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Check out the recorded UStream podcast show from earlier today below! Enjoy! Big thanks again to Ana for joining us on the podcast.
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Hey, great podcast. 
You know, now I think of it, Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern looks loads like Gil Kane's version of Hal Jordan.


P.S. Babs, the Western movie you were thinking of was Cold Mountain, with Renée Zellweger, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.
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WOOT live !!

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@Moomin123: Negative. That was not it. I was thinking of Appaloosa
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Nice Podcast!

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Loved it, well done to all!

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You can download and comment on the podcast by clicking: 


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great job G-Man/Babs/Ana !!  hope theres no shame in missing the live version.. :D

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I am really mad I had to discconect mid-podcast! 

I'll listen to the recorded then.... :(

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Podcast time