushed off the main page pretty quick. I think you guys do a great job at them and i typically agree with ya'll on the ones i read.

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Hey Tony, Sara, and Corey or Special Guest.

I have another question, I was wondering why ever since Iron Man 3 aired a lot of people are thinking the Mandarin is a stereotype? Me, as a big comic book fan reading about the Mandarin I never have thought of him that way. I don't understand what is it. It is the dragons, the robe? I don't get it. The dragons and the robe is very tied to Chinese culture and I think it would be kind of weird to take that away from him. Also, the Chinese embraces the dragons and the robes because it's part of their tradition. I have Chinese family members that celebrate everything to the Chinese culture from dragons, robes to the red colors. So, why is wrong to have a character that embraces his culture? Also, I feel there's a contradiction going on, because in the film the Mandarin is a middle eastern terrorist. Isn't that a much worst stereotype than the one he originally had? The film is basically saying that "terrorists are only middle eastern". I honestly think it would have been much better if he was a Chinese terrorist because it actually defeats the negative stereotype we usually see in films. It's getting really tiring of seeing middle eastern terrorists in media today. We should all believe by now that ANYONE can be a terrorist.

#589 Posted by pheloboyce (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Does Dr. Manhattan have an equal or someone who can make him sweat

#590 Posted by ComradeCold (20 posts) - - Show Bio

I was wondering what happened to the all star line, clearly it isnt being published anymore, but what manner did it go out in, did they officially cancel the line or anything and is there any hopes they would bring it back. I feel that it would be particularly relevant now since the new 52, and the earth one books are not the same. if they brought it back who would you want to see. I would personally love to see green arrow as i miss the old leftie as he was written in the old days, perhaps an all star green lantern/ green arrow. All star wonder woman would be the obvious choice but im not sure how they would tackle the bondage parts.

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As a relatively new comic reader, I still have a problem with opening up about reading comics to those who don't read comics i.e. my non-comic-reading friends, family, and gf. I occasionally get messed with and it never really bothers me, because it is very lighthearted and deep down I know they don't mind. Still, I have a sense of embarrassment with those who are very close to me. I have little trouble talking to people who I don't know that well that I read Batman or that my dream is to become a comic book writer and have found a very wide range of reactions, mostly positive. Nevertheless, I have a feeling that my girlfriend or parents think I am childish and immature about reading comics. I know this is more of a personal thing and I will have to learn to accept whatever they truly feel, but the craziest thing happened the other day. I went to pick up some new issues and my gf offered to come with me. I was stunned to see her want to come, and I was very appreciative. I had bought her the Valentines Day DC issue (even though I didn't particularly think it was that good, I thought it was a good insight to comics, plus I wrote her note cards to help explain what was going on in each story and who the characters were) and I didn't really get a response from her.. She made a good point that she really didn't know much of what was going on and what she would have to know before she really got into comics. She basically implied that she was willing to become a reader if she was able to find a title that grasped her and she could follow.

The next day, my dad (who is a handyman/outdoors/military kind of guy) asked to bring me to my local store, to look for a comic he may like. He actually bought the new Constantine issue, (he was a big fan of the movie, though I explained to him the strong differences from the comics) and once I told him about a more serious toned book with John in it, primarily the trades of Hellblazer, I pretty much found his Bday/father's day gift.

This is a long explanation to ask two questions; have any of you guys felt a hard time explaining your love for comics to your loved ones and what would you buy for a loved one who didn't read comics?

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Hey gang,

So for my birthday this morning I woke up for no good reason with a few questions on my mind. I'm not really a fan of the way Red Robin has been handled in the New 52. I feel like the Teen Titans issue #0 wasn't bad (despite the silliness of Tim never actually getting to be Robin, UGGH!!!) but otherwise a lot of his actions seem out of character. This is especially odd since we're supposed to believe that a good portion of the Bat history remains intact. Do you think he should be moved back to the Batman office at DC? Also, I'm about 50/50 on the New 52 suit. Do you prefer the current outfit or the pre-New 52 one? The Red Robin name itself has always been a little hard for me to swallow even when it was originally used in Kingdom Come. If you had the opportunity, would you change it and what would you change it to? Thanks for your time. I have checked out a lot of comic book podcasts and yours is by far the most entertaining.

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Hey Three Musketeers! lol

Anyway, I just read Journey Into Mystery #651 and I honestly thought it was the funniest issue I have ever read in my life! I hope you guys read it and I will just give a mini spoiler. Just seeing Volstagg' daughter seeing Thor naked and Volstagg tries to cover her eyes was hilarious! lol I noticed no one reviewed it but that's cool. Anyway, I wondering if besides Deadpool, do you think there should be other comedy based comic books out there? And are there any other comedy based comic books other than Deadpool? It's seem like Deadpool is only comedy book out there and I love to read more books that usually make me laugh time to time. I love serious too don't get me wrong but I would at least like to see more comic book superhero be funny once in a while.

