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I can't believe it's Friday already.  Here we are with another installment of our weekly podcast.  Things get a little...strange, perhaps due to the fact that it's the day before Halloween.
We have our weekly discussion on this week's comics, all the Deadpools that have been popping up, Stephen Colbert getting sued, Zombies killing Mary Jane in the next Spider-Man movie, my rant on how the Scarlet Spider should still be alive and Vinny from Giant Bomb brings us apple pie (which brings our podcast to a hault).  There was also a little tension during the podcast.  
Also as your general questions have started pouring in, find out a little more as we attempt to answer them and give you some more insight into ourselves.  Ooooh.
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Great week

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alright. podcast time!
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I hope the apple pie eased the tension.....

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Very funny!

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Marvel needs to chill out with all the Deadpool madness.
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I don't think I've ever heard anyone be so excited about a pie. Its just a pie.
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Yay! Everybody is back.

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Vinny is the man!
I'm curious where he got the pie from though. Does he just have them around wherever he goes, handing them out to hungry folks? I wouldn't be surprised.