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If it's Friday, then you know it's time for the Comic Vine podcast! This week we've got special guest and Hybrid Bastards! writer Tom Pinchuk in the office. Be sure to tune in at 10:30 AM Pacific in this thread to join in on the chat and ask Tom questions! 


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Ahhh man that sucks I missed out on this!.............That is one big a$$ gummy bear wtf

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While I missed the Utstream live, I'm glad you posted it again here.  Tom PInchuk is quite entertaining.  Hate to see him full of caffeine and sugar.  Metal Rulez!  Now I know why you played that "boom boom let's got to my room" song, G-Man.  *ugh*   Too bad there were some audio problems but this was great!
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This was my first week for the Ustream, and I must say, it is pretty awesome.

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When will this be available through iTunes?

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@jloneblackheart: There was a tiny bit of technical difficulties. Let's blame it on Tom.  
But really, I just posted it now so you can get download it. I'm afraid the quality is a little lower than normal. There was just so much craziness that our equipment couldn't handle it all.  
You guys can go to the PODCAST page now and leave a comment so Tom will know what you thought.
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@Decept-O: What can I say, the fires never die out for me, you know. Rawk!