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Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's Daredevil is a different approach to the character, compared to what Bendis did with the character. What characters would you like to see approached in a different tone?

Also, music on the podcast makes it even more amazing than it already is. Keep it in, it adds another element to the podcast.

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Out of this this weeks books (as in the week of this podcast) were there any comics that came out that you felt were a good starting point for a completely new comic book reader. I constantly struggle trying to find books for my roommates. I love comics but my friends always point out flaws and it drives me nuts. I'm giving up on them I hate being that guy who tries to get everyone to like the stuff he does, it's just overwhelming to read something you love and not have anyone to share it with in person.

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Hi Comic Vine Crew,

I want to know what kind of advice you would have to anyone wanting to write comic reviews? What kind of things should they avoid, or remember to cover in the review? What are some good resources for learning to check and edit their own grammar and form?

I ask because I do write reviews for an indie blog, and while I get positive feedback on my unique perspective and style of writing, I want to start adjusting my style and technique so I can start approaching sites like Comic Vine or others (who shall remain nameless) as a contributing writer.

Also I have been doing good avoiding big crossovers this year like Age of Ultron and the upcoming Infinity or Trinity War as they tend to cost me money but provide me with little entertainment. However as the solicits start rolling in, I start to feel the pressure to get the completed story since the books I do want to buy will have tie-ins. How do you all avoid caving into Event Pressure when you really have no interest in the story? What do you all do with those tie-in issues if you aren't following the story? Lastly, are you all enjoying these smaller events (Enemy Within, X-Termination, Rotworld, Death of the Family) more than the company wide ones?


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I have a bone to pick with the big 2. It seems like if you're a writer for them you have to write what they want, and stick to the plan they have, which isn't really a writer to me. Which is probably why I've enjoyed creator owned comics more so than others. Not only can the big 2 be predictable, but it just seems like most things that happen in their stories just don't have a big impact, because they always go back to the status quo, and being a business first and foremost, they don't want to damage their cash cows in any way, which is definitely understandable. Basically what I'm getting at is, while the big 2 have great and compelling stories, there just isn't any fear for the main characters' health because we all know it'll work out for the best, and if it doesn't they'll be back in a year or less anyway. A great example is Peter Parker. At issue 700 I was shocked to see what happened, but even before I saw issue one of superior spider-man, I knew he'd be back soon enough. And even with the latest issue of superior, where SPOILERS, doc ock wipes Pete from his brain, I know there's always a back door to use. Do you agree? Any thoughts about how the big 2 just take us in circles of fake danger and excitement to the characters?

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Hello, everyone! Just got a few questions to ask so here we go!

1. Tony, Have you seen the finale of this series of Doctor Who yet? What did you think of the cliffhanger?

2. Everyone, Do you think a Requiem issue for Batwing could've been a good idea? Considering David's past as a child soldier, I think they could've also built it into why he retired.

3. What was your favourite of DC's recent annuals? I absolutely loved Red Hood and the Outlaws but I was a bit disappointed by Earth 2 ( Sorry if you're there, James )

4. What do you think of Brett Booth leaving Nightwing already? I would've loved it if he'd stayed on for longer, since he's my favourite artist and he's a pretty good fit for the book.

5. Did anyone else spot David Finch hiding his twitter name on the cover to JLA 4?

6. (INJUSTICE SPOILERS) What did you think of Damian Wayne's role in the game? Would you like the Robin version of him playable for DLC?

7. Who is your least favourite villain in comics? Mine is probably Shaggy Man, as seen in JLA. ( Hint, Tony this is the perfect time to play any songs by Shaggy, the rapper who sounds like the lobster from futurama)

8. On a scale of 1 to Bro how excited are you for the Pizza Dog issue of Hawkguy?

Finally, can I have a shout-out for my comics blog, crimsonsquirecomics.blogspot.co.uk ?

Thanks, everyone!

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Hey guys, I am a primarily DC reader but got hooked on Uncanny X-men. I followed AvX from reviews and plot summaries so I got the jist of what happened, but I am confused on how the Phoenix Force affected the Mutants possessed by the Phoenix. Scott, Emma, and Magneto are messed up but Magik (my new favorite female character btw) seemed to be unaffected. Wouldn't Namor and Colossus have problems, and why is Magneto affected if he wasn't possessed? I would lvoe if you could shed some light on those new to Marvel and Marvel Now!

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Hey Tony and gang. Sorry about my last question it was kinda long. I was just thinking if DC should make a Knight and Ranger book now that Batman Inc is ending I think it would be a good addition to the New 52 universe what are you guy's thoughts on the idea?