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 Alright guys, you know the drill by now I'm sure! Be sure to tune in today at 10:30 A.M. Pacific for the UStream Comic Vine podcast. The podcast will be airing live and if you sign up for a UStream account, you guys can interact with us directly, ask us questions and chat with one another.  It's a whole lot of fun, so be ready! We can't wait to talk to you in about an hour or so! Happy Friday and we'll see you then! Or rather, you'll see us!

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What do you guy think about comic book movie? Are movie base on video game will ever be as good as the top comic book movie--dark knight.

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Awesome stuff as always people :)

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That was an awesome podcast !!!!

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I finally joined USTREAM today, but I was late. I came in at just the point they were talking about Valentine's plans. Not sure what I missed.
Well, I'm pleased to know the card arrived on time. In retrospect, I had wished I had left out that last joke I drew at the end. It was meant to be something silly, but now feels kind of stupid.
I would still prefer to see a Young Bruce Wayne series that had not so much the Batman stuff, but showing him evolving as a young detective in Gotham. I dropped out of Smallville after the whole Lana is a witch thing. I didn't like the Lois and completely lost interest with the show. 

@mad claw:
More often then anything, games based on movies do very poorly, because the developers are never given much of a budget or opportunity to actually try and do something ground breaking. They are nothing more the promotional tools. Though Spider-man 2 was the first game that really allowed players to swing freely through New York. That's been a standard since. No matter how annoying that crying balloon kid was.
You will notice that the best games based on movies normally are released no where near the movie counterpart. That's because they don't have to meet some predestined deadline.

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The archive footage from today's UStream video podcast is now on this page. For anyone who missed today's live stream. Enjoy!

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The podcast has been posted for you to listen to/download and comment on: